Wiccascope Yule Week – Key Dates 25th – 31st December with Violet


YULE WEEK Key Dates 25th – 31st December

Merry Christmas One and all,

Once again welcome, and nice to see you all again.

So, it’s Christmas week!!! And the end of the year, so it’s our final reading of the year, what special message have you all got via my wonderful spirit family, who are sending their love all around to you and yours?!?

However, you are spending your day, whether it’s full on hosting, with family and friends, or minimalistic, I hope you have the day that you want.  And send you my very best wishes that this happens for you.  Please enjoy this time wherever and however xxx

This year is an odd one for us, it’s a small and cosy time with family, then a bit of silliness with some friends at new year.  Each year is different, as I look back, I recall non-stop parties, nights out and excess, or the complete opposite. I’ve worked for most of life during the holidays, all year round, so this is the 2nd Christmas day I’m not working, and the first one where I’ve been professionally very happy and able to make it lovely for family.  So, it’s a very special and long time coming for me.  I know there are those of you who will relate to both sides of the coin, and again I really hope you find some contentment wherever, whoever and however you spend it.

One thing we are going to do this year, (they don’t know it yet), is we’re taking the cats for a walk around the village after Christmas dinner.  The cats usually follow me around if I go for my strolls anyway, it’s the other humans I will be dragging out of sofas and chairs.

Wish me luck!

I’ll close this reading with lots of love and warm wishes for you,

Enjoy your readings, and activities.


Violet xxx





Vibration – The elements

Evocation, manifestation, protection.

HAPPY CHRISTMAS SAGGITARIUS a very warm welcome to your reading for this week.

We all have the full moon’s energy around us from the winter solstice cold moon, and you had the moon card last week.  For you this meant a double whammy of the moon’s energy and some residual left overs to help with your new card this week.  What was revealed, what projects came to fruition? You will continue to learn and there is still a sense of completion and fullness about you now. 

Which is handy for this week you have The Pentacle

We’re going back to nature this week, simple good old-fashioned times. Can I tempt you to go for a few post lunch and dinner walks? Whether you have parks, woodlands, or sea? Go out and embrace your area. Nature will restore your body, mind and soul. The sacred symbol of witchcraft a pentacle has five points of the star representing an element, Fire, Air, Earth, Water and Sprit.  It is worn for both protection and wisdom by wiccans and pagans.

If you are not working over Christmas. Take some time out from your stresses and busy life.  Turn off the phone and talk to people in your life, face to face, get them out in the fresh air with you, eat together, walk, talk, and laugh together. Find the magic of you, life and the world.

If your world is small and short on people, either by choice or circumstance, find ways to connect with new people, who may come into your life now.  They could be your new network of friends. Reach out to those who can help and make this time of year more enjoyable for you, if that is what you wish for.

This card also serves as a warning to be discreet, avoid gossip and other people’s dramas.  Guard against people and situations you are unsure of.  This is especially so at this time of year, bringing people together who may have spent the rest of the year, or years, apart, can be a recipe for friction and issues resurfacing.  Especially as you drew the moon last week.  It’s o.k to not invite people who you don’t want around you at this time, if you’ve previously done so out of duty or habit.  Chances are they may prefer to do their own thing too.

As the new year arrives you will be looking at your plans and they may include expanding your brain power, or being creative.  As your mind will be sharp and retentive, you will be able to micromanage those Christmas meals and trips out. 


Asking for protection

I think I’ll repeat the activity from the last time this card came out one more time, for it is perfect for you too.  It is a very simple exercise, yet very effective. 

If you have found yourself feeling the need to protect yourself, or drained by the outside world or your own world at home, firstly remove any negative energy using a sage smudging ritual. 

Then light a white candle and simply say, ‘Please protect me from any negative energy intentional or otherwise, thank you’, imagine white gold buffer zone around your body as you look at the golden flame in the candle, notice how calm you feel, and how safe you are.  Then blow the candle out thanking the universe. 

Peaks– Let your ancestors guide you.

Troughs – Remember to balance your energies. Draw in what you need in order to progress



Hopes and dreams

Chakra – Throat

Theme – Hopes dreams, honesty 

Merry Christmas Capricorn hello! How was your time with your neighbours card this week? Did you find yourself in tune with your natural world, gaining wisdom, and learning to protect yourself as an enlightened soul?  It’s no accident that having done this work, and gaining this experience, you draw the sword this week.  You are ready.

Representing attributes, we traditionally associate with the masculine.  Likened to the wand it is a direct, and focussed force. 

Your mind is going to sharp and to the point, as maybe is your tongue.  This week represents a series of events that may challenge your mind, body and soul.  Which you are being helped with by the Sword. 

The sword is tarot’s mystical knife, so imagine you’ve been given the armour, (support in your endeavours), and the mighty sword to cut through your surroundings.  Imagine the knight of swords delivering you messages, giving you a ready response on the tip of your tongue. Or a handsome prince making his way to the castle, cutting through the forest of thorns, or the sharp-witted Queen of swords, who can silence enemies, end arguments and slice a lie with her tongue. This is you right now. Slick, quick witted, and wasting no time.


Not everyone will appreciate your honesty, and laser beam ability to spot and deal with lesser mortals.  So be gentle, and kind with your words, maybe throw in a little patience too.

Like a knight in the days of yore, you need to a skilled swords person, watch the direction of your weapon.  For you have great power in your words now, that could have long lasting, cutting results.  Think wisely about your actions too, don’t be too hasty to get out your sword, when pausing, and talking and listening will be as beneficial.  Make sure you rest, so that tiredness doesn’t make you snappy.


I deliberated when Aries got this card, and I did for you too.  This is perfect for your new year’s resolutions. Don’t over think it. Don’t make the list too long, make it smart and realistic. And enjoy it.  Fun makes challenges achievable.

The first bit requires some truth and honesty with yourself.  So, don’t rush it, and don’t be afraid.

What do you want to do, with your life? Are you where you should be? Doing what you want to be doing? With the people you want to be with?

How does it make you feel? The issues that scare you and may be blockages in achieving your dreams can be scary, but you now have your sword, you can find a way to cut your way through with a sense of purpose.  Imagine yourself living that dream or hope filled scenario. 

If you find this dream is but that and not realistic, your gut will tell you and you can use the sword to cut it out of your life plan.  You will not feel its pain, for this blade is swift and quick. And you can focus on what you need to doing.

Peaks – Razor sharp observations

Troughs – Self-reflection, patience with others




Energy Vibration – Crown Chakra

Theme – Knowledge, learning, acknowledgement

Happy Christmas to the water bearer! May your Yule time be merry and warm!  So, you were the first card to have the Chalice last week.  Would you recommend it? Is it now filled with potential, healing, and future success? Of course, it is, if you can’t see or feel it, just know it’s there. 

This week you drew the Book of Shadows.  This makes sense to me, and it will soon to you, for where there is potential, opportunity and luck, you need a plan to apply them this cocktail to.

Let’s see what it means to you this week. The witches equivalent to a bible, a diary, her thoughts, her dreams, her reference to her experience and knowledge gathered.

It can be any plain journal style book, that belongs to a witch will keep through their lifetime, and beyond.  Think of it as your diary of magical and spiritual thoughts.

This could also be a time to look as yourself as a book of your whole self.  Your cover, your inscription, your chapters, your acknowledgements. What magical potential do you in your spells are inside you, link to your inner self so that you can help manifest them into your outer self’s hopes, wishes and dreams?

Aquarius at this time don’t look back and let the past hurt you, for it is undoubtedly what has shaped you into the lovely wise human being you are today. What can you learn by looking inwards? What behaviours will you change as a result? What cycles you repeat that need to stop now?  You have the power now to change all this.

Read this for a second and think.

“Grant me the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change the things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

It is from the serenity prayer, and I think they are some of the wisest words written.


PERFECT FOR THE NEW YEAR NO?  I am already looking to get a lovely diary and journal set.  My Book of shadows is so nice and filling up day by day with my wiccan notes, I also keep a mindfulness journal for longer lyrical waxing’s!

It’s time to for you to go and treat yourself to a lovely blank paged journal.

I also think a special new pen reserved for writing in it alone is lovely.  Write in it, when you want to, but regularly.  Record your thoughts, reflections and if you do practise spell work, of course make notes on them.  I think it’s worth having a couple of books, I have one just for spells and herbs, the other for my interesting mind.


Peaks – Knowledge, practise

Troughs – Being honest with yourself




Energy vibration – Astral

Theme – Alliance, support, friends

Pisces hello and may you have a lovely Yule and Christmas! Whether you’re cat lover or not, how did your virtual black cat in wiccan help you?  My cats are not black, they are white, black, tabby, and a bit leopard in places, but they are stepping up to help me during the last week.  Such natural healers. Did you find yourself wiser, sniffing out the truth, with such clarity and vision you now know what to do.  It’s a little odd, but by no means unreasonable for this happened to Leo, you’ve got the familiar, potentially another creature/animal link. I love how these cards are rolling out this week, aren’t they connecting well to you lovely souls.

It’s time to network, socialize and add just a few friendly branches to your tree?

Any creature from the animal or supernatural kingdom that is mutually attracted to us, and there is that powerful connection with, could be considered a familiar.  Simply put a powerful friend to have around, to guide, and guard us.  Emitting their own vibrant magical energy, they promote healing.  I’ve always had pets, feathered, aquatic, canine, and feline, I currently have two adorable cats who are very, very magical and I cannot imagine any home of mine without them.

You may already have creatures in your life that you are particularly connected to, or should be more connected to enjoy that relationship, make time for that pet.  It maybe you find that he or she is fussing round you more, urging you to rest and relax, talk to it.

If you don’t have or don’t want an animal in your life don’t worry, some people just don’t have or like having pets.  There are humans in your life you can relate to, and get support from.  In keeping with the theme of love, happiness and healing, now in reaching out to the world, and looking at your current friendships and support network.

If you feel like you don’t have a network of friends.  Let people know who you are, and allow people get to see the real lovely you? If you have a network already, take a look at it, resolve any conflict in it with the help of your familiar.

Your familiar will be with you as you encounter the world now, you have a spirit animal, so know it is with you, with the power to protect and guide. 

If you are thinking of getting an animal companion in the new year, you will be drawn to one in particular, and feel as if it is actually choosing you.

To sum up, reach out, accept friendship, love support.


This week, you have a meditation.  It’s a beautiful one to do.

You need, a quiet comfy space, not to be disturbed for about 20 minutes.

Get comfy, imagine you are walking in wood, it’s perfectly safe.  You are walking in the sunlight, the rays cut through the tree branches.  As you walk along the path, feel the crunch of twigs under your feet, notice the pine cones that have fallen.

Take in the smells, sights and sounds.  Really relax, this is your time.

You will come to clearing, in the middle of the wood, lit up by the sun, there waiting for you is…. Your spirit animal familiar.

You will recognise it, there may be more than one, approach this animal, allow it to come to you as well.  As you greet each other, tell it your name, how pleased you are to meet it.  It may tell you its name, you may already know.

You can have a little talk to each other, take as long you need in fact, then when you are done say goodbye for now.  But you will be back anytime you want to.

If you feel you need protection, and support, and feel alone, just call upon your familiar.

Peak – Companionship, support

Trough – Finding out who your friends are and admitting you need support.




Energy vibration – Epitome

Theme – Yuletide greetings to you all, what words of wisdom did you note in your Book of Shadows.  It is a good time of year to get such a card, for each chapter about your life as you look back over your year, take stock of your achievements, and don’t be harsh or over critical with yourself.  This week can I introduce you all to The Lady.  It’s her first outing with us.

I LOVE THIS CARD!!! It’s very exciting to be sharing it with you, and all that she means. So, who is she, she is Lady Isis in Egypt, the High Priestess in tarot.  Here to steer you through your life this time, protecting and guarding you the same time.  She keeps a watchful eye over you and can be called upon for help when you need her. I work a lot with Lady Isis, her energy is so strong, and healing.

What has changed in you recently Aries?  What can you feel in you that is different? Energy shifts, emotional developments and break throughs are abound.  When you go into 2019, you should feel a sense of new strength, and honesty about the real you.  Feeling routed to the ground, yet connected to the divine you are able to speak and act for yourself from a place of strength.

You are a force of nature, and your words and actions will have power too.  Beware how you use them, for they have consequences too. 

If you don’t like how things are you now have the ability to bring about the changes needed in your world.


If you can, treat yourself to a lapis lazuli stone, either a tumble stone or rough stone.  It doesn’t matter, it’s your stone.  On a night when the skies are clear do some star gazing, for there in the blue-black sky, the stars twinkle down on you.  Accept the love and healing that comes from above, that helps you through the changes that you are going through.

You can take this visual with you into your mediations, for what is more beautiful than recalling the real images of nature.

Peaks – All that you need to help you is around you.

Troughs – Frustration




Energy Vibration – Solar plexus chakra

Theme – Energy, attention, application

Welcome Taurus, and a very Merry Christmas to you!  Did you feel the extra focus on your plans and dreams with the wand guiding and steering you in how to get the most of what you came to know last week?  Did you do an audit of who, how, why and when? Was it productive?

The wand is swiftly followed by the Cone of Power, this combination shows you directing or conducting your energy.  Think of yourself as a wizard, embracing a new swirl of power contained under your coned hat.

ENERGY is yours.  If you’ve been feeling a little flat, feel the energy now lift you, and as I’ve not drawn this card, send some my way!  We are energy, we make it, we use it, we share it, we take it.  Here you are being told to harness your energy that will help you regarding a particular situation in your life that now needs your attention.

The cone of power offers its services to you to help you deal with one or maybe more issues in your life.  Use your time with it well.  If your problems have accumulated break them down into down smaller pieces and begin with the key problem or foundation that problem that supports all the other issues. It may not be the one you’d like to deal with first, and will feel potentially the toughest one to deal with, but it will start the ball rolling.  Different cones have different power relative the issues you have decided to tackle. at the moment. 

You will feel more energised physically, emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually so make sure you use it, and use it wisely.  You are in top form. This is a good week for you, and a good week for your friends and family to be around you.

In essence, you are being given this time to make things happen for you, or to add to a team’s effort and it will not go unnoticed by those around you.  Especially handy if you are looking for a job, or seeking a promotion in the workplace.  Your talents will be clearly and confidently on display.  IF… you apply this energy to the right area of your life.

As it’s panto season, look upon this as the fairy godmother visiting you and helping you make things happen. But… be wary that this new energy and the power of responsibility that goes with, ensure it doesn’t go to your head.  Keep your feet on the ground, be patient with others who will not be having the same surge, and be going through their own issues, so be kind.

The flip side of this is that you may not to be able to connect to this energy around you, and maybe finding things overwhelming and yet too proud to ask for help or time out.  Is it time to say to your family and loved ones, in the approach to Christmas, ‘I need some help here,’ or to your colleagues at work?  Don’t if you are in charge of a project feel you have to micromanage everything, delegate and use your energy to do what you can do.


Candle gazing

It’s Christmas, so I’ll keep this activity here.

  • This is a very simple and easy thing to do.
  • It requires you, space, time and peace. 
  • A candle, something to light it with. 
  • The candle needs to be about 2ft before you, sit at a table and set it at a place setting maybe.
  • Light the candle.  Watch how the flame jumps about, or stays still, or flickers.  As you relax, you will see and feel things. 
  • You just have to look gently at the candle, it is not forced. 
  • This is one of those things that we do automatically if someone lights a candle or has an open fire, we just watch the flames, and lose ourselves in the light and colour.  So, approach it like that. 
  • When you feel done, after about 5 or 10 minutes, blow the candle out, (yes you are allowed blow a candle out, though some feel it’s unlucky, for as you blow the candle out whatever healing or message you got during your gazing, is released as energy in the smoke into your atmosphere. 
  • You may even choose to make a wish at this point. 
  • Always say thank you.

Peaks – Go go go!!

Troughs -Be patient.




The cone of power – ENERGY!

Energy Vibration – Solar plexus chakra

Theme – Energy, attention, application

Dear Gemini warm Yuletide how did you go with the Cone of Power, was that energy useful with your shopping, and your projects? Did you achieve what you set out to achieve greetings to you.  This week interestingly enough Virgo has sent you the Horned God, and as it was the Winter Solstice last week, the Horned God’s birthday his presence in your life is more significant I asked you to look in the mirror, I tried it too, even though I’m not a Gemini, what an odd experience but useful. Did you reconnect with the real you? Make up free, wobbly bits and all? Bravo! Now whenever you dress or pass a mirror, don’t rush past it, if you catch your reflection smile at it.


Life Force

Energy vibration: – Base Chakra

Theme: – life force, inhibitions, joy, proaction, wealth, rebirth

The Horned God is the god of nature, wild place and the underworld as you will recall from your first reading.  He appears to us as a ram-headed serpent and holding a basic wooden staff that has two prongs. 

If the Horned God appears, the scales are wonky and balance needs restoring.  So clearly you are finding issues in maintaining equilibrium in an aspect in your life, or in your life generally.  Normally a Libran issue eh You may feel the need this week to enjoy more genuine experiences in your life.  It could be that you are being pulled away from being able to do that.  This can be achieved by finding more time to relax and releasing your emotions and inhibitions. 

Invitations could be dropping through your door, don’t burn the candle at both ends, keep grounded too.  The Horned God also reminds you to be grateful for the things we receive, and to our lives and those in it. 

Are you are stressed, tired or unwell?  If so, you need time to be your true self, be natural and allow healing to happen.   Take a long look at yourself inside and out, aren’t you great? Yes! Believe that the whole natural you are more than good enough, in fact it’s perfect.  In social situations you may find you are tired of small talk and superficial characters, and be more at ease with warmer, deeper communicators. 

If you are feeling l you have lost control of your life, or your work life balance is out of sync, it is time to address it.  You can let go of situations and people that no longer allow to do so. 

You will feel a sense of being renewed, ready to go out and find what you need to prosper.  By going back into the wild woods of nature, you’ll be grounded, balanced and ready.


This is a very seasonal holiday thing for you.

Pour yourself a nice drink, of your choosing.

Sit down in a place where you will not be disturbed, relax. 

Get really comfortable and just let your breathing settle.  Think back to a time you were just you, and didn’t care what anyone thought, or said, or did in reaction to you in any negative way. 

When you felt free to be unapologetically you.   

How old were you, where were you, what was different?  Given that as adults we cannot all be children without responsibility for ourselves or our families if we have them, and know our actions affect other.  What aspect from this lovely time can you take help you deal with your reality now? Be thankful for what is good in your life, set out to alter what is negative in your life by approaching it in an honest and way that is true to your heart and soul.




Energy vibration – Astral

Theme – Protection, personal space, cleansing

Well hello Cancerians everywhere! Merry Yule to you all! Last week you met Shekinah Queen of the stars, did she clear paths and guide you through last week? Are any of your plans and schemes further along to be realised? This week you’ve drawn another new stone, this tells me there is a sense of you and your sign, attracting new things to you, and making you somewhat of a pioneer in these readings for the rest of us.  This would indicate to me that you need to have more confidence in yourself in your own life, for you could be a trendsetter or scene setter there too.

I digress, tah da for you the Holey Stone!

This is all about protection, personal space and receiving blessings from those in spirit, and those around you.  What is a Holey stone, very simply a stone with a hole running through it?  Worn around the neck it acts like a pentacle, by guarding against negative energy, unwanted psychic intrusions, in addition it can help move through barriers that are in your way.

This is your moment, in your own psychic power, you may have felt shift in your development, and like the cone of power, or the spiral you will feel a spiral of energy swirling about you, from ground to crown.  If you ever wanted to try some healing, it would be good time to investigate this to get your chakra’s aligned, retuned and ready.

In your every day life, you may wish to redefine your boundaries, and cleanse your personal space zone.  Have you been giving more than receiving, are their toxic energies, or people who don’t ask how you are, but are more than willing for you to help them with their issues.  This stone helps you put a ring of protection, or life belt of protection to ward off such people or issues, and restore the balance.


Light a white candle, if you have it, burn some frankincense and walk around your home, always clockwise, in a circle.   

As you light the candle call for the protection of Anubis, the underworld deity of Ancient Egypt, Hecate, from ancient Greece, and the lovely Celtic goddess Cerridwen.  Bless each doorway, windows and opening. 

If you don’t have frankincense you can use a sage smudging stick. 

Peaks – Your intuition is developing into stronger psychic abilities.

Troughs – Guard any new items at this time.



The Bell – Awakening

Energy Vibration – Throat Chakra

Theme – Awakening, calling

Greetings Leo, Happy Greetings to you all!!!  The bell rang for your last week.  Ringing the changings, death and rebirth.  In keeping with the winter solstice and Yuletide sabbat, you found yourself being asked to do a little stock check of your life.  I haven’t made a typo here, you have the Bell again.  It doesn’t mean you’ve failed, it means you get another boost, another chance to transcend into 2019 new, vital and ready for a new year that will be full of change and progression, especially in the first few weeks of the year.

Oh, you lions you will find yourself in demand socially, for there could be texts, and calls.  The bell ringing reminds its yearend review time, is it? calling time on certain aspects of your life, and starting time on others.  Yes with 2019 coming you will be ringing the changes.

If you are alone at this time and feel this is unlikely, your attention will be drawn to a social event near you that it would benefit you from attending, for new contacts can be made there, and your phone will soon be ringing after making such an effort.

This is also a celebration, reward, recognition for your work with your progress and courage to move on from past events.  Look out for job offers, or career changes, if you are attached, and hoping to get married, a wedding bell chimes.   

Feeling stronger in yourself, in every sense, energised you are readier than ever to take action at the ring of the bell.  Be careful what you ask for, for you could get it.  Word your wishes very carefully, and consider the consequences. 

Consider your interactions wisely, and listen as well as talk to those you care for, also make sure you are calling those you haven’t made the effort with for a while. Be kind in your communications, talk honestly with the people you care about.  The fact you get a second chance with the bell, means spirit is really calling for your attention at this time.


If you have not included a bell in your decorations, and there’s time, hang one on your tree, or in a tree in your garden.  They say that every time you hear it jingle a friendly spirit is near.  Each bell chime is a greeting x

Peaks – Your time is now.

Troughs – Are you ready?




Energy vibration – Sacral chakra

Theme – synchronicity, knowledge, truths



Energy vibration – Epitome

Theme – 

Virgo hello and hello again! Yuletide greetings! The Horned God shared his birthday with your reading, are reborn and ready to show the world your new shiny you.  Take care for you will be delicate as a new born, but will grow stronger as the seasons grow. But like a new born you will be taking the world and your life in with new eyes.  And you are protected and loved.  Now… this week.

The Moon. My absolute favourite card, I’ve gazed up at since I was able to and learned to understand it like an old friend now.  Its energy is so powerful, and beautiful, yet very honest.

It’s no accident that you have drawn the beautiful Queen of Heaven as she is known, notice this a full moon in this card, this hints at the completion of a cycle, readiness to launch a new project, for all your ducks are in a row. It’s time.

The moon is also mother nature’s torch in my opinion, the biggest torch in the multiverse.  Nothing or no-one can hide from this torch, it lights up the pitch-black sky.  Especially as the moon is ably assisted by her princesses the stars, little hints or glints of hope, dreams and truths in the dark. We have just had the benefits of the Full Cold or winter moon. Potency, fruition and revelations.

If you have an idea for a future project, it’s time for you to make the most of this potency, sew the seed of that idea now by the light of the fat moon’s energy, and when the new moon comes nurture and feed it, for by the next full moon that idea will have grown so much.  Some projects take a few moon cycles, and they are altered during the waning of a full moon, and grown during a new moon. 

You are full of your own treasures, potential, which you have to explore.  Your dreams will be vivid and full of information, keep a dream diary for the messages are strong.

Just a tiny note of descent in this is that the full moon will reveal all truths and information to you, some of which you may not like, and have to face up to. But the moon she is kind, and will give you courage and solutions to anything that is thrown up to be dealt with.


What could be more relaxing than watching the moon tonight, thinking of your wishes, hopes and dreams, ask for guidance.  If there are clouds in the sky, notice the images and shapes of the clouds. Do they have meaning for you?

Notice the potency of your dream as a result of your deepened connection with the moon. This is a good time for you to look at the significance of working with moon cycles.

Peaks – Illumination, revelations

Troughs – Don’t fool yourself, trust your eyes.


Holy Water – Purification

Energy vibration – Sacral Chakra

Very warm Christmas greetings Librans!  Are dizzy from all the chakral spiralling? I admit I felt myself disorientated before I felt the benefit, but when I did it was good.  And the winter solstice sabbat was lovely too, throw in full cold moon and it’s no wonder I felt the ground shifting.

Now Libra it’s bath time in Holy Water. you have water, not ordinary water, but Holy water. Any water is a sign of movement after pausing.  What wasn’t flowing we well for your last week, will now feel so much easier.

Go forwards not back let the energy take you don’t fight it, don’t push it.  Just roll with it at its own speed.  You may have the urge to purge, (that rhymed quite by accident), but you will find yourself possibly clearing out the house, ready for new year, and following the rebirth of The Horned God, to reflect your new energy.

It will also create a fresh clean space for you to replace dated, outmoded beliefs, and free you from memories that may have been holding you back.  As you are flowing with the water’s energy, it will not be painful.

This could be a time to get some healing yourself, or do a detox as well.  Start the new year refreshed and focussed and clear of mind.


This is one of the nicest activities you can take.  A magnesium salt bath. As psychics myself and my team members go to cleanse is a salt bath.  But it’s not just any old bathing session.

Pick a time when you won’t be disturbed, you need a bath, warm water, magnesium salts, (note if your allergic to them do not use just warm water will do) and you.  I light candles, take the phone off the hook too.  Just have your bath, relax, reflect, plan, say out loud, ‘I welcome the positive changes this week will bring to me, and to achieve positive outcomes with negative situations’.  your card is the Bat – The rebirth of consciousness you have drawn the crone this week. emerging from the consciousness…infill with

Peaks – Cleansing, healing

Troughs – Resistance in letting go




Energy Vibration ~ The Underworld

Theme ~ Magic and Beauty

Lovely Scorpio! Blessings to you at this Yule time xx What spells did you cast, what words and wishes did you incant?  Was your focus clearer?  And did you sparkle? This week for you The Queen of Elphame is back, but she’s back to see you! Another card I’ve a soft spot for.

The Queen of Elphame was also a spell caster of gentle, healing and graceful magic.  Almost hypnotic.  Look at the power of Titania.  She comes from Thier-na-Oge, the land of eternal youth, think A Midsummers night dream and Titania.  If you wanted to visit her, she is found deep in a forest should you might wish to seek out a hawthorn tree or other fairy hiding places. 

The answer to your questions is here, deal with your situations with grace and dignity, and what was stuck will feel easier to understand, and find solutions to.

This is as a result of a new sense of confidence and poise.  Gone are those heavy boots, replaced by flip flops or roller blades, movement is so much easier for you now. If you have found mediation or any deep thought process difficult lately, it will flow more easily now your spirit could feel freer.  There is a sense of being able to breathe clearly. 

Notice the beauty of nature in your surroundings and others, get out and explore, see the natural magic and wonder in your world? If balanced, (inner and outer beauty) this could be a joyous and lovely time.

On a cautionary note, it could also be that by drawing this card you could be thinking more superficially, and may need to rethink your inner feelings on what you consider to be attractive. 

Release any egotistical or negative thoughts about yourself and others, and acknowledge that you are beautiful inside and out.

Ground yourself, for such a time could see you as careless and may appear aloof and critical.

Peaks – Magic is around you

Troughs – Believe in you! Find your inner beauty!

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