Wiccan Oracle Reading By Violet 22nd January 2019

Wiccan Oracle Reading

By Violet

22nd January 2019

Dear Wiccascopians,

I am writing this on a cold Sunday afternoon, tucked up in something warm and fleecy. I’ve Madame Butterfly on in the background, and a gallon of tea beside me.  A perfect afternoon.

I am really enjoying preparing and sharing these cards and their meanings, that apply to you.  Those of you who started the year running, will find things a little gentler, those who have had an easier slide into the year will be encouraged to start jogging along a bit now.  Nature’s true balance at work. If I really studied it from an expert’s point of view what I pick up on is the synchronicity of opposite signs, and the types of signs, air, water, fire, and earth, sharing similar cards sequentially. For these cards are hand drawn from a freshly cleansed and shuffled and reshuffled deck each week. So, there is something to be said for listening to what our guides say, when they want something said or done, they make it known.

From my Wiccan point of view, I’ve been taking stock of my environment, workspace, home and those around me.  That in itself has been very interesting, and a bit demanding.  With surges of energy, and zero energy.

For you all too I feel the message this week is also balance, by all means keep going forwards in your dreams, aims and goals, but take a packed lunch and drink with you, and blanket to rest on so you can take in the view whilst you go about it. This is not a race, and there’s no right or wrong way to be you, you just are simply you.

I will add on a final note, read the other cards meanings, for when I draw them, I feel they weave a story, and can tell us all a little something.  And at least help us understand our friends and family of those star signs. And we are made up of different aspects in our natal charts, so will strongly relate to other signs.  I am Aquarius rising, and Aquarius moon, so really resonate with those cards too.

Enough from me please enjoy the readings



Blessed be


Cord – Initiation

Energy Point – Soul

Theme – Initiation, willpower

Capricorn, warm greetings to you, 

The cord!  What is a cord?  Something that is made of a variety of materials, that binds things together, can be tied into a not, and form strong connections.  Whenever we meet someone, we send out invisible tentative cords, even if only know them for the shortest time.  In order to communicate with that person, that tethering sends signals and feelings to and fro.  For good and for bad.  When we end our physical association with that person, we are left with a memory of that time. However brief.  Depending on the kind of connection you formed and your viewpoint of it, versus the connection the other person formed by them and their view point. Some cords break instantly and painlessly.  Some not so, and that is where we have to carry out cord cutting rituals.

Another vital cord is the umbilical cord that sends us that essential life force in preparing us to be born.  The cauldron acts the womb for creation, thus the cord appearing now connects you to a cauldron and prepares you.  You will be nurtured with energy, and information that will help you prepare, connect and create.

It won’t be clear where you are going, it is a journey where you have trust that you are being guided in the right direction.  It will be exciting and new, so why would you not want to be a part of it?

What if you feel more scared than pleased about this? Embrace the power of the serpent, it’s courage and divergent thinking will help you ease your way into it. Work with both the serpent and the cord to release from the old, and tether to the new.

Please don’t panic there is nothing that you cannot cope with on its way to you, and there is light at the end of the tunnel.  This is a fabulous card to get, telling you that Capricorns you can do this.  Believe and know that you are in control, and are already set to start this very positive journey.


One of my favourite things to do when trying to be free to evolve and achieve.

Sit down please, or lay down, just focus on your gentle breathing.

Imagine you are sat on a boat, it’s your boat or ship, and you’ve just sailed or driven into a harbour for a bit of rest, and a pit stop. For you are on a journey in this vessel.

Just scan the people there with you, consider each one, in turn. In this realm, where this boat sails all the cords that bind you to them are lit up in neon colours, regardless of their material. Be it silk ribbon, rope, or the finest yet strongest spider thread.  Look at each one in turn, and consider your honest gut feelings for them, what binds you? Is it good or bad? 

You also have a golden pair of scissors with you. If you want to, all you have to do, [I say all, it’s actually a free will exercise, and could be bound by fear, or out-dated beliefs] is snip those cords.  When you are done reviewing your connections past and present, call for the life boat, and let those people disembark your ship and leave your memory bank, along with the negative feelings you had about them that were holding you back.

I admit this is a very difficult thing to do if the trauma of an event left a deep scar.  Someone very kindly advised me to keep at it and do some cleansing rituals as well. I will be doing this ritual with you.

You can repeat this until you feel cleansed and healed.

Peaks – Tethering, bind yourself to your future.

Troughs – Letting go of old ties.


Silver bough – Love and Happiness

Energy Vibration – Love – Heart Chakra

Theme -Universal love happiness and health

Aquarius, hullo and greetings?  Transcendence or rising to join the higher realm as an earthbound being as part of your spiritual journey.   A broomstick to help you clear the decks and make space so that you can do so.

What next!?!  Aphrodite sends you the gift of the Silver bough, which comes from an apple tree.  This is a symbol of love and its healing being sent to you. Apples are a very spiritual fruit, and are left on altars as offerings to our loved ones in spirit.

They are also a very healthy fruit, so ensure you nurture yourself.

A happier time is around you with the opportunity for universal love, and potentially romantic connections being shown for you also.

Healing aspects will be a feature of this love being sent to you now, particularly to your heart chakra, any heartache you have felt recently may feel lighter and more distant.

If you are feeling positive about you love life and social connections now, you will have a deeper sense of happiness.

Friendships old and new feature strongly, you will be branching out literally if you want to, and pruning back where you want to.  Engagement parties may feature, or long-term arrangements may be cemented.

You are a butterfly at this time or could be, as your interactions between friends, family and colleagues will be organic and easy going.

If your support network is lacking, or you find that you feel lonely in anyway, this lovely card gently suggests its time you reconnect with positive friendships and shared some contentment.  But akin with the other readings, it’s no surprise to hear that you may have a sense of trepidation about as you are also a fiercely independent person.

Please have no fear for you are entitled to feel and give love.


Let’s do this lovely positive affirmation.

Sit quietly, and place your hands on your tummy, breathe in and out slowly. Do these 3 times, draw the breath to your abdomen each time.

Then return to a normal breathing state.

Say, “I am love, I am loving, I am worthy of pure unconditional love.”

And believe it for it is true.

High note – Your heart is ready for love and harmony.

Low note – Be realistic about where your heart belongs.


The Wizard – Spiritual perfection

Energy vibration – Spiritual connections

Theme – Perfection, and ego.

Hello Pisceans, greetings, it seems that The Queen of Elphame is visiting the water signs, were you able to see clearly better through new eyes?

Was your time with the queen of charm and Magyck positively spent? Did others comment on your aura or demeanour?

Link into that the card of your year, the candle and you are really being shown a nice gentle way of working things out.

If you feel you still have work to do on this, you can revisit her land anytime you wish to get such inspiration, for you have been given access to a very special place of healing and insight.  Now you have a new card.

Expect a gentle but firmer action with this one! Your being eased into your path I am afraid is over. But you are ready.

Abracadabra…here is the Wizard.  He is the wise, slightly aloof tour guide who will take you on your journey.  A sorcerer he enchants all those he crosses paths with and offers along with knowledge and a touch of magic.  He has come to help you now.

Think of Gandalf strolling through a forest, quietly dispatching lessons and gentle but firm power wherever he goes. 

Be aware though you could be attracted to others who doing the same as you, but for different reason, serving their own egos.  Keep yourself grounded and true, trust your instincts. 

The wizard gives you the insight in knowing who, how, why, where and when.

The downside of this, well it’s not a downside, a bonus really with caution on its usage.  Responsibility and authority come to you now, use it with compassion.

Standing perhaps alone, it’s all about your ego now, you are coming from your most base, primal, inner self. Balance is called for.

Your wisdom is spiritually very strong now, and will continue to grow from this point onwards, if you relax and go at the wizards metred pace.

If you are on a spiritual path expect to meet a new spirit guide, it could be a wizard, to guide you through your next phase in this life.


Let’s use this one again, it suits this card very much.

Withdraw from the madding crowd, recharge your heart chakra.  Take this time to audit, review and evaluate your life. 

What is important to you

Peaks – Taking action now will reap results.

Troughs – A sense loneliness may be felt, as others may not be on the same page as you.


The Wand – Focus

Energy vibration –: Connective.
Theme –: Intention, action.

Welcome Aries people, is your year full on enough yet? You do have a lot going on, and I feel you are person of lists and plans, and then moments of, ‘argggggh’, make it all stop.

For you started it with the full-on energy of the pentacle, manifesting, and making things happen, also dealing with difficult situations.   You really being guided to see your potential. 

This next card is a gift. Every planning board needs a pointer, or a marker pen.  You have the wand!

Aries for you the wand is the wand is the extension of your arm and hand, or a baton pointing and directing your new prepared and honed energy.

My wands are from an array of shops over the years, where I spent ages just picking up and holding, and tuning into them.  They are all picked to do their very own job.

The message here is:

First look at the demands being made of you – pause, step back and breath.

Ask what you really need to do.

What tools you need to achieve those things.

What support are you going to need?

Be resolute, if your goal harms no one else, but serves you for good, don’t be talked out of it.

And… be careful where you point it!  A wand misdirected with intention, and power could have accidental consequences you didn’t bank on.

The universe is urging you to a think about the decisions you make now, and says you do have a choice and autonomy in those decisions.


This is a good card for you Aries.

It comes at the time of a full moon also, so you can review your year or first 21 days of it, how is it looking? 

Full to the brim, let the waning moon take away what you don’t need, use your wand to point these things out. Then use it again, to focus on going forward with revised plans, and new ideas.  You are a moon child, the moon brings light to things you need to look at and change, the wand works with the moon.

Peaks –: Focus, direction, action.
Troughs – Aries a testing time on your patience.


The Cone of Power – Energy

Energy Vibration – Solar plexus chakra

Theme – Energy, attention, application

Oh, Taurus hello, as Yoda would say, (forgive my Star Wars inner geek here), but, ‘Strong the force is in you!’ You’ve been told 2019 is a year for reflection, perception and seeing with new vision. Along comes Athame, much like the wand to come focus sharply where you want to be and how you are going to do this.  Then you get the cone of power. 

Yes, I know you had this at Christmas, and these cards are shuffled and cleansed. But I nearly put it back, I was told no.  This time it comes with more developed, deeper intention.  With attitude.

You didn’t fail with its last time, it’s just saying, ‘time to go to the cone room and get a new cone’.

Think of the cone as a battery, or chakra power recharge unit. The cone you need now, will help heal a fresh issue.

‘Vitality’, is yours.  Feeling a little flat? Or tired? I would not be surprised if after this energised start to the year you do need to recharge. Ta dah, feel the healing energy.

I feel you will notice this power healing, top to toe, inside and out.

This is a good week for your friends and family to be around you. They need your energy to help and support them. The cone will help you, help them.

You may be seen as a leader, and talented, so your career is starred.

Be wary that this new energy doesn’t go to your head.  Keep your feet on the ground, have patience with other people going at a slower pace.

If you overwhelmed, ask for help.


Time to chill.

Nothing active about this activity. Just find some you time, if you meditate, great, if you don’t, then just rest.

Maybe get some healing if you can. But just contemplate your fate, and let the ideas and solutions come to you. But this is about you time and your energy.

Peaks – You are on fire.

Troughs – Don’t burn out.


Spider – “I can”, “I will succeed, manifest and create my desires”.

Energy Focus – Solar plexus chakra

Theme – Repetitions, cycles, self-determination, self-expression

Gemini put a log on the fire, pull up a chair, let’s talk about your year so far.  You had the cone of power as your Year card 2019, energy, healing, focus, solutions.  All these gifts will be made available to you throughout the year.  The sword gives voice to your hopes and dreams, focussing you on your road to achieving your dreams. 

The spider is a determined creature, they don’t give up. 

You are being sent the power of this tenacious creature.  Tarantula, Black widow, Huntsman or a tiny mite of a spider, they are all industrious, focussed and weavers of their designs. It’s time with help to make your dreams happen.

If like a lot of people, you may be naturally afraid of them. Like a lot of creatures, we have an innate response to respond with fear when we see them in order to stay alive.

I have spoken before of the Norse belief in the Web of Wyrd. A place where, things that will come to pass. They believed that the Norns had the job of weaving our fates and all other creatures into the Web of Wyrd.

You can spin the spider’s beautiful strong silk thread from your body, anywhere, any direction, to help you walk or climb away from a place you don’t want to be. I always think of Spider-Man when I write this card’s meaning up.

Spin a newly designed, up to date web that can hold your new ideas, and hopes, so  that you can evolve.


I mentioned Spiderman before, so let’s have some fun with this.  There you are in your super hero stretchy costume, it has its spider silk in the wrist area.

Off you go imagine yourself seeing your goals, dreams and that plan of yours. Shoot and aim for it, then fly off in that direction.  If you need to capture ideas, spin a web to catch those ideas that will nurture your creative energy as you fly around doing your thing.

Peaks – It’s your vision create away!

Troughs – Be on your guard for nae sayers and spies.



Energy vibration – The heart
Theme – Unification, union, balance

Oh, Cancerians welcome to this week, with the Green Man giving you roots, stability and growth this year and the Cone of Power giving you such potent life force in order to do exactly what a tree should do.

Flourish, produce buds, flowers and bear fruit.  The card this week the Six Rayed Star relates in physicality to the tree, in that great balance is required now.  The tree has to have strong roots and core to bear its load, the star, comes along to give just that.

How is that juggling act you are doing going?  Put down the batons or balls, and stop.  First how much sleep are you getting? Are you making time to eat well and enjoy it?  Do you rest, socialize and work in the appropriate amounts? 

Make sure you are doing that if you can, look, it’s a real world and we all work hard at something, there are lots of demands on us, but you are being told to address the above energy distribution.

Take time again to reflect on the ying and yang aspects of you. What does the hormone testosterone do for or to you, it gives you the wings to flee, or the courage, or force to stand up for yourself or others.  Are you being assertive or aggressive? Temper the delivery of your responses if so.

Perhaps the opposite applies you just can’t deal with drama’s and want to hide until it’s all over. Don’t worry, balance is here, less fear or caution or more faith in yourself to say what you have to say and do what you have to do.


Tools required –:

A piece of paper

A pen

Some time

Draw a six rayed star or six-pointed star. 

In the middle of the star write the name or aim of your goal.

Then work your way around the points with 6 positive factors that are going to help you achieve it.  I.E Sleep, Eat, Play.

Draw a connective line from each point to the centre.  This is you being fed balance.

Stick that drawing up by your desk or somewhere you work to remind you to check your energy levels every now and then.   

Peaks – Inspiration through evenly distributed energy.
Troughs –Others may want more of you than you give.



Hopes and dreams

Chakra – Throat
Theme – Hopes dreams, honesty

Leo dear lion, so nice of you to come here. Well you were linking into and disconnecting from associations that no longer help you or were any good for you. With the full moon build up too it was an apt card for you, bringing everything to a head, and a wolf moon eclipse may have left you feeling the full force of unresolved issues.  Along with your Year card 2019, the mighty serpent telling you that it’s about production, wisdom and your sexuality. 

Hopefully you have a real sense of who you are now and what it is that you want to do.

Are you ready some work now? The cards have been kind or gentle, but now drill sergeant sword is here to say sit up, let’s go.  It’s holistic work out time. Which you are being helped with by the Sword.

Imagine you’re in the court of King Arthur, in your armour, with your sword and shield to help in your endeavours.

Linking into the tarot’s sword suit deck, it speaks of action through communication, swiftness and being in the now. No more dwelling on what was, but focussing on change.  So, whether you identify with the Ace, King, Queen of swords, or Knight of swords, the delivery is the same in varying amounts according to age and personality. With a touch as light air, or the ability to cut through air with your sword. This is you right now. Slick and wasting no time.


So please compassionate with less driven people in your life, throw in a little patience too.

I’d add one thing of my own bit of special advice here, this card gives you all this energy, as does the snake, and the cord made some big changes for you. 

Take some time out every day to just breath, reflect and see how well you are doing. Because you are doing well. Making changes so deftly can take it out of you


I changed the activity that normally goes so well with this card, because it’s so akin to cutting old ties with your cord card, well it could be too much to do in a fortnight. So, I think that whilst you are making all these great changes, and creating your future you should do just what I said right above there.

If the weather allows, get outside and find a pointed stick, or branch.  If you have sword, toy or real, take that.

Go out and find a spot of ground, with either sand, soil, or even snow/soft ice, and make out patterns in it.  Notice how you make your mark you’re your sword connects to the surface, what pattern do you make?  What words do you write.  Don’t over think it, play like a child would, making the mark on unblemished ground.

Peaks – Knowledge, clear focus, decision

Troughs – Hold your tongue if you feel impatient with others


The Familiar – Alliance

Energy vibration – Astral

Theme – Alliance, support, friendship

Virgo – Well hello! You’re focussed, empowered and connected yes! Or not quite yet? Don’t worry, for you’ve planted the seeds and I said by autumn you will feel like a different person.  Stronger, with knowledge you thought you’d never have, and self-belief and confidence of a calm and gathered nature.

This week’s card is the familiar.  Is there a creature you really connect with, are they via a spiritual connection or earthly one?  Really take time out to talk to this creature now, build on the strong connection you already have with them, listen to what they have to say.

Purrrrrrfect!  My cats are sat with me so I had to put that, they are so attune with spiritual light working energy. A powerful friend to have around, a guide, a guard, confidant, friend.  A familiar helps you to connect to energy that promotes healing, and they emit their own vibrant magical energy. I was born with pets to welcome me, and hate for my home to be without them.

Let’s talk love, social connections and associations, the world needs you in it, and to be an active universal part of it. 

I will use my tree analogy again, as it’s so adaptable and especially apt here.

The world is the earth, a place to put your roots, allow your trunk to be fed from the feet up to your head, if you hold your arms out wide and open, you have branches on which to grow boughs to bear your life story.  As you grow, you attract insects to pollenate your tree, to grow more branches. 

Figuratively speaking, when you are connecting to others you are adding branches and boughs to your tree. Look after it, nurture it, let it grow and know people want to grow with you. They want to be part of your world, and you a part of theirs.

If you perhaps felt it was time to get a pet, it may be a whisper that it’s time.

To sum up then, reach out, accept friendship, love support.


I really love this one and it makes me smile every time I do it. So, we’re doing it again!!!

Let’s go out and connect, you can do this in your garden when you are tidying up any pots ready for spring, or a park, or in a busier place, the choice is yours. 

Make a point of saying hello to people who pass your way, or smiling at them.  If neighbours stop to say hello and have a chat, get to know them, you may have more in common with them than you thought. You may resolve a dispute that has gone on too long.

Make lunchtimes at work a social time, turn off your phone, and talk to your colleagues. Smile down the phone at people, feel the warmth of a genuine friendly hello.

Peaks – Support is there if you want it

Troughs – Admitting you need it


Everything you need to know about every sign

Neophyte – Study

Energy Centre – Universal Mind

Theme – Growth, study, understanding

Librans lots of blessings to you.  The Neophyte confirms this hot on the tail of the book of shadows, more learning, more skills more pondering.  Aradia takes us back to relearn karmic lessons, and the book of shadows says here’s few ideas on how to do it, chart it and mark its progress.

Also hot on the tails of our neighbour Virgo, who had this the week before, and if you’re a cusp like me you’ll be thinking this ain’t no coincidence.  So also like them by the autumn, we will no longer students but beginners of a new craft or knowledge.  That doesn’t mean we can’t continue to learn but our first sense of passing and achieving will manifest around our birthdays.

I am feeling very buoyed by this, and ready to go, if not a little uncertain how to do it, but almost ready to take that leap of faith.  Is this our Fool card in tarot, or The Wheel of Fortune?  Mmmm.  If you identify with this, the key to is, be clear, and learn what we need.  And don’t give up.

At the end of last year, did you find yourself with deeper connections in your life? Were you learning new things, and at meaningful levels?   Clarity, or illumination gives you the information or little hints to steer you along your path. 

Whatever you learn along the way, good or bad, it will shape you, make you stronger, and help you achieve your goal.  They are the lessons you need to learn, not what you choose. But the outcome will see you freer and happier and feeling accomplished.


Come on everybody!

I had a very sobering lesson this week, and someone I respect very much gave me the right advice at the right moment.  And I think what I did to resolve that issue, would help you, if you bear with me.

The words used were, ‘Be your own Personal Assistant’.  Imagine there’s another version of you, with a to do list, a sharp eye, and attention to detail. Let that side of you take a 2nd and 3rd look at the issues you are dealing with and how you are dealing with them.  If you are avoiding a difficult issue because it upsets you or other factors are putting you off, your other self [P.A] will guide you, for the Neophyte student, needs someone to steer them.  And we all need a mentor or teacher sometimes too.

Peaks – Openness shows that all experience is food for the soul.

Troughs – Challenge ignorance. Life is held in patterns of our own making.


Cloak – Concealment

Energy vibration – Astral
Theme – Front, mask

Scorpios, hello I love your cards for this year so far, all that love, healing and nurturing you are getting, I hope!

Is the combination of the first two cards helping you with your progress this year? Give it time, you have plenty of it. Now, another gentle and somewhat mysterious card is drawn to you.   The Cloak, a more tangible and earthbound card I feel, it is an item in wiccan that is practical having mental and magical properties.  This is yours to keep now, store it safely, wear it well, and use it wisely. How? My film geek is now seeing Dr Strange and his flying cloak.

My partner and I are going to a festival in the summer, and we always do fancy dress, and we are buying cloaks this year.  Both of us have very different ideas of our cloaks.  His is black, and very shrouding, mine is hopefully purple with a red velvet lining, and massive hood.  The characters we are playing are very different.

Either way we will be disguised, until we reveal our masks, and costumes.  When it’s cold we’ll be warm late into the night.  All this in the name of festival fun, and getting more for us out of the experience.

How does that relate to you? Very significantly!  The fact that we do this harks back to a time when our predecessors wore them as an everyday item of clothing, or by monks and other religious orders. A cloak can present quite a looming image, but the cloak being offered to you now, comes with love and goodwill, nothing but goodness with shine out from any gaps in the fabric. And know you are protected.

Think very carefully why you may need a cloak or disguise. Are your plans really ready to be shown? Or do you have to keep your secrets, however exciting hidden a little longer? You may need to slow down to wait for others.

Watch out for idea thieves. Don’t gossip, or use your influence or conversation to swing favour your way, for it could backfire. Hiding in the dark whispering could hurt others, and potentially yourself.


If you have a special blanket, or throw you like to huddle yourself in, snuggle up in it somewhere warm, safe and quiet. Or put on your favourite jumper or cardigan or wrap.

Sit and think about your purpose, note how you warm and protected from the elements, your body is hidden from the world, whilst you envisage you your dreams and plans.

This helps you relax, and just feel in the moment safe and potent with ideas yet to be revealed.

Peaks – Timing and wisdom
Troughs – Patience, patience.


The Bell – Awakening

Energy Vibration – Throat Chakra Theme – Awakening, calling

Sagittarius your last week for being at the back, oh hello to you!

The Lady, a beautiful card for this year sets you free from what no longer works in your world anymore, she has now on her am an owl to teach and guide you along the way.

Have you connected to Lady Isis? Or tried out a sun healing energy meditation or healing session?  I swear by them, the only ones I really have no trouble losing myself in.  Don’t worry if you didn’t, what works for you, works for you!  Failing that some winter sun if you can grab it will work as well.

Whilst you’re on this year’s path with The Lady, and her owl, another gift presents itself to you. The Bell. As if in a dream like gentle state it’s time for you to wake up.  Have you noticed some of the cards this week are a little less gentle and getting warmed up for action?

What does the bell offer you?

Psst wakey wakey… your life now needs your full attention and maybe some of the people in your life need your attention. The bell ringing or tolling, could be calling time on certain aspects of your life, and introducing new ones in their place.

Celebration, ceremony, congratulation for well done with your progress and some movement from the past. 

Jobs, business opportunities and career changes.  A wedding bell rings somewhere heralding romance or deepening romance with commitment.

Stronger in yourself, in all your senses, energised and readier than ever to take action at the ring of the bell.  Get, set, go!

The ringing of a bell sounds the need to listen your guides and consider your connections, who is in your life? Who should be that aren’t and who is that shouldn’t be?  Sent a text asking how someone is, you could make their day.  Don’t waste time trying to connect with those who are not as genuinely invested in the relationship as you are.

This is a card of communication.


Look at the friends list on your social media, or in your phone contacts list.

Who makes the effort with you, that you enjoy, but you aren’t making the same effort with them?  Show them you care too.

Who has been trying to get your attention, but you don’t want to reciprocate? It’s time to cut those ties if you wish.

Who doesn’t make an effort with you, and the balance needs to be restored by more assertive communication on your part?  Communicate your feelings on this, saying calmly that you feel you deserve better. Find your own words to politely state your case.

Address those issues, and restore balance.

Peaks – Happiness in connections.

Troughs – You may feel like it’s an early alarm and have to push through some it.

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