Your weekly Tarot Reading With Our Psychic Sally 12th August 2019

Your weekly Tarot Reading With Our Psychic Sally 12th August 2019

Aries – The Hanged Man

Gorgeous and beautiful Aries,

The Hanged Man reveals you are likely to be putting your trust in a higher power and perhaps making a voluntary sacrifice for a greater good. The Hanged Man comes to us when we make a powerful commitment to work hand-in-hand with the universe to create amazing positive magic.

Are you considering changing things that have outworn their purpose in your life, perhaps this is an outdated way of thinking, it could be a negative habit? Whichever it is it is likely that you will be able to cease doing that which is no longer serving you this week. You’ll likely have the energy to let go of something that has outlived its purpose, in doing so you may have to adopt some patience and increase your faith in a higher power. Sometimes this card comes to us when we need to experience that which supports us when we feel like we ‘can’t support ourselves in some particular way. If you are feeling this, try to surround yourself with people and environments that help you to feel safe, secure and able to freely express yourself.

You are undergoing a transformation and you have a halo of light around your crown chakra right now, you are receiving a downpour of positive energy from the heavens that are filling your mind and imagination with insights guidance and understanding about how to move forward. There is fecund energy emerging within you this week, you can grow and manifest that which you desire. Although, it appears that you have come to a crossroads and you are being asked to carry things that ‘aren’t so heavy to move forward. Sometimes we have to carry light things, the universe is asking you to surrender and trust for there is an emergence of magic and gifts that are ready to be bestowed into your life, trust the timing of your life and trust in the power within you to work hand-in-hand with the higher power of the universe. Transformation and alchemy are yours.​

 ​Taurus – Seven of Swords​

Beautiful and sweet Taurus, ‘you’ve got the Seven of Swords this week which means you are likely to be considering your words before communicating with a particular person or group. The Seven of Swords is a positive card because it also gives us an ability to respond rather than to react. Sometimes in stressful situations, we can find ourselves tempted to react rather than to respond, when we do this we tend to regret what ‘we’ve said and wished we taken a deep breath before communicating to others. This week The Seven of Swords is helping you to take those deep breaths and to respond a later moment when you have more information and more importantly more inner peace. The

Seven of Swords can be likened to the energy that a counsellor or perhaps a politician embodies, counsellors and politicians, know the kind face of guile, tact and diplomacy. If they were to communicate the whole truth of what they were saying the message would not be received in a way which suited them. The reason I am expressing this to you is to help you embody the impartial energy that these professionals do, for choosing your words carefully and by being diplomatic this week will help you to express what you want to say. Expect people you are communicating with to receive and listen to your words more carefully. Remember that you have the power of impartiality coursing through your energy veins this week, use it wisely and consider the words you want to say before expressing them. Sometimes saying nothing is better until we have an adequate response, be mindful of what you focus your energy and attention on this week, use this weeks energy to be clear with yourself about what it is you truly think and feel. The Seven of Swords is helping you to feel able to communicate what is that you think and feel in a much more adequate and considerate way.​
​ ​Gemini – Three of Pentacles ​

Gorgeous and fabulous Gemini,

You have recieved the Three of Pentacles this week which means you are likely to have some early rewards in regards to a material project that you have been working on. Perhaps you have been slogging away working towards the fruition of a particular project recently, if so this can be the week that you receive acknowledgement and recognition for all of your efforts.

The Three of Pentacles is highlighting the emergence of a creative thirst that is happening within you. It appears that there is much further and much more that you would like to do. The Three of Pentacles is helping you to quench your thirst and go after the creation of your ideas, but first, you must acknowledge how blooming amazing you are!

It’s fabulous to have goals and ambitions for the future but if we ‘don’t acknowledge how great we are right now, and how much we have already achieved, we ‘don’t tend to have as much energy to go after those desires and ambitions. Use this week to celebrate yourself for small and big achievements, for everything you have completed so far and intend to. In doing so, you will increase your energy and self-worth and this will give you a boost of energy and confidence to further increase your desires and ambitions.

Gemini, you have got it going on! You have an abundance of creative ideas, show the world what ‘you’ve got, we need to see you celebrating yourself and stepping into your awesome power. ​

​Cancer – Ace of Cups ​

Sweet and sensitive Cancer,

Ace of Cups means you are embarking are a beautiful and powerful new chapter in your emotional and love life. If you are currently in a relationship the Ace of Cups can signify a new chapter in your existing union, this week you can expect an influx of positive energy and feelings infusing your life for the better.

If you are currently single and looking for love that Ace of Cups can signify somebody new coming into your life that has the potential to go to the long distance with you. Use your heart’s guidance to follow that which fills you with happiness, love and joy.
If you are happy with being single and not looking for love, this week the Ace of Cups can signify the emergence of new rituals and routines that help you to further and increase yourself love and self-care practice. The Ace of Cups is giving you a boost, your cup is likely to be overflowing with happiness, love, appreciation, joy and contentment in some or all areas of your life! Take time to seek out everything that fills your heart with love this week, for the Ace of Cups is helping you to bring about a new chapter and new ways of feeling and looking at things. Embrace yourself and others this week sweetheart, you deserve the love you so readily give to others.​

​Leo – The Star​

Gorgeous and luminous Leo, you are dazzling this week sweetheart. We are in your season, so you are likely feeling in your element. Whether you have already celebrated your birthday recently or you have your celebration coming up, you are still radiating the light and the lion/lioness vibes. Optimistic energy is likely soaring through your being, you may have found yourself experiencing an increase in confidence and self-worth recently. If so, go you!

The Star and I are asking that you please keep up that positive momentum as you are building solid connections and to a new routine and habit system within. The Star is a magical card to receive amidst your season and this week beautiful Leo. You are being asked to be clear about that which you wish for and is special to you. Ask yourself what is it that your heart truly desires, what dreams do you have? Having hope is precious and is key in manifesting whatever it is that you desire. Use this week to visualise bringing your future happiness closer to you.

This is the week to hone in on that and to use those magical manifestation skills of visualising and feeling what it would feel like for it to come true. The Star can bring our wishes to fruition if we can put our faith in the hands of the universe and work in a co-creative way to manifest our wishes and dreams. Use this week dazzling energy that is so in alignment with you right now darling, to boost your confidence self-worth and self-assurance.

Seek out that which fills you with passion and excitement, chase those dreams and roar in the belief that the universe has got your back and is helping you to bring it all to fruition.​
​Virgo – Death ​

Beautiful and wonderful Virgo, ‘
Death card this week which means you are likely to be ending a chapter in your life and therefore starting a new one entirely. Sometimes people fear this card because they believe it to be forecasting of a physical ending but this is not what this card signifies.

Death signifies an ending of an old outworn way of doing things, a coming to an end of doing things that ‘don’t work. Perhaps ‘you’ve got yourself into a bit of a sticky pattern recently whereby you had adopted a pessimistic attitude for instance. If this is the case, the appearance of this card this week suggests the onset of a more optimistic outlook and nature. You can expect to feel as if you are leaving behind the draining pessimistic outlook and attitude.

By honouring what is passing out of your life and what is no longer serving you any more, you acknowledge what was important to you but perhaps may not be any more. You can expect to feel lighter and freer, the message of Death this week is to permit to your sense of loss, by acknowledging what is passing out of your life, express thankfulness for its help. You have lots of opportunities to embrace this new, dazzling and exciting chapter, this is a new beginning for you, so you must let go to embrace all the new things that are coming your way.

You may find yourself having an urge to clean and declutter to make space for the new. If so, this could be beneficial for you in helping you to surrender and let go, therefore creating space and energy to welcome in the beautiful new chapter full of life, growth and optimism. ​

​Libra – King of Wands ​

Gorgeous and sweet Libra,

you have got the King of Wands this week, therefore, you are likely to be looking up to somebody in a position of authority or leadership in an inspirational way. For example, it could be your partner that you are in enthralled and fascinated by, perhaps you are impressed by their ingenuity and practicality to seek their goals and to smash their targets. Sometimes the King of Wands can signify somebody new coming into our life that inspires us and kickstarts a new goal or mission.

You may feel urges to seek out that which excites you and fills you with passion and ambition. It could be you that is embodying the energy of the King of Wands, therefore creating change and magic in the lives of people around you. It could be your ambition and what you have already achieved in your life that is impressing and inspiring somebody, in particular, this week.

The King of Wands is a magical card because it suggests that we and some people in our lives have great power and magic to create massively lasting and happy changes in our lives. The message of the King of Wands this week is to seek out and follow that which stimulates your imagination, excites you and your heart. A new goal or new path is emerging, you are being guided to step more into your confidence this week for you have the power to change your life for the better and you know it, go for it.​

Scorpio – The Tower ​

Sensitive and lovely Scorpio,

you’ve got The Tower this week which means you are likely to undergo an inner and outer transformation. You may find yourself feeling some urges to strip things back re-do, rebuild and revamp some or all areas of your life. If so, recognise these urges as the callings from your soul to create more authentic structures that are in alignment with who you truly are.

Sometimes The Tower signifies the truth being revealed either by somebody else or by our inner awareness. The gift of The Tower is the truth and an indomitable spirit to be who we truly are. If ‘you’re not feeling particularly strong at the moment The Tower will help you feel strong once more.

There is likely to be many flashes of insight that come to you this week as you are being guided to be true to yourself and others. You may decide to detach from certain people this week so that you can feel yourself and decide without any outside influences. Follow those hunches and urges to seek out information and guidance of a spiritual nature.

The Tower is often depicted with flashes of lightning descending from the heavens striking a tower and breaking its structure, the symbolism of this card is guiding you to look up for the answers and solutions, you will likely have an influx of signs, symbols and messages helping you to create better outcomes and further future happiness.​

​Sagittarius – Justice ​

Lovely and sweet Sagittarius,

you’ve got Justice this week which means ‘you’re likely to be considering how to be fair and truthful. If there is any particular situation where you are the source of encouragement and guidance for others, you are likely to feel appreciated for being there. People will likely want to seek you out this week for your advice and unique perspective on life and/or on a particular emotional situation.

Others are drawn to you because you have been through so much in your own life that you radiate compassion and empathy, therefore drawing others to you that seek your council and guidance. If you have been waiting to hear a response regarding some form of dispute, this week could see resolution, cooperation and an agreement be made. Sometimes Justice can signify an inner alchemical transformation, whereby you can seek, create and attain balance in your emotional and intellectual life.

Sometimes people spend years trying to achieve such balance, this week Justice is helping you to see and feel things more clearly, therefore striking harmony and balance in whichever area of life you choose to focus on your awareness on.​

​Capricorn – Ten of Swords ​

Fabulous and wonderful Capricorn,

Ten of Swords this week which means that ‘you’re likely to be experiencing the end of something that has been causing you some mental anxiety and perhaps some emotional anguish. The Ten of Swords comes to us when we are looking for respite, relief and when we are hopeful to bring something to an end that has been causing us stress.

There ‘could’ve been something recently that has encouraged temptation to worry, if so, take a deep breath beautiful one, the appearance of this card suggests that things will settle down, get better and that a new day and chapter is beginning. As with all endings, new beginnings are promised. It appears that there has been a great journey for you to get to this point, something is concluding.

This could be something like a bad habit that ‘you’ve got yourself into about worrying about money for instance or another personal matter, whatever is the Ten of Season is asking you to make time for stillness, contemplation and reflection this week.

When we carve out space in our lives in this way we create an environment where peace, healing and authentic communication with ourselves and others can emerge. This week is likely to feel as if your state of mind he is having a spring clean, expect to see things more clearly and understanding to emerge about why this has been necessary. Try to be gentle with yourself and give yourself space and time you need to start again.​

​Aquarius – Ten of Pentacles ​

Sweet and wonderful Aquarius,

Ten of Pentacles suggests ‘you’re likely to be considering your foundations upon which you are building your life. This weeks energy is asking you to consider what it is that you have already built in your life on the material level, perhaps you are founding a family or founding a business or perhaps ‘you’ve successfully brought a project to conclusion leaving you feeling filled with pride and gratitude for the work you have put in.

Whatever it is that ‘you’re happy about this week, the Ten of Pentacles is asking you to acknowledge what ‘you’ve built so far and to think about what is that you would like to build further in the future. Sometimes the Ten of Pentacles can signify laying down roots in a new way of making a commitment towards the future in some way. This week has a lot of grounded energy about it and ‘you’re likely to be feeling secure, stable, safe and contented in regards to your home, work, body and abundance. You may find yourself considering how far ‘you’ve travelled to get to this point and furthermore adding to your confidence. The future is bright and your ability to grow your abundance is increasing. The Ten of Pentacles is reminding you of your commitment and tenacious ability to go after what you want, ‘you’re being asked to acknowledge how far you have come and prepare to lay more foundations for the future.​

Pisces – Page of Wands ​

Gorgeous and powerful Pisces,

The Page of Wands this week which means ‘you’re likely to be rekindling part of your nature that you had when you were young. The Page of Wands signifies an emergence of a playful spirit and also an increase in inquisitiveness in regards to leisure and creative pursuits. You may find yourself considering ways that you could express your creativity, perhaps ‘you’ve had a new idea that has its roots in a hobby that you find fun. Whichever it is, the Page of Wands is guiding you towards having more fun this week and helping you to seek out activities and situations that make you feel like a child again.

You can help the Page of Wands work its magic this week by asking yourself what it is that you used to love doing when you were small. How often do you listen to your inner child that’s yearning to play and be free once more?

For example, you may have had an obsession with cameras when you were younger but have since I have gotten used to just taking pictures with your phone, this is a brilliant week to look back and get out some of your old cameras or search for some.

The Page of Wands is guiding you to ask yourself about how you can invite more play into your life, if ‘you’re lucky to have young ones in your life ‘you’ll find this easy, perhaps ‘you’re a parent and you could create more time to immerse yourself in play with your child.

The young are the harbingers and messengers of how to truly play and have fun, they are little Buddhas, constantly in the present. Gorgeous Pisces, kick your shoes off and have fun, enjoy this weeks energy of discovery, play and inquisitiveness.

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