Your weekly Tarot Reading with our psychic Sally 17 June 2019

Aries – Four of Wands

Gorgeous and amazing Aries, you’ve got the Four of Wands this week so it looks to be an exciting time filled with adventure and reward. It’s like that what you’ve been working on will be successful, even though there could be further you’d like to travel and more work you’d like to be done. It’s likely that you’ll have enough faith in yourself to set sail on the next stage of your journey, how exciting! You have a supportive group of souls around you that are rooting for you and helping you to manifest your desires. Sometimes the Four of Wands can signify that you have inner resources upon which you can draw and manifest your desires. Expect your future to be exciting and for there to be cause for celebration. Keep your visions of a happy and successful future in mind and they will guide you and keep you on track.

Taurus – Four of Pentacles

Beautiful Taurus, you’ve got the Four of Pentacles and you may mind yourself considering how much you value yourself and your skills. If you have been giving yourself a hard time recently, try to give yourself a break and give yourself some loving kindness, remember that no one is a finished masterpiece we are all a work in progress. You could be looking for new ways to generate more wealth and improve your performance at work. The Four of Pentacles is asking you to look for ways to be generous with your time and energy, this will help you access more abundance. The lesson with this card is to try not to hold on too tightly to your resources, holding on tight you could cause feelings of stagnation, instead be sure to remind yourself how well you’ve done, count all of your achievements and skills, doing this will increase your confidence and help you to release fear. Use this weeks energies to reflect on the relationship you have with the money you earn, the things you own and how much you are relating this to your self worth. Remember that true confidence comes from within.

Gemini – Page of Swords

Gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got the Page of Swords this week so there’s a delicate new beginning occurring in your mind, it’s likely that a new perception is emerging from within. There may have been some drama or conflict recently, if you’ve experienced this, you can expect it to dissolve and settle down. Sometimes drama occurs in our life to get us to shake things up a bit and change things. The Page of Swords can sometimes suggest that there’s been some gossiping, forcing us to look at ourselves and others differently. You can expect development in your mental independence and strong urges to make your own mind up about things and express yourself in your own way. If you’ve become used to accepting the views of others for a quieter life you may start asserting yourself this week and standing up for what you believe in. Your mental powers are awakening, enabling you to be more real with yourself and others.

Cancer – King of Wands

Beautiful Cancer you’ve got the King of Wands this week so you could be filled with inspirational surges of new and creative ideas emerging. You may be feeling incredibly excited and perhaps a little restless too, the King of Wands is filling you up with enthusiasm to change your life. Remember that you have the capability to improve and change your life for the better. Remember to take the visions you have seriously, visions are divine inspiration, they come to us to give us the power and energy to believe that we can manifest our dreams and visions. Whatever you’ve been envisioning recently is giving you the opportunity to manifest what you desire. Your warm and convincing personality can charm others into being on board with you and agreeing with you this week. Expect there to be a lot of inspiration emerging, you must believe in yourself first and foremost to create the life you desire.

Leo – Seven of Pentacles

Gorgeous Leo, you’ve got the Seven of Pentacles this week so you many be offered a new venture to consider. If you’ve been doing the same thing for a while, you have likely built up a valuable reputation in your field. Your reputation is something to be proud of and this could be getting you noticed in all the right ways. The Seven of Pentacles is encouraging you to contemplate a new direction, you may be offered something new and completely different to what you have done before. If so, you may be feeling slightly nervous by the idea of moving away from what you’re familiar with and you’re good at. The Seven of Pentacles is asking you to consider the opportunities given to you this week, remember your capabilities and skills, give yourself a pat on the back for your hard work and embrace the new experiences and growth coming to you.

Virgo – The Hermit

Beautiful Virgo you’ve got The Hermit this week
so you may be yearning for some quiet time. The longing for some alone time usually happens when we could benefit from gathering our thoughts and feelings. Solitude seems to be the theme here, you may voluntarily decide to have some time to yourself or perhaps circumstances may encourage this to happen. This week is a brilliant time to gather and build up your energy, time alone is restorative and invigorating if you can make good use of your quiet time to consider what you need and reflect upon the course of your life and where you are heading. You have multiple opportunities this week to build up your strength and energy, The Hermit is asking you to enjoy quiet and solitude, you’ll be given lots of energy and wisdom. When you’re ready to re-engage with the world you’ll be feeling brighter, clearer and wiser.

Libra – King of Pentacles

Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got the King of Pentacles this week so making money and doing well at work may be on your mind. Consider how much you value your own capabilities to manifest wealth. If you’ve been thinking of an alternative way in making money, the King of Pentacles is the sign you’ve been looking for that signals to you that it has the potential to succeed. You can access wealth in easy and new way this week, but remember balance is needed to experience true abundance. The King of Pentacles is telling you that you can generate new ways of income and be more wealthy but remember that spending time with family and friends is equally as important. By taking good care of yourself this week you’ll open up new ways of accessing abundance, helping you to carve out precious time to enjoy your wealth with those you love.

Scorpio – King of Cups

Beautiful Scorpio, you’ve got the King of Cups this week so your emotional depths could be a great source of inspiration for you. Your past has led you to this point where you can reflect upon your life and process your emotions. When was the last time you marvelled at your resilience and adaptability? There are many people that admire you for your emotional intelligence and inner strength. You could be coming to a realisation this week, emotional healing can occur. The King of Cups brings understanding of our actions and karma, you may realise the incredible effect you have on others and understand why other see you as trustworthy with matters of the heart. You can trust yourself to continue to make beneficial choices by examining your values and ethics, by reflecting on your traumas and triumphs in a balanced way you’re likely to experience profound healing.

Sagittarius – Eight of Wands

Beautiful Sagittarius, you’ve got the Eight of Wands this week so things are likely to be feeling fabulous, communication is likely to be smooth, helping you to go with the flow and enjoy the buoyant energy. Things that have been worrying about are likely to fall away, the Eight of Wands is freeing you of burdens, helping you to feel lighter and more optimistic. There are opportunities to release any anxieties this week by going with the flow and by trusting that the magical universe has your back. There could be a creative project or goal in sight that will seem less daunting and more exciting this week. It’s likely that your visions for the future are exhilarating and hopeful. You’ll be likely thinking about Travel and expanding your vistas. The Eight of Wands is asking you to enjoy yourself this week, it’s likely that things will be feeling smoother and more possible, you could experience a burst of energy and feel the need to explore.

Capricorn – Three of Pentacles

Gorgeous Capricorn, you’ve got the Three of Pentacles this week so there may be cause some celebration this week. There may be a project that is showing signs of early success and you’re likely to be feeling and receiving appreciation from others. The Three of Pentacles is showing you that you’re moving in the right direction. You probably feel that there’s further that you’d like to travel and likely feeling that there’s more work to be done but it’s incredibly exciting that you’ve got a solid foundation upon which you can continue to build. The Three of Pentacles is asking you to celebrate each stage of success and achievement this week, in doing so will elevate you. You’re likely to feel that you have the support from your loved ones and the world this week. Be sure to keep doing what you’re doing, the good work you’re doing is being noticed and it seems you have many more ideas and projects that will to fruition.

Aquarius – Five of Pentacles

Beautiful Aquarius, you’ve got the Five of Pentacles this week so you’re being asked to create some time to take stock of what you have in your life. There may be a longing for you to walk away from something thats no longer serving you. Although this may leave you feeling a bit sad, the Five of Pentacles is reminding you that there is hope as a new beginning is promised. You could be feeling unsure of what the future holds, but feel a growth in your trust in the plan the universe has for you. The universe has your back and wants you to be happy, count your blessings this week, and have faith that things will work out for the highest good. It’s likely that you will be able to relax and ease any tension you’ve been carrying by trusting things will fall into place. An inner and financial reorientation is yours this week if you can have faith in yourself and your capabilities, the Five of Peanuts is reminding you that material success doesn’t have to determine your self-worth, self-worth comes first and material success always comes after that.

Pisces – Three of Cups

Gorgeous Pisces, you’ve got the Three of Cups this week so a beautiful message is yours. You can expect beautiful feelings with a lover and tenderness from loved ones. The Three of Cups is a joyous card and you can likely feel so much love in your heart this week. You are blessed with people you have your life and they are likely to express how much they feel fortunate to have you in theirs. You can expect to feel appreciated and loved in new ways this week, the Three of Cups can manifest itself as a profound new way of loving yourself and wonderful new chapter in taking care of yourself. There’s lots of joy, gratitude and love to be felt by your tender heart this week, you may have cause for celebration and if you do yippee! This week is a beautiful time, enjoy and embrace all the goodness, remember that what you begin this week will have lasting and beneficial effects.

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