Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 16th April 2018

Aries – The World

Wow dearest Aries, you totally rock! How are you feeling? There’s likely to be a lot to be happy about this week, as you’re gaining balance and wholeness. The world tells us that we have all the resources and abilities we need to foster happiness and growth in our life. You can expect success, achievement and realisation of a goal. You can achieve success and obtain goals by just keeping your focus and determination. You may have lots to be triumphant about, you could have successfully brought something to a conclusion recently, you may have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for.

You are portraying an image of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony to those around you and you could be a great source of inspiration for people in your life. You could have reached a peak time in your life, you could be feeling justifiably pleased with yourself about how you’re coping and managing everything, go you! There may be something coming to fruition and you are likely able to enjoy feeling successful and completely awesome. You may have a feeling of being in the right place at the right time and things clicking into place.

You can create more of these positive experiences by having faith that you’ll be given exactly what you need when you need it. You could have a desire to expand your understanding of the world and acquire some greater self-knowledge. You are likely bringing harmony to parts of yourself that were in conflict, you could be feeling whole and more complete than you have felt in a while, and this will encourage you to continue to grow and change. You may be offered an opportunity to travel and expand your vistas in some way. A new beginning is promised as a completion of a particular cycle occurs, you may have cause for celebration in acknowledging all you’ve achieved to get where you are today. You are likely striving for balance and wholeness this week, The World card symbolises success, achievement and realisation of that goal, you are likely to be someone that is able to achieve success and obtain your goals when this card shows up.

Taurus – The Emperor

Woah, you’ve got some serious leadership skills this week, your ability to organise, plan and build will likely be super. You could be being asked to take a standpoint, to become more powerful in some way, this could manifest as being encouraged to build something in the world, establish a code of ethics or values, found a business, to make a creative idea concrete and real for instance. You may have been working hard to get something out into the world or organising something and your efforts will not be going unnoticed. You could find yourself attracted to or inspired by someone who is older than you this week and this person is likely to be good at order, logic, and organization. The attraction may not be sexual in nature you may just be attracted to what they exhibit in the world as these qualities are emerging from within you.

You’ve got some serious panache this week, you’re coming out of a period of being quiet and receptive and you’re likely to be more extrovert and direct in your dealings. How are your manifesting skills? Have you tried to manifest your dreams and wishes before? This week is an optimal time to give it a go, you could manifest something truly fantastic! There may be a need for discipline, logic, and order in your finances. Remember that what you focus your attention on grows, so what do you want to grow? You have the potential this week to create structure, routine and order in your life. Try not to focus on lack and what you don’t have right now, try to focus your attention on what you have, and then that will grow. Anything that requires discipline could flow smoothly for you during this time, for instance, meditation is a practice that requires great discipline, this will likely to quite easy for you this week. Channel your inner father and king to gain the power of The Emperor to create order in your world and power in your life.

Gemini – The Magician

Majestic and magical vibes for you this week dearest Gemini, you are likely feeling your superpowers this week and want to show off your magical prowess! There could be some magical times ahead filled with some incredible manifestations. Are you feeling the magnificence that is you? The magician tells us that we have domain over our lives, that we are the architects of our fate and that we can manifest our desires. What have you been desiring to manifest recently?

Have you seen some of your wishes come to fruition? You’re probably going to see how quickly those wishes will come true this week, remember the key to manifesting our hopes is to feel it in our heart and being. To get to grips with the witchy and wizardry power you’re emulating this week, ground yourself daily, a simple way to do this is being barefoot whenever possible, feeling the soles of your feet against the earth is an instant grounder, also wearing the colour red the colour of our root chakra will enable you to feel secure and rooted whilst you fly high in your imagination manifesting your hopes and wishes. Seek out your tribe this week, spend time with folks that resonate with your desires, you could be eager to expand your life in many ways, having a supportive group around you will give you the confidence to soar and create magic wherever you go. You are about to you meet your inner guidance in a new way and develop your manifestation skills and abilities. The Magician is the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. Do you have a vision of what you’d like your life to look and feel like? If you do, keep that vision in mind this week and you may start to see the results of conscious creation quicker than you think. If you don’t have a vision yet, use this week’s energy to access your inner magic, ask yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, journal, draw paint, create your reality.

Cancer – The Empress

You’re The Empress dearest Cancer! You’re being encouraged to nourish and nurture the projects you are working on with love, grace and patience this week. Imagine yourself standing in a fecund beautiful garden surrounded by growth and fertility, you are embodying the powerful feminine and receptive maternal vibes so that you can use this to guide you through this powerful phase of growth. Imagine a mother that gracefully tends to her young and sustains a nurturing environment for herself and her loved ones. You’re likely to feel content in your body and environment this week, nurturing others will be easy and enjoyable for you too. Is there a project you’re working on or that you’ve been wanting to create and see manifest? This could be the week that you see it’s fruition, with devotion and careful nurturing you may see it happen and grow quite quickly. Perhaps you’ll feel more sensual and aware of your body too, how do you nurture yourself? Do you listen to the wisdom of your body?

There could be an intense experience of feeling the interconnectedness of life, how connected do you feel to the earth and to your body? The appearance of this card suggests an earthlier phase in your life, maybe you will become aware of your inner mother this week, that inner wisdom that guides us and puts us in touch with our powerful instinctual nature. If we are not in touch with our inner mother it is more difficult to bring anything to fruition, this week you’ll be able to access this and glimpse your own mothering nature. It’s by nurturing yourself that you can ground and root yourself in the here and now, and when you’re in the here and now you feel the peace and serenity within. What do you want to create? What do you want to manifest? Remember it’s devotion and nurturing that gives ourselves and things roots to grow big and tall. Show yourself some devotion a motherly love for a beautiful and prosperous week.

Leo – Death

There’s nothing fear when seeing this card dearest Leo, this card is about transformation and renewal. What is ending for you? What is beginning for you? To fully embrace what is beginning for you, you may have to release what is passing out of your life. Perhaps it is an old relationship that you’re holding a connection to in some way, or it may be an old way of doing something, for instance, you may stop hanging around with a particular person as you feel their behaviour is negative or toxic. Whatever you’re releasing this week, you are experiencing changes and are beginning a new chapter. Something has likely come to an end and you’re hopefully determined to embrace the new in your life.

Everything in life is cyclical and subject to change, when you accept this you feel freer to go with the flow and let go of what is no longer serving you. Rebirth always follows and an ending, and endings can take on my guises, it may be an attitude, a behaviour or a relationship that is ending. Whichever one it is, a new beginning is promised where some adaptation is required to adjust, you may be afraid to embrace the new and try to hold onto the old, but clinging will cause stagnation. Recognise and honour what is passing out of your life whilst at the same time acknowledging and embracing the new opportunities the future is bringing. You are transforming and beginning anew, open those curtains and arms wide, the sun is rising and life is about to transform and get a whole lot better, yeay!!

Virgo – Ten of Wands

Timeout, reassess what needs to be done, remember that your well-being is the most important thing. Address your needs and then focus on external things for the most peace and happiness this week. Has life been feeling hectic and a little overwhelming for you lately? This card could be a message for you to take some much-needed time out to rest when you can. Even busy bees have to rest dearest, Virgo. This week you may find that delegating where you can is beneficial also asking for or accepting help will be helpful for you. Have you taken on too much recently? Are you feeling the effects of trying to juggle too much all at once?

It’s great to have goals and aspirations but remember that we have to take the steps to get there, to try and achieve everything all at once and all that you want too quickly could result in exhaustion or even worse burn out. Please take some time to step back and assess your situation objectively, by having some time out you’ll recuperate from all the hard work and by taking a step back you’ll see things from a different perspective too. There may be a feeling of being overburdened but you’re likely to be able to lighten the load by letting go of some plans for a while. Once you relinquish some ties you’ll be able to feel more buoyant and optimistic again, you may be feeling like you’ve reached a point of exhaustion and can’t go on as you are, or you may be feeling that have too many responsibilities to carry. What can you delegate this week? Are you the type of person that would rather struggle to do something alone rather than ask for help? There’s nothing wrong with asking for help you know, it shows humility and gives others in our life an opportunity to help and support us. We all like to be helpful and show empathy where we can, maybe this week you’ll get to share your load and see how much others would like to help you. Share the load and delegate what you can, accept what help is offered to you, ask for assistance too and remember that rest and a good laugh are the best medicines available.

Libra – Queen of Swords

You can expect to feel incredibly strong and independent this week dearest Libra, showing courage in adversity will give you a huge sense of self-reliance. You will likely be comfortable at work as you have the capacity within you to set your emotions aside to thinking rationally and make clear decisions. You have probably met some of life’s hardships in the past and this has made you incredibly analytical and intelligent, you can judge situations fairly and impartially. You may have learnt a great deal from your unhappiness from the past and your ability to stand alone in the face of disappointments has likely given you amazing resilience. You can have the capabilities to judge situations fairly and with unbiased opinions, you are wise due to the difficulties you’ve been through. You’ve probably got yourself through rough patches by focusing on work, education and business recently, which is amazing as you are showing yourself and others that you’re intelligent, talented and clear-thinking, but be careful not to cut yourself off from intimacy and loving relationships by focusing solely on these things, life is about balance.

You could seem aloof and cold-hearted to others by not showing emotion and admit your imperfections, sometimes we can unknowingly reject life as a sort of defence against fear, but part of being human is being vulnerable to emotional hurt. By seeking perfection in others and in yourself will create problems in your life, others in your life are showing you how to value yourself in a humble way. So, remember that no-one is perfect and has everything together, if you give yourself an opportunity to see things from an alternate perspective, you could feel that you are expanding your consciousness and improve your quality of life too. Not one of us is perfect and striving for perfection is elusive and impossible, by softening your view of yourself and others you open yourself up to life once more.

Scorpio – The Wheel of Fortune

The wheel of fortune tells us it’s time you embrace change and heralds a fresh start, you could be embarking on a new chapter in your life and it is up to you determine what you want to happen and create. You are probably getting more in touch with your capacity to make great choices and this will make you feel empowered and majestic. Remember that if you try to stay where you are there’s a chance you could stagnate and cease to grow as an individual. You are now likely able to gather positive momentum if you can embrace change and if you can let go of the past in some way, you’ll be able to move forward with grace.

This week could see you probing behind the curtain of consciousness to find out more about the meaning of life too. You could more interested in subjects like the tarot and astrology this week as you’re likely questioning why certain things have happened and perhaps needing in some way to settle any feelings of anxiety you could be experiencing. Most often when we experience changes in life it encourages us to look deeper into ourselves and life. You’re most likely feeling the wheel of change this week, life may be beginning to look and feel very different. What’s transforming for you? Are you feeling the changes around you? You could be completing one cycle and beginning another during this time. One thing we can count on in life is change and you are most likely embracing this season of change.

Remember you are the architect of your fate and the universe is working with you on a subconscious level to manifest your desires. So, what are you focusing on? Be mindful that what you focus on with your imagination and emotions you quickly manifest and create. This card heralds a fresh start, you could be embarking on a new chapter in your life and it is up to you determine if this will be a positive or negative experience, I hope you focus on the positive. This week is showing you how amazing life can be when you surrender to the changes and go with the flow.

Sagittarius – The Hanged Man

What are you letting go of this week, dearest Sagittarius? The hanged man tells us that we are sacrificing something for the greater good, you could be feeling like you’re surrendering something and perhaps you’re releasing control over something. This may be a perspective, a behaviour or habit you’re letting go of, for instance, you may be sacrificing your time in order to gain something of value in the future, or you may be relinquishing a mode of operating because you understand doing things in this way is causing you harm. There could be a choice to be made this week, you may feel that you have reached a crossroads of some sort. You are likely ready to choose between what is no longer of value to you and what is significant to you.

You will be willing to give things up that no longer serve you for the future promise of attaining something of greater value. This sacrifice will increase your faith in life, by giving up something for the promise of attaining something greater will enable to trust is something unseen and spiritual. For example, you may decide to give up junk food in order to attain greater health and wealth. This is likely to be a turning point in your life where your focus is reoriented towards your inner world, psychological development and knowledge within is probably becoming more important to you than what exists outside of you. If you are willing to surrender your ego and accept that there is something greater than your conscious mind, you will be able to let go and trust in the subconscious, therefore, allowing your wisdom within you to guide you. Trusting life will give you a sense of peace this week and help you to surrender control, surrender if you can and let your intuition be your guide this week.

Capricorn – Ace of Swords

Your mind is incredibly potent this week, fecund with new perspectives and unstrained, this is a new beginning in how you think and perceive things. This new way of looking at the world should hopefully give you some reprieve from the deep watery emotions you may have been feeling recently. You may have felt overwhelmed with emotions and unable to make clear decisions. Clarity and rationality should come with ease this week and this will help you make quick and sensible decisions.

You may have a sudden realisation and you could want to change the way you do things. You have the ability this week to deal with any adversity or difficulties with ease and grace. Some argy-bargy and arguments may be necessary to force you to look for new solutions to old problems, you will likely be filled with strength and will be prepared to fight for what you believe in if it’s required. Your mental powers are awakening, and this will likely help you to feel super powerful and capable, this process of awakening will help you to develop your mental faculties and abilities to think things through.

You have the ability to plan ahead and think logically this week if you are committed to your truth and are prepared to face any difficulties because you have a strong sense that a resolution will be achieved. You will likely have an upsurge of mental energy which gives your intellect a controlled edge, this is a new beginning where you are ready to act and be decisive. You may feel an overwhelming urge to think logically and act in a responsible and fair-minded way, you can involve yourself in a new form of study and do well at work, anything you can use your excellent intellect in you will do well at this week. It’s like you have a Dobby elf in your mind this week helping you to choose and act wisely.

Aquarius – Six of Wands

Victory!! What are you feeling triumphant about? You have worked so hard to reach this point, despite any challenges you’ve been facing dearest Aquarius, you have the energy to overcome them and come out on top this week. You can probably sense that things are changing, and you’ll be looking at your life in a new and positive way. There could be cause for celebration this week, the results of your hard work and efforts are being recognised and appreciated, yippee!! Remember to give yourself some treats and celebrate your successes and victories, you have definitely earned it!

This a positive omen and a promise of fulfilment, things are about to get even better at work for you as your efforts are being valued and appreciated. Just keep doing what you are doing. You’ve reached a peak time, you can reap the rewards of your dedicated efforts, there’s victory in the air and your success in readily visible in the eyes of others. Well done! It’s important now that you take some time to recognise your achievements and accomplishments, how can you treat yourself this week? Some fancy new shoes? That jacket you’ve had your eye on? Or perhaps something luxurious for your home? You deserve it whatever you choose to treat yourself to. You’ve been working incredibly hard to bring something to fruition and it’s down to your hard work and tenacity that it’s reached this point, there is harmony around you and you can expect to receive some form of recognition for your hard work and effort.

This can mean the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a fresh start is promised if you can celebrate your hard-earned success whilst realising that there is further yet to travel, you have much more you want to do and a great deal more you want to achieve, and hopefully you now know that you can do it! This is an exciting time where you can enjoy the lovely acknowledgement of others, everything you’ve worked hard to do in the past has helped you to reach this point, this definitely gives you confidence and that will inspire others to achieve awesomely like you have. Please enjoy this time of victory and then keep in mind the vision of the goals you still would like to reach, you are likely feeling optimistic and can enjoy the accolades that are coming your way. Woohoo!!

Pisces – Nine of Wands

What you’re working towards is incredibly close to coming to fruition, keep your eye on the target and you’ll get there dearest Pisces! You may find that you’re determined to succeed this week, accompanying that you may experience some difficulty with your energy levels, if you can take care of your body and soul this week you’ll find that you do have incredible strength in reserve from which you can draw upon. You may be feeling a little daunted by certain tasks that lay ahead but you must believe that you are equipped to deal with this. There are times where you might doubt yourself and your abilities, but you do have an incredible strength within you to conquer whatever is happening.

You are so close to the finishing line of your task or goal, you may just need to make one more big effort to reach it. You might be feeling exhausted and quite overwhelmed, but you can get through this by reminding yourself that this isn’t the first challenge you have faced, and you have come through it all stronger and wiser as result of your past trials and tribulations. The trials of the past have put you in a stronger position than you realise dear Pisces, you have the powers of endurance to get through whatever you’re faced with this week. Deep down within you, you have a formidable reserve and an indomitable spirit that will keep you going, draw upon that inner fire that keeps you warm and determined to win.

Stay in touch with your imaginative power this week, visualise your aim, but try to conserve your energy where you can by getting as much rest as you can, eat well and keep yourself hydrated. Keep your mind on what lies beyond the present impasse and those reserves will come in very useful. You can do it, exciting times are ahead of you, dreams can be realised when you keep plugging away at what you’re doing.


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  1. Sally,
    I really enjoy your weekly tarot readings. I look forward to them EVERY week. I am inspired by your insight and I welcome the advise. Please continue to do what you do !!!!!! I live for it.

    Thank you!

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