Your weekly Tarotscope with our Psychic Sally 14th Jan 2019

Your weekly Tarotscope with our Psychic Sally 14th Jan 2019

Aries – Five of Wands

Gorgeous Aries,

There may be some delays with plans that maybe you’d like to move more quickly. There could be some anxiety about your skills and your abilities, as a result you may be feeling a little more tired than usual. The Five of Wands is asking you to rest as possible this week, by doing this it will charge you up and help you to feel better in many ways. There could be a bit of competition at work, you may feel that you are being challenged to change or improve your game in some way.

The Five of Wands is reminding you to use your intuition and instincts, your inner guide will help you swoosh through this week with grace and resilience, if you listen to its wisdom and guidance. By compromising, being flexible and listening to your intuition, will enable you to feel like you are prepared for any challenges that you may face. There seems to be change on the horizon, you are likely to already be sensing this, the Five of Wands is asking you to be adaptable this week and look after yourself the best you can. This is the week to blow your own trumpet and show the world what you’ve got beautiful Aries!

Success is yours when you believe in yourself, try to boost yourself and your confidence, say lots of positive affirmations so that you can see the results of your magnificence! Hold your head up high, believe in yourself and strut your stuff. Make sure you make some time to rest and find the sweetness of doing nothing when you can, make space to just be, give yourself space to reflect, ponder and give your intuition space to communicate with you.

Taurus – Eight of Swords

Beautiful Taurus,

You may be feeling like you’re holding yourself back in some way this week, you may perhaps be feeling fearful about moving forward into the future, or perhaps you are feeling fearful of getting hurt by a new situation or circumstance. The Eight of Swords is asking you to think about and consider what it is that you’re afraid of or feeling nervous about, by doing this you’ll be able to see that often the truth of the situation or circumstance is much less frightening than the mind is making it out to be.

Often this card can represent being stuck, stagnant and being unsure of what to decide. Try not to fear the future and the unknown, the Eight of Swords is asking you to trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, this card is reminding you that worrying doesn’t get you anywhere, it just leaves you feeling anxious and frustrated. Yes, new situations can be a little daunting and nerve racking but, the Eight of Swords is telling you that by trusting that things will work out will help you to create the outcomes that you hope for.

Mindfulness and meditation would be most beneficial for you this week, if you find yourself feeling anxious or stressed this week try to observe what you are thinking. Sometimes the mind can take us to many scary places if we let it, by using your breath as an anchor you can bring yourself back to the present moment where peace and inner stillness reside.

Gemini – Six of Swords

Gorgeous Gemini,

There’s likely to be some mental and emotional reprieve this week, any difficulties you’ve been experiencing lately are likely to be overcome. It’s likely that you’ll be feeling like you’re moving away from stressful and anxious times toward a calmer mindset and happier emotional state. If you’ve been feeling a little scattered in your mind recently, the appearance of the Six of Swords is a happy and welcomed message. It’s likely that your mind and perception is going through a transformation and you’re likely to be feeling more peaceful inwardly.

The Six of Swords is telling you that stresses and strains are now behind you, if there are some still lingering around for you, this card is a positive sign that things will improve for you this week. If you been thinking about taking a break or going on holiday, this week is a great time to do it or plan one, a little break and change of scenery will be brilliant for you. Alternatively, by switching off electronics you can create a little retreat at home and take a break that way.

This is the week to trust that the universe is taking you calmer and happier places within yourself, all that’s been happening and recent stresses you’ve experienced, is leading you towards greater self-awareness and understanding. You could be drawn to seek guidance from the Tarot and astrology this week, you may come to see and understand that there’s a pattern to your life and maybe you’ll gain some valuable insight. Take some deep breaths wonderful Gemini, the future looks a lot brighter and more peaceful for you.

Cancer – The Fool

Beautiful Cancer,
You’ve got The Fool this week so there’s major new beginnings for you! The Fool is asking you, if you are ready to take a leap of faith. There’s freshness and newness, a new chapter of your life beckons, your outlook and attitude to life is likely to be transforming.

The Fool is a huge significator of a new adventure, what are you beginning? What’s new and exciting with you? There’s likely be a pureness about this week, you can expect open-hearted feelings and excitable energy oozing from your being! You could find that these new beginnings you’re experiencing have a deeper spiritual meaning for you, you could be starting a new relationship or new routine, whatever is beginning for you when you receive The Fool, a fresh start is promised.

Lots of fun seem to be on the horizon for you, you could experience some urges this week to go off and experience new things this week, you’re likely to be feeling buoyant and optimistic, full of excitement accompanied with positive anticipation about what lies ahead.

Leo – Two of Cups

Gorgeous Leo,

You’re likely to be feeling like things are going well with your relationships this week. The Two of Cups signifies cooperation, harmony, balanced communication and love. Things are likely to be going well in your emotional realm and this could manifest itself as a beginning of relationship, this could be romantic, platonic or business.

There could also be a new and heart-warmingly promising chapter to an existing relationship, where communication flows and mutual feeling expressed and felt. If you’ve been experiencing some separation or upsetting feelings in a relationship, you can expect there to be some form of reconciliation and for balance to be regained.

The Two of Cups is helping you to feel more loved, cared for, and content. You are likely to be appreciated at work this week, this will help you to feel more comfortable there, even if you don’t particularly like your job at the moment, the appearance of this card signifies that you’ll find ways to see things in a more appreciative and balanced way.

Virgo – Seven of Wands

Beautiful Virgo,

You’ve got the Seven of Wands this week which means that you may have to show courage and determination, this could manifest itself as defending your values rising to the challenge of experiencing some stiff competition.

The Seven of Wands is reminding you that you’re likely to successful this week by reminding yourself that you have the inner fortitude and skills to succeed! You have some amazing opportunities to prove to yourself and others that you can handle things fantastically. What have you been working on recently, or focusing on? If it has become a little challenging to agree on a particular direction or tricky just to get things done, this is the week that you should experience things moving ahead nicely.

This week you can expect there to be some refinement and clarity on something you’ve been focusing on, you’re likely to be able to experience some development in the face of competition. The Seven of Wands is asking you to recall all that you have achieved and remember all the times when others have congratulated you for your hard work, you have inspired others and will continue to do so. This week is a time for action, decisiveness, you are continuing to create a new and better version of yourself, remember how great you are and that you can do it!

Libra – Three of Swords

Gorgeous Libra,

You’ve got the Three of Swords this week, so you may be feeling like an emotionally upsetting experience is finally coming to an end. We all experience some upset from time to time and it’s how we handle it that affects us and ultimately determines what the next stage will be.

The Three of Swords can sometimes signify conflict, upset and arguments. Usually though when this card appears the stressful circumstance has already happened, and the healing can now begin. Metaphorically this card can be likened to an abscess bursting, the poison has come out and now the body can begin to heal.

This week it’s likely that great healing is taking place, this could manifest itself as healing and convalescence in your mind and emotions. You could be feeling like finally you can move on from something and that repair is underway. Take time to acknowledge your feelings this week, nurture your precious mind, soul and body. Things are improving and it’s time to believe in the power of healing.

Scorpio – Six of Wands

Beautiful Scorpio,

You’ve got the Six of Wands this week and that’s known as the victory card!! You are likely to be feeling triumphant about something. You have worked incredibly to reach this point, despite any challenges you may have been facing, it’s likely that you’ll overcome them and come out on top form this week.

It’s likely that you’re sensing that things are changing and improving this week, it’s probable that you’ll be looking at your life in a new and positive way. You could find that there is reason to have a celebration this week, it’s likely that the results of all your hard work and efforts are being recognised and appreciated, woo hooo!

The Six of Wands is asking you to celebrate your successes and victories, you have definitely earned it! This card is a positive omen and a promise of fulfilment and joy! Life is likely to feel like it’s getting better, and you could be being acknowledged at work for all of your efforts and feeling like you are valued. Be sure to keep doing what you are doing, during this week it’s likely that you’ll be feeling confident about your achievements.

Sagittarius – Justice

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

You’ve got Justice this week so there could be a decision to be made about something. There’s likely to be balance and fairness reached if you are in any form of negotiation. You could find that you’re focusing on making sure that your work/life balance is good. The Justice card helps us to see that too much focus on one or the other could cause some unbalance, you may find that you’ve got one area working really well and that you’re working hard to make the other area more effective.

Justice is assisting you to see that balance is necessary for you to thrive and prosper. This week you are being given a chance to get to know yourself more deeply, it’s likely that you’ll be going through a period of weighing things up or deciding something. You have an air and aura of balance, wisdom and fairness surrounding you, with Justice you’ll be able to use your rational faculties to judge situations fairly.

You could find that an agreement can be reached through negotiation and by sticking to fair solutions. It’s likely that you’ll be striving for balance and fairness in all of your dealings with others. Objectivity, fairness and truth are your superpowers this week, Justice is helping you to gain a clearer understanding of yourself, others and the situations that arise this week.

Capricorn – Seven of Swords

Gorgeous Capricorn,

You’ve got the Seven of Swords this week which means you’re likely to be choosing your words carefully and considering how best to express yourself. There could be a circumstance where you feel like you have to ‘bite your tongue’ and opt for a more diplomatic stance.

The Seven of Swords represents a situation where you feel like saying one thing, but you choose to be like a counsellor and be tactful. Sometimes life requires us to use some subterfuge in order to achieve a desired outcome, saying something we end up regretting it, and not wanting to hurt or offend sometimes makes us clothes our words so that they are received better.

This week you can expect opportunities to use your intellect to deal with things, your mental faculties will be on stellar form, have every faith in yourself that you’ll be find exactly the right words to say. You may feel that you’re being false, if usually you’re the type of person that prefers to be forthright, straightforward and honest. The Seven of Swords is asking you to be logical, use deliberate charm, play your cards close to your chest and perhaps be economical with the truth if it’s required.

Aquarius – Six of Cups

Beautiful Aquarius,

You’ve got the Six of Cups this week, so you may be feeling reflective and nostalgic. Looking back for treasures of our past is sometimes helpful when we are on the cusp of deciding what’s next. Reflecting on your past could reveal some hidden gems that you’d forgotten and show you some positive ways to move forward this week.

Remember, whilst it’s good to look for treasures of the past, recall old happy memories and think about how good things used to be, it’s beneficial to be mindful that your best years haven’t happened yet! If you’re feeling that your best years are in the past, then this could leave you feel stuck, stagnant and upset. Remember that you’re moving towards the future, take the love, lessons and the gifts from the past.

The Six of Cups is asking you to look forward with wisdom this week, everything you’ve experienced has brought you to this point of self-appreciation. This week is an optimal time to take stock of all that’s happened and understand how you truly feel, you’re on the cusp of deciding what you truly want. By reflecting on the good times of the past you’re more likely to create more of those happy moments in the future.

Pisces – The Hanged Man

Gorgeous Pisces,
You’ve got The Hanged Man this week so it’s likely that you’ll be considering making a voluntary sacrifice of some sort in order to achieve something greater. Every great story has a hero in it that sacrifices something to achieve something better, there could be a realisation this week that you are your own hero and that you have the power to change and alter your story.

You could find that there is a choice to be made this week, sometimes The Hanged Man signifies reaching a crossroads. You may find that you feel ready to give up and let go of what is no longer of serving you and feel ready to choose what is significant and meaningful to you. Giving something up voluntarily for the future promise of attaining something of greater value is expected this week.

You are likely to experience an increase in faith in life, and your trust in the unseen and spiritual is likely to increase too. This could manifest as giving up and surrendering a destructive behaviour, pattern, mindset or person. The Hanged Man is here to show you that this is a turning point in your life, your focus is likely to be reoriented towards your inner world, psychological development could become more important to you

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