Your weekly Tarot Reading with our psychic Sally 5th August 2019

Your weekly Tarot Reading with our psychic Sally 5th August 2019

Aries – Page of Pentacles 

Gorgeous and fabulous Aries,

you’ve got the Page of Pentacles this week so, you’re likely to be beginning a new chapter in your career, work, projects, home, body and finances. This week marks the start of the rewards starting to show themselves, the commitment you’ve been demonstrating is inspiring and admirable. Your grounded energy and practical attitude is what’s enabling you to build tangibly and make your desires real/concrete and manifest. You could find yourself the source of inspiration to many people as you appear to be a master at manifesting your wishes by changing your habits and routines. The changes you’ve been making are starting to bud and show growth, well done for committing to you and your happiness.

There are real effects to be felt this week that are a reflection of your inner transformation. Keep up what you’re doing and believe in your wishes coming true. You have firm foundations so you can continue to make things manifest, get in touch with nature this week to remind you that you’re always supported and growing.

Taurus – The High Priestess 

Tremendous and beautiful Taurus,

you’ve got The High Priestess this week so you’re likely to be feeling highly intuitive and psychic. There could be some secrets revealed or knowledge unearthed that has previously been hidden. Your inner world is longing for your attention, you’ve won an all inclusive 5* luxury trip to universe that is within you, it’s like you’ve got the cosmos on speed dial!

You can expect some majorly positive shifts in your waking life as a result of taking a trip within to listen to what your higher self and intuition has to say.

You may experience an influx of meaning coincidences/synchronicities that lead you towards creating magic and manifesting your desires. You may want to retreat from social gatherings to carve out sacred time to go within and access the wisdom and guidance.

The High Priestess is guiding you to turn the inner volume up and turn the outer volume down, trust the signs, symbols and messages you receive this week. If it feels good and lights up from within you know it’s a sure sign from the universe to keep on following your bliss.

Gemini – Five of Cups 

Beautiful and talented Gemini,

you’ve got the Five of Cups this week so you’ve got some brilliant opportunities to transform your emotional life and waking reality. This week you could find out a buried desire that you’d forgotten about, this may come to you in the midst of frustration, boredom, annoyance, upset or discord.

If so, remember to focus on what’s currently working rather than what isn’t. Knowing what we don’t want is just as valuable as knowing what we do want so when something crops up that you’re unhappy with see it as an opportunity to change something for the better. There could be someone or something from that past that will warrant your attention soon, a long forgotten passion or dream can resurface as this time.

Be gentle with your kaleidoscopic soul, reach for whatever brings you joy and shed what is holding you stuck. Transformation is yours this week, look for what’s left to be built upon and gather the momentum to pursue your passions once more.

Cancer – Wheel of Fortune 

Capable and beautiful Cancer,

You’ve got the Wheel of Fortune this week so wowza babe, things are about to change dramatically for the better. Are you ready to embrace change and step further into your destiny?

Life is like a treasure hunt and the clues to follow are the things, people, experiences that intrigue, excite and fill you with passion. When you follow those feelings, you work hand in hand with the universe to create your destiny and fulfil your dreams! You’re likely to have an influx of meaningful coincidences/synchronicities that prove to you that you’re on the right path and in alignment with source. Trust the timings of your life, this week is set to show you be on stage in some way and stepping into more of who you are. Accompanying this are an influx of positive feelings and experiences that reflect your inner alchemy and transformation. Show the world what lights you up Cancer!

Leo – Temperance 

Fabulous and dazzling Leo,

you’ve got Temperance this week so you’re likely seeking and gaining balance in your emotions and heart. This is a beautiful card to receive whilst we are in your season, you’re likely experiencing all the many possibilities there are already present to increase your happiness and contentment. You may feel ready to have a talk with someone special.

If you’re feeling like you’re ready to get some things off your chest this would be a great time to do it. Temperance signifies a healing conversation going well, balance and harmony coming into our hearts and healing in our relationships.
It’s by being honest about our feelings that we remove stagnant energy from our hearts and lives.

Follow your powerful intuition this week and take any opportunities to express yourself if it feels peaceful and harmonious to do so. You’re being supported by the universe to stand in your power and transform some old buried feelings or old emotional gunk into spiritual wisdom or emotional insight. Expect there to be some peak experiences and to feel appreciated and heard, you’re showing others how to communicate and do relationships well.

Virgo – Knight of Cups 

Exceptional and incredible Virgo,

you’ve got the Knight of Cups this week so you’re likely to receive some great news! This is a week to experience life’s bounty and rewards, all that goodness you’ve sown in the past is likely to bear fruit in the form of a reward of some kind. The Knight of Cups is an incredibly romantic card and can sometimes signify us being swept off our feet or the deepening of a romantic relationship.

If you’re in a relationship you can expect things to feel in unison and for there to be further commitment to your connection. If you’re currently single the Knight of Cups could mean that a significant person is about to enter our life, watch out for sensitive, sweet, imaginative, artistic type people entering your experience.

Whatever your relationship status, the Knight of Cups is bringing you joy, love, happiness and fulfilment. Increase your capacity or all the goodness that coming by treating yourself with the upmost love and care, remember that the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourself.

Libra – The Devil

Gorgeous and sizzlingly beautiful Libra,

You’ve got The Devil this week so you’re likely to be full to brim with passions, urges and yearnings. This could manifest itself as an appreciation for your body and sexual appetite, have you been feeling an increase in libido and an insatiable desire for sensuality? If so, this could be the week where you experience the intensity of sexual union either through flirtation or physical connection.

Your passions are ignited this week and you’re being guided to be brutally honest about your feelings to yourself. You may find yourself feeling stuck, nervous or fearful about expressing yourself in a new way, remember that ships are safe in the harbour but that’s not what they’re built for. Unleash your inner passion and desires, be fearless, on the other side of discomfort is intense freedom and positivity waiting to be released. You have many opportunities to alter and change your life this week, start by being honest about how you feel, and remind yourself that you deserve pleasure.

Scorpio – Eight of Pentacles 

Wonderful and skilful Scorpio,

You’ve got the Eight of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be wanting to get stuck into work, training and personal development. Sometimes this card can signify wanting to mind our own business and just get on with things. Have you been feeling like that recently? You’re working towards autonomy and independence at work, home or creatively.

Keep up your hard work and determination to succeed as you’re turning heads and people are noticing the quality of what you do rather than just the quantity of what you do. You could be considering how you could further your skills and future prospects, if so, this is a great time to hone in on your skills and attributes. Notice how much value you bring to table and give yourself a mighty pat on the back, you’re doing awesomely!

Even though there’s further you’d like to travel, and more heights you’d like to attain. Where you are now is a valuable, and essential stage in your journey. It appears that you’ve learnt from past failures and your success now are leading you towards further future happiness and fulfilment.

Sagittarius – Three of Swords 

Sweet and sensitive Sagittarius,

You’ve got the Three of Swords this week so you could be feeling a little distant from someone or something for a short time. There may be a need for some alone time to allow recent events to percolate and for the dust to settle. Take some time to commit to yourself and your internal healing this week, meditation would be most beneficial for you. Use the healing power of using your awareness to focus on your breathing, this practice activates the parasympathetic nervous system and literally stops the stress and cortisol from rushing around the body.

Breathe dear one, take some rest from drama, conflict and gossip. By detaching from these things you’ll find that you feel better and happier, adding to your own inner peace will benefit you and others. If you’ve been experiencing some upset recently, remind yourself that this too shall pass and the sun will rise again.

Every moment is a new opportunity to begin again, to carve some space and do some grounding exercises this week.Bringing yourself back to earth and to your body will help you refrain from getting stuck in the mind or obsessing. There’s healing this week and plenty of inner peace to be gained, seek out recovery, healing and peace.

Capricorn – Four of Pentacles 

Fantastic and ambitious Capricorn,

You’ve got the Four of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to considering what your next steps are at work or in your climb on the social ladder. There may be a yearning to achieve more, a desire for receiving more abundance.

You may be tempted to worry and hold on tight to money through fear of not having enough. Try to relax by taking some deep breaths and counting your current blessings.

This may seem simplistic but the act of generating gratitude rewires our brain and alters our emotional state. It’s attracting more blessings and things to feel grateful for and good about. Take some time to notice how you may have formed a habit of worrying about money/job title/belongings etc, perhaps you’ve formed a hurtful habit of comparing yourself to others.

If you notice yourself doing this, remind yourself that you’re a beautiful unique and talented soul and actively count the small and big blessings in your life currently.

The Four of Pentacles is helping you to shift your mindset and relationship to your abundance. You can create some amazing changes this week by taking a step back and noticing all the magical gifts you have in your life. There’s an insight to be gained this week in places you can see from a distance. Use your third eye to visualise your optimal destination, you’ve got the tools around and within you to create the life you desire.

Aquarius – The Emperor

Powerful and beautiful Aquarius,

You’ve got The Emperor this week so you’re likely to be able to get some objectivity on your current circumstances. The benefits of distancing oneself from things enables one to see the patterns and core values that are present.

Have you been considering creating something new in the world? Perhaps founding a business, starting a new plan, creating a new routine or habit? If so, The Emperor is helping you to succeed in your endeavours this week, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident in your abilities to achieve your goals.

You may find yourself considering the patterns of your life thus far and realising that everything behind you has been preparing you for now and where you’re heading. You ooze leadership qualities this week, use them to your advantage and schedule the talk/meeting, ring that potential client, speak to your boss, take the lead you’ve got this!

You’re being guided to make a stand, build strong foundations and have self discipline. You could find that you have the gift of the gab this week and communicate in a powerfully convincing and charming way just by relaxing and being yourself.

Pisces – Six of Pentacles 

Kind and considerate Pisces,

You’ve got the Six of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to receive good news. This could come to you in the form of a windfall, a stroke of good luck and touch of kindness or your may be the recipient of a beautiful gift.

There’s lots of ways this wonderful card can manifest in your life so be sure to take the stance of getting ready to receive some goodness and fill yourself up with some positive anticipation.

Usually, we get this card when we’ve been planting some good, kind and thoughtful seeds into our lives and the cosmos, this week holds the potential to bring you some karmic payment. You’re reaping the rewards of good that you’ve done in the past.

You may feel like sharing your good fortune and blessings with those you love and care about. It’s likely that you’ll be feeling buoyant and optimistic about the present and future this week. Take time to notice the correlation between you feeling good and magical things you hope for manifesting in your life. This week you could find yourself contemplating what the next steps in your story are, what will you create next that’s in alignment with your core values and happiness? Carve out space to examine your giving and receiving habits are, could you benefit from being more generous?

Or perhaps you could maximise your happiness by learning to be more receptive? Expect some insight in these areas this week, your inner scales are balancing and your life is beginning to show the results of your efforts.

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