Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 11th February 2019

Aries – Queen of Swords

Gorgeous Aries, you’ve got the Queen of Swords this week so you’re likely to be seeking perfection in some area of your life. Reason, logic and intellect are your superpowers this week.  You’ll likely find that you can assess situations, people and circumstances without emotional bias.
Try to be easy on yourself though wonderful and powerful Aries, remember that as human beings we are all perfectly imperfect. If you are too rigid in your outlook and approach you could find that you seem aloof and cold to others, try to make time for your emotions to be part of your decision-making processes this week.
The Queen of Swords is a powerful card, you can expect to have clarity of mind and sound judgement if you can lessen your yearning for perfection in yourself and others.  Sometimes this card is associated with having a tough exterior and a soft and mushy interior, you may have learnt through difficult past experiences to have strong boundaries.  This week it’s likely that you’ll have some opportunities to express your truth and let people in, pat yourself on the back gorgeous one, you’ve reached a state of power and influence by your own strength and determination to do so.
Taurus – Seven of Wands
Beautiful Taurus, you’ve got the Seven of Wands this week so you’re likely to be feeling like you’re improving your game in some way, creatively or at work.  You could be facing some stiff competition this week, if you do, trust that this is happening to show you that you’re on the right path.
You may be challenged by others this week and may feel that you have to stand your ground in some way or fight for what you believe in.  If you experience this, know that you’re experiencing this so that you can draw upon the amazing skills and abilities you have and demonstrate your well-earned confidence.
It’s likely that you’ll traverse this week being given opportunities to grow and develop, you may decide to enhance your plan and execute an idea.  The Seven of Pentacles is asking you to believe in yourself, this is the week to stand up for what you believe, hold your ground and draw upon the well of self-confidence that you’ve worked hard to obtain.  The coming weeks are likely to be smoother with less opposition, know that you’re going in the right direction and rise to the challenges of defending yourself and your beliefs.
Gemini – The High Priestess
Wonderful Gemini, you’ve got The High Priestess this week so you’re likely to be feeling in tune with the cosmos and your soul.  This is an optimal time to delve deep into your psyche and to reveal some hidden knowledge, you could come to understand and decode some potent and complex meanings about yourself and life this week.
You may be drawn to esoteric teachings this week, subjects like the tarot, astrology and kabbalah may fascinate you and hold your attention for longer than usual.  You’re likely to have multiple opportunities this week to balance yourself and understand the course of events.  You could find that secrets are revealed to you this week as you are like a conduit of trust and higher knowledge, people are likely to open up to you in new and profound ways.
Trust the timing of events and the gut instincts that you feel, you’re being nudged by the cosmos to tune into your soul and to delve into the deepest parts of your nature.  The great unconscious is said to be where all great art is born, you’re like a deep-sea diver this week, you can access some magic and enhance your creativity in new and unique ways.
Cancer – Judgement
Beautiful Cancer, you’ve got Judgement this week so it’s likely that you’ll be reflecting on things and observing how your past is bearing fruit in your present.  Someone from the past could emerge on the scene, or perhaps they’re just on your mind.  Either way, things you’ve sown in the past somehow come to bear fruit for you this week, enabling you to reap in some way.
You may have some hunches and realisations about the pattern of your life and the course of events thus far, some strange and eerie coincidences can come to you thick and fast this week. Judgement is asking you to tune into a new frequency, you’re being asked to step up, believe in yourself and act like the god/goddess that you are.
You’re likely to be feeling that you’re on the right path this week, you’re so close to reaching a pinnacle stage in your journey.
It’s likely that you’ve learnt from your past, discovered a deeper meaning to your life and you’ll probably be feeling like your life is coming together beautifully like a jigsaw. This is the week to let go of what’s no longer serving you and to continue to embrace what resonates with your heart, mind and soul.  Be triumphant Cancer, it’s your time.
Leo – Four of Wands
Wonderful Leo, you’ve got the Four of Wands this week so you’re likely to be thinking about resting and perhaps booking a holiday.  There’s likely to be some cause for celebration too and you may be feeling justifiably optimistic about your future.
The Four of Wands represents feeling capable and resourceful, it’s likely that you’ll be taking stock of your inner and outer resources this week.
You could have some realisations that you’re prepared for the next stage of your journey, people that you have in your life can feel like blessings this week, you’re likely to be feeling that you have a great support network around you, others in your life are rooting for you and wishing you happiness and success.
Take time to rest where you can this week lovely Leo, you’ve been so busy lately and it’s time to assess how far you’ve come and consider the next stage of your adventure.  You could be given more opportunities to grow and develop in the coming weeks so take this time to chill if you can and celebrate your achievements, rest assured that there’s plenty more exciting events, people and experiences coming your way.
Virgo – Five of Swords
Beautiful Virgo, you’ve got the Five of Swords this week so you could find yourself taking a step back from something and adopting some much-needed patience. There’s likely to be a situation or circumstance in which you feel that you have to swallow some pride and back off.
There could be some uncomfortable feelings if you’re the type of person that usually likes to take charge and get things done.  The Five of Swords is asking you to assess your motives and ask yourself why you want to change something.  You could find that you feel better for leaving something be and being patient until the situation improves.
This is the week to observe, reflect and take good care of yourself.  This isn’t the time to charge ahead and force things, you need to remain distant so that you can view a situation and your thoughts and feelings objectively.  If you’re experiencing some frustrating things currently, trust that your situation will improve, the Five of Swords is asking you to observe things from a distance, you’re being reminded that your needs matter.  Take time to just be this week, allow yourself to be receptive and for solutions to come to you, rest and amp up your self-love.
Libra – Four of Pentacles
Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got the Four of Pentacles this week so it’s likely that you’ll be thinking about your career, income and home life.  You could be feeling a little concerned about how much you have, perhaps worried about how much you’re getting and maybe contemplating your social status in some way too.
The main message of the Four of Pentacles is to relax, try not to get too attached to what you own, being focused on your job title and comparing yourself to others this week could result in you feeling stagnant, stuck or worse annoyed.
Try to loosen your grip on material matters this week, if you’re worried about money, give some away, spend some and remind yourself that the universe is abundant and there’s plenty more where that came from.
If you’re comparing your social status to others, perhaps feeling jealous or envious of what others have, try counting your blessings and focusing on what you do have. In the film Fight Club, Tyler Durden said: “The things you own, end up owning you.” Try to detach yourself from material things and remind yourself that you’re way more than the money and things you have, you’re an infinite being with infinite potential.
Scorpio – Six of Cups
Beautiful Scorpio, you’ve got the Six of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling quite reflective and sentimental.  Somebody from the past could be on your mind, you may be reliving memories and recalling some poignant feelings, this is a period of reflection where you are thinking about something from the past.
You could find yourself going over old memories in an attempt to clarify how you’re feeling, this is the card of nostalgia and you may be feeling sensitive as a result of remembering the past in some way.  Trust that the happy memories that you are recalling are signs of future happiness to come.
The Six of Cups is reminding you that by looking back to the past is helping you to crystallise what you want to happen in the future.  Sometimes this card can represent good karma returning to us, perhaps something you did in the past is somehow rewarding you now.  This the week to think about what was good about the past and visualise what you’d like to see more of in your future.
Sagittarius – The Emperor
Wonderful Sagittarius, you’ve got The Emperor this week so it’s likely that you’ll be feeling quite powerful and in charge of matters.  This could be the week that you make something concrete, perhaps you’re starting a project or establishing something real and tangible.
The Emperor is guiding you to step into your power, he’s asking you to believe in yourself and to trust in divine timing.  Something that you’ve been working on is ready to be brought into the world, this is the week to be confident in your abilities and skills.  You have what others are looking for, you’re the remedy, you have the solutions.
You could be called upon to offer advice and guidance, you’re in a position of power this week.  The confidence that you’re oozing is drawing the right people and circumstances to you.  There could be an offer of some kind coming to you, be prepared to up your game and change gears this week.  The universe is supporting you to establish yourself and to grow in some way, trust yourself and your ability to judge yourself and situations fairly.
Capricorn – Three of Swords
Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got the Three of Swords this week so you could be feeling a little withdrawn and want to retreat from drama and conflict.  You may have experienced something upsetting recently and you could feel like you need some space to process what’s happened and think about what’s been said.
Give yourself space to allow recent events and experiences to percolate, the Three of Swords is a reminder that healing has begun and is taking place.  This card can be likened to a boil or abscess bursting, it can be unpleasant, but the poison has been released, now the body can repair itself and healing can take place.
Take some time to relax your mind this week, you’re moving towards a more peaceful and serene state of mind.  Try to detach from dramas and conflict if you can, instead give yourself some extra love and attention.
Aquarius – Knight of Wands
Wonderful Aquarius, you’ve got the Knight of Wands this week so you’re likely to experience a boost to your creativity and feel more inspired.  You could be yearning for inspiration and longing for inspired action in a particular area of your life.
You may find that your experience is illuminated with many sources of inspiration this week, for instance, you may feel drawn to watching something on Netflix that inspires you to change your life in a radical way!  It could be some words in a song that you hear on the radio that alter your perception, helping you to change gears and move forward towards action or a goal.
The Knight of Wands can move us, shake us and inspire us to create meaningful change in our lives. Sometimes this card can signify someone coming into our experience that fills us with inspiration and energy to alter our life. Follow your intuition this week, all those hunches and gut instincts you feel are leading you to some magical places and experiences.
Pisces – The Hermit
Beautiful Pisces, you’ve got The Hermit this week so it’s likely that you’ll be feeling quite reflective and perhaps undertaking in the greatly beneficial process of introspection.  Taking time to go within, enquiring with your higher self could be a theme for you.  This card is associated with solitude and taking time to seek answers from self-enquiry, you could find yourself feeling good about the time you get to spend alone this week.
Sometimes solitude can be forced upon us when we get this card, it may feel as if your experience is creating more time for you to be alone.  Take the opportunities offered to this week to cherish those perhaps rare times for you to experience solitude and quietude, if you embrace The Hermit energy, you’re likely to experience some great insights from spirit and your higher self.

If you’re quite a practical person, you may be tempted to fill this spare time with busying yourself with outward activities.  The Hermit is asking you to enjoy quiet and alone time this week, allow yourself to be still, try to turn that internal chatter down, enjoy being quiet and become receptive so that your soul can communicate with you. It’s likely that you’ll experience some great insights this week, The Hermit is illuminating your path and helping you discern many important things.

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