Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 26th November 2018

Your Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally

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Aries – The Sun

Beautiful Aries,

It’s likely that your energy will soar this week, The Sun is bringing in a fresh perspective and highlighting your brilliance. The Sun brings warming vibes and beckons a new season of joy, optimism, energy and confidence for you this week. You may have been experiencing a period of flux and change recently if so, The Sun is shining a light on all that needs to be illuminated so that you can see and feel things clearly again.

You can expect things are becoming clearer and bringing order to your life should come with ease and grace this week.

The Sun brings light and a renewed sense of optimism after a period of darkness and uncertainty, this card is reminding you that you have the potential to pursue your ambitions with energy and vitality.
By embracing this energy, you’ll begin to radiate more confidence, warmth and well-being, others will want to sunbathe in your glorious illuminating light.

Expect clear visions for your future to come forth this week, the foresight to move forward is one of the dazzling gifts The Sun gives. Positivity and confidence in yourself and your life are promised, trust your inner guidance and now that you are on course and heading in the right direction. By continuing to love and accept yourself you are opening new doors to your amazing potential and radiating warmth and well-being are drawing fortunate circumstances and people to you.

Taurus – Ace of Swords

Gorgeous Taurus,

You’re starting a new chapter, there’s likely to be circumstances that show you how sharp your mind is this week. Clarity and rationality should come with ease and this should help you make quick and sensible decisions. The Ace of Swords is showing you that you have the ability this week to deal with any adversity or difficulties with ease and grace.

You could have a sudden realisation and perhaps want to change the way you do things and the way you think about things. Some conflicts may be necessary in order to force you to look for new solutions to existing difficulties, the Ace of Swords is reminding you that you are filled with strength and you could be feeling determined in some way or prepared to fight for what you believe in.

The Ace of Swords is like a mental awakening, you’re awakening to the power of your mind and this week you can expect to develop your mental faculties. You could find that planning ahead, structuring your days and establishing a routine come easily to you this week. You the power of the Ace to think logically, this is a new beginning, make the most of it whilst you have this energy supporting you. The Ace of Swords is showing you your innate strength and inner fortitude, this upsurge of mental energy is giving your intellect a controlled edge, it’s likely that you are feeling ready to act and be decisive.

Gemini – Wheel of Fortune

Beautiful Gemini,

It’s likely that you’ll experience some amazing changes this week, life may be beginning to look and feel very different for you, what’s changing for you? It’s likely that you are feeling the changes around you, the Wheel of Fortune reminds us of the cyclical nature of life, you could be completing one cycle and beginning another during this week.

Some say the only constant in life is change, it’s likely that you’ll be embracing this season of change this week.

When we receive the Wheel of Fortune it’s a reminder that we are the architects of our fate and the universe is working with us on a subconscious level to manifest our desires. What are you focusing on this week? This week heralds a fresh start, it’s likely that you are embarking on a new chapter and it is up to you to figure out if you want it to be a positive or negative experience. Be mindful of your expectations and assumptions this week, as anything you focus on you are creating more of.

Relax though gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got the Wheel of Fortune, so you are probably getting more in touch with your capacity to make beneficial choices and this week you can expect to feel more empowered. Try to seize any new opportunities, by choosing to stay where you are is increasing your chances of stagnation and you could cease to grow as an individual, changes are happening as a result of an inner change, it seems you’re ready for this new phase, go for it.

Cancer – Queen of Wands

Gorgeous Cancer,

It’s likely that your creativity and energy levels will be on top form this week, you could find that your imagination is soaring and with this, you could have an abundance of warmth and generosity to dish out to yourself and others.

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling powerful, strong, courageous this week, you may use this energy towards your projects or goals, it’s looking like you’ll be feeling charged up and ready to throw yourself enthusiastically into things. There could be a theme this week that makes itself known, the things that you dedicate yourself to and bring you great fulfilment help you to stay in your power.

You could be giving the impression to others that you are independent and capable alone, not needing to rely upon others for confidence, support or guidance is giving you a glowing aura and this energy is drawing amazing opportunities to you this week. The Queen of Wands is showing you that this a period of intense learning and growth, she’s reminding you of your incredible power and influence. Trust those instincts you have, know your power and intuition, gracefulness can be yours if you can focus on your creativity.

Leo – The Empress

Beautiful Leo,

It’s likely that you’ll be nourishing and nurturing yourself this week, just as a loving mother nurtures her young, The Empress is asking you to nourish and nurture yourself and the projects you are working on with love, patience and grace this week.

Abundance is likely to increase for you this week, you could experience a raise or perhaps you are entering an earthlier phase of your life where you take greater care of yourself. You may feel more receptive and gentler this week, it’s as if you are awakening to your inner mother, that graceful voice and intuitive faculty that guides us to take good care of ourselves.

When we love and nurture ourselves and our lives, we embody The Empress, we send out a huge beacon to the universe that we want our life to reflect this powerful phase of growth. Usually, this card is associated with feeling in tune with our body and environment, nurturing yourself will be easy and enjoyable for you this week. If there a project you’ve been wanting to create and see coke to fruition, this could be the week that you see it manifest, with devotion and careful nurturing you can create some amazing things.

Virgo – Nine of Pentacles

Beautiful Virgo,

you’re being encouraged by the cosmos this week to recognise the level of success you’ve achieved to date. It’s likely that you’ve been working really hard and your dedication is paying off in more ways than one. The Nine of Pentacles is related to being disciplined and working hard when done with independence, a stable life filled with quality is created.

It’s likely that you’ll feel that life is beautiful this week, perhaps feeling plenty of self-satisfaction, material success and contentment. You could feel a boost in confidence and realise that you’re close to obtaining something of great personal significance, a strong sense of uniqueness and pleasure in what you do can be expected. Expect a high level of self-esteem to emerge because of your efforts and successes recently.

You may earn rewards this week, if so, this will give you a sense of long-lasting confidence and satisfaction, perhaps you’ll complete something of great value, leading you to experience material comfort and happiness. The Nine of Pentacles is associated with appreciating self-sufficiency and privacy so you could be feeling the deep satisfaction that comes from your own sense of self and not from the validation of others.

Libra – Seven of Cups

Gorgeous Libra,

You’ve many amazing possibilities being shown to you this week, some of them could be amazing future potentials and others could make illusions and fantasies. It appears that some decisions need to be made and it’s likely that you’ll have to choose. What you decide and choose is likely to bring you future happiness if you can be honest with yourself about what you feel.

There’s likely to be multiple possibilities, you could be faced with many choices and it’s likely that you are going through a time of realising your amazing untapped potential and finally seeing that you deserve to be happy and fulfilled. Asking yourself what you truly desire and would bring you the most happiness is likely to help you clearly discern between reality and illusion.

The Seven of Cups is asking you to be realistic and truthful about what is it that you truly desire, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling excited about the future this week as many future potentials for happiness and fulfilment are being shown to you. This week is the time to decide what you’d like in your life and what would make your heart most happy and fulfilled, make a real choice about which one of those future potentials you actually want to materialise and make it happen.

Scorpio – Page of Wands

Beautiful Scorpio,

It’s likely that you’ll feel a fresh burst of energy this week concerning your imaginary and creative capabilities, you could feel like you are ready to put your ideas to the test. You could see some urges within you to grow more and express yourself in new ways this week, it’s likely that you’ll recognise that you have untapped potential and you may be ready to make a fresh start in some way.

You could find that you want to learn more about yourself and others, this could manifest as being stimulated by an idea or a challenge, it seems you’re now ready to grab any opportunities that come your way with both hands and your heart. It’s likely that you’ll have a flamboyance and an air of inspiration about you this week, new confidence is beginning to grow and show itself, you are likely to be more confident in your abilities and perhaps you’re now realising how much-untapped potential you have and seeing how many possibilities are available to you.

The Page of Wands is asking you to have faith in yourself to see a project or goal through to its end, although this requires dedication and commitment from you, having faith and keeping your ideas and goals in mind should keep you buoyant and full of energy to achieve your targets.

Sagittarius – Seven of Pentacles

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

It’s likely that you’ll be given a new opportunity this week, you may be faced with a difficult decision in regard to your career, wealth, home or body. There’s likely to be some careful consideration required, perhaps some patience and commitment in order to make a beneficial choice. You could be offered something different, this could be a new job or a new opportunity, this could have you thinking whether it is time to stay on the tried and tested path or to venture in a completely new and different direction.

If you decide to stay where you are on the path you’re currently on could help you feel secure and safe, but if you decide to go in a new direction you’ll open yourself up to life and continue to grow. The Seven of Pentacles is telling you’ll have a choice to make this week, although making this decision might be nerve-racking because you’re unsure of the outcome, you’re being reminded that if you stay where you are you could risk stagnation and you could be ignoring divine intervention.

Try to have some time out this week to consider the things that are being offered to you, you may become a little frustrated not knowing where to channel your incredibly productive energy this week so it may be wise to ask yourself what really want and what you’d like to develop. Sometimes this card is associated with seeing returns on investments, this could be your finances, or perhaps investments of time, effort, and energy that you have put into a particular project or relationship.

Capricorn – The Lovers

Beautiful Capricorn,

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling love and partnership this week, perhaps you’ll be focused on relationships and mutual agreement. There could be love in the air and a blissful union with another may be on the cards for you.

The Lovers tells us that this could be a time when you and a partners values and ethics align, it’s likely that you’ll feel angelic blessings and protection this week. You could find yourself contemplating your personal belief system and you may discover what you really stand for this week.

The Lovers is asking you to delve deep into your beliefs and values, by getting clear about how you are what you stand for will bring about a strong personal philosophy and make you incredibly attractive this week. This card reminds us that the choices we make in love and business mirror back to us what we wish to become, by choosing to be in a relationship with another, you are agreeing to be more like this person on a subconscious level. All relationships are a gift, this week you have amazing opportunities to learn a great deal about yourself and why you are choosing another says a lot about who you are deep down and what you value.

Aquarius – Eight of Swords

Gorgeous Aquarius,

You may feel that you could have quite a bit on your mind this week, you could be holding yourself back emotionally and perhaps fearing the future or feeling fearful of getting hurt by a new situation. What are you with dreading or feeling nervous about? Try to consider what it is that you’re afraid of when you do that, you’ll be able to see that often the truth of the circumstance is probably far less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.

The mind can take us to some scary paces if we allow it to run amok, try not to fear the unknown and trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, bear in mind that worrying doesn’t get you anywhere at all, it’s a draining thought pattern and it’ll likely just leave you feeling worse.

The Eight of Swords is telling you that although new situations can be nerve-racking or scary, by trusting that things will work out and relaxing in this trust will help you to create the outcomes and desires that you hope and wish for.
You could feel that you’re in a situation where you’re unsure of what to decide this week, but you are in a good position to change this and make beneficial choices. The Eight of Swords is reminding you to ask spirit/the universe for signs and signals when you need direction and guidance, remember that you have all the answers that you need inside you.

Pisces – King of Wands

Beautiful Pisces,

it’s likely that you’ll be surging with energy this week, you could find yourself full to the brim with exciting ideas and passions, perhaps you’ll be feeling wise, positive and adventurous too!

The King of Wands could signify that you’re ready to unleash your potential in some way, you may be inspired by an individual that exhibits these traits or you yourself could be ready to embody the King, it’s likely that you’ll have an abundance of energy that you’ll want to use in a positive direction this week. This King of Wands is a positive omen for relationships and dreams, you could find that people in your experience are supportive and think highly of you.

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling ambitious and focused on your goals this week, the King of Wands is reminding you that you have the energy and skill to accomplish what you desire, especially if you think positively and use your imagination to expect the best results. You could find a mentor this week, someone trustworthy that you can count on, perhaps learning from others that you find inspiring and likeminded, as you are radiating drive and ambition you are attracting these people and circumstances to you.

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