Wiccan Oracle Reading With Violet Pin 2337 18th Feb 2019

Wiccan Oracle Reading

With Violet Pin 2337

Happy week of 18th of February Wiccascope folk.  Where is the year going?  I hope last week was a positive loving one for you, whatever you did.

For me, it’s been a funny old week, some tender insights and some sad moments.  What has featured very strongly is the team ethic I have come to appreciate, working in the Michele Knight team of readers.  There is so much genuine support there, it makes it a lovely place to work.  Not many of us have met face to face, we’re self-employed and nest ourselves away at home. The communication and genuine affection we have helps us in our lives.  I have not known a team like it. Fellow readers, if you’re reading this, much love from me.

I guess my message here is when it comes to supporting networks in your life how are you doing? And does it need improving?  From reading some of your lovely comments each week, I can tell you are all loving, giving souls, so just make sure someone has your back too.

I also speak to some of you on a regular basis, thank you for your support, it means as much as the team’s support.  If anyone wants me to use the Wicca cards or any others I have, Egyptian, Lovers, Vampire and Cat Tarot just ask.  I spoke to someone this week and their Wicca reading matched the Le Normand one, so it worked beautifully.

I’m also available to talk about life path readings especially if you want to know more about being a Hedge Witch, or any aspects of Wicca you are curious about.  I have a very eclectic experience but hopefully can help you. For I feel I am nearer to Old Crone in age than maiden crone.

I’ll leave you with this activity, I prefer the group ones, as they create collective energy, and have a lot of power about them, which helps everyone benefit from it.

Light a candle, a pink one if you have it, but a white one will do.  Make yourself comfy, and spend a few minutes sending out love, and healing thoughts for anyone who needs it. And say ‘as I receive love, so do I give it.’

Thank you, this would be a very special thing we can do for people we care about.

Have a good week,

Blessed be,



Pisces – The Cave

Good day to you all Pisceans, lovely to see you here again. Did you feel the love energy with Silverbough? I feel there was a lot of gentleness and support around, hope you did too! Happy Birthday if it’s your Birthday this week!!!!! This week I am taking you into the caves, or one very special cave.

You have just been given the secret location to your very own cave.  For cave think shed? But it’s a special place that you need to go to now, to rest, think, and take sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of life. But caves are not just places where you light a fire, eat a nice meal and snuggle under a blanket enjoying the peace and quiet, they are to be explored.  This is where you can create your own cave in your mind, mine have crystal embedded walls, massive light chambers, private healing rooms with different purposes.

Some caves have treasures! Pirate treasures, ancient explorer’s hoards or writing and drawings on walls? What treasures will you find in your cave? Is there something lacking that you cannot put your finger on? A key piece of information, an explanation as to why a situation turned out the way it did?  Or are you just so tired of something, or someone that you just need to work out what to do?

Go to your cave, take a little tour of it, have some fun deciding how many chambers are in there, which one will you go in, what will you contemplate?  In reality, this means taking some time out and working out these things in your own time, your own way. Once you have done so you will have a sense of being reborn, there will be something different about you. A determined sense of calm assertion, that says, ‘I now know what wasn’t working and how to change it’. Above all, you will feel rested, and ready to take new challenges, with true conviction.

Aries – The Owl

Aries warm wishes for you from me! So, you were bathing, cleansing, and hopefully relaxing, when you weren’t working. I have visions of Aries people’s bathrooms adorned with rose petals and illuminated by candles.  Wonderful. Well dry yourself off please, put on some clothes we’re going in an Owl hunt.

The Owl recognises that you have been on a bit of a trek doing some real soul searching lately, and this so far has been all in the right direction. So far so good. Now the owl wants you to be more engaging with the outside world.  Follow it as it flies out of the woods, or out of your bathroom, and takes you to the next phase of your journey.

You may have questions about your situation right now, if you do, the owl advises you to think carefully.  If an option is to take a new path that you are unsure of, study it, but the option to repeat a familiar pattern is not to be taken.  This card comes when you have done so well, but reached a crossroads.

Owls are symbolic of natural endings, so you may have been experiencing a sense of loss recently but know that the owl will gently take you onwards to recover from this. The owl is so gentle, and soft, it rarely hoots, for it would blow its cover, they tell you that you need to follow suit. Say less, listen more, and head towards your new destination. But overall this is a lovely card, with lots of positive energy to encourage you onwards.

Taurus – Spell

Gorgeous Taureans, the beautiful Queen of the fairies flew by to see you, share some wisdom and grant you some peace and healing. The Queen of Elphame is a magical soul, who whispers spells and offers gifts that you don’t appreciate the power of until you find yourself using them. Which leads me into the lovely card for this week.

The Queen left you a spell it seems, for this week’s card is just that.  There is something in the air, a sign of positive change that you need.  Not necessarily what you want, but change for the better. It could read here that, a spell has been broken, were you enchanted by someone and lost your way? Was your sense of reality blurred? You will now be able to get back on track.

I speak of words whenever this card comes up, so let us look at how words will affect you this week.  You may receive communication that empowers you, information that will help you resolve a situation. The information you receive, may not be what you want to hear, but it is what you need to hear. Especially if you have been deceiving yourself in a certain situation, that’s the less good news, the good news is, you are being told this for your own good, and you can move on to better times.

You will have the knack of finding the right words when you need them. They will be spoken or written with just the right tone, and carry a lot of weight, just ensure that they are said nicely, and listen to what others have to say to you. Communication is key.

Gemini – Raven

Hello, warm greetings Gemini’s, the Owl flew into your life, offering insight wisdom, and clarity.  It also said, ‘Well done so far so good, what next?’ Indeed, Gemini what next? Well, I’ll just pop into the aviary of your world, and you get another lovely bird. Raven.

If Owl was wise and mysterious, the Raven is shrouded in its own cloak of mystery and mastery of magic. Your psychic ability will feel very strong now. If you are already aware of your spirit guides, you will really feel their presence strongly now.  If you’ve not met them before, be prepared for a meeting, either in meditation or just sensing them around you. When you are making time for yourself, relax to a deeper level where your loved ones can really come through to you.

Dreams can be very technicolour, and movie like at this time, there will be a sense that you are part of the dream, and can even change the course of it.  Michele wrote about dreams the other day, and gave this very important advice, ‘Keep a notebook beside your bed and make a note of the dream’.  I find too at a time of The Raven, you can get daydreams too when you have a quiet moment, something will flash into your mind.

There is something going on around you that remains confusing, or still needs really working out.  The Raven in helping you connect to your soul family, and mentors in the spirit world, gives you access to an oracle of wisdom to take you further along in your quest.  Expect enlightenment, movement through knowledge.

Cancer – Nemesis

Hi, Cancerians cheerful greetings to you!  You spent a week with the honest, wise crone.  She makes her point, doesn’t she? Like the stern but well-meaning school teacher who only has your best interests at heart. Another wise soul comes along. Nemesis.

She is lovely too, not at all scary as her name implies, she speaks to your soul, your very inner self.  The Crone was trying to tell you something, so is Nemesis, ‘Get back on track’, you’ve got a little bit lost and yet the course you were on was great! She offers you cleansing from the issues you hold onto still, and the opportunity to nurture yourself so you are fit to continue on the right path!

Nemesis comes along as an expert on fate, your fate in this case. She knows you’re pre-destined to achieve something, but perhaps you don’t believe in yourself sometimes or get distracted.  As a Cancerian, you will give more to others than you receive, to a point.  Then when you’ve had enough you just stop, run awa, hide and indulge yourself. I’d say you’re overdue some ‘me time’.  You may have to stand up for yourself and assertively say to the people in your life, ‘What about me? What can you do for me?’

She also offers you protection and guardianship from anyone who is hurting you, on purpose, or by accident.  The Crone helps you feel that there is a force field of energy around you, this is a buffer zone that creates a space between you and the world, arm’s length distance or further if you wish. If the truth comes now, hold your tongue, step back. Think then act. If you feel you may have been unkind to someone, acknowledge this, and make amends.

Leo – Queen of Elphame

Leo the Lion, oh lovely! You were with a fellow cat last week, creeping around after dark, exploring under the moon, learning things. What did you learn? What are you going to do about it? Lovely Queen of Elphame, our most popular card of the deck, is with you this week to help to decide what to do with the knowledge you acquired.

You’ve been invited to an enchanted time and place, where if you want to time can stand still for you for a little while, and you will see the natural beauty in this Magyckal land. There’s more of the ‘light energy’ about this lady and her land.  Imagine a forest coming to life, with glow bugs, and little animals along the pathway as you walk along.  Perhaps in your real world, you are beginning to appreciate how beautiful things there are too. If you’re not already part of your environment or have lost touch with it, get out, look out for colour, changes in plants, and the people in it. This could happen in any encounter. Even an aloof colleague may radiate something different about them, or you will see something for the first time about them.

This could also be a sign that your soul is saying, ‘Hello lovely, does the world know how great you as you are as nature intended?’ What is your natural hair colour? One of my friends has the most attractive silver-grey hair, no longer does she dye it. It’s lovely! It brings out her eyes, her smile, and suits the version of herself as she is now.  Do something that really connects your inner glowing self to the outside self.  Shine out your true whole self.

In the land of the enchanted, dreams are part of everyday life, have you forgotten your dreams, what were they? What is your soul urge purpose? Find it again, get back in control of it, and weave out that dream again.  Is there something you want to learn or relearn? Is a career you were talked out of calling you? Don’t let others put you off, do it.

Virgo- Chalice

Hello there! Oh, Virgo fire, flame, illumination in the dark oh did lovely candle guide you! Did you ponder upon its flame, focus your mind and regain some control?  To confirm that you are definitely moving forward, or could be if you engage with the energy around you, you have the Chalice this week.

This is a water reading. Key-words for it are, emotion, cleansing, healing, and therefore feeling potentially very sensitive. However raw you may feel, know it will be short-lived, for healing is the most important aspect of this. When people get the Holy Water card, they are told to immerse themselves in magnesium salt baths, it wouldn’t hurt you to do the same. Find a body of water to visit and dip your toes in.  Spend some time there reflecting on your life at this time.

You’re also being told to be organic about things, and follow the natural order rather than shake things up. Go at a speed you can do things properly, enabling you to see things clearly and make the right decisions.  The results will be a sense of achievement and personal growth, in all areas of your life. If you force things to go faster, or in a different direction, you may still get where you want, in the end; but it would be rushed, or lack the detail you need to ensure your success.

Half full or half empty?  And with what? Have a look in your cup. It is ok being half full, and ready to be topped up.  If it’s half empty and leaving you feeling despondent, you may need to examine the contents before topping it up. Embrace this opportunity for a new start, go out and enjoy something or someone new in your life.  Expect your intuition to be awash with guidance and direction, use it with this new start.

Libra – Aradia

Libran Lovers! Hello, how was this last week? We had the Holey Stone, for protection, psychic empowerment, did you attune to your own amulet? Or buy one? I had lost my pentagram, briefly, and it turned up under my pillow.  It wasn’t gone for long, but I did miss it. Who, or what is next for us?

Aradia, our card of the year is revisiting us, she’s checking in on us, paying a visit like a wise friend you seek counsel with.  This is a card that relates to our families and helps someway in shaping us into who we are as a result of being related to them down the years.  As in a sense of destiny. It leans in particular toward the family ways of doing things, is there a sense of history repeating itself in another generation? You are being asked to address repeated cycles. Look at your day, is it Groundhog day each day. What can you alter to make it different tomorrow? There may be healing required in both areas.

Do you know how much you can sometimes underestimate yourself Librans? Do you sell yourself short of your full potential? Your hard work is noticed by someone, and it is appreciated.  On a spiritual level too, you can expect to feel an energy shift, that benefits your development.

Although Libra is a sign of couples, pairings and harmony, it is also a sign that can be very independent and determined to seek out their own path. At the same time though, have you ever been made to feel like an outsider, from groups you wanted to be involved with? This is a time, when people who may have made you feel like that, now seek your opinion. There will be a sense of acknowledgement. It’s ok to break from the crowd to pursue your own ideas, you go back when you are ready.  Have more self-conviction, and know Aradia, Queen of the witches is here to help you connect to your family, and your place in it.

Scorpio – Candle

Very warm wishes to you Scorpio.  The Moon, ah it can shine so brightly in our lives for good and for bad, we don’t always want to see its revelations.  If your news last week with the moon was tough to deal with, many blessings to you, I hope it was something you are able to deal with in time.  A lovely card this week for you Scorpio comes in the form of The Candle.

For personal reasons, I think this card comes at the right time for the Scorpios in my life.  Candles are so special, I am going to talk about their ability to connect you to the spirit world, and provide a light in the darkness.  Hope, peace and healing too are being sent to you.  I use candles to communicate with my loved ones in spirit. If I am having a little chat with them, or needing their help, I light a candle, turn off the main lights, and curl up in my chair, and candle gaze.  An open fire can work in the same way, flame gazing.

A candle is also a sign that you should not shrink back from the light. If you are working hard with good intentions, there will be great rewards for giving up some of your social time in order to do so. But be wary of doing so much that your flame burns out, leading to tiredness and feeling worn out.

In looking to the light, remember to keep yourself grounded please, this will help reduce an excessively vibrant flame.  What can you learn from this? Don’t be in such a rush to achieve your goals, be gentle and kind to yourself, it all takes time, and it’s more enjoyable that way.  Anything that eludes or isn’t happening fast enough must definitely not be rushed, for guidance to different approaches or different outcomes will light your way.  Slow down Scorpio.

Sagittarius – Crone

Hello, Sagittarius many warm wishes to you all!  Last week we discussed your connections with people, and you were being asked to deal with how they work for you.   I hope that worked for you. If anyone did any psychic cord cutting or made new connections how was that? For you this week I have the lovely Crone.

She is lovely too, a strong female figure, super wise and super opinionated, but also someone who lets you do what you want to.  She may never say I told you so straight away, but a little non-judgemental smile would give her away.  She would also say in your defence to others who may criticise you for taking a wrong turn, ‘Leave them alone, they have to find their own way’.  As is a key Wiccan message, you can have all the advice in the world from the best mentor, but it’s your choice how you use it and work it into your life.

She also releases you from things which no longer aide you. Very closely working with the cord here.  She could even give you a pair of scissors or a knife to cut any cords.  But she won’t force you, or do it for you. In releasing you from anything, she speaks of great changes as a result, on a large scale.

This could also be a time of deep thought and hearing some even deeper answers from within yourself. Micro-manage less, relax more and find a more gentle pace. Maybe take some time away and get some rest. Heal, nurture, think, and then when you are ready to come back restore and ready to take the action needed, to put you back where you need to be.

Capricorn – Cone

Capricorn warm wishes to you this week, So the wise, kind old Wizard, what did he teach you? Did you find the wisdom in someone like him, either in spirit or in real life? Were you the epitome of eloquence and free-flowing thought? If not, you can ask him to help you again.

What do wizards wear on their heads?  Cone-shaped hats! You have the Cone of power, very powerful indeed! There was magic enough in the Wizard, but to have your own wizard hat too!  Excellent.  I’ll go back to a time when I referred to Harry Potter under the sorting hat. You need to put it on and get the right kind energy you need to deal with the things in your life that are holding you back.

What type of hat or cone do you need? Think about it for a while? It may come to you in flash, or you may get several areas that scream for your attention.  Pick the one that links them all to each other. They key cone. Take yourself off for a few moments, and imagine the energy of this cone, spiralling away, sending a vortex of energy your way, from top to toe.  It could be healing cone, or cone that helps with your love life, only you know, be honest with yourself and let the cone do its work.

Once you have surrendered to the fact that you need to have a little help, not always easy for a proud Capricorn, you will find yourself enjoying the experience. You will hopefully be feeling wiser afterwards, and have a much clearer idea of how you will apply this new-found energy.  The cone’s energy spins clockwise, it will not take you back down a road you’ve already been, so be guided by it and trust it.

Aquarius – Six-Rayed Star

Hello you lovely water carriers, I hope your week with The Horned God offered you the grounding you needed, and that you were able to go back to nature and find yourself. This week I offer you the Six-Rayed Star.  A fantastic card!

This is a powerful card to get, we’re talking the chance to stabilize yourself, to get all your energy points on the same page. It is made up of 3 masculine and 3 feminine energy points, ‘Ying’, and ‘Yang’. They reside in your heart chakra, and if they fall out with each other, you can feel mixed up.  If this happens you will find your decision making so confusing, and frustrating you will either make the wrong decision, or no decision at all and feel fed up. So, before you make these decisions stop! Take a breather.

We’re going for balance, healing and harmony, in all things, you and your relationships with; the world, yourself, your career/business, your social life, and your love life.  If I missed any out that you feel should be there, it shows you’re thinking along the right lines.  When all of these are in sync, your star will shine so brightly and boldly.

How do you do this? Make a list of the areas in your life that take energy from you.  You might see a common theme, so put them into key groups.  Imagine you are standing in the middle of a 6-pointed star.  Give each point of the star a title, i.e. Work, Love, Play, Sleep, Eat, and Dreams/Hopes. Take the items from your list, and pop them into the category they belong in.  If you notice an imbalance, adjust it. The result being, any confusion around these areas, will lift, and there will be a new sense of clarity and you will know what you need to do

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