Your Weekly Tarotscope 12th November 2018 by our psychic Sally

Aries – The Hermit

Beautiful Aries,

it’s likely that you’ll be enjoying your own company on new ways this week. The Hermit often comes to us when we could benefit from taking some rest and relaxation, perhaps you’re already feeling like you would like to retreat in some way.

Take some time to tune into your soul this week, you’re being guided to go within and seek answers inside yourself rather than seek comfort and direction outside or from others.

You could find that you’re drawn to being introspective and introverted this week, The Hermit is asking you to take some time to enjoy solitude, to withdraw from extroverted activities so that the wisdom of patience can come to fruition.

You may find that stillness and serenity emerge from within you this week, patience and inner fortitude can be yours if you can accept what you can’t change and change what you can.

Expect some magical revelations from your soul this week, this could be about your past or your future, by taking the message of The Hermit you can gain some valuable insight this week that has the potential to illuminate you from within.

Taurus – Three of Pentacles

Gorgeous Taurus,

it’s likely that you’ll be feeling positive about a material matter this week and perhaps celebrating your achievements in some way. The Three of Pentacles signifies a completion, what have you been working on recently that is coming to fruition for you this week?

You could receive an award or some form of recognition for all of your hard work and efforts of late. You’re doing great either with a project/work/home situation, you’re being asked to keep it up and the results are beginning to show and manifest. Yes, there appears to be further that you wish to travel but the Three of Pentacles is asking you to acknowledge your successes.

This week you can expect a boost of confidence reflected in your self-image, body or home, there’s likely to be an exciting experience that will uplift and inspire you to continue to commit to yourself and your future growth.

Gemini – Page of Swords

Beautiful Gemini,

you could experience a new perception this week, it could be quite a nascent and delicate emergence. This is a new beginning and you can expect for your mind to be working on top form, possibly shifting and expanding to take in new information and perhaps seeking out new avenues of expression and information.

Sometimes the Page of Swords spells conflict, perhaps not with an individual but within. Often when we receive this card, our mental powers are awakening and it can sometimes mean that we rock the boat by wanting to shift and change things because our state of mind is altered. However this manifests for you this week, you can be sure that a new dawn beckons in regards to how you view yourself and your life.

What outcome do you want to manifest? Remember you are the architect of your fate and master of your own life, all great quests and adventures start with an idea, pay attention to the new ideas you have this week as they’re coming to you to broaden your perspectives and vistas.

Cancer – Six of Swords

Gorgeous Cancer,

it’s likely that you’ll have some mental reprieve this week and feel the benefit of moving towards new and more positive experiences. You may have recently been through a stressful period of uncertainty and worry, this could have rocked your confidence and increased any self-doubt you had.

The Six of Swords is about moving away from the stress, strain and worry, towards brighter and happier feelings. It’s likely that you’ll experience calmer thoughts and feelings this week, you’re being shown that all you’ve been through has been preparing you for this next chapter.

You could find that astrology and tarot provide a great deal of comfort for you this week, the Six of Swords comes to us when we gain insight about our journey and through self-enquiry we understand the meaning behind our experiences.

Trust that things are improving and you’ll find the way ahead clear as crystal, you could benefit from taking some time out to plan the next stage of your journey, perhaps limiting extroverted activity will help you to discern your thoughts and observe your inner workings. The Six of Swords signifies a calm period after the storm, you can breathe deep now Cancer, the present and the future is a great deal calmer and clearer.

Leo – Four of Wands

Beautiful Leo,

you’re likely to be feeling on top form this week as your hard work and effort is being noticed by the right people. You could be celebrating and perhaps taking some time to plan a holiday, there’s likely to be a situation this week that reminds you of your strengths and skills.

Sometimes the Four of Wands is associated with being resourceful and adaptable, you could find yourself realising that you’re in a better position that you thought you were.

You could have people around you rallying to support, help or work alongside you this week, it seems you’re radiating that can do attitude and it’s attracting some great people and circumstances to you.

There’s likely to be some reward for you this week, take any new opportunities up with both hands and an open heart, you’re doing so well and it’s great that this week others and yourself are feeling your positive vibes. You have got inner and outer resources upon which you can draw, you’ve got everyone and everything you need for the next stage of your adventure, go for it.

Virgo – The Tower

Gorgeous Virgo,

it’s likely that you’re going to have some amazing insights this week. The Tower is sometimes referred to as a spiritual awakening by psychic and tarot readers, you could find yourself feeling bewildered, like so much is changing that it’s hard to know where to turn and question why things are happening.

The Tower is about existing forms breaking down and only what’s real and authentic that is left standing, although some interpret this card as a difficult stage in life, it’s often misunderstood. This is a card of great healing and rebirth, some stages in life require us to strip away the false facades we may have been wearing to please others, you could find yourself wanting to be more truthful and genuine with yourself this week.

The Tower is asking you to trust your instincts and to embody your truth, you could face an encounter with your inner views about life and yourself and perhaps have some insight into how these views could be restricting you in some way. You can expect to feel freer and more authentic as the week progresses, The Tower is giving you the courage and sight to act and view life in a radically new way.

Libra – Queen of Pentacles

Beautiful Libra,

you’re embodying some majestic vibes this week. You could find yourself feeling more feminine and sensual than you have in a long time in one sense the Queen of pentacles represents sensuality of the body itself.

This week is a good time to ask yourself what it is that you’re truly passionate about and what it is that you really value about yourself, for instance, you could be called upon to preserve some material resources perhaps securing and husbanding some money and energy.

The Queen of Pentacles is an influential figure that helps us to value our body and helps us to sustain our lives by appreciating our relationship with the materialistic dimension of our life. A powerful woman that embodies the principles of the Queen of Pentacles could enter your life and offer you some sound advice or it could be you that is embodying the Queen herself.

It is likely that abundance will increase this week for you and you will be feeling more confident and secure you may be in a position to offer assistance and support to others in your life, You could be feeling generous and wanting to indulge in life is luxuries yourself.

Scorpio – The Hanged Man

Gorgeous Scorpio,

You’re being asked this week to trust in the unseen and benevolence force that is guiding you and wants the very best for you. The hanged man is associated with making a voluntary sacrifice meaning giving up something for the purpose of attaining something greater.

You could experience a change in perception this week that alters the way you look at your life and yourself you may wish to give up something that you know is no longer serving you by making this voluntary sacrifice you are allowing spirit and the universe to fill the space you are making with blessings and personal fulfilment.

Your destiny unfolds and an inner design or plan that is not yet clear but will soon become clear to you. This week is an opportune time to trust in the universe and to let go of what you know is no longer beneficial for you so that you can await better future potentials to arise.

It could manifest as a letting go of an attitude, a person, or perhaps an addiction, whichever one it is you are likely to feel freer and happier for doing so, trust your gut this week, listen to your inner guidance for you are being shown the way and being asked to see the beauty and healing of letting things go.

Sagittarius – Nine of Swords

Beautiful Sagittarius,

you could find yourself overcoming worries and concerns this week. The nine of swords is symbolic of anxiety and worrisome thoughts, you could be thinking all sorts of fearful things and as a result feeling anxious and frightened. Be mindful of the tendency to worry about things that haven’t happened and probably aren’t likely to happen.

The body believes whatever we are thinking so if you are thinking about a possible worrying outcome, your body is likely to respond with anxiety. If you catch yourself doing this and worrying about things that haven’t happened, make sure that you take a nice deep breath and remind yourself that the present moment is okay, that the worry hasn’t happened, try to focus on the now to dispel the riddles of worry we often partake in.

The Nine of Swords is about realising the power of the mind and understanding that we have the control to bend it to our will. Take time to bring your attention and awareness to the here and now to give your mind a rest from worrying about things that haven’t happened and aren’t likely to happen. Mindfulness and meditation would be beneficial for you this week, you’ve got the power to create a calm mind and calm life.

Capricorn – The Empress

Beautiful Capricorn,

you’re embodying the power momma vibes this week. The Empress is the mother of the Tarot, she comes to us when we are taking good care of ourself and others. Have you been working behind the scenes on something that is ready to be born into existence this week?

It’s likely that everything you touch this week will be infused with grace and a nurturing embrace. You have the power to bring anything you want into your experience by channeling the energy of The Empress. You’re being asked to step into your power and to believe in your own path. Whatever you do this week you are likely to be feeling grounded, safe, secure and stable.

The Empress is guiding you to observe how you effect the world around you, you’re likely to be feeling in tune with yourself and the world this week. You could feel that your astrology plays a significant role in your understanding of an inner design and pattern. Keep nurturing yourself, others and your projects in the beautiful way that your doing, you’re expanding and growing in new and exciting ways.

Aquarius – Five of Wands

Gorgeous Aquarius,

you could find yourself struggling with some material concerns this week as the Five of Wands speaks of challenges that happen to encourage us to be better than we are. This could manifest as stiff competition at our workplace or lack of skills of funds so we are encouraged to better ourselves and increase our resources.

You could be feeling fearful of failure or feeling that things aren’t progressing as quickly as you would like this week, fear not though beautiful Aquarius as the Five of Wands is coming to you to help you create a stronger relationship with your intuitive faculties, for it is when we have a strong relationship with our intuition that we are able to overcome obstacles and meet challenges with grace and inner fortitude.

You can expect to achieve your goals this week if you work in harmony with your intuition pay attention to your gut instincts and follow what resonates with you for the most beneficial week.

Pisces – The Wheel of Fortune

Beautiful Pisces,

it is likely that life will be feeling and looking very different this week. The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder that the universe helps us to change for our future fulfilment. It is likely that you will experience the deep and mysterious law at work within yourself this week, this card is showing you that there is an unknown and unseen power thats helping you change your fortune and overturn established patterns of your life.

You may already be sensing that life is changing and there is an intelligence that appears to be behind the movement of the wheel, you could be feeling like your luck is changing and improving. The Wheel of Fortune augurs a period of intense change, this could manifest as a change in your outlook and in your life.

You suddenly may feel the urge to alter your life in a significant way, if you do, trust that you are being guided to do so and believe that when you embrace seasons of change you remove any stagnation present and accentuate growth.

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