Your Weekly Tarot Reading with our Psychic Sally

Your Weekly Tarot Astrology Reading with our Psychic Sally 24th June 2019
Aries – The High Priestess
Gorgeous Aries,
you’ve got The High Priestess this week so you can expect there to be magic in the air!  Remember that magic starts within and that this week you are the sorceress of your destiny.  The High Priestess brings us clarity of mind and intuition, are you ready to step through the portal to manifest more of your desires?
  You’re likely to be able to have the sight and hearing of the owl this week, you may sense things happening before they do and you’re likely to be in touch with your psychic powers.  There could be a secret that is revealed to you, keep your inner eyes open to see what is emerging and being born within your perception this week.
 You’re likely to feel that you’re magic in more ways than one, trust your inner guidance and make sure to follow your souls’ messages this week.  Expect an influx of vivid dreams with clear signs and symbols from your subconscious that will guide you to make beneficial decisions in your waking life and consciousness. ​
Taurus – The World​
Beautiful Taurus,
you’ve got The World this week so there’s likely to be a peak experience on its way to you.  There could be celebrations and get-togethers with a particular group of people that uplift your soul and heart to a new place.
 The World is asking you to celebrate yourself this week and acknowledge how far you’ve travelled to reach this place of self-mastery.  There appears to be a closing of a particular chapter and therefore this week marks the beginning of a new chapter, there’s a new adventure around the corner, can you see or sense it?
 Take care of business this week, tie loose ends, celebrate and enjoy the attention you’re receiving from others.  There’s likely to be a fresh new goal and you’re being asked to consider what you’d like to learn and discover next.
 Sometimes The World can signify that you’re able to achieve balance and harmony in your life, take time to take stock of your personal development journey.  You’ve done so well to get where you are today, give yourself a mighty pat on the back and start to explore what you’d like to focus on next, life’s an adventure and this week it’s likely to feel that way.​
Gemini – Temperance​
Beautiful Gemini,
you’ve got Temperance this week so you’re likely to be feeling harmonious and peaceful.  There may be a beautifully healing conversation that occurs this week, this could be with a friend, partner, lover, colleague or with your inner self.  Whichever one it is, you’re likely to be able to achieve balance and harmony as a result of hearing each other out and also speaking your truth.
You could be nervous about talking about negative feelings that you may be carrying but by being brave and opening up about what your true feelings are you’ll feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. This is the message of Temperance, it’s by opening up and sharing positive and negative feelings, we remove stagnation and create flow and harmony in all of our relationships.
Remember beautiful one, that the most important relationship we have is with our self, prepare to feel inner spaciousness in your heart this week and an abundance of freedom to pursue your hearts desires, you’re ready to be lighter in your approach, gentleness and grace are your superpowers this week, use and embody them and watch the magic and harmony happen.​
Cancer – The Star​
Gorgeous Cancer,
what do you really wish for?  What are your heart’s dearest desires and hopes?  These are excellent questions to ask yourself this week, The Star has come to you at the beginning of your season and you’re being asked to be clear in your intentions as you begin your astrological new year.
You’ve likely been tying loose ends, ending things, releasing what is no longer serving you so that you can begin your season as a Cancerian carrying with you only the things, people and perceptions that resonate with you and where you’re heading.
You have a wonderful opportunity at your fingertips this week, you may experience a miracle or magic at work.  This week is about dreams, faith, hope and optimism, its likely that all of these things will take centre stage in your focus and awareness.  There could be a materialisation of a dream that you’ve longed to come true, so keep your faith that the universe has your back and is rooting for your happiness.​
Leo – Four of Wands​
Beautiful Leo,
you’ve got the Four of Wands this week so it’s all steam ahead and ships are set to sail with initiating a new plan, goal, idea or adventure.  You’re likely to be getting clear about what you’d like to create in your life, there appears to be a certainty and clarity that emerges within you this week that kick starts your journey in some way.
Routines, habits, schedules and daily tasks are likely to be at the forefront of your focus this week, accompanied with a realisation that you have more resources at your disposal than you originally thought, all of this makes this week quite a special one for you.  As Leo season, your birthday and astrological new year are just around the corner, it seems that you’re getting ready and prepared to launch a new you and perhaps also a new direction to the world soon.
This week could see you toiling away behind the scenes, hatching a cunning plan that leads you to discover more magic and excitement in your life, follow what brings you joy and happiness and you’re bound to discover that your life is an adventure.​
Virgo – Page of Cups​
Gorgeous Virgo,
you’ve got the Page of Cups this week so expect renewal and healing sweetheart.  You know those flutters of excitement we experience when the delicacy of the onset of positive anticipation happens?  It could be likened to that feeling we get the day before a holiday or an exciting event, I remember first experiencing the feelings that the Page of Cups symbolise when I was a little girl, feeling like life was magical on Christmas Eve and the day before a school trip.
The Page of Cups is a beautiful card to receive and a lovely one for me to deliver to you, you can expect there to be some wonderfully calming and happy joyous feelings this week.  You’re starting a new chapter in your emotional life, the emergence of a new relationship with yourself appears to be happening, you’re likely to see and experience the beautiful connection and cause and effect between treating yourself well and receiving blessings.
Well done for embracing yourself recently and giving yourself what you need, you’re likely about to receive some wonderful news and experience an array of beautiful feelings.  The Page of Cups is associated with gratitude and love, of which this week there appears to be plenty for you to experience.​
Libra – The Tower​
Beautiful Libra,
you’ve got The Tower this week so you’re likely to shifting and transforming in a big way.  This could be a new perception that is emerging from within you, you could be thinking differently and seeing your life experiences in an alternative way.
This week you can expect there to be an emergence of powerful feelings that transport you to a new understanding of your life experiences, you may decide to walk away from certain people or situations that aren’t currently serving you and towards those that inspire you and stretch your ideas and visions for the future.
You’re likely to be considering what and who brings you happiness, sometimes The Tower can signify masks falling away and truth being revealed.  This could be you that’s deciding to behave in a more authentic way and you may be on a quest for truth and integrity, the revelations you may experience could bring you a lot of clarity about what you really want, accompanied by a thirst to build something real with someone or alone that resonates with you and fills you with inspiration and excitement. ​
Scorpio – Three of Pentacles​
Beautiful Scorpio,
you’ve got the Three of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be experiencing
some rewards for your hard work of late.  How have you been doing at work?  Have you been working on a project at home?  Perhaps you’ve been treating your first true home, your body with care, love and respect.
Whether it’s your body, home, project or work, or all of them that you’ve been working hard and focusing on, you’re likely to experience the amazing rewards that come from putting the effort in.  There seem to be some new habits, routines and things you’ve been putting in place that are becoming to feel like second nature to you.
There could be further rewards in the coming weeks by continuing to do your good work and keeping your faith high that your good work needs support, whether that be by others or financially, it appears that you’ll be feeling an abundance of good feelings and experiences this week.  ​
Sagittarius – Knight of Cups​
Gorgeous Sagittarius,
you’ve got the Knight of Cups this week so you can expect some wonderfully good news to come to you, this may be in form of a person, an experience, or an idea you have.  Romance and love are some of life’s most beautiful treasures, feelings and experiences, this week you can expect to experience some of life’s magic.
You may be swept off your feet and fall madly in love if you’re hoping for a partner if you’re currently in a relationship you are likely to experience a deepening of your connection and things could be either moving to the next level or beginning a new and more fulfilling chapter.  There’s a lot to be cherished this week, remember that our first true love is ourselves and how we treat ourselves sets the tone for how we accept and expect others to treat us.
You could be realising and or remembering what truly brings you happiness and gives you that inner glow we so often associate with love, ask yourself this week, how can I bring love to my life? What do I really love to do? Who do I really love? By really feeling all the love in your life you’re activating your heart chakra and attracting like a magnet all the things you love straight to you.​
Capricorn – Page of Pentacles​
Beautiful Capricorn,
you’ve got the Page of Pentacles this week so you can expect either an advancement, promotion, windfall or some good news.  This is a new chapter sweetheart, you’re likely to feel more grounded and secure this week.  Take time to count your blessings every day this week and watch blessings and miracles happen in your life, there’s an emergence of feelings of gratitude coming to you.
Make the time also this week to nurture the things, people and experience that bring you joy and contentment and watch them multiply. There’s an energy of abundance for you this week and a reminder of that which you focus your energy, skills and attention on will surely grow.  Spending time in nature this week will help you improve your mood, clear your mind and remind you of all the blessings around you.
Remember that you are an amazing human being with fantastic skills and qualities, you bring your unique soul to the world and we are all lucky to have you here.  This is the week to remind yourself of your greatness and celebrate yourself, there’s something growing beautifully this week, and this is likely to fill you with joy and excitement for the future.​
Aquarius – Four of Swords​
Lovely Aquarius,
you’ve got the Four of Swords this week so you’re likely to be getting more comfortable with spending some time alone or experiencing the healing that occurs when we are quiet and still.  It is said that stillness speaks, and silence can be loud, we sometimes need to turn down the noise of the external world so that we may hear the internal world more clearly.
There’s likely to be some wonderful healing for you this week, it would be great if you can create some time to experience solitude and quietude, meditation would be wonderful for you to do. By creating a quiet environment you’re likely to feel calmer and more grounded than you have in a while, by sitting with your feelings and taking some deep breaths you can allow recent events to percolate and settle down.
Sometimes by withdrawing from drama, conflict and upset, speaks volumes and causes great healing to occur, not just within us but it sends positive ripple effects out to those around us.  Take good care of yourself this week, focus on what your needs are, gift yourself the gift of silence and stillness, remember that taking nice deep breaths is one of the most loving things we can do for ourselves, take your time and rest, all will be well.​
Pisces – Knight of Pentacles​
Wonderful Pisces,
you’ve got the Knight of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be feeling happy and contented with tending to daily tasks at home and work.  Sometimes this card can signify a realisation that we are really grateful for everything that we have and joyous in the present moment.
This week you can expect to feel joy and happiness with your everyday life, there’s a lot of happiness to be felt when we appreciate all that we have.  A smile from a loved one over the breakfast table can start the onset of a magical and appreciative day, you may be moved to express your gratitude to someone this week, sometimes the simplest gestures are the most heartfelt.
You may receive some good news and have a realisation that you have many blessings in your life, this week appears to one that is filled with simple pleasures and joy in everyday things.  Take time for you tend to things you feel that need to be done, whether they be little things around the house or things towards your goals and ambitions, do all things with gentleness and gratitude and you’re sure to be feeling contented and happy with things.

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