Your Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 22nd October 2018

Aries – Knight of Pentacles

Beautiful Aries, it’s likely that you’ll receive some good news this week that you’ve been waiting for. Make sure that you pay attention to the simple and normal parts of your life this week, tending to the little things will ensure that the big things will all fall into place nicely for you. Handling your affairs is like a grounding exercise, getting things in order will help you to feel more secure and stable.

How well are you dealing with your responsibilities at the moment? Are you shying away from sorting things out or are you ready to get cracking? Perhaps asking for or accepting support and help will further your plans. Remember that we naturally sociable, supportive and compassionate creatures and that we need help from time to time, it could be nice for others to assist you, so they get to feel the emotional reward of helping.

There may be a wise and savvy person that offers you some sound advice this week, or it could be you that’s embodying this wisdom and helping another. Finances are likely to improve this week, money and resources could be coming to you soon, and it could come from anywhere so keep a lookout. The Knight of Pentacles is giving you a boost of energy to help you crack on with what needs doing and work through your to-do list. You may find it easy to take care of business and self-care this week, getting enough rest and sleep, perhaps exercise, and eating healthy foods will be on your agenda too.

Taurus – Six of Wands

Gorgeous Taurus, you’ve got the victory card! Something of great importance will be achieved very soon, it’s likely that you’ll reach a milestone and have a peak experience, you can reap some yummy rewards for your dedicated efforts, there’s the sweet smell of victory in the air and your success is likely to be readily visible in the eyes of others. Big well done!

The Six of Wands is asking you to celebrate and take some time to recognize your achievements and accomplishments this week. You’ve likely been working incredibly hard to bring something to fruition and it’s all down to your hard work and tenacity that you’ve reached this point. You have harmony around you and you can expect to receive some form of recognition for your hard work and effort this week.

This card marks the end of one cycle and the beginning of another, a brand-new fresh start is promised, so how are you going to celebrate your hard-earned success? You may be feeling like there is further to travel, it’s likely that you’re feeling you have much more you want to do and a great deal more you want to achieve, and you can do it so go for it! This is an exciting week where you can enjoy wonderful acknowledgement, everything you’ve been working hard on has helped you to reach this point, this week is likely to give your confidence a boost.

You’re a hub of inspiration for other this week, others are likely to want to achieve as you have. Enjoy this period of victory and achievement, whilst keeping your eyes on the goals you still would like to attain, you are likely feeling optimistic this week and feeling good about your achievements.

Gemini – Knight of Swords

Gorgeous Gemini, you’re likely to experience change this week, there’s likely to be a transformation in your perspective and accompanying this perhaps there will be some upheaval. You’re entering a mind-expanding period, where everyday patterns can be altered, and life can change dramatically or radically. It’s likely that you’re feeling ready to expand your mental powers and you could even feel like you want to move things around, or suddenly want to change something in your life.

The Knight of Swords can sometimes signify that change is on its way, usually, though this is an inner change, it’s likely that you’ll be thinking and perceiving things in a radically different way, you might suddenly want to break away from what you’re doing and want to do something completely different.

You may feel like going in a new direction and you could decide to create positive change and feel an urge to channel your mental energies into something fresh and exciting. Your knowledge and intellect are your best buddies this week, utilising your skills and tapping into your wisdom will help you judge your circumstances objectively, you’ll be able to deal with any obstacles swiftly and effectively. You won’t suffer fools gladly this week, you’ll find that the more rational you can be the easier things will be for you.

Cancer – The Magician

Gorgeous Cancer,

Wowza! you’ve got all the magic this week. The Magician is reminding you of your intense inner power and your ability to create magical experiences in your life. You’re likely to be channelling your inner Harry Potter and manifestation can come easily for you this week. You can expect to meet your inner guide and be able to tap into the reservoir of wisdom within you, finding new ways to develop your manifestation skills and abilities are likely to come forth. The Magician symbolizes the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity and the conscious and subconscious mind. Pay attention to the visions you have this week, as they are likely to be harbingers of future happiness and fulfilment.

Ask yourself what you want your life to look and feel like and keep those visions and feelings fresh and you may start to see the results of conscious creations rapidly. If you’re not feeling this magic within at the moment, try to use this week’s energy to access your inner magic and imagine how you’d like your life to look and feel like, journal, draw paint, if you map it out this way you’re likely to feel and experience that you can create your reality. This is a potent week for you, you could feel like you desire to begin something new, your positive attitude and lovely optimism will bring you to new results and perhaps a new beginning. Harnessing the power of The Magician and working your inner magic could see you creating success in everything that you do, own it Cancer and work it!

Leo – Nine of Wands

Beautiful Leo, your energy reserves are likely to be important to you this week, it’s probable that you’ve got quite a bit you’re wanting achieve and you are determined to succeed, but you could find you’re concerned about your energy levels, but the Nine of Wands is reminding you that you do have incredible strength in reserve. You may be feeling a little daunted by certain responsibilities that are ahead but must believe that you are equipped and able to deal with it.

There could be times where you might doubt yourself this week, but this card is coming to you to show you that you have incredible strength to conquer and overcome whatever is happening. You are incredibly close to the finishing line of your task or goal, you may just need to make one more big effort to reach it and obtain it.

You could be feeling exhausted and quite overwhelmed at times, so try to take good care of yourself with getting rest when you can and getting good nutrition, you can get through this by reminding yourself of the recent challenges that you have faced and overcome, as a result, you have come through this week feeling stronger and more capable. The trials and tribulations you’ve faced have put you in a stronger position than you realise wonderful Leo, and the Nine of Wands is highlighting that you have the powers of endurance to get through this. Deep down within you, you have a formidable reserve that will keep you going and help you achieve your outcomes, draw upon that inner fire that keeps you fired up, enthusiastic and determined to win.

Virgo – Queen of cups

Gorgeous Virgo,

you’re in touch with your innermost feelings this week and the guidance you’ll receive from your emotions will help you to encounter the depths of your soul. The Queen of Cups shines a light on your intuition and makes it intense, your feelings are likely to be crystal clear and as clear as water this week. There could be situations that arise that encourage you to immerse yourself in your inner world, you may feel that your life has a mystical quality about it and your sensitivity and gentleness towards yourself and others will attract love and adoration to you. You may find it easy to nurture yourself and others this week, therefore drawing and circumstances that feel good to you.

There may be an opportunity for you to express your innermost feelings to someone dear to you, you could be at a point in your life where your foresight and emotional maturity are helping you make decisions that are beneficial and fulfilling to you.

The Queen of Cups is associated with getting in touch with the unfathomable depths of your feelings, women and men that are incredibly supportive of you are likely to embrace you and encourage you this week, you’re attracting these beneficial people and circumstances because you’ve been treating yourself with love and compassion, keep it up and keep filling up your own cup first, emotional balance is yours, check in with your feelings, if it feels good to follow it.

Libra – Three of Pentacles

Beautiful Libra,

there could be some form of celebration or acknowledgement this week as you are likely to be feeling good about something related to your body, home or work. Three of Pentacles tells us that whatever we have been working hard on is beginning to grow and it’s likely that you’ll be able to see the fruits of your labours. Your amazing efforts and hard work are likely to be recognised this week, by yourself and others. Others in your life will probably be quite vocal about their appreciation of you and all of your efforts, your commitment and tenacity are being noticed. It’s likely that people will be noticing the quality of what you do and the care you put into things, you could receive a gift or reward this week for all of your efforts.

Keep it up what you’re doing as the Three of Pentacles is telling you that you are on the right path, you may feel like you want to do more but this week but it’s likely that you’ll be encouraged to pause, acknowledge and perhaps celebrate! Try to maintain a positive attitude, keep up the good work, and the rewards will come to you in ways you can’t imagine. Things seem to be improving and looking up for you, relationships can be enhanced and improved this week.

If you been thinking of furthering your skills and abilities, this card is reminding you that you can further your growth and expand your horizons, accept any praise that comes your way this week as this will buoy and uplift your spirit, helping you to reach further heights of fulfilment.

Scorpio – Ace of Swords

Gorgeous Scorpio,

there’s a new beginning promised this week in the way you look at things and how you perceive yourself and the world. The Ace of Swords comes to us when the mind is incredibly sharp and aware, clarity, rationality and reason are ours when we receive this card. You may find it easier to make quick and sensible decisions, it’s likely that you’ll have the foresight necessary to see how your decisions impact your future circumstances. You could have a sudden realisation about your life and you could want to change the way you do things in a radical way.

The Ace of Swords is telling you that you have the ability and skills to deal with any adversity or difficulties with ease and grace this week. Conflicts can sometimes arise when we get this card, it’s usually as a result of us changing our mind about something, as all changes in our experience start with an inner change, you may find it easy to look for new solutions to old problems and you will likely feel strong, capable and prepared to stand up for what you believe in if necessary. This is an exciting new beginning where it’s likely that you are ready to act and be decisive, passionate about what you think and believe in.

Sagittarius – Nine of Pentacles

Beautiful Sagittarius,

you’re likely to get a confidence boost this week as you’re likely to be feeling happy with yourself for all of your hard work recently. The Nine of Pentacles is a beautiful card that comes to us when we’ve got multiple things are bringing us immense happiness and satisfaction. It’s likely that you’re feeling self-satisfied emotionally, mentally and physically. Material success, wellbeing and contentment usually arise when we get this card. How are you feeling with your personal achievements recently? Have you been feeling the increase in confidence as a result of gaining something of great personal importance? The Nine of Pentacles give us a strong sense of uniqueness and pleasure with what we have been able to achieve.

There could be an increase in self-esteem because of the success of your efforts and hard work. This week it seems that you have earned your rewards, and this is likely giving you feelings of long-lasting satisfaction, you could have been successful in completing something of great importance recently. Material comfort and happiness can be yours this week if you can acknowledge yourself and pat yourself on the back and celebrate your achievements.

When the Nine of Pentacles comes to us, it highlights an internal state of being comfortable with who we are and what we do in the world, it’s likely that you’re getting a sense of your own unique abilities and valuing your life in a new and profound way.

Capricorn – Six of Pentacles

Gorgeous Capricorn,

what a beautiful card, this week there’s likely to be plentiful feelings and experiences of generosity and goodwill. The theme of the Six of Pentacles is heart-warming and pleasant. It’s likely that what you’ve sown in the past is ready to be reaped this week, you could see that karma is repaying you in some way. You could be feeling lucky and feeling like the world is a kind and benevolent place, you could feel that you have a renewed sense of faith and you may feel like you want to be generous with your money, time and resources. You could be planning something exciting, perhaps a trip or a new project, whatever you’re planning, it’s likely that you’re wanting to generous and share what you have with those dearest to you.

The saying of “What goes around comes around” is perfect for this card, it’s likely that your kindness and love that you’ve shown to others will come back to you, this week it’s time to reap the rewards of what you have been sowing and planting. You could receive help from a generous and heart-warming person, just the right time, therefore renewing your faith in human nature. You might be in a fortuitous position to share your resources with others, it’s likely that you’ll have feelings of well-being and security this week, the beautiful balance of giving and receiving is likely to be important to you.

Aquarius – Queen of Wands

Beautiful Aquarius, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling charged up and passionate about something this week. Your energy levels are likely to be high and feelings of abundance, warmth and generosity are likely to be present. You may feel like being like a cosy fire to people in your life, inspiring them and nurturing them in some way, others are seeing you as a powerful, strong, courageous person. The Queen of Wands is a dedicated, loyal and passionate figure and you’re either embodying this archetype yourself or someone that embodies her will appear and assist you this week.

Your relationships are likely to be enhanced this week, as you’re giving the impression to others that you are warm, compassionate and inspiring. It’s likely that you may enjoy privacy and self-sufficiency this week, it’s as if you don’t need to rely upon others for confidence, support, inspiration or guidance. You’re drawing the right opportunities to you this week, you could have a realisation about your amazing inner wisdom and guidance, the energy you’re radiating is giving you an air of power and vivifying spirit, you are exuding and giving off an authentic self-esteem and beauty effortlessly this week, you may feel an urge to mentor or guide in some way.

Pisces – King of Wands

Beautiful Pisces,

you’re likely to be feeling quite wise, open, and adventurous this week. You could find that you have an abundance of energy that you want to use in a new and positive direction. There could be feelings emerging within you that feel forceful and ambitious, it’s like you’re looking to conquer something. The King of Wands is an entrepreneurial figure and when we receive this card it’s likely that targets and goals are obtainable and reachable. The energy of this week is showing you that you have the universes support and you see that others are surrounding and rallying around to help you soar and achieve your goals.

You could feel that you are a leader in some field of expertise and others may be finding you incredibly inspiring this week. The King of Wands tells us that we can be a leader and that we have the skills and capabilities to be victorious and successful. What is alighting your soul and spirit on fire with enthusiasm, excitement and passion? Focus on those things this week to make the most of this week’s energies, ask yourself what fills you up with passion and energy, by making time for contemplation and visualisation there could be some sudden insights where your future path becomes clearer and more exciting.

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