Your Weekly Tarotscope 25th February 2019 with Michele Knight

Your Weekly Tarotscope 25th February 2019 with Michele Knight


The Ace of Cups

You’re rocking and rolling this week mighty Aries, and spreading your all-powerful love. You touch all those you come into contact with, and your generosity of spirit is a guiding light. Loving Venus changes signs and moves into your social zone, the Ace of Cups reinforces your ability to share your emotional cup and zaps you into feeling extremely connected.

You’ve always been a rebel and natural leader, what others sometimes don’t give you credit for, is your sensitivity and emotional intelligence. You can spot an underdog at 100 yards and will always welcome them into the group with open arms. It looks like all your social karma is about to pay off as you’re beckoned into a soul group you admire.

Network, shimmy towards your goals and expect a little love boost ta boot.

The Hierophant

Faithful and fabulous Taurus, you have grand plans and high hopes this week. You are refusing to be bogged down with other peoples excuses or BS. You are determined to succeed and get stuck into a project or dream.

You might find that you have to be on your best behaviour and follow certain rules and restrictions. You don’t care though, because you see the bigger picture and it’s got OSCAR written all over it. You are going to claim your metaphorical gold statue. You’re required to use your wisdom and start walking confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Finally, you’re healing from within, acknowledging your own hard work and loving yourself enough to know you can get there.


Knight of Wands

Mercurial Messanger, have you been feeling even more flighty than usual? You’re restless for an adventure and this week might just deliver. Just like in astrology, nothing is engraved in Moon Stones, we are given strength and boosts, so grasp the energy, and make it happen.

It’s time to decide what you want to explore, get on your energetic horse, and gallop toward it.

Your desires are rising and you might find yourself hungering for a journey. Unusual and fiery souls capture your attention. Be careful how you word things though, as you’re a bit of a blunt truth monster, and could hurt a friend’s feelings with your blunt response. Love bomb them with your encouragement instead.

The Devil

Are you embroiled in an unhealthy relationship? It seems that you may be giving your power away, we all slip into that murky swamp sometimes, don’t berate yourself but plan your escape.

When we don’t get the nurturing we need, when we falter into fear, we can give our power away to addictions. Addictions to lovers, wine, chocolate or self-doubt and insecurity. Yes, there may be a compelling affair, sexual liason or delicious obsession. Or the iced prosecco calling. Maybe you’re blocking out tasks and creativity for another Netflix binge?

It’s time to liberate yourself! Do you really want to be chained to these things? There is nothing wrong with indulgence, hey, I’m a big fan of debauchery, unless it’s imprisoning you. Work out what is controlling you and free yourself, if you need to, get help and support.

Do you feel lovable? Do you know you are a unique shard of the divine and utterly irreplaceable? Ironically the Devil card informs you that you can release yourself from these chains this week. You can step into empowerment and reclaim your strength. Cut away any thoughts that are negative and start a loving dialogue with yourself.


9 of Pentacles

Hakuna Matata Leo!

Your tail is up this week! In fact, you’re more Griffin than lion. Griffins have the back legs of a lion, and the head of an eagle. They are noble and extremely protective of those they love, and most importantly, they are magical creatures that always sees the bigger picture.

Glorious Griffins are great at grabbing wealth and creating their own security, while also fiercely aware of the needs of others. Griffins mate for life and are very good at sharing while not taking any crap! Sound like anyone you know? Yes! You!

You’re at a point where you want equal relationships. No one can mess with your bebe, if you have one, but equally no one can control you, as you stand in your magnificence. Single? You only accept those that respect your independence. This week is a turning point, look out for a chance to shift up and feel your Griffin power.

7 of Wands

Honest, loving Virgo,

Don’t let the demands of others and the sound of their opinions drown you out. You might have felt it easier to let a close one think they’re always right but ultimately it is our responsibility say what we really mean. Having fear of confrontation or rejection is often embedded from childhood wounds. Perhaps we owe it to our soul to open and be free from false fears and negative self-talk? You have the same rights to be heard as anyone else.

Do you have a bossy friend or family member who likes to moan on about how things should be done? Are they good at pointing the finger but never taking responsibility for their own cock-ups? Perhaps it’s time to stop over analysing the situation and set a few healthy boundaries? You are determined to do what is right for you. Kind and loving being, you deserve to be heard.

You’re in the mood for a life audit where you see what is and what isn’t necessary for your life. This might coincide with a desire to declutter, flog stuff on eBay, get fit and finally speak your mind.


9 of Cups

Yay, Libra, You’ve got the wish card! Do you feel lucky? A splurge of fabulous is raining down on you this week. A desire, a longing or a cosmic order or wish you threw into the cosmos is about to come true. When you feel lovable the universe feels a sigh of relief because it is how things should be. Fingers crossed this week your scales are balanced and you have a moment of harmony within yourself.

So back to the wish, It might be a tiny wish or a ginormous one, but whatever it is, it’s a pat on the back for all the work you’ve put into changing your energy and life path. Laughter, loving and open-heartedness surround you. You’re encouraged to be playful and indulge in experiences that uplift you and make you smile.

Your creative potential is unlimited so put your passion into action. Love is on the agenda and as your confidence soars, it’s honey to the honey’s!

4 of Wands

Your home is calling out for attention. You might get an unexpected visitor popping around this week or a date night lead to yours. If you feel your home has been chaotic or you haven’t had the space to sort it, now is the time.

Your home is your temple, it is an outward reflection of your inner world. If you were playing ‘through the keyhole’ and had to guess who lived in a house like yours, what clues would your home tell you about your inner life? The brightest blessings are coming your way to bring you balance.

Open your arms to a loving family member who is trying to support you, let your guard down and listen to what they have to say. Humans spend half the time assuming what others are going to say, think or do next and most of the time we are wrong! We all have our wounds and defences, let yours down now and head towards making your space a healing one. Switch up the family dynamics so you’re not constantly spinning in repetitive circles.

If you are living with a flatmate/lover or friend that you are not compatible with, try to find a loving way to mend it, or radically change it. If you have children, put the effort into doing their fav home things this week and you should be richly rewarded. Oh, and if you want to move there might be a breakthrough this week.


Queen of Swords

Hey Wild one,

You’re being called upon to settle into creating a fresh pathway from the ground up. Your ideas are sharp as an Ellen one-liner, and your soul is busy channelling excellent ideas. Use your brilliant mind to be one step ahead.

Cut away from folks that don’t encourage or support your journey.

Gorgeous free spirit, guard your autonomy, you’re going places this year, and the knowledge of how to achieve that starts now. Go old school, grab a notebook, jot down your plans, fantasies and dreams. Let your mind run free. Take a long walk with the specific intention of solving a problem, you will be amazed at the solutions that arise from your being.

You’re likely to put your foot down with anyone foolish enough to trespass your boundaries. However, you could also topple into the most divine communication with a like-minded soul.


3 of Pentacles

Dig deep Capricorn, all the foundations you build this week have a high chance of succeeding. You are plotting and planning a way to develop an easier life with more rewards and less struggle. You’ve got some great ideas and should be halfway there.

You are one of the hardest workers, Ok, it’s easy for others not to see that sometimes, partly because you just get on with it, and also because you don’t usually brag. Right now you’re forming strong bonds and connections where you can express yourself and work together as a team, but remember, you are the boss builder of your life.

You’ve collected guts, willpower, and all the lessons you’ve learned in the past. You’ve got a rucksack filled with strength and empathy for yourself and others. You can do this!


The Empress

Hola Sweet Spirit,

Venus the planet of love is sashaying into your sign. It’s time to heal, bask in the wonder of you, and make use of your love magnet skills. When Venus bestows you with her presence you are given certain gifts and benefits. Your self-esteem is given a boost and love cascades towards you. You are the Empress, ripe with inspiration and nurturing.

Where do you want Venus’s rapids passions to fall? On your relationship with yourself? To bring clarity to a soul connection? Focus the current. Devote yourself to healing, commit to you.

Not only that, but you’re a channel for love and can make others feel appreciated and nurtured.

Venus is not only the Goddess of love but also bounty. You can crack any abundance issues and draw plenty to you.


7 of Cups

Hey Divine and beautiful Pisces,

The Caterpillar has no clue that she is about to become a butterfly and experience life as if on another planet. You’re going through a similar metamorphosis spiritual Pisces. You’re at the end of a cycle and about to blossom, just like spring shoots you are rising.

Before your wings fully unfurl you have to keep it real. Just like any good fairytale there might be a final quest or task you need to complete. A host of tantalising fantasies and dreams are dangled, some real, some delicious illusions, a snake or two, and enlightenment. What will you choose?

Make sure that you see love interests clearly and that you aren’t falling for desire over common sense. Is there delicious charmer who is stringing you on? What are your relationship patterns? Value yourself, know your vast worth. All that you seek and more is available when you solve this weeks conundrum.

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