Wiccascopes for the week beginning 25th February With Violet Pin no. 2337

Wiccascopes for the week beginning 25th February

With Violet Pin no. 2337

Hello everybody,

Another week flew by, and soon another month! We’re into Spring I can feel it! So, another season romps in too.  Where does the time go?

Aquarius many apologies, my cutting and pasting of articles into an e-mail failed, which meant you were kept waiting, but order was restored.  I also read in the comments someone asked how to get a private reading with me, you can just book through reception and ask for me, or click my page under meet the psychics, where my rota will be on under my name.  I look forward to meeting more of you.

I know that a lot of your readings involve asking you to face change. I appreciate it’s not easy to be told that. There are some things you can do to make this easier to cope with. One way is getting a few crystals, with the vibrational healing properties that can help you deal with this and embrace change.

For your optional activity, I thought it would be a great idea to go out and get a few stones, (tumble stones), in a pouch, that you can keep on you, pop in pockets, tuck in your clothes, and placed under your pillow.  The following are great stones for dealing with changes in your life.

Moonstone – helps us to find inner peace.  It helps relieve stress, calms a very sensitive emotional state, and is soothing so that you are able to act more peacefully and calmly. This stone is associated with the grief and sadness that change can bring.

Water Tourmaline – An excellent stone dealing with the thoughts and feelings linked to the aspect of your life that is changing.  Expect to feel more patient, and be able therefore to comprehend all aspects of the situation.  It is a stress reliever and promotes inner peace aiding you in a smooth and pain-free change.

Jet – A grounding and protective crystal, Jet is a potent cleansing stone.  It gradually eliminates negative energy from you, releasing you from fear and sadness. yin and Yin and yang energies are stabilized with the Jet’s energy, leaving you balanced and grounded.

Tree Agate – Tree Agate represents the positive aspects of trees.  By rooting you, giving your grounding, you begin to feel calm. And are therefore able to see clearly, and calmly, and not react impulsively.  Aquarius take note, this one may help you.

Take yourself to a shop where you can just go and play with the stones until you feel the right connection. Enjoy.

Blessed Be,




Cone of Power – Pisces People so here we are, well and truly in Pisces season.  Happy Birthday to all you fishes! I give you as a gift this week, the Cone of Power. Bazinga!

I have the mental picture of you in a party hat at the moment, but the cone on a very serious note is truly a gift.  There is a force of energy that you should be becoming aware of, and a sense of knowing which direction you should send this in!  The directional options available to you are wide and varied, your gut will tell you, especially if you are experiencing difficult issues or confusion in certain areas.  The key point of the cone, is the concentration of energy within it, due to its shape. It’s not scattered, therefore you can really apply the full force of it.

How do you make this work for you?  Trust your intuition, have an honest chat with yourself about the problems you are facing.  I mentioned with the Six-Rayed star that you need to put yourself at the centre of things, do so again with the cone. Start with your mind and your approach to dealing with these issues. A sense of self-belief, confidence and the energy provided now, will really help you get to grips with life.  Don’t be surprised if you make some major changes, fuelled by the fire-power in your belly how could you not?

There may be the need to a fire extinguisher at the ready, to dampen down someone’s enthusiasm, be it your own, for you may come across as a little over-enthusiastic, even a little arrogant, or you may find someone trying to blast you.  Fear not for you will be aware of this, and be able to adjust the size and power of any flames.  Ensure you take breaks and avoid burn out when you get this card, it’s ok to let others in teams take charge, whilst you work on yourself.


Familiar – Blessings to you Aries, the card I pawed out for you this week was… The Familiar.

This week let’s get familiar with it.  Those that love being around you, would love to see you.  This is the card of friendship, support and allies.  Like-minded people will be drawn to you, and you to them. It could be that they need your support as well.  In general, it is time to look at your connections and invest in the ones that serve you equally, honestly and unconditionally.

The Familiar in Wicca is a creature, that you feel naturally drawn to, for the qualities of protection, guardianship, wisdom and guidance.  I very often speak of my preference for animal friends rather than the humankind, and have found such comfort and knowledge in my pets.  If this is the case with you, look to your own creature connections for they are going to be very important to you, and their messages will be very powerful!

If you are a proud person, independent, or dare I say stubborn, you’re being told to reach out to someone you trust, and say, ‘Yep I could do with some help on this!’  They will help out, in fact, any help you seek at this time will be forthcoming if you ask for it. People like you, they want to see you less stressed, and smiling more.  What a lovely message.

Taurus –

Gaia – Taurus warm wishes how are you? This week you have a wonderful card, the Greek goddess of union and potential abundance.

But I don’t want to stop at that, she also offers healing, mother-love or even mother earth.  She is a real nature Queen.  How does that affect you? She offers you a kernel, a seed, it doesn’t look much in your hand, but the potential it has. Wow.  What could it grow into? It depends on how you nurture that seed, with good soil, water, some fertilizer, patience and love.  Now would be a good time to plant some seeds, that you could witness growing as any dreams or plans you now have grown at the same time. The sign of real plant life growing will encourage you to look after it and your dreams.

Take this seed as an opportunity to embark on new projects or put your ideas out there, for it’s a fertile time to explore new options.  There will be an element of the earth-mother or father about you, you will find your opinion is valued and your knowledge of benefit to someone who is thinking less clearly than you. If you have been feeling unclear or confused about things, you will also find that there are knowledge and wisdom available to you as well.

Use this time to nurture yourself, and your environment, whether it be your home, garden or a special area of interest in your life.  You are an earth sign and are at your best when you are at one with nature, go and find some nature to immerse yourself in. That is where you will find your focus and the energy with which to develop yourself and your life and give something back to nature if you wish.


Holy Water – Hello hello Gemini!  What is next for you let me see.  Ah hah, it’s bath time for you!

Holy Water offers you the chance to care for yourself holistically, physically and spiritually.  Therefore, you are being asked to look at your diet and lifestyle.  No not go on a diet, but look at what is in your diet, and I can guess it’s lacking water.  Your mind will appreciate this as much as your body.  Your spirit will sing out its thanks for chakras need looking after too.  Would you forget to put oil, water and fuel in your car, if you do after time something goes bang or breaks down?  Look after yourself.

The gentler side of this says take some out near a body of water, play, swim, dive, or paddle in it. If you live by the sea, go down there this week, even if you don’t, make a trip to some open area of water. When you are there study it carefully, what colour is it, how deep is it? Is there a tide? Does the breeze catch it?  Consider the body of water in our bodies, for we are mostly water aren’t we!  What colour is yours, how deep does it go? Do you have a tidal system in your solar plexus that are throwing you askew?  Breath, wait, nurture and balance.

This is a great sign that you may soon feel a sense of contentment, and of being blessed, with the added inner knowledge that you will be on the road to success.  So, roll with the waves, not against them, if they happen to be cleansing waves, that prompt you into tidying up your home, body, and mind, then let it happen. For in cleansing there is healing and release from dusty old objects or memories that no longer work in your life.  Enjoy.


Chalice – Hi Cancerians, as I write this the Crow got me up at 5.45 today, and picked was ready to write, I picked this card for you.

The Chalice comes along, following the above sign which has Holy Water, they are good friends, aren’t they?  Potentially a Chalice can hold water, it can hold anything in fact, it’s a vessel in which we can put things.  The chalice on my altar has seasonal offerings in it, it’s a clear glass one, with crystals, and special things to signify spring. If you had a chalice at the moment, what would be in it? How does that make you feel?  I change mine regularly, to keep things moving.  So maybe the first thing you could do is, get a large vessel you could drink from, and gather up some trinkets you feel will inspire you.  A favourite piece of jewellery? A small photo of yourself as a hopeful child? A plant seed? It can be anything. But put it somewhere you can see it and think positively about your future.

In doing something new like this, you are embracing change, but not on a big scale, on a smaller one. One day, at a time. For you get very gentle healing, but it won’t be without emotion, read above the Holy Water reading for Gemini, and look at how water relates to the emotions, shallow, deep, calm, boiling, frozen, and volatile.  If your cup were to hold water, ensure it’s clean, and that there is enough of it to nurture you.  This is especially important if you have Gemini-Cancer cusp as a sign.

If you are embarking on a new project, think the ace of cups in tarot, it’s a very good omen for you, especially in the area of new relationships, social, professional or personal.  Please trust your inner voice, your gut, for your psychic attunement may be taken to a deeper and higher level. Any messages that you receive will be potent and will guide you into the next steps you need to take.


The Raven – Leo hello you lovely lot! Your beautiful card is this week is The Raven! They have been chatty lately these birds, and clearly, love coming to our readings. What Leo do they have to say to you?

What is the ultimate aim you are focussed on right now? What do you know about it so far?  You have enough information around you to do what you need to do.  So why is there this area of darkness between you and your destination? It’s because you can’t see it’s dark, and you need the special powers of The Raven to help you see a path forward.

You won’t be looking at your life in the normal, but with soul connections to your spirit guides, you will be inspired by special visions, especially at night. Any messages you get now will tell you without any doubt, what you really need to see.  For the Raven seeks out the light in the dark, shiny things, glimmers of chance and hope, that other eyes cannot see.  Such gifts he points out to you, along with; opportunities, ideas, truths and confirmation of any gut feeling you’ve been having.

There is also a sense of magic about this bird, with wisdom, and ancient knowledge that comes along when you need inspiration, and guidance in situations.  It is also the case that the secrets you keep in your soul are precious, be careful who you entrust with this information.  If you are seeking a promotion in a competitive environment, or have your heart set on a very special dream, before you excitedly share this with anyone, look at your friends and those around you closely.  Also, it may be a good time to avoid gossip.

Before you go to sleep at night, consider putting one of the following crystals under your pillow; Amethyst – A multipurpose crystal, it heals, protects and aids in the ability to sleep. Clear Quartz – An amplifying crystal which amplifies the power of the other crystals and also your intentions. Lucid dreaming will be aided by colour and life to make their message stronger.  Azurite – Is a stone that provides psychic power to any activity that relies upon psychic attunement. It will enable you to understand your dreams. Happy dreaming.


Crystal Ball – Hello lovely Virgo, I have another lovely gift for you, for I’ve just picked out The Crystal Ball.

How is it going to help you? Like this… Okay that spot between your eyebrows is called your 3rd eye chakra, it’s about intuition, psychic vision and receiving messages through images. By night, by day. You are being told that you have the ability to work with this energy, to see the truth beyond attempts to hide it.  Any distractions that come your way will be quite easy to push aside and help you to maintain your focus.

Imagine you have just had an eye test and been told in fact your eyesight has improved, and you can see beyond the beyond.  This is the gift of the Crystal Ball.  Your potential can be fulfilled, for you will be able to see just what you need to do.  You may feel that in taking any time out to relax and develop your 3rd eye, you will feel a little alone time, but you will soon link up with others who are doing the same and share your energy.

I liken the Crystal Ball to the moon, for it is such an illuminating object, and it’s no coincidence that I draw this card at the time of the moon is in your sign.  No one, or nothing, can escape its gaze. What you learn at this time will be the key to how you deal with the important issues around you.

Can I suggest that you find a scrying stone or use this time to work with the moon’s energy, and reflect upon your future based on the truth that comes to light now? If you feel you need some healing to cleanse and rebalance your chakras, take a bath in magnesium salts, work with a flat crystal stone, black obsidian, to focus your gaze. And make some time for yourself to be able to receive and understand the wisdom coming, in order appropriate change.


Nemesis – Greetings warm greetings Libra, well What card am I going to pull out for us? Oooh, Nemesis!

Buzzwords or key phrases for this card are past life connections, actions carried out in this life, reckoning, and restoring balance in relationships. We all play a part in the situations we are involved in. We don’t always play the part of the good person, sometimes we get it wrong. On the other hand, sometimes, we are the wronged party. To move on peacefully, if we are able, we need to try to forgive universally. Some hurts are harder than others to do this with.

If there is a situation where you are being treated poorly now, she comes along and protects you, she will try and steer you away from them. She says an injustice has been done, and we Librans are the scales of justice.  She will show you who and what is hurting you if didn’t already know. You will then decide what to do about it. Don’t do anything about it now, let karma deal with it.

If you are waiting for news about something, the message is ‘not yet’, some more information has to come to light before you can push further. This is a positive card in spite of that, for I feel problems are challenges, truth is freedom.  You may be helping someone in order to help them progress, if there is a sense of unease or unanswered questions, the full truth of this situation will be revealed, to everyone involved.  Remain dignified, as the situation unfolds.  Someone else will deal with it. Concentrate on looking after yourself as well, don’t lose sight of your own goals.


The Cauldron – I hope your week was an enlightening and calm one. Let’s see what the deck has for you.

The Cauldron means power, simply power. You now have the power of creativity to manifest your success. With power comes great responsibility, essentially you’ve been given access to a witches or wizards hut where there is a cauldron, or two, an array of herbs, potions, ingredients and a spell book.  You can make any spell you want. For whatever purpose you want. Such a spell could very well succeed.  What could possibly go wrong?

Stop and think first. What are you going to do with your time in their hut, who are you going to involve in it? Have you considered the consequences of any successful outcomes for yourself, resulting from the potion you are going to make? Have you allowed for free will in others?  If your heart is kind when you are stirring your pot (clockwise), and whispering your wishes, with loving intention, then your spell will help you and hurt none.  If your intentions are selfish or could hurt another, you may achieve what you want for yourself in the short term, but at a cost.

This is also a time of nurturing yourself and getting the cauldron literarily means ‘take a look at what you put in your cooking pot’, make it wholesome.  Again, what you put into yourself, will help support your body, nurture your energy centre, and enable you to use this power effectively.  The old saying ‘treat your body as a temple’, fill it with love, and you will reap the benefits of being wholly involved in creating a powerful and loving version of yourself.

words as spellsSagittarius

The Mirror – You’re a lively sign, you got a lively card by the looks of it.

The Mirror says do have faith in your instincts, don’t ignore that niggling feeling. Yes, you are right. So why doubt yourself? However, what you feel may not match what someone is telling you about something going on around you right now. Don’t fear, the mirror reflects their truth, all truths. And enables you to make wiser decisions.

Mirrors are also the doorways to other realms, and you can connect to those in spirit via a mirror or shiny surface, much like still water, crystal ball or scrying stone. If you want to connect to your 3rd eye to develop your second sight, just gaze upon a mirror gently for a few minutes, you may feel your forehead tingle. This is your 3rd eye being awakened, close your eyes, what do you see? In your dreams, later on, make a note of the visions that come through.

Overall the message here is, you have the energy to sense and feel things at all levels, making you somewhat empathic. Such strong energy will guide you away from potentially harmful situations, or people who are not as genuine as they first appear. You may also be seeing yourself in your true reality, for who you really are, this is good, take a good look at yourself how great are you? Fabulous! Look at those eyes, what colour are they?  Do not focus on the things you feel are the minus points. Take in how unique and lovely you are, and believe it.


Broomstick – Hello Capricorn, warm wishes to you. Next up we have the…. Broomstick.

It’s not been out for ages this card I think it was Beltane last time. What it means for you is to make room to have some fun in your life for your energy is high, and aimed at your social life.  Why do you need the broomstick? To cleanse and heal your chakras especially your sacral chakra. This chakra is the fire pit of your body if it gets clogged up with old hurts, fears, and negative feelings it fails to function at its best. That is when you notice you find it hard to make clear decisions or doubt yourself. By having an emotional declutter you will find your instincts are so strong you cannot ignore them.

As we now know witches or practitioner of Wiccan didn’t use their brooms to transport themselves on, they kept them in their homes as a symbol of cleansing and protection. They would sweep through their homes, in order to clear negative energy.  However, metaphorically speaking a flying broomstick would help you move on in life once you know where you want to go.

I spoke of Taurus being given free rein in a witch’s kitchen, they would find it organised, and all the ingredients fresh and healthy.  Take stock of your food store when you are considering feeding your body, good food means better energy and power in your body. One such energy part you may be charging up is your passion area, expect intimacy or a fledgeling relationship to get to another level.  Don’t be afraid to acknowledge and voice your needs when it comes to your love life, now is your chance to resolve things. Communicate with love, and bring the magic into your life.


Greenman – Ah extra warm greetings you all, and an apology for being chopped off last week’s edit. I have to today pulled the Green man out of the deck for you.  Who or what is he and how does he help you? Read on.

The Green Man links into other cards very nicely, for he shares their aspects. I feel he is the male counterpart to Gaia, mother earth, for he is the guardian of the wild.  A such in connecting to the earth you will feel the benefits of both masculine and feminine energy traits. The balance of which gives you a super boost.  You would find Greenman in particular where you find trees, so one message here is to get back to nature, and connect with it. A very good friend of mine shared a meme about how to talk to trees, by hugging then, sitting with your back against their trunks, sitting facing them, or standing facing them. Just listen to the sounds you hear, and acknowledge the feelings you get in this silent communion with a tree.

At this time of year, you will notice the signs of fresh growth, new trees perhaps spurting from the woodland floor. This is a symbol of growth, fertility and the opportunity to achieve something.  You will do this by feeling strong enough to face up to things that you’d rather avoid thinking about, resulting in being able to voice your wishes, and set out your future intentions. This can feature in your professional and personal life, so expect to see good results from strong roots.

Trees branch out, they are actually sociable beings, they grow, reach out, and link to other trees, plants and animals in their home. You are the same, you can reach out to people, resolve old conflicts, meet new people, contact forgotten people.  As a result, in connecting with these people you could find yourself doing so in a protective and leadership role.  So, what are you waiting for, enjoy?

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