Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally – 21 May 2018

Aries – Eight of Wands

Finally, things are moving in the right direction dearest Aries! After a period of delay, struggle and perhaps some irritations, things are now likely to pick up momentum. You could be quite busy this week and maybe be doing some travelling, and all this activity is signifying that your inner development is growing, and you’re now being asked to believe in the path you’ve chosen.

The way ahead is clear for you now and you’re probably feeling more optimistic than you have in a while, all the delays and struggles you’ve been experiencing are symbols of your growth and hope you’re now beginning to resolve any anxieties you may have been carrying, and you focus on the goal/path ahead.

There’s sunny optimism in sight after some darkness and unsettling feelings, you may have been feeling strained and stressed of late but rest assured that things are going to feel better. You could unlock some positive energy by releasing tension and anxiety that you’ve been carrying. Hopefully, you’re understanding that by overcoming obstacles in your path you can feel more confident and self-assured. Try to focus on how good it will feel for you when you reach your destination or goal.

Remind yourself that you deserve this new life that’s on the horizon. You could be ready to broaden your vistas and new people may be coming into your life to reflect this mind expansive time! Take full advantage of this productive time and enjoy this period of flow and success, when you’ve begun to resolve your anxieties you can be all set to focus on the new journey ahead.

Your future can be something to look forward to, and you may be overflowing with a positive expectation of what lies ahead. You’ve come so far, and your rewards are within reach, just keep your focus on the finish line. Take one moment at a time, think positively, and know that you can put your ideas in motion by knowing that the time is favourable for you to channel your creative energies productively.

You feel more confident and buoyant than you have in a long time this week, and you can be justifiably pleased with yourself as you’ve met challenges and overcome obstacles with grace, you’re hopefully now moving away from self-doubt and moving towards self-belief. Go you!

Taurus – Six of Wands

Victory card!! What can you feeling triumphant about? You have worked so hard to reach this point, despite any challenges you may be facing dear Taurus, you will likely overcome them and come out on top this week. You can probably sense that things are changing, and you’ll be looking at your life in a new and positive way. There could be cause for celebration this week, the results for your hard work and efforts are being recognised and appreciated, yeay!!

Remember to give yourself some treats and celebrate your successes and victories, you have definitely earned it! This a positive omen and a promise of fulfilment, things are about to get even better at work for you as your efforts are valued. Just keep doing what you are doing. If you’re in a relationship, you are likely to find yourself feeling closer and happier with your partner than ever before. If you’re single, then this card can mean you’re going to connect with someone that you’ve been dreaming about. All in all you’ll be enjoying acknowledgement from others and feeling confident about your achievements, everything you’ve done in the past has helped you to reach this point of acclaim, being rewarded by yourself and/or others is making you feel fabulous and accomplished.

After some strife you’re finally being rewarded, feel proud of yourself and give yourself a pat on the back. The six of wands is telling you to enjoy it. You’ve reached a peak time, you can reap the rewards of your dedicated efforts, there’s victory in the air and your success in readily visible in the eyes of others. Well done! It’s important now that you take some time to recognise your achievements and accomplishments. You’ve been working incredibly hard to bring something to fruition and it’s down to your hard work and tenacity that it’s reached this point, there is harmony around you and you can expect to receive some form of recognition for your hard work and effort.

This is the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a fresh start is promised if you can celebrate your hard-earned success whilst realising that there is further yet to travel, you have much more you want to do and a great deal more you want to achieve, and hopefully you now know that you can do it!

Please enjoy this time of victory and then keep in mind the vision of the goals you still would like to reach, you are likely feeling optimistic and can enjoy the accolades that are coming your way.

Gemini – Temperance

There could be some healing conversations this week dearest Gemini, when we share our feelings both positive and negative ones, we create space in our heart, and this gives others permission to do the same, to share their feelings with us. This week may be about balance in relationships of all kinds, friendships, beloved and family ones could be on your to-do list for refreshment, improvement and invigoration. You may feel that in some way friendships, family, romantic partnerships, and work partnerships need your loving attention.

There’s no need to worry about finding which one it is, you’ll likely feel it in your heart and gut, trust that you’ll know deep down just the right words to say. You may be quite the artist, creating, mixing and matching your words and approaches with different people to find what is truly right for you. Although all your relationships are likely to be going quite well, you may want to look at any deeper personal issues and see if any could be standing in your way, if they are, you’ll likely find ways to work through.

You’re passionate about finding balance this week, in you, your relationships, and with your goals and dreams. You can have peace and wisdom in your relationships but be mindful that you need to have peace within yourself first. Do you feel like you’d like to talk to someone about how you’re feeling? Has there been some tension between wanting to get something off your chest recently?

Express those feelings, if you do, you may find a new sense of freedom and space in your heart, remember that communication in all forms leads to more authentic relationships and happier individuals, so if you get the chance to express yourself this week grab it with both horns. When we talk and share our feelings we remove stagnation and make room for growth and expansion. This card is associated with the Goddess of the rainbow Iris, you can channel your inner Goddess of the rainbow by sharing the sunlight and the rain and maybe you’ll create rainbows in your life, the beautiful symbol of harmony and a balanced heart.

Cancer – Queen of cups

You are super attuned to your feelings, emotions and fecund imagination this week dearest Cancer. You could be ready to encounter the depths of your soul, as your intuition is intense, and your feelings are clear as water this week. If you’ve got important things to do, you could find yourself feeling full of trust in your ability to complete them with grace, ease and power.

When you immerse in life and your inner world, you have a mystical quality about you, and your sensitivity and gentleness will make you loved and adored this week. You can nurture yourself and others too, and you draw people to you that are ready to connect to their inner world.

You may be ready to express your innermost feelings to the world, and you may find that you have amazingly creative and artistic skills that are about to be unleashed. You could be at a point in life this week where your maturity and foresight will help you make decisions that are beneficial to you. You may be getting in touch with the unfathomable depths of your feelings this week. You could feel emotionally intelligent this week too and be attracting people in your life that could be incredibly supportive of you and you may find that you feel they have your back and this could be feeling really good for you this week.

You’re rallying this tribe around you because you’ve been treating yourself with love and compassion and the world is reflecting your inner world. Hopefully, you know that, no matter who you are, that you are worthy of love and respect. You’re likely to bring love and compassion to your work, by thinking positively. If you’re in a relationship, you’re probably feeling good and have a very positive outlook on your relationship. If you are single, you could benefit from going out and mingling in environments you feel good in as a new, very positive, romance may be on the horizon for you. Remember to keep your balance by checking in with your feelings, if it feels good it’s a positive indicator for you, you’re likely so in touch with your inner world this week that you’ll flow with grace with all you do.

Leo – King of Pentacles

Money, money money! Is it on your mind? Perhaps wealth, status or abundance are on your mind too? The King of Pentacles tells us that you have the skills, capabilities and determination to succeed and create all the wealth that you desire, but he also warns us of the danger of focusing too much on that particular area of life. If we focus too much on attaining wealth, abundance, status, we can neglect the more nourishing areas of life. For instance, spending time with our loved one, family and friends is abundant living and enjoying a nutritious meal is another form of abundance.

You could receive some sound advice from someone that you view as firmly established and perhaps you even look up to them in some way, you are likely to take their advice as you would maybe like to emulate them. Maybe you have recently been successful in a business venture and feel an urge to be generous with others with your time, energy or money. This week is tinged with success and ambition, it seems you have all the goods to achieve your goals with panache and authority. You may feel cause for celebration and revel in your accomplishments thus far. You can expect to deal with your tasks with efficiency and skill, you conscientiously and methodically working hard, knowing that you’re continuing to build your empire in some way.

You are oozing leadership vibes, and your actions will inspire those who work with you, you may also be reflecting on all you’ve been through to get where you are today. Know that you can succeed this week by focusing on quality rather than quantity, you can make your life more pleasurable when you can spend what you’ve earned and enjoy the simple but incredibly nourishing things like spending time with loved ones. This hyper-focus on one area of your life could mean that you undervalue other areas of your life, it’s great to aspire to wealth and status through hard work and determination but if you’re not sharing your success and achievements with your loved ones it could lead to you be feeling low and isolated.

Give it some thought and take some time to feed your spirit by making some time for family and friends too. Remember that it’s great you can earn money and become wealthier this week, but please be mindful of balance, make sure you do other things that bring you joy like spending time with family and friends. You’ve got the Midas touch, the gift of manifesting your ideas, your material self-confidence is likely to be potent, be sure to use your power wisely this week.

Virgo – Two of Cups

Your energy has a beautiful vibe, you are attracting cooperation and harmonious communication. Things are likely to be going well in your emotional realm and heart this week. You can expect things to be going well with all relationships, mutual trust harmony and affection are all likely this week. This could manifest as a beginning of a relationship, this could be romantic or business. It could also be a new and promising chapter to an existing relationship. If there’s been some separation or upset in a relationship, you can expect this week to be the time where reconciliation is possible and where balance is regained in the relationship.

There is likely to be love around you and shining like a lighthouse out of your aura. Hopefully, you’ll be feeling more loved, cared for, and content. You are likely to be appreciated at work too, and feeling more comfortable there, even if you don’t particularly like your job you’ll find ways this week to see things in a more appreciative and balanced way. If you’re looking for a job, then this can mean that you’ll find a fulfilling one soon. If you’re in a relationship at the moment, this card signifies true love, a balanced partnership, and commitment from both of you.

Authentic feelings of solidity, security and partnership are on their way to you, there is potential for true love and affection if you allow it to be so. If you are looking for love it is very likely on its way to you very soon. This card can also mean a balance of opposites and friendship, perhaps your friends too are the source of your joy this week, either way, you can expect to be feeling joyful, relaxed and appreciated. If there’s a particular task you need to complete this week, you’ll get it done with joy and grace if you can come from a place of self-love, when you look after you really well all other tasks can be like a walk in the park, so maybe put a facemask on or make yourself a hot chocolate before you tackle your to-do list to make the most of this week’s positive energy.

Libra – Nine of Cups

The wish card! Something magical is on its way to you this week dearest Libra, The wish card implies that a cherished wish will come true. So, what have you wished for? I really hope that it comes true for you. You’ve done a lot to get to this point, you’ve been through some difficult times and this week you could see the rewards of overcoming your obstacles gracefully. Perhaps a desire that you feel is of great importance will come to fruition, you’re likely to be feeling optimistic and fulfilled with life.

If you do not feel that yet, try to relax and trust that it’s on its way to you as this one of the most uplifting of cards that you can receive. You could be feeling a happy family life and at work, you may be realising just how much you are valued by those around you. Good luck that you’ve been hoping for could be yours. If you have been dreaming big about a project that has been delayed, this could be the time that it moves forward with positive momentum. If you’re in a relationship, it’s possible that it will deepen and become sweeter for you this week. If you’re single, this is a great time to get out, mingle, and have conversations with the people and try to have fun! Use the good energy of this time to enhance your life, what have you been wanting to do recently? Give it a go! Use positive affirmations and visualise ways you can enrich your life. Trust yourself and the universe, dream big and await the goodness that this week has to offer!

Scorpio – Justice

There could be a need to be sure that your work/life balance is good. Too much focus on one or the other could cause some unbalance. It could be that you’ve got one area of life in the bag and you’re working hard to make the other more effective, you may find that one area may come more easily to you, be sure that regardless of which one, be it personal life or work that you feel most comfortable with, that you are giving the other part of life as much attention and energy.

Balance is necessary for you to thrive. You have a chance of getting to know yourself more deeply this week, you’re likely to be going through a period of weighing things up or deciding something, there’s an air of balance wisdom and fairness surrounding you this week, and you’ll probably want to use your rational faculties to judge a situation fairly. An agreement may be reached through negotiation and looking for fair solutions, you’ll want balance and you will be striving for this with all of your dealings with others.

By looking at things objectively you’ll have a chance of gaining a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week. Trust your gut as your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself, by accepting the situation in which you find yourself you’ll cultivate more honesty, responsibility and humility. If you can resist blaming others and try to accept responsibility for any part that you have played, you will be able to move forward gracefully, hopefully, you’ll harness the energy of this week and move on and not get stuck in denial or resentment. You will do best by adopting a balanced outlook, by reminding yourself that nobody (including you) is perfect, this will help you find effective strategies to resolve any current difficulties, with fairness, truth and balance.

Sagittarius – The Star

Faith and hope in a better future dearest Sagittarius! You are likely to find yourself feeling inspired this week and more hopeful about the future than you have in a long time. There’s part of you this week that is remaining hopeful and optimistic about things, even though life could have been challenging recently, there’s something deep within you that is keeping the faith that all will work out well for you.

This card always brightens my day when I see it, so I really hope this week is bright and uplifting for you. There could have been some turmoil and changes recently and this may have left you feeling drained or out of sync with life, just like when there’s a storm in the sky we can’t see the stars, you may have been feeling like you couldn’t see a solution or find a remedy for what’s been happening. But, it’s like the changes and disruptions have helped you look for the stars twinkling and look for faith and hope, it’s when we remain hopeful and have faith in life that the universe responds in kind.

You must believe in your most cherished wishes and your sacred hearts desires and remember that anything is possible when you have faith and hope. This is a time to think and act positively, trust that the universe has your best interests at heart. This week you could find that life seems to come together beautifully, and a bright positive outlook emerges from within you, you may also see that you can put your trust in life and be optimistic in your expectations. Ask yourself what changes would you like to make or see in your life? Make a big colourful list. You can accomplish almost anything you wish to do so be sure to think big!

Dream, fantasise, imagine and visualise your greatest ambitions and desires, it’s by having positive expectations and trusting our dreams will come true that deepens our faith. You have an inner light this week that’s inspiring you and guiding you toward broader vistas, be open and receptive to new ideas and ways of doing things so that when opportunity knocks you can be prepared to answer. Hold on to your faith and hope in a better future and know that unexpected blessings can manifest in your life. You are likely to be a beacon of light and inspiration to others this week, this is a great time for you to reach out to others and to share your wisdom. You could be rewarded for doing so in a way that lights up your heart, the world needs your light let it shine bright one.

Capricorn – The Lovers

Thinking about making a choice regarding love relationship this week dear Capricorn? If you’re single perhaps you’re considering a potential new relationship, if you’re coupled up, you may be mulling over what this relationship means to you. Maybe you will be making a personal sacrifice by coming to a compromise, and relationship matters are what you’re thinking about this week. You may be faced with a significant choice regarding a love. Questions could arise within you about why you chose to enter into a relationship, you may have to choose between love and passion or security and stability for instance. You could be in two minds about an emotional commitment, you may be feeling torn and unsure about what decision to take. Some careful consideration of what you stand to gain and lose could be required before you can make a final decision, it’s a positive card as it implies that through meeting any challenges in any relationship, you will ultimately learn more about yourself.

When you choose to be in a relationship with another, you are subconsciously agreeing to be more like this person, as your choices in love mirror back to you your values, because your choices mirror back to you the kind of person you wish to be. So the question this week you could ask yourself is who do you want to be? Your desires and choices in love are likely being questioned. You could be asking yourself what you value about a love relationship, remember when we enter into a relationship we often don’t realise that the parts of ourselves that we deny or are unaware of are mirrored in our partners, when these parts of ourselves are mirrored back to us we have an opportunity to develop ourselves and become more whole.

Being more self-aware helps us to make beneficial choices in love. Realising that your choices in love are reflecting your values, because your choice mirrors back to you the type of person you wish to become. Through meeting challenges in a relationship with consideration and reflection you will ultimately learn more about yourself this week.


Aquarius – King of Swords

Wowzas, you’re intellect and reason will be in fine form and you’re likely to be on top of your organising and planning this week dearest Aquarius. You could be feeling some forceful mercurial and mental energy surging within you. What are you organising and planning? This card is telling you that you can be disciplined and dedicated to getting things done this week. You could be feeling powerful and quite dominating in regards to your plans, you may be feeling quite aloof with some people and determined to complete tasks with authority and strength.

The King of Swords is a masculine card, you could say it symbolises the left brain, so anything you need to do that require logic, reason and your intellect you should find quite easy with this card showing up. You are likely to be feeling strong, forceful and opinionated too. You may find that drawing upon the feminine aspects of your nature a task, for instance, it could be hard for you to be patient and compassionate and nurturing this week, as you’re embodying the masculine and you could find you’re a little bit more forceful and domineering than usual. Use this energy wisely and channel your energies into a task that require you to use your intellect to make the best of this week.

You might feel frustrated with people that aren’t on your mental level this week, and there could be a tendency to feel superior in some way. Your cleverness and skilful nature will serve you well in planning and organising your life. You may feel that your spiritual beliefs will have to make sense to you mentally this week. You can develop your spiritual life by seeking out new information and therefore you’ll gain insight. Perhaps trying a psychic reading could offer you clarity that you seek or trying meditation will calm your mind.

Pisces – The World

Balance and wholeness is the theme for you this week dearest Pisces. The World tells us that we have all the resources and abilities we need to foster happiness and growth in our life. You can expect success, achievement and realisation of a goal. You can achieve success and obtain goals by just keeping your focus and determination.

You may have lots to be triumphant about, you could have successfully brought something to a conclusion recently, you may have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for. You portray an image of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony to those around you and you could be a great source of inspiration for people in your life. You could have reached a peak time in your life, you could be feeling justifiably pleased with yourself about how you’re coping and managing everything. There may be something coming to fruition and are likely able to enjoy feeling successful.

You may have a feeling of being in the right place at the right time. You can create more of these positive experiences by having faith that you’ll be given what you need. You could have a desire to expand your understanding of the world and acquire greater self-knowledge.

You are likely bringing harmony to parts of yourself that are in conflict, you’re could feeling more whole and complete than you have felt in a while, and this will encourage you to continue to grow and change. You may be offered an opportunity to travel and expand your vistas. A new beginning is promised as a completion of a particular cycle occurs, you may have cause for celebration in acknowledging all you’ve achieved to get where you are today.

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