Wiccan Oracle Reading For the week of Imbolc (January 31st, concludes 2nd Feb) By Psychic Violet

Wiccan Oracle Reading

For the week of Imbolc (January 31st, concludes 2nd Feb)

Into the Light, we go!
By Violet Pin no. 2337

Hello Wiccascopians,

Well, how are you all? And into the light we go, for in the words of Bon Jovi, “We’re halfway there”, (into to spring that is).

I hope your week was happy, productive and you got everything you wanted and needed. I was blessed to meet some very special people this week who made such a difference.

Who are we celebrating? Brighid

What is so special about her? She is an Irish goddess, of healers, musicians, lightworkers, and divinations. And especially of smiths, (blacksmiths), for they work with fire, to heat up metal in order that it can be shaped. Smiths were seen as Magyck workers in early days, alchemists with fire.

This celebration, involves fires being lit, well water being blessed for purification purposes, followers lead by a specially chosen girl would lead in the procession of welcoming Spring in.

It occurs winter solstice and spring equinox and marks a time where crops and seeds planted may now start making an appearance. Just take a sneaky look in the roadside hedges, or in your garden, it may be coming to life. It is a time of nurture and healing. Followers of Brigid would visit sacred wells in order to clean and bless themselves.

Where is it celebrated? Gaelic areas, and in Wiccan circles everywhere, Isle of Man, Scotland, and Ireland, where they have a special feast.
It is said the dark crone of winter would light a fire on this evening, and depending on how it took, would determine how much longer winter would last. For example, if the air be damp and put her fire out, spring wasn’t far away, but it would be a wet one, if rain put it out. If the fire took hold strongly, winter would last longer, if the wind blew it out, spring was not far behind. So, we want a bright, but slightly windy day for this, if we are to have our springer sooner rather than later.

If you are a birthday person this week, it’s a special time to be born. There is a sense of extra rebirthing, an being a child with drive and purpose and not for hanging around.

What will I be doing? Setting up my altar with some appropriate herbs, a food offering, and some water. With candle light rituals marking the end of darkness. I will if the weather is not too hideous be taking a late-night walk around the village, and just hopefully be able to take in the night and its sky.

As a joint activity would you like to do this or perhaps the activity below?
Candle gazing

I think this would benefit all of us, it’s simple, cheap and relaxing.

Sit in a darkened room, relax.

Take a candle, I will use a white one, or a pink one.
Light it.

Place it about 2 and a half feet away from yourself.

Concentrate on the flame only.

Notice how the flame lights up the dark.

Watch it as it flickers, each movement.

Think of nothing but the candle flame, if your thoughts go elsewhere, tell your mind to go back to the candle.

Do this for as short a time as you wish, say 5 – 10 minutes

Afterward notice how calm and peaceful you are, how you are in a state of ‘nothingness’. From this calm state as you go into February you can feel focussed, energized yet calm and not rushing ahead.

(Please be careful with candles and matches)

Blessed be



The lady – Expression Energy –Uniqueness
Keywords – Success, Personality, Freedom.
Capricorn it’s almost February! Well did you go on that boat trip to decide who was sailing your ship with you? I did this with you and made some progress, I feel better for it. Here’s hoping you are feeling lighter and happier too.

The cord it both gave you the ability to find new connections and to receive the healing nourishment you need for this year’s adventure. Don’t think because it was last week’s card, you can’t enjoy that sustenance any time you want, this was a way of introducing you into how to work with connections and disconnections.

Right on time, the Lady steps in order to stop you from dwelling on decisions you may have found perhaps a little difficult to keep things flowing in the right direction. Forwards.

She has a loving, gentle but serious energy that allows you no time to over think, or go back on very intuitive thought processes. Imagine she has the sun in her hands, and draws the fire and heat from it, and sends to your sacral area, your belly. Where she restokes, rebalances, and tempers the flame you have there. This is the meeting room of your body, mind and soul, the home of your intuition.

She is going give you the courage therefore to accept the information you receive, and the insight on how to use it.

The Lady I feel is mother nature, Isis, High Priestess, and Queen of the sun, a guardian angel and the ground all at the same time. A multitalented and versatile character, she can morph into many forms, and aid us where we need her to. This incarnation of herself, is dealing with the side of our natures that has a dream, but lacks the faith to trust ourselves and know that of course there are risks, but how do will we know if it will achieve anything if we don’t try?

I also liken her to a Lolly Pop person, or school crossing person, they make it safe for us to cross a road, when we are on an educational, or fact-finding journey. We get to a busy road, there’s a lot of traffic, but we have to cross the road to get to where we need to be. There is a lady there, with a sign with your name on it, saying please cross here. She calms the traffic down and shows you a safe place to cross, at the right time, at the right place for you.

Such is your drive at the moment you may feel you have tunnel vision; the end goal is what it’s all about. Look left and right occasionally, connect to those in your world, take pit stops and rest. Keep an eye on your emotional state are you feeling hot then cold but never on an even keel, she will help you now.

Peaks – Powerful energy and gut instincts.
Troughs – Yes but how do I do it?


The Bell – Awakening
Energy Vibration – Throat Chakra
Theme – Awakening, calling

I am full of song this week, I know not why, but love it. Aquarius, ‘Oh Cherry pink and apple blossom White’, I really, really hope you felt that extra boost of love. If you feel a little disappointed that is wasn’t as full on as it should have been, give it time, keep working at it, but fear not The Bell is here to work with the Silver Bough and reinforce that lovely feeling.

Reinvention, resurgence, time to come out of hibernation. So, it’s about reconnecting, saying hello friend! Oh, hello lover! Or hello potential friends and lover! If you have ever worked in retail, there are tasks like facing up products in date order, and doing stock takes, this is what you are going to be doing now. But it’s nicer, it’s about you, no clipboards or gadgets involved. Just your internal thought processes. Think, who, where, what, how and why. And apply the question what still fits you, of those keywords, and then have a sort out.

You’re not being let off from the tinkle of romance either, matrimony is featured or a cemented of ties. This may not necessarily be you directly but you will feel happiness around others who are important to you, i.e. a wedding or engagement could be taking place.

If you feel this doesn’t relate to your love life, is it your career. There’s a bell rang in some companies when someone is employee or salesperson of the week. Someone is saying, ‘Well done’, to you, so make the most of this spotlight. If you have a work meeting or interviews, ring your own bell, blow your own trumpet. Be heard, for its time

Fancy getting out and about, with just one important person, or your old gang that you miss. A friend of mine joined a new meet up group the other week, and their social life is causing their diary to fill up nicely.

It’s not lost on me that you may be unable to just take part in the social side of life, or romantic side of life. We all connect to the outside world in our own way, so find your own way, but this card is showing you that if you find one person to spend some time with, it could be that your diary will have invites and opportunities put in it too.

Getting back to the fun side of this, see this as a time of your desires being met on all levels potentially. Look at your interactions with others, be truthful but have empathy.

Peaks – Ding, ding! Action!
Troughs – ‘What now?’



Energy vibration – Of earth and stars
Theme – Helping you in your life, by connecting to higher realms

Pisces fancy a hot chocolate and a piece of cake? Welcome, did you like being the sorcerer’s apprentice? Was as magical and enlightening as that classic film? If you find yourself getting lost again, he can be called upon as part of your support network.

Another magical being comes to you now. Doesn’t she have a lovely name?
Another tour guide, if your first one was a wise old man with a pointy hat, this next one is a beautiful starlit lady, who shines your way forward. With the stars the world’s most natural collection of sky beacons, twinkling away in the dark, you are being told there is light in your shade, and she will light up your path before you. For this part of your course, you have reached out of yourself, to what you believe in whether it is an established faith or your own belief system. Go to that place you find peace and connection to other worlds.

Shekinah is a caretaker of our beliefs, hopes, dreams, and wishes, essentially or traditionally feminine and motherly. But her energy and power extend to the tree of life, so she able to keep you grounded, much like the Lady, whilst you receive love and healing from above.
Starlight shines upon you, as radiant as the sun. In taro and oracle readings the stars stand for hopes, wishes, and dreams. With the help of Shekinah, she will help you at this time to find more balance and harmony in your heart. She guides you to consider and contemplate your own spirituality, whatever your faith. In Christian terms, she is known as the Lord’s bride, offering cleansing, and healing.

She has a close link with us, her sense of seeing fair play takes place, and wrongs are righted. Where you have been badly treated, deceived or disbelieved you may hear that you’ve been proved right, an apology may not necessarily follow, but you will take some comfort in the karmic justice taking place. The flip side, if you’ve behaved wrongly for whatever reason, you may have to accept your part in that time and apologize to someone. But the justice will be fairly dealt.

She comes around when you could be feeling emotional, and helps you to achieve an even keel.
Peaks – Follow the star.
Troughs – Don’t hide away, work with others.


The Spell

Vibration -: Astral
Theme-: enchantment, illusion, fantasy
Izzy whizzy were you busy with your wand? Zapping here, there, focussing all that energy, how did it go?

Aries warm greetings to you, without further ado what do you cast with wands? Spells among other things, so it’s only natural that this card has patiently waited to come out in such neat order.
If you are a wordsmith, bravo for you this week, if you are not, you should consider putting pen to paper?

Words what are they? Sounds that come out of our mouths, to tell others how we feel, what we want, what we don’t want, and to scream. They can be written down, text, letter, e-mail or social media. We talk potentially a lot.

Use this voice and your words now to set your dreams and plans into action. I love spell work but do it very simply. Gentle words sent out to the universe, expressing your wishes, and dreams, are spells. And can result in the realisation of success, and achieving goals.

Just a little footnote on using the power of words, ensure you are doing so with good and honest intention. Add a touch of universal love when you say or write your thoughts down. They will have power in them, so a gentle touch is called for. If your wishes involve other people, be realistic, and honest with yourself. For any positive outcome for you with them, i.e. will someone propose? Depends on the reality of a situation, and what they want to happen. I.e. positive outcomes need equal parts of intention from all parties. We call this free will.

If that leaves you feeling vexed or aggravated because the very thing you are wishing for is someone to come around to your way of thinking, there will be a shift. It will bring the issue to the surface and will be gently resolved whatever the outcome. The reality of any situation will become clear now.

Much like the ladies and queens that feature in these readings, you will have grace and an aura about you. Let it shine, share the energy that you have.

Peaks – Wishes could come true at this time.
Troughs – Illusion v reality.


The Horned God
Life Force
Energy vibration: – Base Chakra
Theme: – life force, inhibitions, joy, pro-action, wealth, rebirth

Greetings to you lovely Taureans hello, feeling recharged? Ready for this week. Which cone did you pick? Remember this place, the cone room, and any time you need to sort an issue out, know you can pop in there, pull up your comfy chair and decide on which cone you feel you need, and carry out the healing session again.

Taurus it’s your time for The Horned God he’s been a little quiet lately, but as Spring gets a move on, he’s growing and he’s chosen you to talk to.
I know I speak a lot about balance, he is the voice of many things but balance is his message. Let’s look first of at what balance is.
I looked it up in the dictionary to get a definition in this scenario, it is ‘A state of equilibrium or parity characterized by cancellation of all forces by equal opposing forces. * Source the Free Dictionary.

How do we apply this to you in the here and now Taurus? I feel your pain, I know about finding my balance being of the dizziest air sign, but you are an earth sign, and if you disconnect with your roots, you can feel off kilter. Fear not!

The Horned God comes to restore you, a magnificent physical presence, with his head of a ram, being part serpent, he lives in the place you need to reconnect to in the earth, deep in the earth, of the underworld. He invites you to energise by grounding yourself. My Taurean man loves getting back to nature, going in the woods, and just finding a tree to sit under and well, do nothing. If you are of the same persuasion, do the same. Oh, take a blanket this time of year, or ground sheet!

Make sure you are doing things in equal measure, the key one being your nurturing and resting time, to ensure your energy levels are kept topped up. If you give a lot of energy to people or find yourself helping them, to your own detriment, imagine a halfway line marker on your energy pots. If you are giving out more than you are receiving, stop, pause, and evaluate the association that is draining you.

The Horned God is also very natural and asks you to perhaps evaluate your diet, drink more water, eat more vegetables and fruit, and perhaps avoid stimulants if they are affecting your emotional levels. A nod to my mentor again.

It’s time to reconnect, restore and rebirth yourself refreshed and vitalized

Peaks – You will feel connected to the earth.
Troughs – Letting go of things that unbalance you will be difficult.


Cloak – Disguise
Energy vibration – Astral
Theme – Timing and discretion

Gemini, hello Spidey! Did you enjoy spinning webs, being creative and getting to grips with your future? Carry on I feel you are doing well. And Rome wasn’t built in a day, week or month!

Imagine you have the most exciting news to share with the world, your best friend, or work colleagues. You’re fit to burst with, ‘I have this really great idea to ………….,’ Stop and think about it. Who are you itching to share your news with? If It’s work-related, review the plan, before you call that meeting and announce it. This is a time where you think you are ready to jump but haven’t checked your parachute is working. Also choose carefully who you tell, who might steal your thunder? Tune into your gut, trust your instincts and don’t feel rude or cruel in holding back with information. And avoid tittle-tattle about others, it’s not your drama to be involved in. And you won’t be respected for your part in it.

This is a very positive card, it speaks of a light hidden beneath a darkened veil, or a dark room with a gift in it, like someone shouting surprise and turning the lights on when you walk in a room. There is a powerful energy coming like a light beam from deep within you. But it’s not time yet, and this cloak offers you sanctuary and protection during this betwixt time.
It’s a very apt card to be getting around the time of Imbolc, for we are going from darkness into light, from Winter into Spring. You are going into the spring budding time of your new self.

Peaks – Timing and wisdom
Troughs – Patience, patience.


ARADIA – Birthright
Energy Crown chakra
Keywords –heritage, healing from the stars

Gentle Cancerians hello all, another person doing some balancing or juggling of energy with the Six-Rayed Star. If you did your activity, did you find looking at how you spend your time useful? Keep referring to it, don’t take the drawing of your star down, use it as a reminder to keep your time appropriately apportioned.

Well, this isn’t spooky at all is it, for you had a star now you have a goddess who works with starlight energy healing. Much like Shekinah, she works in the higher realms of the universe and you are being asked to look up to the night’s sky. And being reminded that it’s okay to dream.

This lady was believed or perceived to be an earthbound star and was highly revered. One tale is that is she known as Queen of Witches, yet also religiously admired, with shrines dedicated to her.

If her birthright was to teach and guide people in faith and nature, your birthright is now being shown to through her as your teacher. Your real reason for being here. Perhaps you have put off a certain decision for too long, maybe a hobby needs to become a career. If you are new to exploring your spirituality, are you finding yourself learning and growing all the time? For those already on such a path, new ways open up to you, with deepening connections. For in doing what you truly love, you will achieve the best.

If as a child you felt like you didn’t fit in, worry not, you don’t have to fit in, this is your lesson, you are ok to be you with like-minded people who understand this. If you don’t work well for others, and have had a business idea for ages, then is it time to be brave? You are being shown a way you can do this. Spend some time away from the madding crowd, and put yourself first, for in doing so you will be happy, and others around you who support you will be happier around you as a result. You may attract new friends, who are on their own journeys, welcome this time for social and nurturing growth.

Peaks –success awaits.
Troughs – Prepare to be surprised by what you find and really believe in.


Nemesis – Antagonist
Energy Vibration – Soul
Theme – Fate, achievements.

Greetings Leos! Swashbuckling you way through the week with drive, purpose, and honesty was your theme. It hopefully put your words into action and you have set out with the determination of an ardent knight.

Let’s put this into context before the strength of this word worries you. Nemesis. I say when referring to my emotional state, caffeine is my nemesis. It causes me problems, upsets my whole equilibrium, and throws me into full-on panic mode.

But if I look at the word more closely, it’s a lesson, as in, ‘If I drink something that upsets me the consequence is, I could feel bad’. This is what applies to you that this time, not the coffee, but something in your life, or someone, is not serving you well, and could be doing you harm. The lesson here is to seek it out, but I suspect you already know, and either resolve it, moderate it, or eliminate it. A Pretty tough call for you! But necessary to free you up some space and clarity in order to see clearly what you need to be doing.

It’s also a time for looking back in your life, do you feel like you are on a merry go round? Groundhog day, (funny as that is this week), and symbolic of Imbolc too. It’s there a tired sense of déjà vu with your career cycle or romantic dating style? Do you have a type that you go for out of habit good or bad, simply because to break the mould would be too much of a challenge? Or you are scared of the alternative.

Another earthing, grounding element, she invites you to cleanse yourself of your past debris, and clutter and to nourish on what is good for you to move on. She offers you a pearl of wisdom in how do to do so. A kind lady, she allows you to break from such things, with universal love and goodwill. I likened The Wizard to a tour guide last week, and another card this week the same, but this lady is another for those who have lost their way.

If someone has wronged you be kind to yourself, in how you deal with them. Ask also that you are protected from those who directly or indirectly send you negative energy. Karmic debts could be repaid.

Peaks – Release and movement, the truth can be faced now.
Troughs – Tough lessons may be faced.


Holy Water
The Familiar – Alliance
Holy Water – Purification
Energy vibration – Sacral Chakra

Good day to you! Virgo, was it a bird, was it a lion, or your pet dog you found yourself linking closely to last week? How many of you met your spirit guide familiar? As I resonate with Virgo readings, being cusp, I noticed my two little darlings were super protective over my other half who was ill. Now, this week is a lovely card, it’s bath time.

Holy water comes along and invites you to bathe in cleansing, cool waters, that will wash away your stresses and anxieties. I mentioned in a reading last week that each journey needs a pit stop, your pit stop includes a serious cleansing. It also brings the lovely flowing energy of water in a stream, or waterfall, to move you further along in your journey.

For water is about the emotions, let’s pause and discuss water. It can take on very different forms, the stuff that pours out of taps, the refined mineral water. It may come from the sea, and be salty, or from the purest river. The depth of it varies from barely there, to infinitely deep. Its flow can be dead calm and require a sail or motor to power a boat or ship through it, or violently choppy so that you risk falling out of your boat. Its colour can vary from totally clear, to deepest black. Its contents can be a void, or abundant with life, rocks, and shipwrecks. The point is, you are being asked to look at your emotions. What is the water like with you? It also acts as nature’s mirror in reflecting your reality back to you.

When water comes along to help us, holy or otherwise, is go with the flow, if the current takes you back, get out of the water and find a spot where it is flowing in the right direction.

You may find yourself enjoying a salt bath soak, or doing your house spring clean a little early, anticipating less night and more day. I am looking out at my garden and preparing my pots in my mind ready for this summer.

Feeling refreshed and bright, you will hopefully feel ever ready to take on the next leg of your year and have a little spring in your step. You may find you wash away things, people, and beliefs you are no longer connecting to, this is fine, as the flow of water eases you away from such things.
Why not do a chakra healing session where you can rebalance and cleanse your energy core?

Peaks – Bath time for body, mind, and soul.
Troughs – Don’t fight it.


The Bat – The rebirth of consciousness
Vibration – Third eye chakra
Theme – rebirth, change, spiritual awakening.

Greetings to you fellow Librans! Is your head full of ideas, learning, and inspiration? I got myself a new tarot deck based on cats, being cat mad, and have been taking my time to get to know them, along with other projects. Inspiration was around me though.

Aren’t bats great, our card this week is The Bat, one of my favourite animals, and I’m privileged to be able to see them fly at night from the barns near my house. What do they want to tell us with their special language of sonar-like squeaks and flurries of flight?

They act for us as messengers that things are going to change, but they will help us learn how to cope with this. Don’t be afraid, be prepared to advance through knowledge.

Spiritually speaking your journey or path will open up, with more options, more information, you may simplify practices you carry out as your skill set is enhanced. You may add to your day to day routine by perhaps including a mini-meditation before and after work, by learning how to nurture your chakras. But you are on the right path, believe in yourself to be able to know which it is.

Did you know that the bat is the only flying mammal?!? I sort of did but was also amazed at that fact. (I did some reading up on bats when we got this card). Some say they are flying mice, and of course, there is the flying fox, a species of the bat family! Their lovely wings are strong enough to power them through the sky, yet so delicate with paper thin skin connected to their bones and muscles. And at their smallest, they can just about be seen shooting past my bedroom window, hunting for food. They are small but mighty!

Therein your message is, whatever your build, size and appearance, you can achieve powerful flight and be as successful in your hunting missions.

We had the neophyte last week and were students, the bat is also a symbol of learning, as our awareness is taken on a journey flying with the bat gathering information quickly, and keenly. Hearing rather seeing perhaps, listen out for information, a chance hearing of a song, will make you think about something, or prompt you into looking something up.
Consider also your relationship with the moon, and I’ve said this a few times, but I am an avid fan of it, work with the moon. Look up the moon cycles, and articles on working with lunar cycles, I may even pen one myself. But treat it as your guide, and illuminator of ideas and plans. For the bat is a creature who plays with the moon and stars.
Peaks -: Changes to release you from the past and evolve.
Troughs -: Such change could be challenging and hard to surrender to.


Raven – A Keeper of Secrets, The Master of Time
Vibration – Soul
Theme – Occult knowledge, magic, mastery

Scorpio, how are you? Were you lurking around in the dark, waiting to declare that you have a plan? Or were you back in your office, reviewing your plans, ready for a later release date?

The card this week is saying the same, ‘Sssssssssssssssssssssh, be careful who you talk to’. I can just see you in your cloak, with a raven perched on your arm. But this bird will protect you from those who do not have the best of intentions. Look, they don’t mean you any deliberate harm. They are thoughtless rather than malicious. Whereas you are thoughtful.

But Scorpios are naturally careful and private, and woe betides anyone who abuses any trusts of confidence.
Not unlike the bat in Libra, Raven works to connect you to spirit guides who may work at a deeper level, to show you without judgement or test, what it is you need to know about a situation. It asks you to contemplate serious information that comes to light now.

The raven indicates very strongly that this is a time of cleansing and expunging, in order to make your load lighter, and create space for more learning.

Did you know that the Greeks felt that the raven was a messenger from the gods? Witches used them to go out on spying missions and report back to them. Which makes this is a time of trust, or having faith in your night visions. Do not question your dreams, just go with them. So, what do you have to do? Nothing but relax and accept what comes to you? When daylight comes your mind will be sharp and keen, ready to go.

As they used to say in a certain sci-fi show, ‘The truth is out there’, and Scorpio it’s coming to you, taking you out of a state of inertia and into a one of action and movement.

Peaks – Occult gifts are being activated
Troughs – Shadows on the soul require attention.


Holey Stone
Energy vibration – Astral
Theme – Protection, personal space, cleansing

Oh, good day Sagittarius! Ding, dong! So, tell me how was it with that bell going off? Were you prompted into action, did you make that call? Today we drew you the Holey Stone. Another special card.
What interesting facts can I reveal about this stone, Odin or Hag stone as it also called, don’t you love a bit of Norse mythology? It is a stone that has a hole in the middle, naturally occurring, as a result of water erosion, and crashing against other stones on the water bed. Reiki healers use them to hone in energy, and attune to higher connections. You are being asked to do the same, heal, and connect to energy.

This is your time to really focus on your third eye chakra. Your psychic powers will be feeling stronger, more vibrant. As we go into brightness with January fading fast, bulbs planted back in November are beginning to reveal their shoots through to the surface. Your year is starting to move along nicely!

Think boundaries, pushing the crowd back to arm’s length, seeking a little bolt hole to go to. The stone gives you the protection you need from any negative energies you find yourself around. Worn as a talisman around the necks of witches and others alike who worked with spirit and energy, it would guard against any potential psychic harm. But it also acts an instrument to help you move through barriers or blockages.

Peaks – Your intuition is developing into stronger psychic abilities.
Troughs – Guard any new items at this time.

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