Your weekly Astrotarot with our psychic Sally 6th August 2018

Your weekly Astrotarot with our psychic Sally 6th August 2018
Aries – Two of Cups 
Partnerships and cooperation are likely to be on your mind and heart this week sweet Aries, The Two of Cups represents attraction and a polarisation of the initial raw energy of The Ace of Cups. Meaning that this week you are likely to experience plenty of emotionally satisfying experiences! Woohoo!  You may have a glimpse into the future and see what you are in the process of becoming. Perhaps a long and heartfelt wish will come true for you, remember that when you take good care of yourself the world responds in kind. Relationships of all kinds could be a great source of happiness for you and some reconciliation that you may have been hoping for.  Attraction and physical pleasure could be on the cards for you this week if you are coupled up if you are currently single The Two of Cups is urging you towards fulfilment with your friends and perhaps a potential new lover. Its all about LOVE this week, you’re oozing it, be love, choose love over fear, see love in all situations.
Taurus – Page of Wands
You are on the cusp of a fragile new beginning dearest Taurus, you are likely to have some stirrings of creative potentials within yourself and these may manifest as a restlessness at work or even some annoying frustrations and feelings of dissatisfaction to urge you to change your life. You may have some visions and fantasies accompanying this restlessness, it is important and vital to take your visions seriously as they are harbingers of an intense strong source of inspiration. If you are experiencing frustrations realise that these experiences are urging you and pushing you to change your life for the better. You may have an idea and be fearful of failure, it is these initial beginnings of ideas that usher in newer and brighter ideas so have faith! Take care of your inner child this week and do things that bring you joy to help you shake yourself out of boredom and stagnation, for The Page of Wands is ushering in some new beginnings and potentials for you.
Gemini – Strength
You have everything you need within and without you to cope with life‘s challenges dearest Gemini, as the card Strength is reminding you of your immense courage and tenacity. There could be a situation where you are challenged to handle your own anger and perhaps pride, with courage, self-discipline and strength.  You will be able to deal with the situation effectively and perhaps feel that you have gained a magical skin of some sort, a protective barrier which helps you to feel strong and transform situations. We all need the powerful and animalistic drives in our lives as they are vital and creative, there is a part of the psyche that is associated with these animalistic drives.  It is likely this week you will have the opportunity to express your unique individuality coupled with your wild passion. You have the power, courage and strength to achieve anything you wish to, harness any aggression and direct it towards creative pursuits this week for the most benefit.
Cancer – Justice 
Clarity of vision is yours this week dearest Cancer, you are likely to have clear perceptions and an ability to weigh one thing up against another to arrive at an impartial judgement. Justice is about fairness and truth and it is likely that you will be striving for both of these virtues this week.  You may also be contemplating your own set of values and principles and wondering if you are upholding and living by these.  You may find yourself having a strong sense of self-worth also this week and a newfound sense of value for your life. For it when you have a clear and impartial outlook, you are able to cope with any of life‘s challenges from a stable base and express your unique soul.  Justice is helping you to be ethical with yourself and others, you may be making a decision about something in particular whilst respecting fairness and truth.
Leo – The High Priestess
You have wonderful access to your mysterious inner world this week dearest Leo, you can literally dive into your unconscious and discover what lies beneath and beyond the ordinary daylight world.  In this deep and elusive world of the unconscious, lies a hidden world full of riches and potentials that are yet to be discovered. You may find that secrets are revealed this week or knowledge that you have been longing to understand comes to the surface, your intuitive powers are heightened and you may experience some encounters with the hidden world of the unconscious. The High Priestess is guiding you to turn your attention inwardly and to allow this deeper and more subtle power to guide your life.  This is a beautiful card and ultimately could help you to reveal the secrets of your real purpose and the patterns of your destiny.
Virgo – The Devil
You have plenty of opportunities this week to break free anything that has been holding you. For instance, this could be a negative habit or addiction.  If you’ve been wanting to give something up recently The Devil could help you do this.  Everybody has parts of themselves they don’t particularly like and it is The Devil that helps us to accept and love all of ourselves, when we bring the dark parts of our nature into the night we become more whole. If you experience any fear this week try to do some grounding exercises.  The Devil is associated with the god Pan whom the Greeks worshipped as the great All.  Remind yourself that you have the power to change your circumstances and release yourself from anything that has been holding you in bondage. We are all made up of light and dark this is what makes us whole, embrace your wholeness this week and feel free.
Libra – The Magician
Wisdom and fortune, magical manifestation and a new awareness of unexplored possibilities could be yours this week dearest Libra. The Magician card can be likened to an inner guide meaning that no matter what is happening or how lost or confused we might be somewhere within us there is a power that has the foresight and guidance to divine which direction to take. You may have some sudden aha moments or hunches, for instance, you may bump into somebody that reveals some magical information or experience a strange turn of fate. These things are catalysts on your journey and reminders that you have capacities yet to be developed. The Magician is master of all the elements, this week you are likely to feel in touch with yourself deeply and all of your resources, therefore trusting your sacred inner wisdom and intuition.
Scorpio – Nine of Pentacles
You’re likely to be feeling pretty good this week dearest Scorpio, as The Nine of Pentacles is a card of achievements and awards in your own eyes. This card speaks of self-sufficiency and accomplishments that come from within you, nobody can take away this confidence because there is a permanence and indomitable aspect to The Nine of Pentacles.  You have worked incredibly hard to get to this position and your satisfaction is dependent upon no one outside of yourself, when we reach this level of self-worth usually our finances and material wealth reflect this deep and permanent sense of self-value. You have met life’s challenges on a material level and you have survived them, therefore, this has given you a solid sense of identity and an appreciation of your own unique abilities.
Sagittarius – King of Wands
Wow, Sagittarius this could be the week where you find yourself pushed into a leadership role and to manifest your ideas. The King of Wands is the embodiment of a true hero, he has an amazing vision that humanity could be more than it is. Do you have a vision that sets your soul on fire?  Someone may come into your life this week that is fiery and impulsive, they could inspire you to believe in your ideas. This card could manifest as an infectious excitement bubbling from within you, you may find yourself bursting at the seams to improve something, change something or create something new altogether! You have the power and the nobility to shape things as you wish this week, remember if there is no vision there is no confidence either, believe in your visions and bring them out into the world, we need them and we need you.
Capricorn – The Sun 
You are likely to feel more optimistic than you have in awhile this week dearest Capricorn as The Sun is gifting you clarity and optimism. We usually get this card after a period of darkness and uncertainty, The Sun is coming out from behind the clouds and lighting the path ahead, giving you energy and vitality to strive for your goals. If you’re not feeling this yet trust that is coming to you this week.  Sometimes this card is related to the power of music that moves our soul, you may be drawn to listening to uplifting songs to transport your soul and your state of mind to higher and more uplifting place. If you’ve been hoping for some clarity in a particular situation this could be the week where you gain valuable insight and understanding.
Aquarius – Six of Swords
You may find yourself moving away from difficult feelings and turbulent states of mind towards more serene and calm states. You may have gained some consciousness and perhaps some peace in recognising your limitations recently.  The Six of Swords is a card of a tranquil state of mind that is gained by facing obstacles and perhaps frustrations.  What have you been experiencing recently that perhaps has had your mind in turmoil?  This card is telling you that the worst is behind you and that you can look forward to a clearer path ahead. You may be drawn to seeking out helpful information that eases your anxiety, for instance, reading this article and your astrology could relieve some difficulties and help you to gain insight.
Pisces – Temperance 
You are likely to be seeking balance this week dearest Pisces as the card Temperance is guiding you to have harmony and balance. You may feel the need for a flow of feeling this week in particular relationship perhaps some urges to share your feelings in order to have a balanced heart could arise. This is a beautiful card as it promises harmony in our relationships and within ourselves.  A healing talk could happen, leaving you feeling lighter and freer. What are you seeking balance and harmony in this week? Is it your personal relationships or perhaps your relationship to yourself? Either way, you are likely to experience a renewal of your relationship and feel a bridging of heaven and earth restoring harmony in your life.


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