Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 10 December 2018

Aries – Two of Cups

Gorgeous Aries,

It’s likely that you’ll strike some beautiful balance this week as you’ve got the Two of Cups. You can expect relationships to run smoothly this week and for connection to be a theme, it’s likely that you’ll find others want to work with you harmoniously and in unison.

You could be considering your closest relationships and thinking about how you can show your love and admiration to those that are closest to your heart and that matter to you dearly.

The Two of Cups symbolises when two people work together for the same purpose, this could manifest for you in your romantic, friendship, family, career and others.

If you’ve been hoping for some ideas of how to strengthen your love and connection with another. You can expect heartfelt inspiration and love to emerge. Your heart is opening and your connections with others are deepening, you can expect a beautiful week of love, joy and positive anticipation for the future.

Taurus – Queen of Pentacles

Beautiful Taurus,

You’ve got the incredibly grounding and nurturing Queen of Pentacles this week. You can expect there to be an increase in feelings of stability, abundance and perhaps sensuality too.

This week, you could find that you have more urges than usual, to splash the cash, indulge and seek extra extravagance. You’re the Queen of Pentacles this week, so it’s likely that you’ll be feeling like any luxuries you give to yourself and others are acceptable.

You could find that you are feeling more aware of your body too during this week, for the Queen reminds us that by taking good care of ourselves we make our lives richer, as they say, “health is wealth”.

You may feel like treating others with money and gifts, but also your time, energy and resources. You could feel like hosting a dinner party or facilitating a festive gathering so that you can share the love and abundance you feel. Enjoy this period of feeling good about you, your body, your home and all the blessings you have, keep counting those blessings and you’ll have even more to count.

Gemini – Seven of Cups

Gorgeous Gemini,
It’s likely that you’ll have some fantastical imaginings this week as the Seven of Cups speaks of an array of fantasies and future potentials making themselves known to you. You could be quite the daydreamer this week, it may feel like there are flutters of joy in your heart as you imagine how particular choices would feel if they were to come to be. Follow those flutters as this is your sacred heart’s guidance helping you to feel and sense what directions and decisions are of the most benefit to you.

The Seven of Cups asks us to carefully consider future potentials that arise you have a cornucopia and massive abundance of ideas. Some of them could be illusions, and some of them could bring you great fulfilment and happiness, it’s up to you to discern and decide between the choices that are making themselves evident.

Take some time to draw, write, create and visualise what choices will bring you the most happiness. By doing this, you’ll be able to clearly see what decisions will create joy and happiness in your life.

Cancer – Page of Wands

Beautiful Cancer,

Fun will find you this week. The Page of Wands is a beautiful card that signifies the emergence of inspiration, play and creativity. You could have some new people that come into your life this week that reflect the qualities that are beginning to emerge within you.

The Page of Wands asks us to take seriously the ideas we have this week, even if you may think they won’t succeed or feel they are silly. Record your inspiration and ideas this week as you may find there’s an array of fantastic creative visions coming forth from your imagination helping you to expand your mind and social circle.

Accept invitations this week as whatever you are attending is likely to show you something or provide treasure and help you to discover the next steps on your adventure. You could feel humorous and jolly too this week, as the Page of Wands is about having fun and exploring in new ways. Take time to enjoy yourself, play, have fun and expand your horizons. Your ideas have the potential to take you to new heights.

Leo – The Star

Gorgeous Leo,

You’ll feel an inner glow this week as you’ve got The Star illuminating your consciousness and guiding you towards your future happiness.
You could find that you have a renewal of faith this week, feelings of optimism, trust and patience are likely to emerge.

The Star helps us to get in touch with the mysterious power of ourselves and the universe, the part of us that prays and hopes for the best outcomes. You could find you feel inclined to visualise some of your dreams coming true this week, by doing this you’ll help The Star work its magic and you’ll assist the universe in helping your wishes to manifest.

The Star is asking you to believe in yourself, you need to trust that your dearest wishes and dreams can and will come true. When you begin to doubt, you block future potentials from coming to you sooner, The Star is helping you to move any barriers so that you may receive that which you’re praying and hoping for.

Virgo – King of Cups

Beautiful Virgo,

It’s likely that you’ll feel in tune with your emotions this week and perhaps feel like you want to share your feelings with someone. The King of Cups is a highly emotionally intelligent figure and he represents another in our life and/or qualities that are emerging within us.

You find that others are drawn to your kind and empathetic nature this week as you’re radiating compassion and wisdom. Sometimes this card can signify the yearning to seek guidance in the form of help from a healer, priest, counsellor or trusted friend. If you feel this way, follow your yearning and speak to someone about how your feeling, by opening up you’ll free yourself from any worry, concern or anxiety you may be carrying.

The King of Cups is associated with the wounded healer, the person who was deep empathy for others because they too have experienced great pain and feel drawn to help others heal. Take time to take good care of you this week, by doing this you’ll be able to experience a great healing taking place.

Libra – Ten of Cups

Gorgeous Libra,

it’s likely that you’ll experience some beautiful feelings this week. The Ten of Cups is a harmonious card that reflects celebration, joy and love. What are you celebrating? Is there something coming to completion or fruition this week?

You could find that relationships are a source of fulfilment and happiness this week, you are likely to have an overflow of positive emotion to share with others in your life. You’ve been through some tough times this year, and this card is showing you the results that can manifest when we love, dream and hope.

Take all the positive opportunities that come your way this week, you deserve them, rejoice and throw your arms open wide, there’s likely to be lots of love coming your way. Expect to see the brighter side of life this week, others are likely to want to be around your radiating positive attitude.

Scorpio – King of Wands

Beautiful Scorpio,

You’ll be feeling powerful and inspired this week. Expect to feel an emergence of confidence and stability, the King of Wands is showing you the capabilities you have and the skills you possess are incredibly valuable.

You may feel like you want to be entrepreneurial this week, as the ideas that you’re having hold the potential to create lasting happiness and fulfilment. There could be someone that comes in your experience that captivates your imagination and sets your creativity on fire! You may find that you’re passionate and full of energy to pursue your dreams this week.

It’s likely that others will be drawn to your leadership vibes and perhaps you’ll be called upon to offer guidance or wisdom in some way. You may come to realise this week that you are a leader in a particular field of expertise or have the potential to be. This is an exciting week of realising your capabilities and potential, what are you going to conquer next?

Sagittarius – The Fool

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

There’s a positive release of energy this week, you’ve got some momentum and the spirit of adventure in your heart. The Fool is asking you to lay down your concerns and worries and travel light, it’s time to enjoy the journey and trust what’s ahead is exciting and surprising.

You could find that you’re eager to start new things this week, this could manifest itself as a plan to decorate your living space, jazz up your image or perhaps go on a journey of self-discovery. However The Fool comes to fruition for you, it’s likely that you’ll discover a great deal this week, about yourself, life and others, new people can come in our lives that reflect this mind, heart and soul expanding time.

Follow what excites you this week, The Fool is guiding you through your intuition to greater experiences and circumstances. Trust the vibes you get, check in with your feelings, they’re guiding you to see new things and helping you to expand your life. Adventure beckons, what are you excited about?

Capricorn – Knight of Cups

Beautiful Capricorn,

You’ll be feeling the love this week and experiencing some wonderful emotions. The Knight of Cups comes to us like a knight in shining armour, bringing beautifully uplifting experiences and heartfelt connections to us.

You may feel an emergence of romance in your life this week as the Knight of Cups can sometimes signify our romantic life receiving a wholesome boost. You may be the recipient of a gift this week or you could hear some good news that you’ve been hoping for. Either way, you’re likely to be feeling good this week with how you feel and feeling grateful for the people you have in your life.

The message of the Knight of Cups is to open your heart to life’s possibilities and open yourself up to love. If there is something in particular that you would LOVE to happen this week, visualise it, trust and believe it’s coming to you. Remember that when you love yourself, more love and happiness comes to you.

Aquarius – Six of Pentacles

Gorgeous Aquarius,

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling the generosity of others or perhaps it’ll be you that’s being generous. The Six of Pentacles marks a renewal of faith in your life, it’s likely that you’ll feel that you can rely upon life to be good to you this week.

You may be the receiver of good luck and fortune, as your positive attitude is bringing delightful people and experiences to you. The saying “What goes around comes around” is perfect for you this week, the kindness you’ve shown to others is now coming back to you, it’s time to reap the rewards of what you have been sowing.

You could feel like you have a renewed sense of faith and you could want to be generous with your time and resources. You may soon be in a position to share your resources and abundance with others, financial help may be offered to you, this may come as a result of your own hard work and efforts or through fortunate circumstances. Enjoy this period of generosity, you’ve earned it.

Pisces – The Magician

Beautiful Pisces,

You’ll feel the magic of manifestation this week. The Magician is asking you to step into your power and to realise your magnificent potential, it’s likely that you’ll have some uncanny dreams and coincidences this week that will help you to trust your inner guidance and emerging wisdom.

You could feel like you are being nudged by the cosmos to be more than you are to realise your amazing potentials. You may find that you’re drawn to strange or esoteric wisdom this week, follow anything you’re drawn to or resonate with as this is likely to be your inner guide showing you the way to create more magic in your life.

Take some time to consider or map out your current desires, getting clear about what you want to manifest is one of the gifts The Magician gives. The Magician is showing how to utilize the skills, tools and resources that you have available to manifest your dreams and wishes. It’s likely that you’ll discover creative ways to solve problems and arrive at solutions. You have all the elements within you upon which you can upon for help and wisdom, what magic will you create?

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