Your TarotScope With Our Psychic Sally 1-7th May 2019

Aries – King of Swords

Gorgeous Aries, you’re likely to be an organisational goddess this week, anything that you are wanting to sort out and organise is likely to be sorted.  The King of Swords is a powerful figure that comes to us when we’ve got the power and skills to get things done with efficiency and commitment.  You could have a substantial to do list and an almighty urge to tick them all off at once but it’s likely that you’ll enjoy this week energy of sorting things, whether that be things such as the magic art of tidying up KonMari method, plans and self-discipline.​
You have the capabilities to achieve whatever your desired outcomes are this week, your plans and commitments are likely to be on your mind and you’re probably taking your responsibilities a little more seriously this week.  The King of Swords is guiding you to satisfying those yearnings to plan by helping you to organise yourself effectively.  It’s likely that you’ll have crisp mental clarity and sound judgement this week, this will help you if you’re in a leadership role and in making beneficial decisions. ​
Working smarter rather than harder is likely to come easily to you this week, by detaching yourself from emotional situations momentarily will help keep your mind clear and unbiased, you could find that a new perspective is born this week, you could find yourself being more objective and reasonable.  One of the gifts of the King of Swords is that he gives us impartiality, helping us to be fair and reasonable, also helping us to get along with other people fabulously.  You may be reflecting on and considering your ethics and values, you are seen as a pillar of strength and some may seek your advice this week.  ​
Taurus – King of Pentacles​
Beautiful Taurus, it’s likely that money is on your mind, perhaps wealth, status and all forms of abundance are on your mind.  The King of Pentacles reminds you that you have the skills and capabilities to succeed this week, you’re likely to be able to manifest the abundance that you desire.​
Try to strive for balance this week, by focusing too much on that particular area of life could cause stagnation.  If you just focus on attaining wealth, abundance, status, you may neglect the more nourishing areas of your life.  Remember that spending time with your loved ones, family and friends is true and balanced abundant living, simple things like enjoying a nutritious meal with a loved one is another form of true abundance.  Sometimes the King of Pentacles can signify that some sound advice coming our way from someone that we view as firmly established and perhaps look up to in some way.​
Alternatively, this card can signify that we are the one offering advice and guidance, either way, it’s likely that your abundance and balance will improve this week. The King of Pentacles tinges things with success and ambition, he reminds us that we have all the goods to achieve our goals. You’re likely to succeed this week by focusing on quality rather than quantity in all your dealings, there are opportunities to have pleasurable experiences with loved ones, enjoying your successes together. ​
Gemini – Ace of Wands​
Gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got added energy this week and it’s likely that whatever you are initiating will be successful in the future. The fiery and potent energy of this card is likely to translate into thrilling experiences and exciting ideas.  There could be surges of positive energy driving and propelling towards your dreams, this is the week to throw yourself into your creativity.  ​
Pay attention to what visions you are having, honour them by bringing them to fruition, these visions are being given to you by the cosmos to assist you in expanding your consciousness and manifesting your desires and dreams.  You could be feeling ready to unleash your raw untapped potential in some way.  The raw and wild power of this week could mean that visions and ideas are coming to you thick and fast, coupled with the motivation to make things happen, you’re a force to be reckoned with this week! ​
The Ace of Wands is associated with fresh ideas and impulses, they could feel like they’re breaking through into your reality showing you that they are ready to manifest themselves.  This week you can expect to feel a new beginning of a wonderful new phase of life, there is likely to be an abundance of innovative ideas making themselves known to you.  If you can keep being hopeful and take your time when making decisions, you’ll lay strong foundations and you could see this week going incredibly smooth and full of excitement.  ​
Cancer – Justice ​
Beautiful Cancer, you’re likely to be going through a period of weighing things up this week, probably wanting to use your rational faculties to judge situations and people fairly.  Justice is reminding you that you have a chance of getting to know yourself more deeply on an intellectual level, you could be deciding something.
You’ve got an air of balanced wisdom and fairness surrounding you this week, you could find that an agreement can be reached through negotiation and in opting for fair solutions.  It’s likely that you’ll want balance and will be striving for fairness all of your dealings with others.  If you can look at things objectively this week, you’ll have a chance of getting a clearer understanding of yourself and others.  Justice is asking you to trust your intuition, your higher self is guiding you to be more honest and truthful with yourself and others. ​
Try to resist blaming and try to accept responsibility for any part you’ve taken part in, you’ll likely be able to move forward with grace, harnessing the energy of this week, moving on and not getting stuck in denial and resentment.  Remember that nobody is perfect, fairness, truth and balance help everyone including you.   You are perhaps making some changes in your strategies, there could be some sound advice offered to you this week, give it careful consideration before choosing, remember your inner guidance system is there to help you.  ​
Leo – Eight of Wands​
Gorgeous Leo, you’ve got some new momentum to look forward to this week and this is likely to be good news for you as you’ve probably been experiencing some delays and struggles recently. The Eight of Wands is telling you that you can now move forward, be active and perhaps even travel.  ​
It’s likely that you’ve unlocked some positive energy by releasing tensions and by overcoming the obstacles in your path, well done!  You’re probably feeling more confident and believe in yourself more and justifiably so!  This card symbolises a release of creative energy after a difficult period, you have probably met the annoying challenges of self-doubt and stiff competition and it’s likely that you’re now rising with a renewed energy and self-belief.  ​
The Eight of Wands is a stage in the journey to greatness and a reminder that we may need conflict, delays and struggles in life to create more authentic forms and happier life.  It’s likely that you’ll be feeling that any difficulties recently have been there to be overcome and to teach us lessons on the way.  It’s likely that you’ll be feeling that you are ready to broaden your horizons and meet new people, expect new and exciting experiences and people to come into your life to reflect this expansive time!  Take full advantage and enjoy this period of success, you’re resolving and soothing your anxieties, you’re all set to focus on personal mastery and the journey ahead.  ​
Virgo – The Hermit​
Gorgeous Virgo, it’s likely that you’re feeling quite happy to do things in your own way this week, you could be rejoicing in the extra time you’ve created for solitude, inner reflection and introspection.  Your inner guidance is stronger this week and you could be wanting to give it some space and time to speak to you if you do it’s likely you’ll experience a revealing of its sacred wisdom and guidance.​
The Hermit reminds us of what some quality time alone can do, being able to integrate what you’ve been learning recently and understand more insights. It would be wise and would serve you well to create some YOU time this week, sometimes solitude is involuntary, and we have no choice in accepting time alone for a while, try not to fill alone time up with distraction and worry, instead try to use this precious quietude to inquire within. ​
You can expect to gain some deep insights this week, into your own inner workings and into your life in general.  The Hermit is reminding you that alone time is a beautiful nurturing that can’t be found anywhere else.  If you can, try to withdraw from the busyness of life, you are being given the chance to get in touch with hidden parts of yourself, the precious gift of peace and understanding within.​
Libra – Nine of Wands
Beautiful Libra, it seems you’ve got a particular goal in sight this week and you are determined to succeed, you may be experiencing a little difficulty with your energy levels, but the Nine of Wands is a big reminder for you that you have incredible strength in reserve.  You could be feeling a little daunted by certain tasks that are ahead, but you must believe that you are equipped to deal with this because you are gorgeous warrior Libra.​
There are times where you doubt yourself, of course, we all have those times, but this week isn’t one of them, this is the week to believe in yourself and what you’re aiming for, you do have incredible strength to conquer whatever is happening.  It appears that you are close to the finishing line of your goal, you could need to make one more big effort to reach it, but you can and will do it!​
If you’re feeling a bit exhausted and quite overwhelmed, you can get through these feelings by reminding yourself that this isn’t the first challenge you have faced and overcome, you are so much stronger as result of your past tests and tribulations.  The trials of the past have put you in a stronger position than you realise, deep down within you, you have a formidable reserve that will keep you going. Keep in touch with your imaginative power this week, keep your aim in your mind, try to conserve your energy where you can.  Keep your mind on what lies beyond the present situation and those reserves will be useful.  You can do it, you can achieve anything you desire if you take care of you in the process. ​
Scorpio – Ten of Pentacles​
Beautiful Scorpio, you could find that you feel all your material wishes are being met, you’re likely to be feeling grounded, secure and that things are going exceedingly well for you. You may be feeling queen/king of your life and deliriously happy with the home and/or family life.  ​
It’s likely that you have a great deal to be thankful for and it’s likely that you know that if you keep on counting your blessings you will attract even more blessings into your life.  You could be wanting to make the best of this week’s energy and maybe you’re feeling that you want to share what you have, remember that you get back what you give out.  It’s likely that you’ll be feeling that you can give freely and from the bottom of your heart.  Things are on the upswing and will be improving, even if you can’t see signs of this yet, the Ten of Pentacles is reminding you how amazing you are and how many blessings you have.
Abundance and money could be flowing towards you and attracted to you this week, you could find that you have more than enough money to meet your needs, if so, you may want to invest in your future and save some of what you have. This week is likely to be a time of peace, joy, and abundance for you. Who you share it with is up to you, enjoy these positive feelings and share them in whatever way you can and feels right. ​
Sagittarius – Seven of Swords​
Gorgeous Sagittarius, you’re moving away from some stressful experiences towards some calmer and beneficial ones, you may be choosing your words carefully and wisely, perhaps biting your tongue with someone. This week the Seven of Swords is asking you to have some tact and diplomacy for you to achieve your desired results.  It could seem dishonest for you to withhold the truth and be a little economical with the facts, but a particular situation may call for it.  ​
It could be that the words you really wish to say wouldn’t be received that well and they could unintendedly hurt somebody’s feelings, so this is why you’re being reminded of the need to package your words more carefully this week.  Politicians, counsellors and some other communicative professions know the friendly face of guile and tact, they know that when they frame their words carefully that their message is received more easily rather than being dismissed and rejected.
It would be wise to embody and channel your inner counsellor this week, being diplomatic in all your communications will ensure that negotiations run smoothly and will also help emotions stay calm, enabling communication exchanges to be fluid and respectful.  You’re likely to be able to help diffuse any negative situations by being diplomatic, bringing you more positive results, this week your mental faculties will be on top form reminding you to have faith and that you’ll find exactly the right words to say.  ​
Capricorn – The Magician​
Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got The Magician so you can expect some spookily and magical coincidences as your manifestation and intense inner power are likely to be on fine form. Balance and personal mastery are likely to come easily for you this week, you are in touch with your inner guide, your intuition and gut will help you find new ways to develop your manifestation skills and abilities.  This is how The Magician communicates with us, he is the bridge between spirit and the world.
It would be wise this week to ask your inner guide questions this week and await signals and signs from your body and in the world around you. Pay attention to the visions you have, imagine in detail what you want your life to look and feel like, keep those visions in your imagination this week and you could begin to see the results of your conscious creation unfold and materialize.  ​
The Magician is asking you to make the most of this week’s energy to get in touch with your inner magic, imagine what you’d like your life to be and feel like, make a vision board, journal, create your reality in a new direction.  You know that a positive attitude and a whole load of optimism will bring you a new beginning and with positive experiences.  You’ve got loads of potentials to harness your inner magic.  ​
Aquarius – Three of Wands​
Gorgeous Aquarius, it’s likely that you’ll full to the brim with ideas, energy and new possibilities this week, you have extra power and energy to achieve a great deal giving you a great sense of optimism and inner strength.   New opportunities are likely to be offered to you, you could have some transformational ideas and you’re likely already sensing that there is much further you’d like to travel in realising and materialising your dreams and ambitions.  ​
The Three of Wands brings fresh momentum in your life this week, you’re likely to be fired up, enthusiastic and feeling motivated to launch yourself into whatever the task at hand is.  You’ve got the determination and strength needed to persevere with your goals this week, you could see some amazing plans coming to fruition quicker than you’d hoped.  The Three of Wands is reminding you that you must remain focused if you want your desires to manifest, this is an opportunistic time to promote yourself and let your talents shine bright.  ​
It could be wise to consider how well do you sell yourself, if you are shy or timid about speaking up about your skills and attributes, perhaps you could watch some motivational videos on TedTalks about public speaking or read about confidence boosting tips.  This is the week to acknowledge how blooming brilliant you are and allow yourself to be seen and promote what you do, celebrate yourself, keep on believing in yourself and continue to be your own biggest fan.​
Pisces – Ten of Wands​
Beautiful Pisces, things may have been a bit hectic for you lately.  If they have been, then this could be a friendly reminder to take some much-needed rest if you can.  The Ten of Wands is reminding you that even busy bees have to rest, you could find that delegating, asking for help or accepting it will be beneficial for you this week.
Could you have taken on a lot recently?  You could be feeling the results of trying to juggle too much all at once bless you.  It’s brilliant to have goals and ambitions but remember that we have to take the steps to get there, to try and do everything at once or too quickly could result in exhaustion.  ​The Ten of Wands is asking you to take some time to step back and assess your situation from a distance, by having some time out you’ll renew from all the hard work, you’ll also see things from a different perspective and perhaps be able to think more objectively about your situation.
You could be feeling overburdened and tired but you’re likely to be able to lighten your load by letting go of some plans for a while.  If you can relinquish some ties, you’ll instantly feel buoyant and optimistic again, you could be feeling as if you’ve reached a point of exhaustion, that you can’t go on as you are, or perhaps feeling that you have too many responsibilities to carry.  ​

It’d be great for you to consider what can you delegate this week.  Maybe by sharing your load and responsibilities, you’ll see just how much others would like to help you, and this could uplift and help you to feel supported.  Share what you can lovely Pisces, accept what help is offered to you, rest and have a good laugh, things are looking up.

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