Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 13th May 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 13th May 2019

Aries – Two of Wands

Gorgeous Aries, you’ve got the Two of Wands this week and you may be considering a goal or project that you have insight.  You could be formulating a new idea and contemplating how to bring this new vision into fruition.​
It’s likely that you’re feeling ready to do something with your energy and enthusiasm, the Two of Wands is reminding you that you’re undergoing a time of transition and transformation.  This week has the positive potential to show you that growth, progress and success are all possible.  You could experience some feelings of restlessness and eagerness to move forward, the Two of Wands is encouraging you to progress, move forward and believe in yourself. ​
You’ve been given these new ideas, visions and imaginings for future goals, projects and aims from the cosmos, the universe has your back dear one, so rest assured you’ll be able to overcome any obstacles in your path.  You’ve got powerful ambition this week and it’s likely that you’ll feel willing to put yourself and your ideas to the test to realise your potential.  There could be an opportunity for a business partnership or a joint venture.  The Two of Wands is helping you to realise that you have powerful potential that is unfulfilled, you’re likely to have powerful visions and ideas about where you are heading.  Exciting times!  Keep your faith and believe in the invisible creative power which has created the imaginings of the new path, be courageous to birth your ideas and go for it!​
Taurus – Five of Swords​
Beautiful Taurus, you’ve got the Five of Swords this week so you could benefit from taking care of your own needs and create moments to relax and take care of yourself.  It would be wise to be gentle with yourself this week, add some self-love and establish a self-care routine.  Mental health can be improved by making sure we are getting our needs met.​
You could experience a circumstance in which you may feel that you have to take a step back from momentarily, it may feel that by holding off pushing someone or something that you’re not progressing as much as you may like. The Five of Swords is a reminder that we need to put ourselves first, by putting yourself first, you surrender the urge to control something, sometimes this card can signify the facing of limitations and recognising that sometimes we have to back off for a short time to restore our own energy.
The Five of Swords is asking you to not to give your attention to negative situations, instead give your power to what you can change and give yourself lots of love and attention this week.  By focusing your time and energy on positive situations, could lead you to the realisation that you want to change your perspective and life in some way, you may benefit from seeking the guidance of a spiritual nature this week.  If you’ve taken on too much recently, try to lighten your load, take a step back, reflect, reassess, restore your energy, look for ways you can relax and unwind, things will improve when you take good care of you. ​
Gemini – The Magician​
Gorgeous Gemini, you’ve got The Magician this week, so wow, things are about to get interesting.  You can expect there to be an increase in your manifestation skills, intense inner power can emerge, and results of conscious thought can materialise this week.  You could feel that you’re meeting your inner guide, helping you find new ways to improve your manifestation skills and abilities.  ​
The Magician is the bridge between the world of the conscious mind and the subconscious.  He’s with you this week, asking you to consider what visions you have, what you want your life to look and feel like.  Consider these things and keep the visions clear of what you’d like to manifest, it’s likely that you’ll see some results of conscious creation this week.  This is the week to access your inner magic, by asking yourself what you’d like your life to look and feel like, journaling, drawing, painting and creating your reality, you’re bound to create some tangible magic in your life!​
You can call all the elements for help and wisdom this week, keeping a positive mental attitude will help you to trust your gut and intuition. There’s magic to be revealed, your inner guide is here symbolized by The Magician, he’s helping you to access your superpowers this week. There could a realisation of your own awesomeness and that of life.   You are the architect of your fate; you can manifest your desires and wishes.  Seek out things, people and environments that resonate with your desires, your life is expanding and so is your ability to create magic wherever you go.​
Cancer – Death​
Beautiful Cancer, you’ve got Death this week which means new beginnings are promised! You could be feeling the intensity of change this week as Death encourages us to let go and release what is no longer serving us. The changes you are experiencing are helping you to start afresh and begin a new chapter.  It could be that something has come to an end, this could be a particular behaviour or mindset, it’s likely that you’re feeling determined to embrace all that’s new in your life.  ​
Death reminds us that everything in life moves in cycles and is subject to change, if you can accept and embrace change this week, you’ll feel freer to go with the flow and let go of what is no longer serving you.  Remember that rebirth follows endings, and although endings can take on many guises, a new beginning is here my love, some adaptation on your part may be required to adjust and adapt.​
If you’re tempted to try to hold onto the old, remember that clinging onto what is no longer serving you will likely cause stagnation. Acknowledge and honour what is passing out of your life, express gratitude, whilst making sure that you embrace the new opportunities coming to you.  You are transforming and beginning new things this week, you’ll have a fabulous week if you can be honest with yourself about what is and isn’t working.  The sun is rising, a new chapter is beckoning you to move forward.​
Leo – Eight of Wands​
Gorgeous Leo, you’ve got the Eight of Wands this week my love which means that finally, things are moving in the direction you’re hoping.  You could have experienced a period of delay and struggle recently, there could have been some irritations and frustrating setbacks, but things are now likely to pick up momentum, yeay!   You may be really busy this week and could be doing some travelling, remember that all this activity is signifying that your inner growth is developing.​
The Eight of Wands is asking you to believe in yourself and in the path you’ve chosen.  The path ahead is likely to be clear for you this week and you’re probably feeling a lot more optimistic, the delays and struggles that you may have been experiencing have been necessary for you to realise your strength and grit.  This week you can expect your natural Leo magnificence of a naturally sunny disposition of optimism to return.​
After a period of some darkness and unsettling feelings, you can now unlock some positive energy by releasing all the tension and anxiety that you’ve been carrying, be active and remember that overcoming obstacles in your path can make you feel more confident and self-assured.  Remain focused on how good it will feel for you when you reach your goal and destination, you deserve this new life that’s on the horizon beautiful Leo!  New people may be coming into your life to reflect your vistas broadening and this expansive time.  Take a moment at a time, keep thinking positively, and know that this time is favourable for you to channel your abilities and creative energy, enjoy this period of confidence and buoyancy.​
Virgo – Three of Wands​
Beautiful Virgo, you’ve got the Three of Wands this week so you could find that you’re being offered new opportunities to develop, grow and showcase your amazingly rad skills. It’s likely that you’re full to the brim with new ideas and thinking about the exciting possibilities coming your way.  ​
The Three of Wands is giving you an almighty boost and some oomph to achieve a great deal this week, you could be feeling a great sense of optimism and yourself and your abilities.   New opportunities are likely coming to you or perhaps you’ve already been offered something exciting.  Yes, there’s much further that you’d like to travel, and you have lots of enthusiasm about your dreams and ambitions.  There’s fresh and positive momentum in your life this week and you may be feeling motivated to launch yourself into the tasks you have at hand.  ​
Keep up the hard work dear Virgo, by keeping up the determination and strength needed to persevere with your goals will help you to see your hopes coming to fruition quickly.  The Three of Wands is telling you that now is the perfect time to promote yourself and let your talents shine brightly.  How comfortable are you with selling yourself?  If you are sometimes shy and timid about speaking up about your skills and attributes this week will help you to stand in power and boost your self-confidence.  Allow yourself to shine, celebrate yourself and your achievements. Keep believing in yourself and take full advantage of the opportunities this week to be the amazing unique soul that you are.​
Libra – Five of Wands​
Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got the Five of Wands this week so you may experience some delays and challenges with plans that you’d perhaps prefer to move quickly and smoothly.  If you have some anxiety about your skills and your abilities, you could be feeling more tired than usual.  Try to rest as much as possible this week and it will charge you up and help you to feel better in many ways.​
By taking good care of yourself this week you’ll be able to remind yourself how brilliant you are and have more confidence in yourself. There could be some competition at work, if so, you may feel that you are challenged to improve yourself in some way, take your time, take good care of you.  The Five of Wands is reminding you that competition and challenges help us to change our game and improve our self.​
This week is a fantastic time to utilise your intuition and instincts, your inner guide is helping you sail to new lands, try to listen to its wisdom, you may have to compromise and be flexible but you’ll achieve what you hope if you can listen to your intuition. It’s likely that you’ll feel prepared and ready to embrace change on the horizon, the Five of Wands is asking you to look after yourself well and you’ll be feeling strong, gift yourself space and time to reflect on things and give your intuition room to communicate with you.​
Scorpio – Two of Cups ​
Beautiful Scorpio, you’ve got the Two of Cups this week so you can expect there to be a beautiful vibe to everything.  It’s likely that cooperation and harmonious communication will come easily to you, you may find that your emotional health is good, and your heart heals in some way. ​
You could find that all of your relationships are a source of joy for you, mutual trust, harmony and affection are all likely this week.  The Two of Cups could manifest itself as a beginning of a new relationship, this could be a romantic one, friendship or business.  This could also manifest as a new and promising chapter to an existing relationship.  If you’ve recently experienced some separation or upset in a relationship, you could experience this week to be a time where reconciliation and healing are possible, there is a vibe of balance being regained in a relationship. ​
The Two of Cups helps us to feel more loved, cared for, and contented.  You could find that you’re appreciated in a new way at work, perhaps feeling more comfortable and happier about what you do.  It’s likely that you’ll find new ways this week to see things in a more appreciative and balanced way.  Authentic feelings seem to be emerging from you, perhaps solidity, security and partnership have become more important to you and because of that you find that they’re on their way to you, the Two of Cups is telling you and showing this week that there is potential for true love and affection if you allow it to be so, open your heart wonderful Scorpio, make the most of this week’s positive energy.​
Sagittarius – The Emperor​
Gorgeous Sagittarius you’ve got The Emperor this week so you’re likely to be organising, planning and building something this week.  You’re being guided to become more powerful in some way, this could manifest as being encouraged to make a stand, build something in the world, stand in your power, establish your ethics and values, start a business, make a creative idea real, are all instances in how this card could manifest itself.  ​
If you’ve been working hard to get something out in the world or organising something big your efforts and achievements will be being noticed.  You may find yourself attracted to or inspired by someone in power or a position of authority.  You’re likely to find that order, logic, and organization come easily to you this week, these qualities are emerging from within you because you’ve got some panache to be more direct and extrovert in your dealings.  ​
The Emperor is reminding you of your magnificence and impact you have on the world around you, you have the potential this week to create lasting structure and order in your life. Anything that requires you to practice self-discipline is likely to flow smoothly for you during this time, getting organised and feeling like your bringing order to your life is likely to grow your confidence and The Emperor is helping you to be all you can be.​
Capricorn – Three of Cups
Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got the Three of Cups this week so there’s likely to be a peak experience, there could be something to celebrate and it’s likely to make your heart overflow with gratitude.  Remember to keep counting the blessings in your life, noticing and expressing thankfulness for blessings will attract more positive experiences to you and give you more blessings. ​
The Three of Cups can signify sharing the love you and having a good time with loved ones, rejoice and soak up all the happiness that surrounds you, say yes to gatherings this week and be around people that you can feel good when you’re together.  You could be feeling like you’re ready to make a commitment to your future in some way, fulfilment is likely to be yours this week.​
You are likely to be feeling good emotionally, spiritually and physically.  By having faith in the future and believing wholeheartedly that everything will turn out for the best, will help you attract positive circumstances to you and help you to express yourself and grow in new ways.  This week the Three of Cups is helping you to feel that this is an abundant universe and to trust that your needs and wishes will be taken care of.  ​
Aquarius – King of Cups​
Gorgeous Aquarius, you’ve got the King of Cups this week so you can expect a focus on your own needs, putting yourself first, this could be a little unusual or tricky if you’re used taking care of others needs first.  Your friendly and kind nature is like an open fire that others are drawn to, you draw people to you with your friendliness, kindness and empathy.  ​
The King of Cups can signify someone coming into our life that helps us to traverse our inner world and experience some emotional healing.  You could find yourself opening up to someone about your feelings and receiving some wonderful support and guidance.  You’re likely to see and feel that you are supported by the universe this week, in many seen and unseen ways.​
The message of this card is to nurture yourself and allow others to nurture you, you may love being there for others, but sometimes we need to remember that reaching out for guidance or support is a sign of strength. You could be the one offering advice or it could be you that has a desire to get in touch with your feelings and having an opportunity to be open and heal past hurts.  Your kindness, empathy, compassion and friendliness, draws others to you helping you to heal others and yourself in some way.  Great healing is beginning and balance is being gained,  your own intuitive and creative skills, assist you in going with the ebb and flow of feelings and life, you are supportive and being supported in a beautiful way.​
Pisces – Page of Wands
Beautiful Pisces, you’ve got the Page of Wands this week so you’re likely to be feeling like something new and exciting is beginning.  It’s likely that your life is feeling like it’s ready to open up with fresh possibilities and capabilities, you could have desires within you to grow, develop and express yourself in new ways.​

You could have recently realised that you have untapped potential and you’re now ready to make a fresh start.  You’re likely to be buzzing or stimulated by a new idea or by a challenge, this card is associated with having fun, are feeling freer and more playful?  If so, it’s likely that you’re ready to grab any new opportunities that come your way with enthusiasm and flamboyance.

The Page of Wands is increasing your confidence and showing you what’s beginning to grow. You could feel an enthusiastic spirit emerging from within you, an urge to express yourself in new ways could be evident this week. If you’re feeling restless at work or dissatisfied with your path, the Page of Wands is reminding you that this restlessness and dissatisfaction is coming from a place of renewal within you.   Nurture the visions you have this week as they could be harbingers and a great source of inspiration for how you can improve your life.

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