Wiccascope Reading with our Psychic Violet pin no.2337 For Week beginning 11th February 2019

Wiccascope Reading with Violet pin no.2337
For Week beginning 11th February 2019

Warm wishes Wiccascopians,

With Valentines day this week, let’s talk about love. I am going to include universal love in this, for Valentines day yes, it’s about romantic but I believe in spreading the energy of such love and happiness. This shouldn’t happen for just one day though, don’t wait for the celebrations in the year to let the people you love, know that you care about them
This I think is going to be our collective activity this week, to spread the love.

The focus on love at this time is so strong that I believe we can spread it around. It shouldn’t require much effort, smile as you walk along the street, engage with people, contact people you may have argued with, and may miss, (if it feels right in your gut to do so). If you have a neighbour who is alone, or a colleague at work who isn’t included for any reason. Reach out to them, and do so before and after this day.

Being alone can make this time of year difficult, for many reasons. I have tried finding the right words to make it seem better, but they don’t do my thoughts any justice. Instead I will wish you love and happiness.
I’ll round this up with reminding you, it’s not just about the romantic side of love, it’s for me a love of humankind, so make it that kind of day for yourself.

Whatever you do, however you spend it, enjoy it.
With love from me,
Blessed be,

Aquarius – Horned god

Aquarius hullo and welcome, feeling recharged? I feel after a week of the Crone working with you, it’s all a bit stirred up, and you may have felt a little push, that you may not have been comfortable with, worry not, this strong elder has gone for a rest, and she meant well, very well. Next!

The Horned God is back! And no surprise for he loves this time of year, he is ready to go away from winter into the warmth of spring. A very earthy and grounding being, he asks you to look at the ground you are stood upon, how do you feel as you stand on it. Tall, strong, and safe in the knowledge you are doing ok! Or is the ground beneath you uneven, slippery, is it making you wobble? Are you anxious or going too fast and feel at any minute you could lose your footing?

The Horned God carries a staff, a stang, a staff made of wood with a shaped handle at the top of it. I compare this to a walking stick, useful in supporting us when we are trying to walk in difficult terrain, or feeling weak and needing steadying. If you have been feeling tired, or generally speaking, unwell he comes along to say, more nature, less modern world hustle and bustle. Withdrawal from social media? Less time on your phone or i-pad?

Have you closed yourself off emotionally, and kept your associations superficial or lacking in proper, ‘getting to know each other’ ways? It’s time to look at the ‘quality’ of your life. The real substance of it.

Now if you feel your glass is half empty, take a look again, what are you missing that is actually really good about it? Are you only seeing the negative aspects? In keeping grounded, you will remember the good things about your life. For there are far more of them than negative ones, and then you will be able to look up to the stars where you dream of success, happiness and could look forward to generally good outcomes, from a firm solid base.

The Horned God relates to your base chakra, so when you are rebooting your chakra’s pay close attention to that area, in doing so you will realise that there’s a lot to look forward to, there’ll be a new sense of energy and resulting in clear planning and focus, driven action and strength. What have you got to lose? You may as well try.

Pisces – The Silver bough

Hello Pisces and many blessings to you, as the first people to get The High Priest last week, I hope you found your self-awareness, knowledge, wisdom power balanced with humility. This week you have the Silverbough, one of the loving cards, it speaks of romance, heartfelt wishes, and contentment. This also applies to the universal aspect of love. It’s time to let your guard down.

If you’ve been through a difficult time romantically recently, or have argued with someone you care about, the effects of this will wear off soon. Move forwards knowing you can make better connections, and if you’re feeling more sociable, you won’t find it hard to attract new friends or maybe lovers?

These sociable cards can be a little intimidating to anyone who feels alone or lonely, and they could say that the above doesn’t relate or apply to them. If this is the case with you, you are being guided that it’s time to do something about that, if you feel you can.

I know it’s not as simple as finding a hobby, and then making friends, if you feel you can’t do that. But this card gives you the message that maybe one call can set the ball rolling, to reconnect you to the world. Somebody in the world would like you to be part of theirs.

You may feel at this time you want to be around your family or close friends, and if you’re not invited to a social event with those people, why not arrange one. There’s even the chance of a major reason to hold a party. Watch out for exciting news.

You don’t need permission to enjoy yourself, but you do need reminding every now and then.

Aries – Holy Water

Aries, most welcome be, how was your week? I hope there was wisdom, and a deeper sense of knowledge with the prescence of the Crystal ball. Most of all it should have given you clarity, and potentially a greater psychic connection. Pray what this week did I draw for you?
You’ve earned a rest and here is comes with some Holy Water.

Imagine you are on a boat, (I love this analogy of living our lives), sailing along a body of water. Sometimes the water is choppy, sometimes dead calm. It can be a river, or the wide-open seascape. You are allowed to tie your boat up; no, you’re encouraged to tie your boat up, and have a rest whilst it’s moored up.

Time to sleep, eat, and look at your nautical chart, to see where you are headed next. This also speaks of a time to dive or step delicately into the water and wash away anything that has stuck to you, which you no longer need.

I always feel when this card comes up like booking myself into a spa or retreat, where I could do all of the above suggested holistic cleansing. I spent some time in one after my divorce a long time ago now, and I have to say I went into all knotted up and upset, and came out chilled and ready for the next part of my new life. But spas are not cheap places to go to, it was a treat, so now I create my own home spa.

Look at ways you can do this yourself. But you know the best gift you can give yourself when you are cleansing, is time. Because none of these things can be rushed.

You first need to turn a special room of your home into a sanctuary for yourself, clean it up, refresh it, clean the bath room, get some candles, a bath bomb or some essential oils. Get your best fluffy bath sheet out, and wash your bathrobe, so it’s smells super clean, then get in that bath, and just relax. Imagine as you wash yourself you are washing away negative feelings, or anxieties you have felt build up. Then once you’re done, rest on your bed, or in your comfy chair, in your fluffy robe, and just relax some more, have a nice nurturing meal, with a drink.

The point is you are not charging around, no-one can ask anything of you, and you will come back to your life so focussed yet calm, and ready to get back into that boat, and sail off to your next destination.
This is a fabulous thing to do at Valentine’s either by yourself or with your significant other if you have one. You are basically taking time out, to heal, nurture and create a calm environment for positive communication, reconnection to yourself and positive proaction.

Taurus – Queen of Elphame

Fabulous Taurus, you were ever so nicely guided by The Lady last week, she came along and offered you what you needed, what gifts of inspiration did you take from her? Has she helped you? She can be called upon anytime you feel lost, and sometimes you’ll sense her around you whenever you’re in such need again.

The Queen of Elphame comes along and says you have magic in you, your own magic that you were born with, tap into it! Your visual insight will be on fire this week, cutting through situations that aren’t what they seem. Finding the truth easily. This will reveal positive and powerful energy in seeing the beauty of your world.

Colours may seem more vibrant, music will be heard on multiple levels, but more importantly you may find yourself catching your reflection in the mirror, and noticing your skin is perhaps more plumped and has more colour. Or you bring out clothes from your closet that brighten up your appearance. By the way, the world and those in it will notice this refreshed aura.

If you are not usually in the habit of complimenting others, you’ll now find it very natural to say, ‘You’re looking so well, I’ve never noticed how blue your eyes are, wow!’ And in return you will make their day. The things you do now with have an added touch of ‘je ne sais quois’, about it. There is a weather person on our local channel, and she has this natural grace, and poise when she presents the weather.

She reminds me of a fairy granting wishes when she delicately signals with her hands that there will be a warm front in x and a slight chance of strong winds in y. You too will have this natural flow about you if your intentions are good. Imagine you have the gift of a mirror, and this mirror is not unlike the mirror in Harry Potter, it shows you what you want to achieve, and also what your obstacles may be.

If you’ve been too concerned with how you appear to others on the outside, and comprising your true inner self, and inner style. Be strong, of course follow dress codes for work, but in your own time, be yourself. Don’t let someone else’s perception of you, dictate how you dress. And don’t feel you have to conform to your, ‘best made-up self’, it’s ok not to relax, you don’t have to wear make-up, or so much, your hair can be curly or straight if it’s that way naturally.

Don’t place too much emphasis on what is the popular perception of beauty. When we are born, naked, messy, and squawling, we are the most beautiful versions of ourselves.

Gemini – The Owl

The Owl sits up in at tree, or in a barn, resting by day and coming alive by night. Hunting for its food, using its powerful vision. Being able to rotate their heads, their ability to see and learn from their environment is enhanced. Considered wise they make good teachers. They are the Yoda of the Wiccan world.

Owl says you have come along way, it’s a new phase for you. If there are any problems blocking your path, you will be able to be able to work out solutions to them, and move those blocks out the way. Don’t be afraid. Be like the owl, relaxed, observant, and patient. The sense of achievement you will feel, will make up for the hard work you have put in. There is a feeling of renewal and change for you.

Don’t rush this process, look, listen and learn, for the things you do learn will be very interesting and help you understand anything that is confusing you. One lesson may be that you need to ditch some habits that are out-moded.

Make use of the night, your dreams, relaxation and your rest time, you can continue to be guided, without being present. If you need additional ‘me time’, ask for it, make time for it. Make it happen.

Cancer – The Crone

Welcome last week Cancerians, you were encouraged to branch out in your social life, I know this is easier said than done. I feel though it is important to make contact with someone who can support you, be your friend, and treat you well in that relationship. That was gentle encouragement, a little nudge to be part of the world.

Now the Crone appears whose tone and delivery is a little more to the point. See it not as a punishment or a sign that you have been languishing, she is the next phase in your development. It could be a sign of a new mentor coming to you. When we develop spiritually and work with spirit guides we have like at school different teachers along the way. Some have the gentlest of energy, some are a little sterner.

She is old, wise, has lived through so many things, and can teach you so much. Unlike the Lady however she will want you to listen to her. She does have a sense of unconditional love about her, there is a softer side, but what she has to tell you is so correct, she knows it, you know it, and if you don’t acknowledge her, you may hear her foot stamp in frustration, but she will understand what holds you back.

Fear, a lack of confidence, and a self-belief with too many negative messages in it. That is why she will be stood before you, telling you what needs to be told. She is a true force of nature to work with, feel her powerful essence inside you. She also doesn’t sugar-coat things, perhaps a little blunt in her delivery, she speaks how she finds. The Lady would say, ‘You need to look at your close circle of friends for example’, if that is the message, (it is just an example here). The Crone would say, ‘Beware, there is someone around you must cut ties with’.

After you’ve sat down with this older mother lady, and she’s helped you draw up your pro’s and cons list, you will be left with a very strong clear course of action. She will mellow after, and you will sense a softening, kindness that comes with, wisdom with determined love. She is not here to upset you, but to be a no-nonsense style of guide.

The results of applying the recommended action are a sense of deeper connections with those you value in your life, to the point of having a get together. There will be a sense of relief or weight lifting from you when the negative aspects have been shifted. Don’t mourn the loss of someone who was not good for you, it had to be. New friends can take their place and you will have more pleasure in this.

Leo – The Black Cat

Hi Leo, oh Gandalf came to you last week! Was he wise, calm, and poised? Are you as a result the same? I hope there was a sense of progression this week as a result of having this wonderful card appear in your life. He was here to walk beside you, and talk passing on his wisdom, on how you might like to do ‘this’, or alter ‘that’. Moving on…

Wizard me this, wizard me that, your card this week is the Black cat. Permission to be the mad cat lady that is me?!? What a brilliant card, what a lovely creature to get. The factoids, witches, wizards, they keep cats, black cats as familiars, mine are multicoloured, but a cat is splendid whatever it’s colour.

What does the Black Cat say to you.? Meow! Check on your third eye, heal it, recharge it and keep it open (protected but open), to help you scry into the realms. Keep your psychic feelers open in order to maintain clarity in your psychic space. There’s no stark warning with this card, but a gentle feline way of saying, ‘pay attention’. Be like the cat on the wall at night, watching the world go by, taking it all in. Unnoticed in the dark until you catch its bright amber eyes.

There’s no rush with this card either for cats rarely run, they may run to hunt, or escape danger, but they prefer to sedately swagger along, the proverbial neighbourhood watch, if only they could talk. They also are on the lookout for hazards or other cats, so be the same, as you walk along, take in your environment and feel what is going on.

Well, this Black Cat is like Salem in Sabrina, it can communicate with you also via your 3rd eye, your psychic intuition will be enhanced, but it also will be connected to the actual self, your body. So, you will have a sense of grounding as well as receiving information from other realms.
My cats are such a good judge of people. They are by nature shy, and mine and my partners’ loyal pets, and don’t flirt with other humans. Should we have guests they let us know just how they feel about them. The few people they have got their fur up, turned out to be not so nice people. The people they greet, and settle upon for a cuddle I feel comfortable with. Dog owners reading this will identify with this too.

Psychic protection, how do you achieve that? Having recharged your chakras especially your 3rd eye, ensure you have put the filter on the pots where the chakral energy lives. This filters out, that which you should be able to share with others, and also let’s in what you can receive. Imagine this filter has a bacteria guard on it, that instantly kills any germs, germs here being an example of negative energy that may come your way. If you can do that, you are consciously protecting your chakras.

I did a moon oracle for this month in the week, and if ever a card was linked to the moon this is one of them, with powers of perception, strong gut reactions, and 3rd eye connections. The fact cats have 9 lives is a magical and mystical link to numerology as well, 9 being a number of psychic abilities.

In essence, be wise, learn, listen, and above all see, not as with Aries Owl, a hunting bird in flight, but as mainly ground walking creature that links to earth as well as air.

Virgo – The Candle

Virgo a warm hello to you! I can now tell you that your time with The Sword is over for now, you can move on from the sharpness or pointed edge it carries. More gentle energy comes in now in the form of The Candle.
This is what I call another pitstop card. Your body is saying listen to me, for you need to look at how you use your energy. If you’ve been derailed by fatigue or winter bugs, it’s time to nurture yourself. I speak of balance a lot I know, I’m a Libran it’s my thing, but this is about more than that. It’s about an inner energy.

Steam trains require their engines to be fuelled by coal, to be lit and then heat up water, in order to create steam to power the engine. Your engine is in your base chakra and for me also I feel the sacral chakra.

When these are stoked up with the right fuel, and kept stoked and burning, you will feel grounded, calm, and have a sensation of true gut instinct. Which is different to seeing with your third eye, (which is about clairvoyance and perception). It fuels your sense of knowing, helps you make decisions, that if you are in sync with your gut, an alarm will sound positively or negatively inside it, that you must listen to.

It may be a feeling of butterflies, or nausea, or just dead calmness. Our guts speak to us all differently.

It also links to your voice, and throat chakra, a good friend of mine has been suffering from throat ailments lately. Which could indicate something needs to be said, not shouted, not whispered, just said with a sense of grounding, insight and overall balance.

Getting this card Virgo tells you the same thing, trust your gut, restore yourself, rest, then when you are ready calmly speak your truth with confidence. You will be heard, respected for saying it, even if someone disagrees, the fact that you are doing so with such dignity and conviction will help you reach a point of – agreeing to disagree, but any dissuasion should cease now.

It could result in some people realising that in finding this new confidence and grounding you don’t really suit their purpose, and you too could find yourself feeling the same. There may be a natural parting of the ways. For in speaking honestly, we all know where we stand don’t, we?

This is a very positive card to get, it asks you to make time enough to look at a candle flame, or fire flame, to focus your energy on you, just a few minutes a day. And don’t burn the candle at both ends, work, rest, eat and play in equal measure if you can.

Any concerns you have about a difficult phase you are going through at the moment know that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Follow the candle flame to the exit towards better days.

Libra – Holey Stone

Hey Librans, we may need our sunglasses as we crawl out of our caves, for the sun is out! Did you restore? Rest? Have a proper time of hibernation and rest for a week or so? Your cave will always be there to go back to when you need to hide. Now let’s find another card!

Holey moley, we’ve the Holey Stone. What is that you say, we’ve been living in a cave, and we found a stone in an underwater channel by the sea?!? Brilliant! Grab a piece of cord, and tie it around your neck. You have now got an amulet, a protective stone, to help you put necessary barriers against negative energy you may encounter intended or unintended. It is actually a very powerful goddess symbol, and you can attune to any deity you want.

Psychically speaking you may feel that your dreams are sending you messages, that there is a sense of déjà vu that can’t be ignored anymore. If you are not on a path of spiritual enlightenment, there is a calling towards this. If you are already headed that way, you are going to feel as if there is another stage of development around you, you may be understanding your guides more.

It’s time to spring clean, homes, bodies, minds, and souls, work with this energy to do so, for it is a mop that cleans any residual rubbish that is hanging around.

If you already wear something around your neck, a cross, a locket, or crystal, something special to you, this could already be your Holey Stone.

Scorpio – The Moon

Hi Scorpios, welcome to your reading for this week. Dizzy from spinning around with the spiral? Feeling energized. Ready for another week of excitement? There’s a correlation here, when I did my Moon Oracle cards for you this month, you got The Full Moon in Scorpio. And now you have The Moon. I swear on my love of all things chocolate this is synchronicity at its best.

In Wicca they call the moon, The Queen of Heaven, her message is similar to your moon oracle reading but with a twist. She of course declares the end of one period in your life, and bids welcome to another. You’re going around again, not unlike the energy of that spiral. With the spiral you go forwards, and so with the moon you can’t go backwards, they don’t work that way, and urge you not to.

If you live in an area without light pollution, do some moon gazing, notice how big it is up there, does it light up your street, and create a false sense of twilight? We welcome a full moon where we live, we can then see where we’re going at night. Such illumination means my cats can hunt, for no creature gets to hide in from the moons gaze. This applies to you at the moment.

You can’t hide from the moon, you are being seen warts and all, as your true self, as well as seeing your life as it is. It’s a very revealing time. There is an honesty for good for or, for bad at this time. The truth will out.
You may be feeling a little emotional. Insecure even. Things are not as bad as they seem, you are just a tad sensitive. After all, with all this honesty and illumination around, it’s a little unnerving. Be gentle on yourself. You’re full of bright ideas, be bold and at the same time be gentle with yourself.

Sagittarius – Cord

Sagittarius welcome to you, were you weaving, creating, designing and planning your next move? The Spider is a useful ally to have and means the start of your dream weaving. The next card here is The Cord.

Keywords for you are, rebirth, change, focus. Like the spider spins silk to connect to surfaces and secure its home and fly trap, we use such emotional cords to spin out and reach to others when we meet them. We connect to them, and sometimes they connect to us. This doesn’t always happen, sometimes we hope that our invested connection to a person we like, will be reciprocated. It is not always so, and by stepping back, you can see you who you are genuinely and lovingly tied to.

You have three choices here. Leave things as they are, but continue to feel frustrated or sadden by it. Resolve the problem if you can, not all issues are beyond help, but trust your gut. Lastly disconnect, say goodbye and mean it.

The last option will give you more freedom of movement, a little scary at first, but don’t fear, great change comes in release.

Another analogy, a spaceman is going to do a moonwalk, you jump out of the lunar module, you are connected to it by a strong tube, that supplies you with air, and everything to keep you safe. It only lets you go so far, for if you pull away too much on it, you will float off into the unknown.

Assuming you’re sticking to the safe areas off you bounce now, explore the moon, this is a journey of discovery. If you feel that you are bored of exploring one particular area, or bored of the moon. Go on another journey elsewhere, perhaps deep-sea diving in an old Bell Diving suit, where you are connected to the boat this time by a safety rope, exploring a different area of your life.

What I mean by all of this is, when we set out on our missions, we engage with them, for good or for bad, and sometimes we don’t know we can change as easy as deciding to be a diver rather than a spaceperson. For we can change, we have free will.

Check your craft, your safety gear, and safety ropes. In other words, plan! For wherever you are going now requires you to be focused and in control. Enjoy your trip.


The Wizard – ‘Spiritual Perfection’, self

Capricorn I’m squinting as I write this, for the sun is out and some! How are you? Gaia was ever so gentle wasn’t she. There were no, ‘you musts’, about last week but, just to be yourself for yourself. Not so easy when other people already have ‘their own’, perception of you. Hopefully you have more idea of ‘self’ now, and if you read my colleague Jonathans article on dealing stress and ‘Unblocking Locks’, this should guide you to how to release yourself from the anxiety of being your true self and releasing yourself from fear.

If Gaia had a colleague, she would eat lunch with in the Wiccan staff room, it would be The Wizard I feel, and I think she’s been talking about you to him. In a nice way. Saying look there’s these people born over winter time, who need us to guide them along, I’ve done the preparation, they may need convincing.

He’s definitely a he or X, for wizards are, I feel he/X is older and wise beyond wise. Whereas Gaia’s spoken tone is soft and gentle and gives you options to find your own way if you want, he requires that you pay attention.

I had a science teacher, that would write on the board with his chalk, (I am that old), in the most spidery writing, talking away so impassioned about whatever process he was trying to get into our brains. It required me to really listen to what he had to say. For it was important. I could have blown up the lab. (I nearly did have a little fire).

His delivery was not unkind, but I don’t think teaching was his first choice of career, it was almost poetic. And he could have been talking to himself. The wizard is like this, to a point, except unlike my teacher, he does pause for breath, and will stop to see if you’re still scribbling away in your homework book, or you’re nodding back, saying, ‘Yeah I’ve so got this!’

He won’t make you do the homework, he won’t shout at you for not doing it, he is actually not bothered about detention or punishment. Like my teacher he would say, ‘Hey I’m only telling you some really useful stuff here, it’s up to you if you use it, but know that if you ignore it for any reason, that’s your own free will and your own outcome’. Unlike Gaia who would pull a sad expression if you ignore her advice, the Wizard rolls his eyes a little, knowing what could come.

This teacher in the Wizard says, ‘I believe in you! You can do this. Do you know how bright you are? With his guidance you will see things so much more clearly, and your words will flow out your mouth like an elegant prose. Precise and without effort.

People around you may be like me, when I was at school in science lessons, a little bit dumb founded and still playing catch up. Listen to how they voice their perception of your ideas, or voice their own, they may not be as fluent, but they are not to be written off.

The me that didn’t get science, felt a bit saddened by that. I felt stupid. Then I was reminded though that I understood languages, and the arts, and had more to be grateful for. So, if you feel there is something you didn’t get, it wasn’t meant for you. Something else is, someone you liked, a career move or work project? Don’t worry it wasn’t your time. But success is coming your way in a form that is better suited to you.

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