Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic sally 10 June 2019

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic sally 10 June 2019

Aries – Nine of Cups

Gorgeous and fabulous Aries you’ve got the wish card! Something magical is hopefully on its way to you this week when this card is drawn it usually means that a cherished wish will come true, so ask yourself what you’re hoping to happen. So, what have you been wishing for? The cosmos and the whole universe wants your wishes to come true, but you’ve got to do your bit and keep a wishful and prosperous heart. Remember how much you’ve done to get to this point, you’ve been through some difficult times and you’re more resilient as a result, well done you, sweetheart.

This week you’re likely to see the rewards of overcoming your obstacles gracefully. A desire and wish that you feel is of great importance will probably come to fruition soon, you’re likely to be feeling optimistic and fulfilled with life whatever the outcome this week. Try not to worry if you’re not feeling that yet, try to relax and trust that it’s on its way to you beautiful one, the Nine of Cups is one of the most uplifting of cards that you can receive. Use positive affirmations this week and visualise ways you can enrich your life for the better. Trust yourself and dream big.​

Taurus – Ace of Wands​

Beautiful Taurus, you’ve got the Ace of Wands this week so whatever you are initiating this week is likely to be successful. The fiery and uplifting energy of this card is likely to be thrilling for you beautiful one. There are likely to be multiple surges of positive energy driving and propelling towards your dreams this week. What visions have you been having recently? The Ace of Wands is asking you to honour them and bring them to fruition, these visions are being gifted to you by the universe to help you expand your awareness and manifest your desires.

You’re likely to experience a driving force that’s bubbling within you, this could feel like passion, excitement and ambition, helping you to feel ready to unleash your raw untapped potential in some way. The Ace of Wands is giving you raw and wild power this week, visions coming to you thick and fast accompanied with the motivation to make things happen. This card is giving you the strength and energy to succeed. Life is likely to feel like it’s moving fast and you may be eager to get out into the world, trust your gut and instincts. You are being guided and driven forward this week with strong and inspirational energy. Life gets so much more exciting when you dare to dream gorgeous Taurus.​

Gemini – Ten of Wands​

Gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got the Ten of Wands this week so you’re being asked to take things a bit slower. Have things been a bit hectic or busy for you lately? Your message here is for you to take some much-needed time out to rest when you can, remember that even busy bees have to rest beautiful one. This week you could find that delegating where you can be beneficial, also asking for help and accepting help will be good for you. If you have taken on too much recently, the effects of trying to juggle too much all at once could be taking its toll.

Take some time for you this week sweetheart. It’s great to have goals and aspirations be mindful that we have to take the steps to get there. If we try and achieve everything at once and everything that we want too quickly, could leave us feeling exhausted. The Ten of Wands is asking you gently, so please take some time to step back, rest and assess things objectively, by having some time out this week you’ll be able to recuperate from all your hard work and give others a chance to support you the way you so readily support others, you’re loved, adored and appreciated dear one. ​

Cancer – The Chariot​

Beautiful Cancer, you’ve got the determination and ambition to get things done this week, proving to yourself and others that you’ve got what it takes. Things should feel like they’re starting to move forward in the right direction this week and you’re likely feeling ready and capable to give it your best shot. The Chariot is asking you to use your intellect and your heart this week, they need to be on the same team to be truly successful. Try to avoid letting tiny issues getting blown out of proportion this week, remember that you need to put your energy into finding resolutions rather than contributing to any drama or conflict. Your ambitions are being tested, The Chariot is asking you if you want to go down the path your heading, you can change a great deal this week if you’re willing to harness your aggressive and passionate drives for the betterment of your life.

Sometimes we need a bit of conflict and struggle I life to push us out of stagnation and encourage us to do more, become more resilient and develop a stronger personality. You may be feeling like you’re being pulled in opposite directions if you feel this way detach from the circumstance for a while so you can realign yourself. You can increase your confidence and self-worth this week by realising you’ve got the goods and power to alter your life. This week is the time show some self-assertion and be bold. Stay in tune with your inner wisdom and trust that it will guide you successfully.​

Leo – The Devil​

Gorgeous Leo, you’ve got The Devil this week so you’re likely wanting to break free and perhaps change the way you do things. There could be some things that are bringing some frustration in your life, it’s important to listen and notice what fears or inhibitions you have this week. You could be realising that you have some unhealthy behaviours, you may have gotten yourself into a detrimental pattern or rut and want to make some changes. Relax beautiful one, this isn’t a negative card, The Devil signifies the light is being shone in the darkness.

You’re being led towards a happier future, so this is a good time to look honestly at yourself and realise that none of us is perfect, we are all perfectly imperfect! By honouring your darkness and shadow, those parts that you may deny and repress that are there, such as lust, greed and envy, will bring greater clarity and happiness. The Devil is helping you to unlock parts of yourself this week, a huge amount of positive energy can be released if you can understand that we are all made up of good and bad, light and dark, we all need to integrate all parts of our nature. ​

Virgo – Three of Wands​

Beautiful Virgo, you’ve got the Three of Wands this week so you’re likely to have something fabulous to celebrate! You may be being offered some new opportunities to develop, grow and showcase your show off your amazing skills and abilities. You could be feeling full up with new ideas this week and thinking about all the new and exciting possibilities on their way to you. The Three of Wands is giving you a boost to get a great deal done this week, you may be also feeling a new sense of optimism about life.

You’re being asked to believe in yourself and your abilities. New opportunities can come to you more easily when you celebrate yourself if you do this you could be being offered something exciting. There seems to be a new mission or plan on your mind, a new focus in your imagination, the Three of Wands is giving you lots of enthusiasm and energy to pursue your dreams and ambitions, let your talents shine brightly. ​

Libra – Two of Cups​

Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got the Two of Cups this week so you may have love on your mind. Sometimes this card can signify two becoming one, the Two of Cups is about partnerships, teamwork and romance! The saying that “there’s no I in team” could be a theme for you this week. If you are feeling loved up at the moment, the Two of Cups is a good sign that your love life will get a boost from the cosmos, reminding you that life is sweeter when we unite with another, you could be feeling in harmony with your partner.

If you are you single at the moment, the Two of Cups is telling you that you have some amazing people and friends around you that want to uplift and love you, also the Two of Cups is telling you that a potential love is likely on its way to you. This is an uplifting and joyful week; you are likely to be feeling like things are going well for you. There is love all around you and the Two of Cups is helping you to feel more loved, cared for, and content. Authentic and powerful feelings of solidity, security and partnership are on their way to you, there is potential for true love and affection this week, enjoy and embrace all the love within you and around you.​

Scorpio – Two of Pentacles​

Beautiful Scorpio you’ve got the Two of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to the master of multitasking. It’s all about balance for you this week, how well do you balance yourself? You’re likely to be able to positively keep two areas of your life in balance, it could be love and work or money and health for instance. You may need to organise yourself so that you’re not paying attention to so many things at once. Multi-tasking is good for you if you can prioritise, you may need to cut down on some things you are doing so that you can focus on two main priorities for example.

Whether it is work or a project that you’re working on, you may benefit from taking a risk, sharing your ideas or giving your ideas a try, this could go beautifully for you as you seem to be excelling at work or with a project. If you’re in a relationship at the moment, you and your lover could be experiencing difficulties in finding the energy or time for each other, the Two of Pentacles is asking you to make sure that your relationship is high on your priority list for optimal happiness this week. If you’re currently looking for love, it could be wise to ask yourself if you’re ready for a relationship at the moment, it seems that family commitments are asking for your attention too. Remember that you don’t have to be perfect gorgeous Scorpio, but you do have to be prepared to create the energy, space and time for your needs and that may include romance.​

Sagittarius – The Magician​

Beautiful Sagittarius, you’ve got The Magician this week so you’re likely to be able to get in touch with your magical manifestation and inner power! You are going to meet your inner guidance in a new way this week and be given multiple opportunities to develop your manifestation skills and abilities. The Magician is often referred to as the bridge between the world of the spirit and the world of humanity. Having a vision of what you’d like your life to look and feel like will help you to harness the power of The Magician in your life. Keep your vision in mind this week and you could start to see the results of magical manifestation and conscious creation quickly.

The Magician is asking you to use this week’s energy to use your inner magic! It would be helpful and wise to ask yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, and then with that vision in mind go forth, act and journal, draw paint to create your reality! The Magician gives us a ‘can-do’ attitude and a strong sense of optimism, expect a new beginning, by harnessing your inner magic you could see yourself creating success in everything that you do this week. ​

Capricorn – Queen of Wands​

Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got the Queen of Wands this week which means you’re likely to be feeling the inner fire in your belly ignite, inspiring you to pursue your dreams and giving you a confidence boost and an uplifting increase in your social life. You may have multiple invites and you may be a social butterfly! Others are likely to be observing your confidence growing this week, others are drawn to you like a warm and inviting fireplace. You could find that you have an increase of ideas and inspiration and feel ready for action to bring your ideas and goals to fruition.

The Queen of Wands is giving you more energy this week to focus on things and people that you love.​ The Queen of Wands showing you that you have the courage and confidence to achieve anything you wish this week. She often comes to us when our upbeat attitude and gratitude is drawing positive people and opportunities to us. You’re bringing light, warmth, inspiration, confidence and friendliness to everything. Bask in your gloriousness this week, be bold and let yourself shine brightly!​

Aquarius – King of Pentacles​

Gorgeous Aquarius, you’ve got the King of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to have money on your mind. You could find that you’re wanting to do all you can to manifest the cash, increase your wealth and status this week. There may be a great desire for material security, the King of Pentacles is telling you that you are likely to succeed, and it is your determination to succeed that could bring about the meeting of someone who embodies the energy of the King of Pentacles. It is likely that you’ll be able to develop your business acumen and material confidence this week. It’s likely that you will be developing your material self-confidence and financial abilities, you may feel that you have the energy to make your life a big success and showcase your abilities, the appearance of the King of Pentacles is showing that you are likely prepared to climb to the top and work hard for all that you desire.

You have multiple opportunities to learn how to use your resources effectively and to take a more practical approach in achieving success, helping you to feel able to manifest your creative ideas into the world. By planning and organising yourself effectively, you’ll be able to expand yourself and grow materially, the King of Pentacles is asking you to be mindful of balance, by making sure you do other things that bring you joy like spending time with family and friends, you’ll have a fabulous week.​

Pisces – Page of Pentacles​

Beautiful Pisces, you’ve got the Page of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to have improved finances, promotion or advancement to look forward to. This card marks a new beginning and it needs to be taken seriously to bring something you wish for into being. A steady but sure manifestation of an idea or vision could start to sprout this week and grow for you. You could be being given an opportunity to start a job that holds great potential for you, or maybe a hobby that you love turns into a potentially lucrative income.

Whichever one it is gorgeous Pisces; the Page of Pentacles is reminding you that you have the chance to build up your energy and resources in order to create something real in the world. The Page of Pentacles is asking you to nurture yourself and this process this week, treat this week as a new beginning, try to avoid negativity or self-doubt, instead remind yourself of your brilliance and magnificence. By being optimistic and expecting the best outcomes, you’ll bring about some magnificent growth, development and joy. This week promises some lovely rewards, a boost in your resources, finances and status as long as you remain open to good advice from others and from your own life experience. ​

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