Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 24th Sept 2018

Aries – Five of Swords

Beautiful Aries, you could benefit from lightening your load this week as the Five of Swords is highlighting an area of your life that may require you to take a step back in some way. We sometimes get this card when we have taken on too much or perhaps have inflated something in our perception to be more than it is. It could be wise for you to be objective this week rather than subjective.

When you assess your situation objectively and with some distance and perhaps detachment, it enables you to see things from an alternative angle and gain some insight into when best to proceed. This isn’t a week to go full throttle into something without first considering the effects and potential repercussions, try to take some time out to reorientate and find your inner balance, you’ll likely gain some valuable insight from within if you can trust in timing and your own experience.

Taurus – Two of Cups

Gorgeous Taurus, you’ve got love to look forward to this week. The Two of Cups speaks of a union and intense attraction, you could be fusing with someone in the emotional realm and finding harmony in your relationships. This week looks to be a joyous one if you can follow your bliss and seek balance. You could find that friendships, family, professional and romantic relationships get a beautiful boost this week, giving you a certain rosy glow.

Remember that all love we receive is a reflection of the love we give ourselves. It’s likely that you’ll be looking for love in your life and considering how you can make it more beautiful and fulfilling. Pay attention to what’s in your heart this week, the sacred wisdom that resides there is guiding you to reach higher states of happiness and joy.

Gemini – The Wheel of Fortune

Beautiful Gemini, life could be beginning to feel and look incredibly different for you this week. The Wheel of Fortune is a fortuitous card that is associated with good luck and prosperity. This card is wonderful as it demonstrates the magical effects of manifestation, you’re likely to be quite the sorcerer/sorceress this week as you’re being guided to embrace change and create the life you love. Sometimes this card can manifest as an intense attraction to discover more about ourselves and the meaning of life.

You have some amazing opportunities this week to peek behind the curtain of reality and reveal some previously hidden patterns at play. Remember that you’re working with the universe to create your experience, by making some positive changes this week you can help the universe and cosmos help you.

Cancer – Six of Wands

Gorgeous Cancer, you have the victory card! It looks like you may be celebrating something magnificent this week, this is likely to be something you’ve been hoping would happen and when it does you’re probably going to jump for joy! The Six of Pentacles speaks of a markable achievement that we’ve working towards coming to fruition.

What have you been working on recently? It doesn’t have to be something physical, it could be a dream/goal/vision that materialises for you on a noticeable level. However this card manifests for you this week, you can expect to feel joyous and celebratory about something of personal significance to you, you could be popping the bubbly with your nearest and dearest, there’s good vibes in the air and you put them there.

Leo – The Magician

Beautiful Leo, you’re likely to be making some majestic magic in your life this week. The Magician is here to remind you that you have power and dominion over your life, you are the architect of your fate and destiny! What is it that you would love to manifest and materialise in your experience? You’re being given a helping hand by your inner guide this week to seek out people, places and experiences that resonate with your soul.

Magic is afoot and you’re on speed dial with your inner muse, trust your gut, heart, mind and soul. When all these parts of ourselves are in congruence and in harmony we can go forth, act, move and make magic. Go and be all you can be this week, you’re being shown a treasure map, it’s up to follow the inner and outer clues and find your treasure.

Virgo – Four of Swords

Gorgeous Virgo, you could find that this week is a little quieter that usual. The Four of Swords reflects a time when we given some opportunities to rest, recuperate and reflect. We sometimes receive this card after a period of stress, worry, frustration and anxiety. This week looks to be a time where you can relax, take some deeps breaths and get your mojo back.

The Four of Swords is associated with mindfulness and meditation, you could benefit from taking some time to recharge and allow any past stresses to percolate and be released. Try not to busy yourself unnecessarily if you can help it as you’re likely to be quite busy in the coming weeks, use this time of reprieve and rejuvenation to hone in and enjoy the present moment and still time when you can.

Libra – Temperance

Beautiful Libra, this week looks to be a gentle and harmonious one for you. You can expect there to be some healing opportunities to have some heart to hearts with some people you hold dear. Temperance is about having a balanced and harmonious heart by sharing what we keep inside. It may seem peculiar or strange that by sharing negative feelings and positive ones creates harmony and removes stagnation but it’s true.

This week you’re being guided to look within your heart and speak your truth in some way, by doing so you’ll create harmonious feelings where there may have been stagnant ones. This card is associated with Iris the goddess of the rainbow, it’s full of beautiful symbols and the story reminds us all that gorgeous rainbows that symbolise harmony, come from sunshine and rain that symbolise positive and negative feelings. Go create rainbows this week by opening your heart and sharing your feelings.

Scorpio – Knight of Pentacles

Gorgeous Scorpio, you’re being shown the simple pleasures of life this week. The Knight of Pentacles reflects a time when our attention and focus is on the day to day needs of life, it may sound a little boring but there’s lots of joy to be found in having our house and mind in order. In Buddhist teaching it’s shown that we can meditate and find joy even in doing simple things like doing the dishes, we can focus all of our awareness on what we are doing in the present moment we can feel and experience profound joy and contentment.

The Knight of Pentacles can be likened to being fulfilled and feeling content with tending to our affairs and needs with grace and care. You could find that tidying, gardening, redecorating or rearranging at home will bring you a lot of peace and happiness this week. Take time to notice the beauty and blessings that surround you, there’s joy to be found in the enjoyment of the simple things.

Sagittarius – The World

Beautiful Sagittarius, there’s likely to be beautiful and wonderful experiences to behold this week. The World speaks of reaching a peak in our experience, a pinnacle of joy and happiness, this could manifest itself as a celebration or recognition for your achievements. You may have been working hard towards a goal recently and this could be the week that you see the materialisation of your wishes, hopes and dreams.

You could be seeking balance in your life at the moment and receiving this card ensures that balance and harmony can be yours if you continue to seek it in all areas of your life. You’re likely to experience your own power to change your world this week, fortune favours the brave and it seems that fortuitous circumstances are their way to you. Embrace change this week, remember that the world keeps on turning and we must turn a new leaf and start a new chapter.

Capricorn – Ten of Swords

Beautiful Capricorn, this week you can finally get some relief from the stresses you may have been carrying. The Ten of Swords is a potent card as it carries a message of letting go of a mentally taxing and frustrating circumstance or experience. Something may come to an end this week, it could be that you feel that you’ve done all you can in a particular situation. All is not lost though, as the sun is rising and a new perception and view point is likely being born in you.

We tend to get this card after a period of anxiety and worry, the Ten of Swords is the moment the stress and concern ends and when we begin to see solutions and remedies. A new chapter is beginning and a new mindset is yours, all you’ve been going through has built incredible resilience in you. Take some time to focus your attention on what’s starting and new this week, by honing in on your mindfulness skills you can see things from a alternative perspective.

Aquarius – Knight of Cups

Wonderful Aquarius, you have some magical and uplifting experiences to look forward to this week. The Knight of Cups is the card of romance and love, it’s sometimes associated with someone new coming into our life that sweeps us off our feet emotionally or physically! We tend to get this card when we have been doing some important inner work and loving ourselves unconditionally. Have you been taking great care of yourself recently?

Remember that all the love we receive is a reflection of the love we give to ourselves. You’re likely to be feeling the love in your relationships this week and be feeling the love for yourself too. Our own developing romanticism usually brings about the appearance of the Knight of Cups, this week has the potential to have a rosy tinted view for you, all relationships can bloom especially romantic ones.

Pisces – Seven of Pentacles

Gorgeous Pisces, you’ve had a testing time recently and this week is a welcomed rest from all the stress you may have been experiencing. The Seven of Pentacles is offering you something new, what could it be? Whatever appears in your life this week, it is likely to be something different to what you may have done before. As it’s Pentacles you can expect this new opportunity to be related to your career, finances, home, body or project. What comes up for you this week in one of these areas is being offered to you so that you can find and experience fulfilment, it may be tempting to stay where you are and stick with what you already know but the Seven of Pentacles giving you something new that is divinely inspired. If you stay where you are you’ll have what you’ve always had and risk stagnation, go for it and take a risk and further your potentials whilst continuing to grow and make things manifest.

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