Your Weekly Tarotscope 3rd December 2018 with our psychic Sally

Aries – 6 of Swords

Gorgeous Aries,

it is likely that you’ll be feeling some mental reprieve this week for the Six of Swords speaks of mental clarity, calmness and moving away from stressful and turbulent states of mind.

It is likely that you have been experiencing some stressful periods recently and the message of this card should hopefully ease any remaining anxiety you may have. You could find that you are more interested in subjects like astrology and tarot this week for the Six of Swords reflects a state of mind upon which we query and study information that instils a state of calm, helps us get a clearer picture of our current circumstances and the path ahead.

If you get the opportunity to relax and take some time out this week use it wisely to contemplate the pattern of events, realise just how far you’ve come and to prepare yourself for the exciting times ahead. ​

Taurus – King of Wands

Beautiful Taurus,

it is likely that you will feel very entrepreneurial and powerful this week for the King of Wands speaks of an emergence of confidence self-sufficiency and independence.

Somebody magnificent could come into your life this week that reflects the traits that the King of Wands symbolises or it could be you yourself that is ready to emerge and channel that inner king, you could feel like you’re ready to reveal your magnificent power to the rest of the world.

What is it that you are working on at the moment? Have you got a project that you’re ready to reveal and show people? If so, this week is an opportune time for you to show how amazing you are and reveal your creative gifts and ideas to everybody. ​

Gemini – The Emperor ​

Gorgeous Gemini,

this week it is likely that you’ll be feeling powerful and regal in someway, for The Emperor is a powerful card that reminds us of our magnificence and our ability to create a manifest in the world.

There could be an opportunity for you to expand your vocation in some way perhaps you will be offered a new job opportunity or perhaps finalise a business agreement. It could be something as simple as organising your week with power and authority to get what needs to be done finished and completed with panache. However The Emperor manifests for you beautiful Gemini, it is likely that you will go through the week feeling more confident and in control than you have in a while.

The Emperor is reminding you of your amazing ability to concretise and stand up for what you believe in, perhaps you have a new set of ethics that are emerging from with you and you are ready to share with the world what is that you believe in with all of your heart and mind. ​

Cancer – The Moon​

Gorgeous Cancer,

you have The Moon this week, the ruler of your star sign, what a perfect card to receive! You know and sense The Moon, you’re deeply in touch with your intuition, the subconscious and your emotions.

This week trust your gut, trust in divine timing and pay even closer attention to the divine messages that come from your dreams and in your waking life. There could be some eerie coincidences that happen this week, perhaps some strange turns of fate that help you to further understand the deep connection between the subconscious and the conscious mind.

You may wish that certain things would be clearer this week, perhaps you would like some clarity and maybe more certainty but The Moon reminds us that all of our lives are subject to uncertainty, change and cycles. This week you may find that things may be in a state of change and flux, you may have to wait and be patient to find out where the clarity lies. Trust your gut and pay attention to how are you feeling this week for The Moon is guiding you to delve within yourself and to trust that in the guidance. ​

Leo – King of Pentacles

Beautiful Leo,

it is likely that you’re going to have money and work on your mind this week, for the King of Pentacles reminds us of the power that we have in manifesting wealth and abundance.

This card is sometimes associated with King Midas, the King was said to have the Midas touch everything he wished for was turned to gold and he was able to have as much wealth as he could dream of but the lesson in this tale is balance, the story tells us that the food he tried to touch turned to gold and his beloved also turned to gold, so be mindful of this lesson beautiful Leo.

It’s fantastic to earn money to increase your status and take new job opportunities that come your way but also the King of Pentacles is reminding you that balance is needed this week, create time with friends, family and loved ones, even time with your pet is creating time where you can relax and feel balanced, doing this will help you seek balance and help you to see what opportunities are worth seizing. ​

Virgo – The Devil

Beautiful Virgo,

it is likely that you will have some moments this week where you get to see the parts of yourself that you’re unhappy with. Although this may seem negative, The Devil card is a powerful one that reminds us that is our own fears and inhibitions and sometimes emotional blocks that inhibit us from stepping into our regal power and moving forward with grace.

The Devil is reminding you that it is both your light and dark contribute to your wholeness and you are being asked this week to see seek out wholeness in every regard. All of us are made up of both light and dark meaning that there are parts of ourselves that we don’t like to bring into the light, perhaps this could be manifesting as low self-esteem, if so, this may have been something that we’ve managed to keep under wraps by keeping ourselves busy.

The Devil is shining a light on that which needs to be revealed so that you may heal, break free and move forward. Step into your beautiful power gorgeous Virgo this week so you can break free and move on. ​

Libra – Two of Pentacles

Gorgeous Libra,

it is likely that you will be focused on work and home this week, it may be a balancing act of juggling multiple responsibilities so that you can keep in balance and flow.

You might find yourself considering how to manage your resources, time and energy efficiency, you may feel like your workload load is a lot this week, try to manage this by grounding yourself in the present moment and by changing your mindset, doing this you’ll see that you’ll be able to re-organise your schedule to resonate with practicality, better helping you to see the bigger picture and get more things done.

Take opportunities this week to rest and have downtime, being tempted in increasing your schedule and making yourself more busy it is likely to make you feel more tired and stressed, so change your mindset to one of “I can do it!” and imagine things running smoothly and visualise what that would look like, the Two of Pentacles is helping you to gain balance during a busy period. ​

Scorpio – Queen of Pentacles

Beautiful Scorpio,

you may find yourself wanting to treat you to treat yourself to some luxurious experiences this week for the Queen of Pentacles portrays a lady that is comfortable in her position in the world, also in the home and in her body too.

You may find yourself wanting to be extravagant with finances perhaps buying some luxurious items or eating luxurious food, we are approaching the festive season so it is the time to be a little bit more extravagant but for you especially with the Queen of Pentacles coming into your life this week it is likely that you will be feeling quite regal and like you deserve all the nice things in the world!! It’s likely that you’ll feel like nurturing and providing for others and yourself in new ways this week, perhaps wanting to invite others into your home and give your love, food, good company and perhaps sharing some financial abundance.

This week it is likely you will be able to maintain a healthy balance between home and work, for you are the Queen of Pentacles this week, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling strong, independent and capable to provide for both yourself and family whilst making plans for the future in a healthy and productive way.​

Sagittarius – Two of Wands​

Beautiful Sagittarius,

it is likely that you will be full of inspiration this week and considering bringing an idea that you have to fruition. You may be at the early stages of formulating what that looks like and how you want to move forward.

The Two of Wands suggests that perhaps you’re not feeling ready to take the step that you need to bring it to fruition but rather you want to weigh things up and make an informed and inspired choice before continuing and deciding. It’s likely that you have your future in mind and you may be making a choice and perhaps considering making a career change or alter in some way what you do for a living.

You could meet an inspirational person this week that enthrals you to be open to growth and exploring new avenues for your creative expression, it’s likely that you’ll be carefully considering your options and perhaps planning your path ahead, you may be feeling a little torn about whether to stay on the path you are on or to seek discovery in a new direction. The Two of Wands is reminding you that although staying put is safe and secure, seeking new pastures and broadening your horizons will likely bring you and a more rich and fulfilling life.​

Capricorn – Queen of Swords

Gorgeous Capricorn,

it is likely that you have superb mental clarity this week helping you to use your intellect and to make impartial decisions. Perhaps you’ll find it easier in making informed judgements about particular people or situations.

You may find yourself being a little snappy or perhaps just being firm with your truth this week for the Queen of Swords doesn’t care much about emotions but rather about unbiased intellectual and mind matters. It is likely that you will feel powerful and capable to organise your life effectively and more importantly you’ll be able to formulate your perceptions in a clear and independent way this week.

Things may seem clearer to you this week than usual for the Queen of Swords enables you to cut to the truth of the situation and see things with clarity and without bias, you may be called upon for advice or support as you are radiating the power of the Queen and her ability to see past delusion and cut straight to the point. To put it short, you’re not going to take any crap this week, you’re too powerful, clever, resilient and independent to allow others to cross your boundaries without the level of trust and respect that you deserve and demand.​

Aquarius- Three of Cups​

Beautiful Aquarius,

it is likely that you will have some emotional and exhilarating experiences this week for the Three of Cups marks a turning point in our emotional realm.

You could be celebrating something of personal significance this week, this could be having friends and family round for dinner and a soirée, or just enjoy being with people that you love and that love you. The Three of Cups is a beautiful card symbolising how good it feels when we feel we can share the love have with others.

You could be working on something creative, perhaps a creative collaboration or having a get-together or perhaps attending a party or a celebration of some sort! The Three of Cups is indicating that this is likely to be a very enjoyable week for you, you may be more sociable than usual and perhaps reaching out to others in a new and collaborative way. The Three of Cups is showing you that when you feel good the world responds in kind, enjoy this beautiful week of feeling connected and feeling the love with those around you. ​

Pisces – King of Cups ​
​Gorgeous Pisces,

it is likely that you’ll be feeling an emergence of emotional intelligence this week. You could be called upon to offer some sound advice on an emotional matter as you are radiating the energy of the King of Cups and portraying an image of a fatherly figure that is open to their emotions and able to guide others effectively.

You may be reaching out yourself to a counsellor, a priest or a trusted friend that you can rely upon and trust. The King of Cups is asking you to respect your personal boundaries and to think about what it is that helps you to feel emotionally stable.

You have the support of the King this week to help you stay clear of any dramas or argy-bargy’s that could be happening around you, by channelling your inner King and maintaining a balanced and calm approach, you’ll be able to have mastery over your emotions and creativity this week. Your emotions are your inner guide and you have the maturity and the foresight to navigate any challenges you may face.

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  1. Tarot from Sally
    I am sorry to say that for the Scorpios that’s far from from your reading. No money and worried about the future/Christmas so I won’t be trusting too much your reading now.

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