Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 11th March 2019

Aries – Ace of Wands
Beautiful Aries, you’ve got the Ace of Wands this week which means you are likely to be feeling full to the brim with inspiration and full of positive anticipation about the magical possibilities which lay before you.
These potentials are likely to fill you with excitement and it seems as if you are starting something new as there is a freshness and a pure energy to this week.
There’s magical tinge to this week which will hopefully help you to look forward to anything new that comes your way this week.
The Ace of Wands is asking you to see this week as a huge harbinger and a big sign from the universe, this could be the week that something you really wish to move forward with it is likely go full speed ahead!
You may find that your creative juices will be flowing well and you will probably be ready to outpour all of your ideas and inspiration into something new and exciting that you’re creating.  Take this week by the horns this week gorgeous Aries, you got this.
Taurus – Three of Cups
Beautiful Taurus, you’ve got the Three of Cups this week which means you are likely to be feeling happy, jolly and thrilled by most of your relationships this week.
The Three of Cups usually signifies great get-togethers, it’s a great time for friendship, love, joy and harmony. This week symbolises that feeling that can be found when we feel in alignment with the circle of souls that surround us.
You could find that have reason to celebrate this week, you may be making a toast to something magical that happens this week or perhaps you’ll use this weeks energy to pour some self-love into your life or into the project that you are working on, either way this week promises to be full of happiness and potential enjoy beautiful Taurus, you deserve it.
Gemini – The Emperor 
Amazing Gemini, you’ve got the Emperor this week which means you are likely to be feeling supercharged and powerful.  Sometimes this card can represent founding a business, starting an exciting project or even establishing yourself in a new and powerful way. Have you been working on some exciting projects recently?  Are you creating structure and order in your life?
If so, The Emperor is shouting to you that you can do it! You have the power and authority to see your goals through to their fruition, anything you touch this week is likely to be tinged with power and success.  The Emperor is asking you to use your power wisely and channel your forces towards the creative projects you are working on.
You could find that your perception and values are altered in some way this week, perhaps your values have recently changed and it seems that you are ready to reassess the direction you are taking. Either way, this week promises to be full of that powerful paternal foundation that all of our lives need, you’re grounded without even trying this week gorgeous Gemini. You may find that others are drawn to you and seek out your advice and counsel.
Cancer – Six of Cups
Gorgeous Cancer, you’ve got the Six of Cups this week which means you’re likely to be feeling a little nostalgic.  You may be pondering on the past patterns of your life, perhaps you’ve been the stereotypical Cancer and you’re used to being more of a giver than a receiver. If so, this week promises to bring you some insights into how you can balance the giving and receiving in your life.
You could be feeling more harmonious and happy as you progress through the week.  Sometimes the Six of Cups can signify somebody from the past returning to your life to remind you of previously buried treasure, for instance, perhaps you recall the memory of times gone by where you felt happier and more in alignment with who you truly are.
If you experience something like this, rest assured that memories are coming back to show you that your future holds the potentials for more of your dreams to come true.  You are destined to be more in alignment as each day passes, you are the mother of the zodiac beautiful Cancer, your heart energy guides everyone around you, trust your hearts guidance this week and make sure you take care of you first.
Leo – Two of Wands
Beautiful Leo, you’ve got the Two of Wands this week which means that you are likely to be at odds with yourself regarding a new offer you’re considering taking or perhaps a new project that you are considering bringing into fruition.
Sometimes the Two of Wands can signify a new offer coming your way in which you may find that you need to weigh things up and make a careful and considered decision.
Perhaps you will receive a new job offer or perhaps you are considering taking your life in a new and more authentic direction. Either way, the Two of Wands is asking you to trust your innovations and to bring them out into the world with confidence and power for you you are the father of the zodiac beautiful Leo.
You have the power and authority to channel pure light and bring about authenticity in this world.  This week you are likely to be seeing all the new potentials you have for future happiness, trust your visions and ideas, journal about them and get ready for your life to take new and exciting directions.
Virgo – Ten of Swords 
Gorgeous Virgo you’ve got the Ten of Swords this week which means that you are likely to see the end of a very stressful and mentally taxing circumstance. Hopefully, you receive this card with some feelings of relief for it seems that you have been experiencing some mentally stressful and anxious experiences recently.
The appearance of this card will help you rest assured that this period is now over, the Ten of Swords is reminding you that as with all endings and new beginnings are promised.
This week is promising you that something that has been causing you mental stress is now coming to an end and you can look forward to a brighter future with more clarity and optimism. You may have more opportunities this week to rest and take time to reflect on the next steps on your journey, take time to acknowledge yourself for how far you have come to reach this point, doing so will help build your resilience.  You’re likely to gain more clarity for the next steps of this chapter, you are beginning to emerge from an uncertain time, things are about to become a lot clearer and more calm.
Libra – Justice 
Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got Justice this week which means you’re likely to be making a decision about something. You could be called upon to be a mediator of some sort between two people that are close to you for instance.
This is one way the Justice card can manifest itself, when we receive Justice we can guarantee that we are emulating fairness, truth, justice and balance. It is because that have all of these amazing that people close to you are likely to want to open up to you and seek your advice and counsel.
Take time to listen to your all of judgement and wisdom, for you have all the answers within you this week to make any decisions that you may face.  Justice can also signify rewards coming back to us for things that we have planted in the past, either way it is likely that you will be feeling more balanced, harmonious and stronger this week.
Scorpio – Seven of Cups 
Gorgeous Scorpio, you’ve got the Seven of Cups this week which means you’re likely to be faced with multiple decisions for future happiness. The Seven of Cups comes to us when we are faced with many decisions that could bring us happiness and fulfilment.
The advice with this card is to take careful consideration before making a definitive choice for some of the options in front of you could be illusions and fantasies, so be sure to be realistic about the choices you have before making a decision.
It is likely that you will be feeling excited about the future this week and filled with lots of fantasies and dreams about how your future could unfold, remember that you are the architect of your fate and that your mind, imagination and feelings work hand-in-hand with the magical cosmos and universe to create your future happiness. Ask yourself what is it that you truly want and what is it that would make you truly happy.
Sagittarius – Nine of Wands
Beautiful Sagittarius, you’ve got the Nine of Wands this week which means that you’re likely to be working hard towards an end goal or result of some kind.
Perhaps you almost at the finishing line of something that you’ve been working hard towards, the message of the Nine of Wands is to keep going! You’re almost there, you’ve worked so hard to reach this point,you can’t give up now. although you may be feeling tired and perhaps a little drained, the Nine of Wands is asking you to rest when you can, take good care of your body.
You may feel that you just can’t give anymore and want to give up, it’s likely to be at that exact moment that you’re given a boost of energy, a surge from within you to help you reach the finishing line. It is important for you to keep your faith and optimism high this week, tell yourself that you can do it because you can, you already are, you’re smashing it, keep it up beautiful Sagittarius, you’re doing so well.
Capricorn – Four of Swords 
Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got the Four of Swords this week so you’re being asked to withdraw and to seek out some quiet and perhaps some alone time.
The Four of Swords comes to us usually after a period of conflict, upset or confusion, we get this card when we need to take time out to let our feelings and thoughts percolate. Perhaps something upsetting has happened recently and you need time to reflect and distance yourself from any negativity and drama so that you can figure out a way forward.
Meditation could be particularly helpful for you this week, seek time to go within and find that inner stillness, withdraw from daily activities if you can so that you can find that equilibrium and feel at peace once more.
Aquarius – Knight of Cups
Gorgeous Aquarius, you’ve got the Knight of Cups this week which means you’re likely to be feeling quite romantic oo la la.  Even though Valentine’s Day for this year has been and gone, it seems that your romance and lovey-dovey energy is continuing through to this week.
Sometimes the Knight of Cups can signify a new person coming into our life that sweeps us off our feet, alternatively this card can signify a deepening of an existing relationship. Perhaps a relationship you are already in is enhancing to another level or perhaps you are feeling loved up and ready to start a new relationship all together!
Either way, it is likely that you will be feeling good as sometimes this card can signify good news coming our way. It is likely that you’ll be feeling good about your relationships and feeling good about the most important one which is the relationship you have with yourself. Go Aquarius, you’re showing everyone how love is done.
Pisces – King of Pentacles 
Gorgeous Pisces, you’ve got the King of Pentacles this week so it is likely that home, work and money will be predominantly on your mind. Sometimes this card can signify a promotion or advancement coming your way, you could be offered a new role in an existing company you do work for, for instance.
The King of Pentacles usually signifies that we have the Midas touch, meaning that we attract abundance on all levels.  Abundance is drawn effortlessly to you, you could feel that you are abundant in many areas of your life this week, perhaps home and family life are particularly sweet for you.
You may find yourself feeling abundant and secure within your family and all professional connections that you have in your life, however this card manifests itself, you are likely to be wanting to seek balance in all areas of life, so that you focus just attention equally on work, family and your body.

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  1. Just wanted to say how much I’ve missed Sally’s tarot reading , always look out for it……’s really made my week………Thank you Sally ….

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