Weekly AstroTarot with our Psychic Sally 24th July 2018

Aries – The Sun
You are like rays of glorious sunshine this week and likely to have vitality, optimism and a renewed sense of faith in your life. We usually get this card after a period of darkness and uncertainty. How have things been for you recently?  If you’ve been experiencing some flux and topsy-turvy emotions of late, this week looks to be a lot more clear and certain for you. You could be a great source of inspiration for the people in your life, do people often say to you how much you inspire them and ignite them to follow their own passions?
The Sun tells us that we can grow we can expand our life when we look on the bright side, this is a Major Arcana card so it is super powerful!  It’s bringing you a gift this week so pay attention to anything that warms your heart and soul.  There is likely to be plenty of positive experiences for you this week as The Sun is shining a light and making everything brighter and lovelier.
You may find yourself drawn to listening to music that uplifts you, music can transport your soul and mind to a higher and more elevated place this week. The gifts The Sun card gives are plentiful, it brings positive and exciting experiences to us that originate from within. Say yes this week to anything that excites you, The Sun want you to feel brighter and happier, hopefully, you can have foresight this week and see but you’re on the right path.
Taurus – The World
Joy oh joy, The World card tells us that we could be reaching a peak experience this week, things are likely to feel like they are coming together nicely and harmony can be reached.
This week you are likely to experience a realisation of a goal of some sort, it could be something that you have been working on tirelessly on that finally materialises, you may have been hoping to see something come together or perhaps you have been wanting something to be completed, this could be the time you see this happening.
This could be the week you see the actualisation of a particular goal The World tells us that things come together nicely when harmony is reached, sometimes this card can mean that something big is likely to change as The World keeps turning so does change keep happening.  What’s beautiful about this card is that it is something that we have been hoping that will change will, this is likely to be a goal or a project or perhaps even a dream that we had been hoping to see materialise.
Sometimes The World card points to an inner change, for instance, there could be parts of ourselves that are at war within ourselves such as negative self-talk and a derogatory belief about our body, the appearance of The World can suggest harmony where there was once conflict. We can find ourselves accepting ourselves in new ways, solutions can appear where there were problems, this is the card of wholeness and harmony.  This week you are likely to experience some of the juiciness and the joy that The World has to offer.

Gemini – Two of Pentacles

This week looks to be like a balancing act, by remaining flexible and you’ll be able to cope with change dear Gemini, you may find it easy to be adaptable and flexible in your approach. The Two of Pentacles can sometimes indicate that we are balancing numerous projects at one time, with this juggling act you may find it hard to create balance in all areas of your life such as friends, family, work and self-care.

The Two of Pentacles is reminding you to take care of day-to-day affairs in order to remain balanced and grounded this week, this card is bringing you back down to earth and helping you to manage your time effectively, ensuring that you tend to all of your commitments with love and care.

This week it’s a great time to go with the flow where you can, with so many things on your plate it will be wise not to put all of your eggs in one basket, remain flexible and having the luxury of choice will help you stay buoyant and optimistic.  A certain light-footedness may be required for you to make the most of the energy of this card, be sure to look for new possibilities and be open to change whilst remaining flexible.
Cancer – Ten of Cups
This week looks likely to be harmonious and joyous for you dear Cancer. The Ten of Cups speaks of happy relationships both friendship and romantic. You are likely to have experiences that bring your heart joy and bountiful feelings, emotional fulfilment is yours this week, good fortune, harmony and peace are all expected.
The Ten of Cups is one of the most idyllic cards we can receive it symbolises harmonious and happy family life, sometimes this card can mean a romantic relationship becomes a great source of love and stability for us. There could be a new chapter in an existing relationship or a new relationship entirely.  Friendship also looks to be joyous for you this week perhaps you will be relaxing and celebrating something together with your friends. You may find your family members will be getting along beautifully, either way, this week looks to be happy and harmonious one.
The Ten of Cups is asking you to reflect on what’s important to you in doing so you will receive more clarity on what your values are, therefore bringing you further future happiness and fulfilment. Trust your gut feelings this week, know they are guiding you towards future opportunities to bring you more joy, seek experiences and people that you feel good about this week to make the most out of the energy of this card.
Leo – Seven of Swords
You could be formulating how to communicate to a particular person or group this week dear Leo, The Seven of Swords speaks of choosing our words carefully so that they are received in the way in which we hope them to be understood.   Sometimes life requires us to use subterfuge and perhaps a certain clothing of our words so that the desired end result is reached, for instance, you may be looking for a new role or new job, and you might want to communicate a small portion of what your future desires and plans are to your current employer so that you leave your current position feeling harmonious.
The Seven of Swords speaks of diplomacy and tact, there are often times in life when we can’t say what we truly mean as we may unintentionally hurt somebody’s feelings or give somebody the wrong impression.  Counsellors and politicians know the friendly face of guile and diplomacy, sometimes life requires us to choose our words very carefully so that communication remains open and free-flowing.
There is likely to be the situation this week or perhaps a few experiences this week where you embody The Seven of Swords, you are likely to be diplomatic and use your communication skills wisely.  The negative side of The Seven of Swords is to be dishonest and to close down communication which could result in stagnation.  Use this energy wisely this week dear Leo and think about what is that you desire to happen, diplomacy is your friend this week.
Virgo – Temperance
To have a happy and balanced heart life dearest Virgo sometimes we have to have healing conversations. The Temperance card suggests just this and we are likely to want to share our innermost feelings with somebody this week leading to a harmonious and happy relationship
Is there somebody that you are longing to speak to and perhaps clear the air with?  This week could be the time when you both hear each other out and express both your positive and negative feelings.
The Temperance card in the Mythic Tarot shows the goddess Iris ceaselessly pouring water from one silver cup to another gold cup, this symbolises the expression of feelings both positive and negative leads us to harmonious and cooperative relationships. You are embodying the goddess Iris this week which means you are oozing harmonious vibes, you may find that others are drawn to this energy this week and want to speak to you about things that they have on their chest, this may not concern you personally, they may just want you to hear them out and want to express some things that are going on with them.
You are likely to find solutions where there was once problems this week, you are likely to be cooperative and open to helping people and yourself reach a state of harmony and cooperation. The goddess Iris is the goddess of the rainbow and the rainbow is given to us in the sky when the Sun and the rain hang out together, this symbolises when we share emotion both positive and negative we get beautiful harmony and rainbows.  You are likely to experience many rainbows this week, remember you are the source of harmony, trust your heart, go with the flow and remember it is only by sharing our feelings that we can truly feel free.

Libra – The Magician

You have magnificent power this week and plenty of inner fortitude that will spur you into action, dear Libra. You are beginning a new cycle for yourself and you have the power of the universe behind you to manifest your desires.
The Magician is telling you that you have the resourcefulness and skills to change your situation and circumstances this week, he is the master of all elements and you have the power to initiate great change in all areas of your life with his help. What would you like to change?  What would you like to manifest?  This week is a fecund time to give manifestation a whirl.
If you have been experiencing problems recently the appearance of The Magician card should be welcomed by you as the power he gives us helps us to see solutions where there was once difficulties. When this card appears you can expect to be a master of your life manifesting your desired outcomes with panache and magic.


Scorpio – Three of Wands
Expansion dearest Scorpio, you can expect to see plans that you have been making move forward with momentum and also the maximisation of your future potential. When this card appears it signifies that everything is steadily progressing as expected and you can count on your motivation to be high.
You may be travelling this week or perhaps undertaking some form of study and learning. The opportunities that come your way are there to remind you that your life is continually expanding and growing. You must remain open-minded this week to take full advantage of the best opportunities that are coming your way.
Think big this week, imagine where you would like to travel and what you would like to discover. The Three of Wands is helping you to develop yourself and learn many new things, this card is helping you to be bold and take leaps of faith, you are on the path to developing who you truly are and The Three of Wands is encouraging you to seize your confidence. Move fearlessly, this is your time, create new visions for your life, keep dreaming, your life is expanding.
Saggitarius – The Hanged Man
There is a peacefulness about this week, you may find yourself surrendering to a higher purpose and letting go of control, by this, I mean accepting that there is a higher power at work in your life and an unseen and benevolent force which guide you towards future happiness and fulfilment.  The Hanged Man tells us that perhaps you are feeling restricted in your life at the moment and is reminding you that you have the capacity to release yourself from these feelings and ultimately feel freer.
You may be feeling an urge to make decisions and to be active in some way in creating a better life but The Hanged Man tells us to take some time out to reflect on our current circumstances so that we may receive wisdom from a higher place. Sometimes this can mean surrendering control of a particular outcome so that we may wait and allow new possibilities to arise.
If you can put certain activities on hold this week so that you can receive some guidance you can perhaps create a better outcome. You may find that you are called to be patient this week and to wait for something to happen, don’t lose faith in your desired outcome coming true as the saying goes good things come to those who wait is apt for you this week. Although being patient may feel frustrating, The Hanged Man is giving you the ability to feel peaceful in surrendering control and helping you to wait and find a better and perhaps different outcome that you originally thought.
Capricorn – The Chariot
This is the week to be bold and to have confidence dearest Capricorn, you have The Chariot putting power and determination into your endeavours. You are likely to be successful at achieving your goals this week as long as you can remain confident and determined to stay focused on your abilities and your desires.
If you’re worried about obstacles and challenges in your way fear not dear Capricorn, as you have The Chariot making you stronger and filling you with determination, remember your strength and cultivate self-discipline to make the most of the energy in this card.
Ultimately The Chariot is asking you to examine your own aggressive impulses and to figure out where your true passions lie, for it is the aggressive drives that encourage us to follow our passions. This card enables us to channel our aggression and anger into creative pursuits.  The Chariot is reminding you that you are the boss of your own life and showing you that you have the power to create change in your circumstances, be mindful though that true leadership is tempered with self-discipline.
Aquarius – King of Swords
Clarity and rational thinking are yours this week. The King of Swords is giving you the power to use your intellect and succeed. You could find yourself organising your life in ways you haven’t done before, the power of this card is to have authority over our life and the power to plan effectively.

You may receive help and guidance from somebody in a position of power or you may yourself be the person giving advice to somebody else. The King of Swords doesn’t have time for airy-fairy emotions as he looks at situations objectively and is able to use the power of his intellect to be direct and rational.

You are likely to embody the King of swords this week and use your logic and intellect to get to the heart of the matter. You are likely able to make decisions easily and to be fair and reasonable in new ways. When we receive this card we are likely to be feeling powerful, courageous, authoritative and intellectual. The King of Swords is helping you to see the truth and fairness of situations and circumstances this week, any organising and planning you need to do will be easy for you as have the power of authority to help you succeed.

Pisces – Ace of Swords

You can expect some breakthroughs and intense mental clarity this week, The Ace of Swords can be likened to a new perspective being born. You can expect some epiphanies and some a-ha moments when you receive this card, you may find that goals and targets you have suddenly appear easier and more attainable.
The Ace of Swords is a new beginning with a great power, you may have a new idea or a new creative vision.  When you receive this card you have the energy and passion to pursue new opportunities. You may be drawn to use your intellect and critical reasoning when dealing with any obstacles this week, you could be feeling quite detached from your emotions and drawn to using your rationality to deal with any challenges
You have the power of the Ace of Swords on your side this week, you can initiate something new and be victorious in your dealings. A new perception is likely emerging from within, you are using your intellect and mental force for the greater good. Your will, mind and heart are likely to be strong this week, use your power wisely and enjoy this period of great insight and mental clarity.

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