Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 17th September 2018

Aries – Eight of Wands 
Wow beautiful Aries, it seems that this week holds some smooth sailing and a huge burst of energy that is likely to be released. If you’ve been experiencing some frustrating delays of late, rest assured that this week’s plans and projects can surge forward with positive momentum. The Eight of Wands represents a state of being that could be likened to a catapult whereby you have been held stationary or perhaps even pulled back so that you can be propelled forward with speed and positive anticipation. This week it is likely that things will go smoothly and others will be cooperative nicely with you. You may take the reigns of a particular goal and give it all you’ve got this week knowing that the energy is fortuitous to do so.
Taurus – Four of Wands 
A time of harvest and reward is likely to be felt this week beautiful Taurus, you may find yourself realising that you have amazing resources both inner and outer upon which you can draw upon and use effectively. The Four of Wands marks a period where we feel capable and ready to achieve our desires, you may experience a celebration this week where you receive acknowledgement from your peers, family and friends for a particular realisation of a goal. This week holds many possibilities and opportunities for you, it’s as if the stability and the strong foundations you have been building are helping you to build the life of your dreams. Whether you choose to utilise the support network you have around you or you channel your own amazing capabilities, this week looks to be an exciting and celebratory one.
Gemini – The Devil
Beautiful Gemini this week you can expect to realise some amazing things about yourself by being incredibly honest and forthright. The Devil represents the things that we feel hold us back or things we feel we are chained to. This could be a mindset, a behaviour, an addiction or obsession, which ever one it is you likely to release yourself from it this week, you are being helped by the cosmos to understand that all of us are perfectly imperfect and even the things we may feel ashamed or upset about can lead us to greater freedom. There could be an urge to be more sexually promiscuous or to delve into unhealthy habits or behaviours so that you can exhibit some of the freedom you so desire.
Cancer – Ten of Pentacles 
Home and your body could be the theme for you this week beautiful Cancer, the Ten of Pentacles speaks of a state of permanence and a long lasting stability that we have built up through our own commitment and work. You may find yourself considering what it is that you have built up already and thinking about the legacy you are leaving behind in this world. How do you want to be remembered? How important is your reputation to you right now? These are the types of questions that the Ten of Pentacles asks us to consider. This is a beautiful card and it is likely to be reflected in this week, engendering feelings of security and stability in both your home and body. Financial circumstances can improve and so can our home environment. You could benefit from doing plenty of grounding exercises this week, It is likely that the more grounded you feel the happier you will feel too.
Leo – Six of Pentacles 
Trust in lives bounty could be the vibe for you this week gorgeous Leo, the Six of Pentacles speaks of a state of generosity and goodwill. You may find yourself being the recipient of another’s generosity and kindness, or you may be the one that is moved to be generous and express your gratitude in some way. This week you can expect to feel good about the giving and receiving balance in your life, you may have been experiencing some frustrations recently in regards to your career, work, a project or your financial circumstances. The Six of Pentacles is a gift and a shift in our mindset where we can look back to the past and realise that difficulties have made us stronger and more appreciative. Therefore enabling us to support others and allow others to support us, life can be good when we trust that we deserve it to be so.
Virgo – The High Priestess 
Wow magical and psychic energy is likely to be radiating from you this week beautiful Virgo. The High Priestess represents a state of being that is introspective and intuitive, you could find that this week is filled with strange coincidences and certain hunches that lead you to greater discovery. You are likely to experience some intense dreams this week and perhaps a secret could be revealed, you are being guided to turn your attention inwardly so that you can access some of the sacred wisdom that lies within you. For instance, meditation and divination could be fairly easy for you to partake in this week, anything that requires you to go within is likely to increase your energy and expand your perception in some way. This week holds the potential for you to step into your power and reveal your magnificence, others are likely to be drawn to your magic and your power.
Libra – The Hierophant 
Vocational vibes for you this week gorgeous Libra, contemplation about what you feel is you’re calling and purpose is likely to emerge. You have plentiful opportunities to discover what it is that your true destiny is this week. The Hierophant is the keeper of ancient and sacred wisdom, we tend to get this card when we are ready to develop our spirituality and to consider working hand-in-hand with the cosmos to fulfill our destiny. What do you feel your spiritual purpose is?  What do you feel is your vocational calling? What are you destined to do on this earth?  These are beneficial questions to ask yourself this week as The Hierophant is helping you to reveal the patterns of your destiny and purpose. If you are drawn to particular esoteric or ancient wisdom this week know that this is your inner guide prompting you to follow your true path and destiny.
Capricorn – Seven of Swords
Choosing your words carefully and considering how to be diplomatic could be a theme for you this week beautiful Capricorn. The Seven of Swords speaks of a state of being whereby we have to clothe our words so that they can be received more readily and easily. There could be some experiences this week where you want to dish out your thoughts and feelings to a particular person but in order for them to really listen you feel that you have to be more diplomatic and perhaps use some subterfuge. Counsellors and politicians know the kind face of guile, sometimes life requires us to be economical with the truth so that we can get our opinion across. There could be moments where you are called to be introspective and to think before you speak and to respond rather than react, if you take your time in considering what it is you like to say you are likely to be heard and understood.
Sagittarius – The Sun 
Beautiful rays of sunshine in your life are likely to be felt this week gorgeous Sagittarius. We usually get this card after a period of uncertainty and perhaps darkness, hopefully, you’re feeling more calm and clear about you your life and the people you want in it. The Sun represents a clear mind one where we can have foresight and clarity about our current circumstances and where we are heading. We receive this card when we have done some inner work and processed some hidden emotions that perhaps have been long-standing in our life. This week you can expect to feel more optimistic and vibrant than you have in a long time, you may be drawn to listen to your favourite music and to partake in experiences the transport or uplift your soul in someway. Follow the things, people and experiences that light you up this week The Sun is asking you to shine and to enjoy your life.
Scorpio – Page of Cups
A beautiful new chapter in regards to your emotional well-being is likely to begin this week the Page of Cups symbolises a point in our life where we are starting something new with hope optimism and gentleness. For instance you could be starting a new relationship or perhaps starting a new chapter in an existing one, if you are currently single this card can signify beginning a new relationship with our self, treating our body and our emotional self with care love and gentleness. Sometimes this card represents a new person coming into our life that holds great potential for our future happiness, this could be a platonic or romantic relationship. However this card manifests for you this week, you can expect to feel a renewed sense of love and emotional joy. It is good to be mindful that the love we receive equates to the love we give to our self, give yourself a mighty boost of self-love this week for the most beneficial and heartwarming time.
Aquarius- Page of Pentacles 
A beautiful new beginning in regards to your career, work, project or home this week beautiful Aquarius. The Page of Pentacles marks a turning point in our experience where we begin to plan for the future in someway, some of you may be starting a new job or redecorating the house for instance. However this card manifest for you this week, you are likely to feel a boost in regards to your home and career and your body. Anything new but you start this week in these areas is likely to show growth and potential therefore giving you more security stability and future happiness. As with anything new, it needs nurturing and positivity, so take time to love and nurture yourself and your projects this week, your life is growing and expanding.
Pisces – Eight of Cups 
Beautiful, beautiful Pisces, you are walking towards something that is more beneficial for you this week. The Eight of Cups represents state of being whereby we walk away from something that no longer serves us towards something greater that holds more potential and more future happiness. You can expect to feel a surge of energy when you know longer pay mind to things that no longer nurture your precious soul. This card signifies when we feel we have given something all we can for this time and momentarily we choose to turn our awareness and focus towards things that are in alignment with our true desires hopes and wishes. Take care of your emotional health this week, positive affirmations could be good for you in asserting yourself in a new direction, however this card manifests for you trust that you are being guided towards a happier and more fulfilling place.

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