Wiccan Oracle Card Reading For Week Beginning 26th November 2018 by Violet

By Violet Pin 2377

My beloved and somewhat worn Wicca Oracle gives guidance based on the Pagan teachings, on an earthly level, and Wiccan teachings at a natural magical level. An ancient belief that connects directly with mother earth, and gives additional, complimentary divination into situations. It is easily weaved into astrology, numerology, and aspects of The Rider Waite Tarot.

As a psychic, healer, and practising wiccan hedge-witch, of the eclectic branch, I work with a variety of decks in my readings. This is my go-to deck for my own daily card. I feel such a natural affinity with this simple, gentle deck that I felt I would like to share it with you.

It has given me a lot of pleasure and taught me so much about old practices, and more natural ways of living, and I’ve loved preparing this insight into the world of super nature.

I hope you enjoy your own reading very much.

There are little exercises you can do in keeping with the card drawn if you wish, these are perfectly safe to do, just ensure if you are using candles you do so safely.

Blessed Be.


Scorpio your card is the Queen of Elphame

Energy Vibration ~ The Underworld
Theme ~ Magic and Beauty

Queen Elphame lives in Thier-na-Oge, the land of eternal youth, and is mentioned in Glastonbury legends along with the Lady of the Lake and Morgan Le Fay. She can be found in woodland much like Titania, Queen of the fairies, her front door is said to be found in the trunk of a hawthorn tree, or by a fairy mound. She represents all the aspects of the triple goddess.
You now have the ability to see clearly, gain access to other realities and bring beauty, charm and magic to all that you come into contact with.

It is your time to shine and be noticed, with confidence and poise. You will also find this is a time when you feel generally lighter, and more able to meditate, and day dream, your spirit feeling freer. There is a sense of being able to breathe properly and easily.

You will also find yourself noticing the beauty in nature, your surroundings and others, seeing the magic and wonder in situations. If balanced, this could be a joyous and lovely time.

It could also be that by drawing this card you may be focussing more on outer beauty, or may need to rethink your feelings on what you consider to be attractive. Release such thoughts about yourself and others, and acknowledge that you are beautiful inside and out. Balance and grounding are vital here, for such a time could see you as careless and may appear aloof and critical.

Queen Elphame Titania, is the leader of the faeries and little people, who are powerful in their beauty, living in the land of eternal youth. This card tells you to reconnect with all of yourself (inner and outer) with pride and confidence. Taking you back to mother nature, where dreams can come true. Look for the wonder, positives, and magic in your daily life, Queen

Elphame is here to guide you in this connection.

Peaks – Magic is touching you

Troughs – Look within yourself to see your true beauty, not outer.

Sagittarius Your lovely card is the Cauldron – The womb

Energy vibration – Sacral chakra
Theme – The void, potential, wise intention

A container for creation, the cauldron is the womb of life, or a place where situations wait and develop before being completed. You are now the creator of your life and the issues occurring, or not occurring in it.

This card has appeared as you are being asked to fill the void. Ask yourself what potential you have within you? What can you bring to the pot? What do you want to achieve? For your time is here.

You are now entering a phase where your own power can affect outcomes and decisions in your life.

However; With power comes great responsibility, and you are advised to use it wisely. Give this careful thought and be aware that you know what and you are trying to achieve, and why, be smart, be kind, acknowledge such power and actions have consequences.

Be realistic so that you don’t end up climbing a mountain in trying to achieve your dream. Break a long-term, greater goal into more achievable bites and you will feel a greater sense of achievement. I.E don’t try to run a marathon, when you maybe should sign up for a Race for Life first.

Be kind in your actions towards others, remember the phrase, “Do what you want, but don’t hurt anyone else”.

Visualise and create a happy place to live in, enjoy the space and time of waiting before your achievements are to be enjoyed. This is not a time to rush, but enjoy being part of the process, nurture this space and look after yourself. For you are creating your own happy future.

Make a warming winter soup, perfect for this time of year, and whilst you prepare, cook and stirring in a clockwise direction, take time, think about your lovely bright future, and give thanks to nature. Add to your ingredients your love and good wishes for those who will eat the soup.

Peaks – Seeds of creation are being sown for the future.

Troughs – You get back what you put in. You may have to challenge fears that you don’t want to admit to in achieving this potential.

Capricorn You have drawn the Silver Bough – Love and Happiness

Energy Vibration – Love – Heart Chakra
Theme -Universal love happiness and health

A branch from the apple tree is the symbol of the goddess of love – Venus or Aphrodite or the Celtic Branwen. When cut widthways the apple seeds produce the shape of the pentacle, a spiritual power in the fruit.

Drawing this card Capricorn at this time indicates a happier time of love for you. If you have had more difficult experiences recently healing love will be sent to you, and you will find yourself easing away from the pain of such situations. Positive experiences will feel doubly blessed by deeper heartfelt contentment.

The presence of this card represents universal as well as romantic love. So, in the first instance friendships are starred, enjoying existing ones, or literally branching out and make new contacts. There could be a love connection, or romantic celebration around you.

This is basically a lovely time to enjoy being around people who will enjoy being around you.

So, if you have found yourself feeling isolated or without the love in your life, socially or romantically, this lovely card suggests its time you reconnected with people and shared some contentment.

Live Laugh Love!!!

If you have been thinking about improving your everyday health now is the perfect time. Look into your diet and lifestyle for the long-term, or maybe prepare yourself for Christmas by having a little detox. It may also be a sign that you need more exercise in your life, but make it fun, love what you do, and it’ll be all the more achievable to get fitter. What’s that saying? sing like no-one else is listening and dance like no-one else is watching.

Find a quiet place, where you cannot be disturbed. Set aside up to an hour of your time, light a pink candle, and just breath gently, in with your nose and out through the mouth. Find a nice gentle breathing rhythm, drawing the breath to your heart chakra. Think or say gently aloud, ‘I am love I am lovable, I send out love, I receive love’. Send your love to those you care about, and use this time to send out forgiveness if you are ready to and ask for loving healing with those you have suffered difficulties with. When you feel at peace, relaxed and ready to, blow out the candle, give you thanks and you can return to your day. Do so steadily, as such a mediation can be very relaxing. Take care with candles.

Peaks – The heart is open to love and harmony.

Troughs. – Hold desires and wants in check.

Aquarius your card is this The Spell – Enchantment

Vibration -: Astral
Theme-: enchantment, illusion, fantasy.

Spells are intentions. Simply words, prayers, wishes or incantations, spoken written, eaten, sung, or danced with energy. The potential of any intention requires pure, true energy, without ill thought or bad intention, focus and concentration. Our words in everyday life carry great responsibility, for as the travel to recipients the consequences of them has a cause and affect type of action.

Enchantment and magic are in the air – you have an aura about you, and air of magic and charm. This time is good for you especially if you have been wishing, or hoping for something to happen in your life. I also liken the spell card to that of a timing, or synchronicity.

The time is now when a little extra luck and things could just click, and work out for you.

If you are feeling frustrated or stuck, then at this time, you feel a movement, or gentle jolt of action that suggests at last there is a shift.

You may also ask yourself, is it time to consider that you may be looking or wishing for something unrealistically and need to gently acknowledge is no longer realistic to do so.

To help you decide just think about your goals and ask if they are still realistic at all or have you gone as far as you can.
Those that are realistic could now be potentially achievable, those that aren’t will not manifest but you will be able to deal with them, knowing other dreams could come true.

A truth could also find itself being revealed to you, without much effort from yourself.


Once you have decided what dream you are going to weave positivity into at this time, do so by visualizing it, look at where your planning and dreaming are at the moment. Think really positively about it, is it a job, progression in a love match? When IFS and BUTs get in your way, ask that this little bit of magic or luck around you guides you in achieving your goals.

Pisces this is your card The Wand – Intention

Energy vibration –: Formative ethers.
Theme –: Intention, focus, action.

Pisces, the wand is the extension of your personal energy, giving you direction and focus. Modern witches still use wands today, selecting the right branch from the right tree, to suit the right divination purpose. The message here is establish your purpose, look at the tools you need to achieve it, and carry out your task with focus.

The wand represents your plans, dreams, intentions, as well as your focus or reasons behind them. Are you uncertain of how someone feels about you? Or how you about them? Don’t do anything rash in this case. STOP!

Pause and consider what your next step should be. You are being told now to take time out from overthinking, and step back.

Look at your reasons and motivation in these circumstances. Stick to your intentions and goals, in your dealings with others, and don’t be talked round if you feel it is wrong or you just can’t agree. Be honest to your true self. Choose your words carefully in asserting yourself, so as to maintain good relations even if you can’t agree.

The universe is asking to a think about the decisions you make, and says you have a choice in such decisions.


You could if you are feeling creative make a wand of your own choosing depending on your wishes and dreams. Or, you could visualise yourself in front of a whiteboard, with a modern-day pointer, going through the areas of your life, your life plan, your goal and your hopes and fears. Point to key phrases – positive phrases – actions – and do so with purpose and intention. When you see the end result you wish to achieve really focus on it.

Peaks –: Focus, direction, action.
Troughs -: Patience may be required with yourself or other.

Aries your card is the Bat – The rebirth of consciousness

Vibration – Third eye chakra
Theme – rebirth, change, spiritual awakening.

The bat is the only flying mammal with an acute sense of haring and smell they use their ultrasonic echo-location to navigate. Associated with the time of the dark moon, magic and sorcery they also appear with Dracula in the horror films. He changes into the bat from his vampire form to enable him to move around more easily, if we compare this to our own lives. We could ask ourselves, how do we need to change and evolve ourselves in order to move on more easily.

Your awareness at some level is changing, you may find this unsettling, but if you relax and acknowledge what it is about your thoughts and feelings, it will become clear what is changing in you. Your life is expanding your spiritually, and you are being asked to look at your life in a new way.

Expect changes, subtle or major, releasing yourself from habits and situations that no longer suit your purpose or you no longer enjoy. Such changes may present themselves as challenges, but you will be able to deal with and as a result benefit from them.

It may need a leap of faith for you to deal with these changes. You could have been feeling things on a very deep level recently, experiencing difficult circumstances, but the bat signifies an end to this phase and change is near.


When the moon is full, gaze upon it and quietly consider situations that have had you stuck, upset or frustrated. Ask that you are released from these situations and given guidance in how to proceed going forwards. It may be that you revise how you deal with these situations or permanently release yourself from them.

If you wish you can light a dark blue candle, write down these thoughts and feelings on individual bits of paper, burn them, and let the ashes scatter into the night. Blow the candle out giving thanks, and bury the candle out of respect for the issues you have released yourself form.

Peaks -: Changes to release you from the past and evolve.
Troughs -: Such change could be challenging and hard to surrender to.

Taurus the card picked for you is the Spiral – Attraction

Vibration – Formative ethers
Energy Vibrations – Attraction, release, movements

The spiral represents energy, moving clockwise or anti-clockwise, spiral patterns indicate the gathering or letting go of energies. It is symbolic of life and death. Looking at the way energy moves through the body, from under the earth, through our feet, legs, core and head to the moon and sun. It spirals in a clockwise direction when functioning well, and requires regular healing and attention to maintain our life force energy on a spiritual level. Working with our diet and lifestyle being nurtured to maintain our physical life force.

Taurus, it is time to think about what you need to attract towards you, what is needed to move on, and evolve in your life. It may be time to release something in order to create space for that ingredient you need, to go forwards again, or clock-wise.

Or you may have simply got stuck and know not whether to go back to something familiar and safe, or move forward with fear. Going back is not an option, it is a negative spiral and creates a contraflow in your energy.

Once you have released what is no longer needed, you will be able to consider carefully what feeling, you replace it with. The spiral can be seen as a twirling dancer, a figure skater, gathering momentum, pausing to rest. Then continuing through their own dance.

In building your vibrational energy, you will be presented with lessons and universal gifts needed to help you complete your spiral journey, these may not be the things you wanted or asked for, but take them and they will help you on the way, as they are the things you need.

If you feel someone has noticed you, they have, either in your love and friendship circle, or work circle, but abundance or the energy to achieve it can be gathered when you draw this card. So, Taurus go with the flow, rest when you need to, take the universal gifts that you need, and go with your own flow.

Peaks -: Evolution and energy surge

Troughs -: Difficulty in release

Gemini Your care is the Pentacle – Evocation

Vibration – The elements
Evocation, manifestation, protection.

The pentacle is the scared symbol of witchcraft. Each point of the star represents an element, (Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Sprit). It is above all protective and worn by wiccans and pagans to draw in the ways of the wise.
Pentacle tells you it’s time to believe in you, and your own wisdom Gemini. The part of you that loves nature will want to get out and about, connecting to it in old ways.

This could manifest itself in modern day terms as simply needing to put on a pair of boots and get out in the woods, or go for a seaside walk. Enjoying all the elements of nature will retune you, body mind and soul.

You may be finding modern living to be a drain on you, turn off the phone, and t.v. Talk to people in your life, face to face, get them out in the fresh air with you, eat together, take a walk. Find the magic of you, life and the world.

This card also serves as a warning to be discreet, and to guard against people and situations you are unsure of.

This is good time to consider studying something, for during this time you will be able to retain information, and apply any knowledge you have. This is a good time for you if you are taking exams, as your mind will be sharp and retentive. It can be for fun, or professional development, your instincts will steer you where to go.


Asking for protection
This is a very simple exercise, yet very effective. If you have found yourself feeling the need to protect yourself, or drained by the outside world or your own world at home, firstly remove any negative energy using a sage smudging ritual. Then light a white candle and simply say, ‘Please protect me from any negative energy intentional or otherwise, thank you’, imagine white gold buffer zone around your body as you look at the golden flame in the candle, notice how calm you feel, and how safe you are. Then blow the candle out thanking the universe.

Peak– Let your ancestors guide you.

Trough – Remember to balance your energies. Draw in what you need in order to progress.

Cancer your special card is Raven – A Keeper of Secrets

Vibration – Soul
Theme – Occult knowledge, magic, mastery

The raven is a beautiful, magical bird, a keeper of occult secrets that inspire the soul. The raven is the bird of the Celtic king Bran the Blessed, whose head is buried on the site of the Tower of London. It is said that if the ravens leave the tower the monarchy will fall.

Raven arrives at times when the veils are thin between your worlds, enabling you to connect with those guides who love you unconditionally, giving you the information and skills to outline your new reality by combining spirit and matter.

As you relax and go into the void trust that you are on the right path, you will be given clarity on your current situation and given guidance, based upon knowledge of the bigger plan for you. Trust any dreams, night or day at this time and know that the lights shine truth and answers in the dark times of confusion.

This is a time of revelations for you, where truths will be revealed. Keep secrets and hold your tongue.

Your instincts will be heightened as a result of this process, and you will find yourself feeling stronger, and be able to make decisions with more conviction and courage, knowing the truth.


Calling for vision

Before going to sleep, place an offering of fresh thyme and myrrh in a burner, remember to extinguish the flame safely. Sprinkle juniper berries in a bowl. Call to the spirit of Raven to travel with you into a vision while you sleep.

Peaks – Occult gifts are being activated

Troughs – Shadows on the soul require attention.


Cave – Retreat
Vibration – sacral chakra
Retreat, withdrawal, gestation

Caves and caverns are symbolic of safety, hiding, protection and shelter. They also represent the womb, of the goddess and the entrance to the underworld. They are places to retreat to, into the mother’s embrace in order to find answers, solutions, or rest. In bear medicine, caves offer the right environment for recuperation and shelter.

Leo, the cave appearing in reading indicates that this is a time of no action, and it is advisable to temporarily withdraw from taking part in things out of habit, especially if you feel you are getting nowhere.

It is time for you to prepare, create, and rest. Caves are not just rock and maybe water, they can contain naturally occurring treasures and metals in their walls. A crystal cave of rose quartz or gold, is said to be a particularly magical place to visit, and great peace can be found there.

In your own cave there are your own gems to be found, answers to questions, hints at your future, knowledge and guidance. Take the time to go within yourself, your inner cave, and search for them. With slow and steady application, you can achieve what you have set out to do.

Such brilliant potential and possibilities are within you, growing and learning every day. Give yourself and them, the time they require to emerge confident, brave and ready for expression in your life.

Cave Meditation

Ideally, if you can find a cave, (safely), and meditate there, if not go to a quiet room, darkened, and rest comfortably and meditate there to seek your solutions. You can create by visualizing a cave in your mind. This can be a cave you know, or one you imagine, what jewels decorate its ceilings and walls? Is it lit with lovely candles in quartz crystal holders? Know that your cave is your safe healing place.

Peaks –: Recuperation, restoration, healing

Troughs -: Acknowledging it’s your time, but interference from the outside world.

Virgo this is your card Horned God – Life Force

Energy vibration: – Base Chakra
Theme: – life force, inhibitions, joy

The Horned God is the god of nature, the underworld and wild places. He is known by other names, Cernunnos, Herne, and Dionysus. Represented by a ram-headed serpent and the stang – a basic wooden staff that has two prongs.

If the Horned God appears Virgo, ask yourself if your desires are out of balance and you may feel the need this week to find more genuine experiences in your life. This can be achieved by finding more time to relax and releasing your emotions and inhibitions.

It is not just about having a great time, responsibility and commitment are needed too. He is reminding you that you need to be grateful for the things we receive that we need, and to celebrate life.

If you are feeling stressed, tired or unwell, the drawing of this card indicates you need time to be your true self, be natural. This can literally be achieved by looking at yourself entirely, or certain aspects.

An example of this, if you have dyed your hair beyond recognition, you may feel drawn to reverting to your natural colour. In social situations you may find you are tired of small talk and 1 dimensional character and be more at ease with warmer, deeper communicators.

If you feel you have lost control of your life, or your work life balance is out of sync, it is time to address it. You can let go of situations and people that no longer allow to do so.


Sit down in a place where you will not be disturbed, relax. Get really comfortable and just let your breathing settle. Close your eyes, and remember a time you were just you, and didn’t care what anyone thought, or said, or did in reaction to you in a negative or controlling way. When you felt free to be unapologetically you. How old were you, where were you, what was different? Given that as adults we cannot all be children without responsibility for ourselves or our families if we have them, and know our actions affect others, what can you take from this memory to help you deal with your reality now with more ease and more natural flow, and as yourself.

Be thankful for what is good in your life, set out to alter what is negative in your life by approaching it in an honest and way that is true to your heart and soul.

Libra your card is the wise Crone – Release

Vibrations – Crown Chakra
Theme – Wisdom, release, maturity

The crone is an aspect of the triple goddess, the other two being the maiden and the mother. The Crone is the wise one, the elder. Standing in the north she represents the death or release aspect of evolution and change. Crone goddesses include Hecate, Cerridwen, Medusa, Nepthys, and Holda Without release there can be no progress.

You are being called to think wisely Libra, go within and release any attachments to the outside world at the moment, so that you can gather deeper understanding of your current experiences and so make sense of your life.

Maturity is called for, for it’s not a time for old habits, but one to see beyond the illusions of the small self, or ego, that hold us back. letting us free to step into a far greater reality. The Crone coming into your life now shows that you have just experienced (or could be about to), a change or release, that requires some deep answers. You are being advised to let go and let your life shape itself. Go with the flow.


Invoking the light
When things seem dark and hopeless, light a candle. AS you do so, call the powers of light to shine and show you the way through. Gaze at the flame and imagine it as the light that shines within you. It makes sense to light a candle like a torch, when it is too dark to see.

Peaks – Embrace your wisdom.

Troughs – Challenging your inner self can be difficult. There is no need to stand in the dark.

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