Your Weekly Tarotscope With Our Psychic Sally 15th April 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscope With Our Psychic Sally 15th April 2019

Aries – The World

Wonderful and magical Aries, you’re likely to be feeling on top of the world this week. The World is reminding you of the magic have within you and showing you how to revel in your magnificence. 

You could have a peak experience this week that has you cracking open the bubbly or celebrating with your nearest and dearest. Something that you’ve been working towards is likely to come to fruition this week and this could be something as simple as gaining balance in an area of your life you’ve been striving towards. 

The World is asking you to celebrate yourself this week and all of your achievements. No matter how small or big they may be, take time to recognise and acknowledge how blooming fantastic you are. This week marks the end of a particular chapter for you and a new beginning beckons, are you ready for a fresh start? Go for it.

Taurus – King of Pentacles 

Magnificent Taurus, you’re likely to be feeling like you’re growing this week as we are almost in your season and you’re birthday is approaching. You’ve got the King of Pentacles this week and you’re likely to be feeling abundant in many ways. 

The King of Pentacles tells us that abundance is about far more than money, to be truly abundant we have many blessings present, such as friendships, love, shelter, warmth to name a few. 

You’re being guided to seek balance this week, it seems like work and money has become a focus for you recently and your efforts in these areas are likely to pay off in a big way. You could get a promotion, a raise or your social status could change in some way. Whichever it is, take time to count the blessings in other areas of your life this week, remember that true abundance is about sharing what’s good in our lives with our loved ones.

Gemini – The Emperor 

Fantastic Gemini, you’ve got some serious panache this week and you’re likely to be feeling powerful and confident about yourself or something you’re working on. 

The Emperor is asking you to organise yourself effectively this week, you’ve got the power and authority to establish something concrete. Sometimes this card can signify a founding of a business or establishing of a home, you get the idea of the power and lasting commitment that comes with this card. 

This week you can expect a boost in your organisational skills and an increase in your ability to plan and execute your ideas. The Emperor is giving you a push to stand your ground, talk about what you believe in, live by your values and become more powerful. 

Cancer – Nine of Cups

Lovely Cancer, you’re likely to be feeling happier in many ways this week as you’ve got the wish fulfilment card. You’re being rewarded for your recent efforts in letting go of what’s no longer serving you. 

When reading the Tarot like a story you can see how the Eight of Cups leads to the Nine of Cups. It’s probable that last week you had some difficult moments of walking away from

something and perhaps ending certain things. This week you can expect to see what the universe does when you may space for what’s meant for you. 

The Nine of Cups is bringing you a wish fulfilled, this could a small wish or a really big one or even many! Keep your heart open and keep being true to your feelings, this week is likely to be filled with many moments of joy especially if you trust and believe that you deserve the highest good. Keep up the self love, you’re doing great.

Leo – Two of Pentacles 

Magnificent Leo, you’re likely to be juggling multiple things and a hop skip and a jumping through this week. The thriftiness and cheekiness to this card is a joyous one if you can enjoy the process of organising your time and seize the opportunities coming your way. 

You may have to be adaptable and flexible to really see all you can do this week, sometimes the Two of Pentacles can signify a need for balance. You could be tempted to focus entirely on your to-do list and lack attention in your self care routine. 

The Two of Pentacles is asking you to take good care of your basic needs such as rest, nutrition and play time. By seeking balance this week by taking good care of yourself, you’ll be able to be organised, productive and flexible. You’re growing and developing lovely Leo, enjoy this weeks energy of balance and getting things done.

Virgo – Ace of Pentacles 

Fabulous Virgo, you’re amazing at organising and establishing things and this week it’s likely that you’re starting new things. This could be the beginning of a new chapter in your self care rituals, you may be making a commitment to yourself in treating yourself better. 

Sometimes this card can signify a beginning of a new chapter in your career or project, what are you working on at the moment? Whether you’re planning on redecorating the living room or organising the actualising of a business idea or project. It’s likely that you’re going to feel the confidence needed to pursue your goals. 

The Ace of Pentacles depicts a hand in the sky giving us abundance and gifts. It’s likely that you’ll experience a boost in your abundance in your life this week, it could be a promotion, a raise, a windfall, there’s so many avenues that abundance can come to you this week so trust it’s coming and keep your faith high. Commitment to yourself and your projects is likely to come easily to you this week, you’re being supported by the universe to believe in yourself and your abilities.

Libra – Justice 

Gorgeous Libra, you’re likely to be feeling powerful and in charge this week. You’ve got Justice so it’s probable that you’re cutting to the chase, being forthright and truthful about something or to someone in particular. 

Justice comes to us when we’ve been doing the inner work required to get clarity and confidence to speak our truth. You may have been contemplating and considering your approach about something, you may have been thinking about making a decision that’s fair and reasonable. 

It’s likely that you’re going to feel confident and clear about your decisions this week, you’re doing so well to feel your feelings and acknowledge what you need. By being truthful with yourself first you’re able to express yourself honestly and with confidence. 

Scorpio – The Devil 

Lovely Scorpio, you may be feeling stuck and fearful about how to proceed with something this week. You’ve got The Devil card which can be likened to being on a rollercoaster, it can be thrilling, exciting and a little unnerving. You’re likely to be able to unleash some positivity this week though by facing what’s uncomfortable in some way.

You’re powerful and you can do it. Tell yourself nice things this week, affirmations would be brilliant for you to practice this week. Everyone experiences difficult moments of when fear can get the better of us and make us stand still like a rabbit in the head lights. The Devil is what comes to us to help us break free from the fear and become happier. 

You’re likely to be given some moments to break free what’s holding you back, you could experience a great deal of positive energy and feel freer. It’s by acknowledging what’s unhealthy, fearful, stagnant and toxic in our life that we begin to break free from it. Take time to realise that we are all made up of light and dark, it’s by bringing the darkness into the light that we become more powerful and free. 

Sagittarius – Three of Cups

Beautiful Sagittarius you’re likely to have multiple moments of joyous happiness this week. You’ve got the Three of Cups and this signifies happy times and good feelings. 

You could be celebrating something this week, you may have some invitations to some lovely events or you may receive some good news you’ve been waiting on hearing. Either way, you can look forward to many happy moments that bring your heart joy. 

You can increase the level of goodness that comes to you this week by ramping up your self love and self care routine. The Three of Cups is reminding you that the universe responds to us with more grace and blessing when we love and treat ourselves well. Try to do a least one kind thing for yourself and others this week and watch your blessings and happiness multiply and expand. 

Capricorn – Eight of Pentacles 

Wonderful Capricorn you’re likely to be hyper focused this week and able to express your talents and skills effectively. The Eight of Pentacles signifies a person hard at work and receiving abundance and acknowledgement in return for their hard work and skills. 

You may be feeling good about what you do for a living and experience an increase in confidence as a result of the quality of what you do in the home and workplace. You may receive praise this week and this is likely to fill you with determination to continue to develop and succeed. 

The Eight of Pentacles is a stage in the journey of achieving success and personal fulfilment. You’re likely to be feeling that you’re on the right path this week, the quality of what you do is being noticed and you’re putting your skills and abilities to the test. You could feel like there’s further you’d like to travel and more you’d like to develop, you’re doing so well, keep up the good work.

Aquarius – Seven of Cups 

Fantastic Aquarius you’re likely to faced with multiple opportunities for future happiness and this is likely to fill your heart with joy as you see there’s many avenues that could bring you fulfilment. 

The Seven of Cups is asking you to get clear about what really brings you happiness, this is a great week to make a dream/vision board. Even doing this on Pinterest is as effective as cutting and sticking, use what resources you have currently to consider what you truly desire. 

You could be making a decision this week about what you’d like to do, be sure that you’re making the choices that will bring you the most happiness and that are grounded in reality. Sometimes the Seven of Cups can signify fantasy and illusion so by getting clear about what you truly desire you’ll be able to see the difference between reality and fantasy. 

Pisces – The Sun

Magnificent Pisces you’re likely to be feeling on fine form this week. The Sun is dispelling the darkness and the uncertainty, where you may have been feeling unsure and things could have been unclear. This week holds the potential to give you the clarity and certainty you’ve been after. 

You could feel the effects of The Sun bringing you a boost to your confidence and energy levels. Anything you put your focus on this week is likely to grow and develop, what would you like to enhance this week? Take some time to get outside this week and feel the sunshine. 

The Sun is directly related to the solar plexus chakra, by paying attention to this area of your body this week you’ll be able to increase your energy levels and stamina. The Sun is bringing you reminders of what brings you joy, helping you to further your goals and increase your happiness. 

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