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Aries – Six of Wands

Gorgeous Aries, you’ve got the Six of Wands this week which means you’re likely to be victorious as this is known as the card of victory. Keep a lookout and remain full of positive anticipation as there is likely to be some form of celebration to look forward to this week as triumph is yours. You could have been feeling frustrated recently with some delays, setbacks and hindrances but this week looks to be a clear stretch of fruitful activity where your plans and goals can be obtained with ease and grace.

There may be a new path or goal that you’re conjuring this week, if so make sure you celebrate your successes before leaping towards the next challenge, although you appear to be able to surmount obstacles and rise to challenges, it would be good for you to take stock how much you’re already doing and acknowledge your fabulous self. This week looks to be one of attainment and contentment, celebrate all your victories, you’re doing amazingly.

Taurus – Queen of Swords

Beautiful Taurus, you’ve got the Queen of Swords this week so you’re likely to be feeling a little serious about your responsibilities and level of perfection. It would be good for you to understand and remind yourself that no one is perfect and striving for perfection can cut us off from our emotions and inner life.

Sometimes the appearance of the Queen of Swords can signify someone coming into our life that resembles her qualities, you yourself could also be embodying the icy queen demeanour. You’re likely to be able to achieve a lot this week and your organisational skills will be on fire, but try to be gentle with yourself during the process of fine tuning things.

There could be a vibe you’re unintentionally giving off, others may view you as a little aloof or distant whilst you’re getting your head around new things. You’ve got the gift of clarity of mind and sound judgement this week, use it to your advantage and you’ll be feeling stronger and more confident as a result.

Gemini – King of Pentacles

Gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got the King of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be considering how you can improve your finances, abundance and social status. You could be in line for a promotion or advancement of some kind so be sure to keep a look out for new opportunities that are on their way to you.

The King of Pentacles is asking you to be honest about what makes you feel secure and grounded, also you’re being asked to think about what true abundance feels like to you. Is it having good relationships with family and friends? Having plenty of food on the table and a roof over your head? Sometimes we can overlook the more subtle signs that we are abundant when we are always striving for more.

Make some time this week to consider how you feel about your current blessings and abundance, when you count your blessings you have more to count and make yourself into a magnet to attract more wealth and blessings.

Cancer – King of Wands

Beautiful Cancer,

you’ve got the King of Wands this week so you’re being nudged, pushed and encouraged to believe in your glorious self this week. You may have been feeling a little lacklustre recently and unsure what to focus on, this week you’re likely to feel a boost of inspiration to follow the path of success. You can expect your confidence to increase as you’re being guided towards the limelight in some way, if only you could see yourself as others see you sweet Cancer.

You’re a dazzling unique soul and the King of Wands has come to you this week to remind you to shine your light and believe in your magnificence. You could have an opportunity to promote yourself and what you do in a new way this week, if so, seize the chance to shine your light as brightly as possible. You may be in line for an amazing promotion or new position, whatever it is, you’re likely to be feeling like you’ve come out of your shell in a new way and recognised for your wonderful ideas and contributions.

Leo – Eight of Pentacles

Gorgeous Leo,

you’ve got the Eight of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be wanting to get stuck in with what needs doing this week and keep your head down to some degree. If you’re currently working, you’re likely wanting to mind your own business and crack on with your workload, you can get a lot done this week at work and at home by focusing on the task at hand and detaching from invitations from colleagues to participate in workplace drama.

You’re being recognised for your talents and skills this week, you have an opportunity to excel at what you do by being totally in the moment and focusing on what you’re working on. By doing this, all of your relationships will benefit, especially the one you have with YOU which of course is the most important one of all.

The Eight of Pentacles is helping you to tick off your to do list with grace and energy, if you try and multitask you could succumb to pessimism and negativity, by agreeing with yourself that your best is good enough and to do one thing at a time, you’ll sail through this week with buoyancy, optimism and vitality. You’re amazing at what you do and what you contribute is valued, take time this week to remind yourself of that.

Virgo – Wheel of Fortune

Beautiful Virgo, you’ve got the Wheel of Fortune this week so you’re likely to experience a change in your circumstances and experience. You’re likely already feeling the change in the air and you’re hopefully feeling full of positive anticipation for what lies ahead for you. The only constant in life is change and when we accept and embrace the changes in our life we can relax, let go, trust and enjoy the process of the wheel turning and our life changing.

The Wheel of Fortune is asking you to notice that changes in your outer life and experience are directly linked to the inner changes you art creating and experiencing. You’re likely to be quite aware of the power of your internal dialogue this week, the universe is always listening and what you speak of whether that be inwardly or outwardly, is conjuring and created into existence in the material world. Use this magical transformational energy this week to create some brilliant things.

Remember that the universe has your back and is rooting for your happiness, embrace the seasons of change in your life and ask yourself honestly what you’d truly like to manifest, your experience is awaiting your commands.

Libra – King of Cups

Gorgeous Libra,

you’ve got the King of Cups this week sweetheart so finally you’ll be feeling like you can open your heart and relax. How does this sentence resonate with you? The King of Cups marks a turning point in your emotional life and it seems that you’re healing from past hurts and also making new emotionally fulfilling memories with someone special.

It’s likely that you’ve been the one that others can turn to in times of trouble, you’re probably the one that listens and comforts and offers soothing advice, people are drawn to your warm, kind and empathetic nature. This week though, things seem a little different, the King of Cups is signifying that you’ll be the one that’s opening up to someone and sharing your feelings about things. If so, there’s likely to be an influx of people that would be there to support you, all you have to do is ask.

This is a new chapter in your emotional life and this week could see the deepening of a relationship with someone that’s emotionally intelligent, warm and kind. Open your arms and heart this week beautiful, life’s about to be much smoother and more gentle.

Scorpio – Three of Cups

Beautiful Scorpio,

you’ve got the Three of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling good about your relationships this week. Sometimes this card can signify some brilliant news is on its way to you, giving you lots to celebrate about. You may already be in the celebratory mood and organising a party or get together of some kind.

This week you are likely to have an attitude of gratitude and wanting to share your blessings and abundance with those you love, take some time this week to acknowledge and thank those in your life that have been there for you in the recent ups and downs, they would love to hear your news and witness your development. It’s likely you’ll be feeling positive about the future and thankful for the lessons of the past.

You may have felt bruised by past emotionally draining situations, but things are brightening up and you are evolving in untold positive ways, keep following your bliss and joy.

Sagittarius – Five of Cups

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

you’ve got the Five of Cups this week so you’re likely feeling a bit miffed about something, is there a bee in your bonnet? Or something that’s got you feeling frustrated and a bit unsure. But to worry sweetheart! It seems that you could be focusing on what’s upsetting and annoying, but there’s still so much to be worked upon and all is not lost.

This week is a great time to look within and really assess how you feel about someone or something, have you been putting unnecessary pressure on yourself or others by having unrealistic expectations? If so, this is a good time to take stock of your feelings and mark them against reality, as you may be fearing the worst when in reality things are much better than they seem. This is the main message of the Five of Cups, that things aren’t as bad as your feeling or imagining them to be.

Try to examine what’s positive and what you can heal, all will be well sweetheart. Remember that loving relationships happen and continue when we have an excellently loving relationship with our self, amp up your self love today and this week for the most positive outcomes.

Capricorn – Nine of Cups

Beautiful Capricorn,

you’ve got the Nine of Cups this week so you’re likely to experience some beautifully intense feelings of joy, gratitude, love, harmony, and amazing happiness! The Nine of Cups is known as the wish card, yes that’s right, it signifies a wish or a few coming true! So darling, the important question is, what are you wishing for?

What are your hopes and dreams at the moment? The Nine of Cups is coming to you to give the boost you may need to seek out what you truly desire, the clearer you can be about your wishes the more easily the universe can help you. Remember that the universe has your back, wants you to succeed and be happy!

But you must do your bit too in actualising your dreams to make them come to fruition. Take time this week to pat yourself on the back for how well you’ve done recently to walk away from things that haven’t been serving you and embracing and walking towards things and people that are good for you and your soul. Everything you’ve been through is important now as your dreams have the potential to come true, go you!

Aquarius – The Magician

Gorgeous Aquarius,

you’ve got The Magician this week so you’re likely to experience some magic and twists and turns of fate! This week you’ve got the reins and you can make magic happen! But you must believe and trust that you have the keys within you to solve any problems and surmount obstacles. The Magician comes to us when we’re in need of a reminder of how freaking magical and awesome we are, soooo Aquarius, you are more magical than you realise and this week you can have multiple opportunities to realise this and strut your magical self on the metaphorical dance floor.

You’re likely to experience some unusual and magical experiences that have the potential to uplift you and prove to you that there is a hidden magic helping achieve your dreams. This week is a great time to harness your magic by mapping out your desires, dream journal, paint, draw and create your reality! Harry Potter hasn’t got anything on your magic skills this week, seek out that which fascinates and intrigues you as The Magician has much to show you.

Pisces – Temperance

Beautiful Pisces,

you’ve got Temperance this week so you can expect for your relationships to feel more harmonious and happy. Perhaps things have felt a little topsy turvy recently and you may have struggled to communicate with your significant other or with a particular person. It’s seems that you’ve done well in communicating your truth and you’ve been able to clear the air, come to an agreement and achieve harmony.

If you’re not feeling that yet, this week it’s probable that you’ll have that healing conversation you’re longing for. Temperance comes to us when we feel like we want peace, balance, harmony and love, you’re being asked to continue to be brave and speak your truth, expressing our negative feelings in a peaceful way means they’re heard and understood in a productive way, in doing so we remove stagnation from our heart and our relationships. By loving ourselves and others exactly as they are and we are beings about tremendous harmony and joy in all our relationships, this week you can expect some rainbows and feelings of balance and calm.

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