Your weekly Tarotscope 9th July 2018 with our psychic Sally

Aries – Four of Swords

This week looks to be one of a chilled reprieve from social activity. You may have been experiencing some mental turmoil recently, and this card may be a welcomed break that you’ve been yearning for.

The Four of Swords is urging you to take a break, a rest and to go within. If you haven’t tried meditation before, this week is a fecund time to do it. You are embodying the stillness and quietude that’s needed for a meditative state of mind, you are likely to see this week that you have all the answers you seek inside.

Try to focus on lightening your load this week, perhaps withdraw from the daily humdrum and busyness of life for the most peace. The Four of Swords is sharpening your perceptions and helping you to gain clarity and peace of mind if you can accept the gift this card is giving you.

Taurus – Four of Wands

There’s likely to be harmonious feelings this week in regards to your home, family and career. The Four of Wands is telling you that you have everything you need for the next stage of your journey.
The gift of The Four of Wands is stability and happiness, it usually shines a light on all things bright and wonderful in our life.

You may have something significant to celebrate this week, and there could be some achievement gained that you’ve been working hard towards accomplishing.
You may also be enjoying simple pleasures this week, like having a few glasses of wine with friends and family. The company you keep this week is likely to be good and uplifting, and there may be a good reason to get together, perhaps you’re celebrating your relationships or a particular milestone.

Either way, this week looks to be a buoyant one for you, make sure you make the time to acknowledge your achievements to date this week, this will help you to move on to the next stage of the journey with pride and excitement.

Gemini – Ten of Pentacles

You are likely to be feeling secure, stable and successful this week. There could be a significant moment that you feel like everything is falling beautifully into place, the energy of The Ten of Pentacles can be likened to celebratory culmination, where everything we have been working tirelessly and hard, and it has been worthwhile.

What is happening in your home and career life? You are likely to feel successful in both these areas this week and perhaps feel that you have plenty of resources and time to share with loved ones. The Ten of Pentacles is symbolic of a momentous stage in life where we have built up some abundance, wealth and security.

You are probably going to experience some feelings of material and emotional abundance this week, perhaps also feelings of gratitude and thankfulness for the family and friends you have in your life. Life is hopefully going to feel like it’s full of magical blessings and moments to treasure with loved ones this week.

Cancer – Knight of Cups

Romance, lofty and uplifting feelings this week Cancer. The Knight of Cups can signify a person, an experience or feelings emerging within you. This card is predominately about being romantic and being in love with life itself!

You can expect to have plentiful feelings and experiences of love this week. The Knight of Cups is giving you love in it’s purest form and pouring it into your life in bucket loads! You may have been longing for more romance and loving times in your life recently, and it looks as if this week you’ll receive what you’ve wished for.

Try to go with your feelings as much as you can this week, this should feel easy for you being a Cancerian! Your heart has unimaginable wisdom for you this week, trust it’s sacred guidance, let love lead the way. Remember that outward love is a reflection of inward love, the love you give to yourself is the precursor for the love you receive from others.

Leo – Six of Swords

This week looks to be a gentle and stress-free week for you dear Leo. This news is likely to be welcomed by you as The Six of Swords usually comes to us at a time when our spirit is longing for some relaxation, peace and equilibrium.

What have you been finding stressful and mentally taxing recently? This week you are likely to be able to put some worries and concerns to bed or at least put them down for a short while. The Six of Swords is urging you to look ahead and quit analysing the past, it’s good to look back sometimes, but you may have gotten into a habit of doing it too much.

You’re moving towards your future with renewed energy and greater optimism this week. You may find yourself drawn to discover more about your personality through studying the tarot or astrology, if you do, you’re likely to experience greater peace of mind and clarity into your path thus far. The road ahead is clear dear Leo, but you may have let go of some perceptions or even grudges, carrying less will help you to get where you want to go with ease and optimism.

Virgo – Three of Wands

You’re likely to experience some expansion this week dearest Virgo, there could be some plans that you’ve been waiting to materialise starting to move forward and perhaps you are even travelling this week. The Three of Wands is urging you to dream and envision beyond your current circumstances, become a visionary!

You could benefit this week by looking for opportunities that are all around you, these opportunities may require you to be open-minded and flexible and perhaps co-operative too. This week is a fecund time to think big and dream big, only you can give yourself a big break you’re hoping for, and only you can take advantage of the doors that are opening for you.

The Three of Wands is telling you that your life is expanding and you may be venturing into unknown territories, fear not though sweet Virgo. You wouldn’t be given and shown these new potentials if you couldn’t handle it. The universe wants you to be happy and is pushing you out of your comfort zone, as the saying goes, ships are comfy and safe in the harbour, but that’s not why they were built, and it’s not what they’re for.

Libra – Eight of Swords

You may be looking at things from a different angle and perspective this week sweet Libra. The Eight of Swords is telling you to look beyond limiting thoughts you may be having, this card is reminding you that you have the power to decide and choose differently.

There could be a situation this week where you experience too many thoughts at once if you experience this try to practice mindfulness and focus on your breathing or on your surroundings. When you focus in this way, thoughts slow down, and we regain our inner peace and equilibrium.
You may feel restricted in some way and feel like you can’t make a decision about something, The

Eight of Swords is showing you that the power lies within you and that you can make beneficial choices when you use your emotions and intellect in unison. You may realise this week that your happiness doesn’t lie in anyone else’s hands and you could come to understand that when you take responsibility for your own happiness and life, you can ultimately alter your perspectives and move mountains.

Scorpio – Seven of Cups

There’s plenty to consider and ponder this week dearest Scorpio, The Seven of Cups reflects a time when we get real about what we want and desire. Be careful what you wish for could be an apt saying for this card.

This week looks to be a time of daydreaming and perhaps wishful thinking, you may find yourself imagining some fantasies in your mind and heart, perhaps deciding what you want to see materialise in your life and reality. You could benefit from clarity and sobriety this week as this card can bring illusions and being intoxicated could cloud and muddle your judgement.

The Seven of Cups is telling you that it’s great to build castles in the sky and daydream, as long as this leads to action and encourages you to build your dreams in reality. This week offers you the opportunity to see what you truly desire, you have a golden ticket to manifest those wishes by being realistic with yourself. Ask yourself what you want, know you can create it and go for it.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles

You may feel the benefit of sticking to a routine and being organised this week sweet Sagittarius. The Knight of Pentacles is incredibly efficient and ordered in his daily life, and you are embodying this energy.

You may find yourself quite enjoying tending to daily tasks and feeling good about being organised. There’s a lot of grounded energy in taking care of daily matters, it can ease anxiety when we take care of our home and ourselves well. This isn’t a time to change what you’re doing when The Knight of Pentacles appears, you’re on your way to success, you may just have to adopt some patience to see your goals reached.

If you’re feeling fed up with the same things day in day out, know that you’re on the right path to success. The Knight of Pentacles is telling you to go with the flow, keep doing what you’re doing as your commitment is slowly but surely leading you toward success. You are inspiring others to act and behave in a similar way, also you impress the right people with your practical and committed nature.

Capricorn – Six of Pentacles

This week looks to be one of bounty and abundance dearest Capricorn, you could be the recipient of someone else generosity or you may yourself be the giver and feel moved to be generous. The Six of Pentacles depicts a time and energy when our giving and receiving is in balance.

The Six of Pentacles can manifest itself as someone or us being generous with time, energy, resources and money. Somebody may offer you some sound advice this week that helps you in untold ways, whether it’s you giving or receiving this week, you’re likely to be feeling good about life and be able to trust in life’s bounty.

There is a theme of charitable goodwill with The Six of Pentacles, you may be feeling the benefit of becoming self-sufficient and therefore may be called upon to help and assist someone. This looks to be a harmonious week filled with sharing, generosity and charity, make the most of this time bu acknowledging and counting all the blessings in your life.

Aquarius – The Moon

Things may be in a state of flux and change this week sweet Aquarius, The Moon is mystical and powerful, she’s helping you to decipher messages from your subconscious. This card is guiding you to see the unseen and to feel things on a deep level.

You may encounter some strange and uncanny dreams this week, our dream life is one of the ways the subconscious guides us in waking life. You could wake up on some mornings feeling like you received an important message and feel called to make some changes in your life. One of the only constants in life is change when we can accept that we ourselves, others and our lives are all subject to change, we can embrace more of the goodies that life and experience have to offer.

The Moon tells us that it is our inner light and intuition that truly guides us, you may feel unusual feelings and may have some anxiety about an unclear path of some sort. Fear not, The Moon is shining a light on what you need to see, hear, feel and understand this week, trust your gut and intuition. A secret may be revealed or information may come to you just when you need it, place a dream notebook near your bed this week, pay attention to repetitive signs and symbols in your waking life, your subconscious is helping you gain the clarity you’re seeking.

Pisces – King of Swords

You have a great deal of power this week dearest Pisces, The King of Swords has intellectual prowess and an incredible ability to attain anything he wishes. The energy fo this week is one of order, structure, discipline and authority.

Is there something that you’ve wanted to sort out, organise and perhaps plan? This week is a fecund time to do that to do list and get your house and inner world in order. There may be an opportunity for you to lead on something and you may be called to be the person that is fair, truthful and objective. This is a fairly masculine card, meaning that it’s about the mind, thinking, action and strategy, The King of Swords is often associated with a figure similar to a commander, someone that can remain emotionally detached and objective in their dealings.

You may be embodying The King of Swords or you may be enlisting the help and assistance of someone who demonstrates this energy. Either way, it is likely that you’ll be focused on your intellectual pursuits and determined to organise something. With this potent energy, you can traverse this week knowing you have the strength and staying power to achieve your aims.

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