Your Weekly Tarot Reading with our psychic Sally 8 July 2019

Aries – The Fool

Gorgeous and fabulous Aries, wowzas you’ve got some epically visionary energy about you this week, can you feel the excitement brewing?  The Fool has come to you this week darling to remind you that life is a magical adventure with an abundance of treasure to discover, this is a brand-new chapter, there is a fresh new direction and path making itself known to you.
You are the architect of your fate and destiny, this week you can expect to witness magic afoot as many synchronicities are likely to occur.  Pay attention to the mysterious coincidences, they’re there to show you that you’re on the right path.  You may feel restlessness and eagerness to get going, similar to an excited little kid in the car on a journey that’s busting to reach the destination so they can play.
You’re doing so well to keep up your trust in your own magic and that of the universe, you know that the universe has got your back is rooting for your happiness.  Keep checking in on your intuition and feel the power in your solar plexus radiate this week, enjoy this new chapter, you are stepping into a new cycle and continuing to discover awesome things about yourself and life.​
Taurus – Three of Cups​
Beautiful Taurus, you’re likely to be feeling great about life this week as a peak experience could be on its way to you.  The Three of Cups marks a celebratory time filled with love, laughter and joy, are you looking forward to a particular get together or party?  If so, this invitation is likely to be a beautiful and profound experience for you.
If you haven’t got anything planned at the moment, keep a look out for invitations for your dazzling company this week and be sure to say yes! Actually, this is the perfect week for you to say yes to more things.  The Three of Cups is a high vibration card and signifies good times to be grateful for.  It’s likely that this week there will be many moments where you look around, smile and count your blessings, your gratitude attitude will surely bring you more grateful people and experiences into your life.
You may feel like being the one to dish the invites out and gather all your people around you to just enjoy each others company, either way, Taurus sweetheart this week looks mighty fine for you.​
Gemini – Queen of Swords​
Gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got some serious organisational skills this week and extra energy to achieve your goals with panache. The Queen of Swords could be coming to you to ask you to be gentler with yourself, if you are a perfectionist this is a sign for you to remember that we are all perfectly imperfect.
You may be feeling a bit of emotional detachment this week if so try to check in with your feelings as they’re there to help guide you with making beneficial life decisions.  You could be coming off as quite aloof with others if you’re expecting the same level of perfectionism upon which you sometimes judge yourself.  Try to allow for error in your own life and that of others, by checking in with your feelings and emotional life, you’ll gain a lot more clarity and feel more grounded as a result.
Sometimes we need to risk opening up to life to really receive all that we hope for, by making more time for your emotions as well as your intellect you’ll feel in tune with your innate power and wisdom.​
Cancer – Six of Swords​
Sweet Cancer, you’ve got some relief and mental clarity this week.  The Six of Swords is coming to you perhaps after a recently stressful state of mind.  You may have found yourself worrying about something and searching for meaning and understanding so you could overcome and find a solution.
The Six of Swords is here to remind you that through difficult times there are always things to be learnt and it seems that you’ve been learning and gaining understanding a lot recently.  This week you can expect you feel calmer, clearer and more comforted by the insights and understanding that you have.  It appears that you’re leaving stress, strain and worry in the past and you’re now sailing towards calmer and more secure states of being.
It’s by studying Tarot and Astrology that we learn about ourselves and others, the insights you’ve been gaining have cleared your path enabling you to have the foresight and create new and positive habits.  The Six of Swords is here to show us that with a clear and calm mind gained by wisdom and enquiry, is when we reach our desired goals and obtain inner equilibrium. ​
Leo – The Star​
Gorgeous Leo, you’re likely to experience some profound emotional clarity this week as The Star is making everything crystal clear for you.  If you’ve been feeling at a loss with how to proceed with plans, ideas, goals and dreams, this week could see you gaining positive momentum towards actualising your desires.  The Star comes to us to remind us of the power of faith, optimism and trust, you’re being guided to enhance your capacity to have faith and trust in the unseen and powerful benevolent force of the universe.
The universe has your back and is rooting for your happiness, you must do your bit in consciously co-creating your life hand in hand with the cosmos. This is a marvellous week to dream, imagine and visualise the person you want to be or the life you want, what you focus on with positive visualisation is destined to come to fruition and come true, you can always give your dreams extra room to grow by saying to the universe I’d love this etc or something better.
Therefore, allowing the universe to deliver us something even better than we could possibly imagine.  Expect dreamy visions accompanied by heart flutters as an influx of positive anticipation downpours into your being from the starry heavens.​
Virgo – The Lovers​
Beautiful Virgo, you’re being guided to contemplate relationships this week.  The Lovers comes to us when there is a decision to be made about a particular relationship, this could be at work, friendship or romantic.  The Lovers asks us to start with ourselves, by realising and remembering that the most important relationship we have is the one we have with ourselves.
Take time this week to sit with your feelings about your relationships, there are many people who love and value you and would love to spend more time with you.  Perhaps there is a friend who would love to see you, but you’ve been saying you’re too busy to meet but really you know it’s good for you.  If so, this would be a brilliant week to set a date and have a chat.
Your relationships can be a huge source of healing, joy, happiness and love for you this week, but you have to do your bit and open up too.  Our relationships are our sacred mirrors, we see ourselves more clearly sometimes through the eyes and hearts of another, this week you can expect harmony and communication to flow and for your relationships to feel like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.​
Libra – Eight of Pentacles​
Gorgeous Libra, you’re likely to be getting on with things nicely this week, work will flow well and relationships at home and work are likely to be positive and friendly.  The Eight of Pentacles is associated with hard work and pleasure, we often get this card when the work we are doing is being noticed and appreciated.
Keep up the work and commitment sweetheart as you’re turning heads and being valued beyond recognition, the rewards are coming, can you feel this?  I love this card because it predicts happiness from minding our own business, getting on with work, enjoying work, gaining from our relationships and receiving rewards for all our contribution and work.
The quality of what you do is exceptional, you’ll soon see some extra rewards for what you do. You’re likely feeling like you’d like to grow and develop more professionally and personally.  All that you seek is seeking you and is coming to you, keep up what you’re doing, you’re doing fantastically.​
Scorpio – Page of Pentacles​
Beautiful Scorpio, it’s likely that you’ll experience an increase in abundance this week.  This could come to you in the form of advancement, promotion, a new role or a new commitment to yourself.  The Page of Pentacles is telling you that you have the resources you need to make a go of something, you have the skills and abilities to perhaps turn a hobby into a lucrative income.
If you’ve been thinking about starting your own business or creative project, this could be the week you receive the support and guidance you need to plan and act accordingly.  You’re a shiny bright superstar Scorpio and the Page of Pentacles is here for you this week to give you a gentle reminder of your worth and ability.
Keep a lookout for new opportunities this week as there is likely to be some good news coming to you and perhaps an offer of some kind for you to consider, either way, there’s an energy of growth and progress for you to tap into this week.​
Sagittarius – The World​
Wonderful Sagittarius, you’re set to experience some magic and wonder this week as you’ve got The World bringing you a peak experience and joyful times.  If you’ve been working towards something important to you, this could be the week you witness the results you’ve been hoping for.
The World comes to us when we’ve been doing the work that required for us to bring a cherished wish to fruition, you’re likely feeling the effects of your hard work and commitment to the betterment of your life.  Well done you!  There could be an amazingly uplifting experience that transports your heart, soul, mind and body to an uplifting place if so, be sure to accept it and embrace it, enjoy yourself beautiful one!
This is the end of a particular cycle for you, it seems you’re bidding bye to a part of yourself or your life, be sure to thank and honour what is passing out of your life so that you may embrace this exciting new chapter that is also beginning for you this week.  You’ve learnt a lot and this new cycle is all about you creating more of what you do want.​
Capricorn – The Page of Cups​
Beautiful Capricorn, you’re starting a new chapter with your emotions this week sweetheart.  If you’ve been feeling a little sensitive recently the appearance of the Page of Cups will bring you healing.  There could be some wonderfully good news on its way to you, this week you can expect life to FEEL better.  If you’re currently in a relationship this week could see you and your significant other becoming closer and a deepening of your connection is likely to occur.
Well done for looking after yourself so well recently, it’s because of your level of self-care and your commitment to taking care of you that this reward is coming to you.  When you treat yourself well you set the tone and show others how you wish to be treated.  If you’re currently looking for love this could be the week that you FEEL that love is possible and an influx of butterflies can happen when you sense that more good is to come to you and that you are worthy of all you hope for.
 This a beautiful time to embrace newness if it feels good to do so, your heart is your guidance system helping you to discover what is rightfully yours.​
Aquarius – The Tower​
Lovely Aquarius, you’re likely to be experiencing a revamp of your circumstances this week.  All great changes start with a change within and this week you may just witness that immense transformation you’ve been longing for.  Pay attention to the information you hear this week but don’t act on it, just witness it and carry on with what you are doing.
By having healthy detachment this week you’ll be able to see truth prevail and fakery rumbled.  Anyone who has been trying to pull the wool over your eyes is likely to slip up or be caught out in some way without you having to do anything at all.  The Tower marks the reveal of authenticity and masks coming off, it could be you that’s tired of pretending to be something you’re not and ready to stand in your power and be all that you are.
This week marks the emergence of a new identity and world view, you’re likely to be full of energy and determination to change your life.  The universe is giving you a boost of cosmic power to tune into your true feelings this week, you can build strong foundations upon which you can create a new path.  Trust your inner nudges this week, your intuition is giving you direction to help you.​
Pisces – Ace of Swords​

Wonderful Pisces, you’re likely to be feeling quite powerful this week.  The Ace of Swords is potent energy and brings with it a new perception. You may find yourself contemplating your life direction in a new and mind expansive way, you could be a little snappy with someone as you’re getting to grips with your new world view.

It seems that if you experience some argy-bargy, it won’t last long and will just enable you to express yourself in a new way, sometimes we need a bit of conflict to push us to do more and be ourselves.  This is a new beginning for you, it’s likely that an influx of new ideas and modes of operating will come to as flashes of insight.  Your intellect is on point this week, use your amazing powers of reason and logic for the betterment of your life.
You are the architect of your fate and mastering your thoughts will help you to take this new chapter by the helm and guide it in the direction you hope for. Pay close attention to the new ideas and ways of looking at life that come to you this week, write them down as they may come in handy in bringing one of your cherished dreams to fruition in the future.

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