Your Weekly Tarotscope with Our psychic Sally 16th July 2018

Your Weekly Tarotscope with Our psychic Sally 16th July 2018
Aries- Three of Pentacles

This weeks Astrotarot looks to be one of great fulfilment for you, there is a theme of collaboration and teamwork. You may find yourself learning a new skill or perhaps undergoing a manifestation of a creative venture of some sort.
You are likely to feel a sense of encouragement from your peers and from any team you are associated with, there could be something to celebrate and acknowledge in regards to the business or project. You have probably been working very hard towards something and are likely to be feeling quite satisfied with your achievements and efforts.
You could be considering a collaboration with a partner of some sort in regards to your career or project, this could bring you great fulfilment as you can draw upon the knowledge and experience of another. The message of The Three of Pentacles is to listen to the opinions of others and share to your expertise, by working together harmoniously you will find you’re able to achieve your goals more rapidly, you are likely to find that this week goes smoothly in regards to relationships at home and at work.
Taurus – King of Wands
Boom Taurus, this weeks Astrotarot looks to be one of great vision and pure fire energy. This week you are likely to take the lead on something that excites you greatly this could be a vision that you have had for awhile but has been keeping your inspirations warm.
There could be some challenges this week that you’re excited about as you may have lots of opportunities to come up with solutions that not just benefit you benefit a lot of people there is likely to be lots of rushes of adrenaline, pushing you towards goals and projects that you want to see manifest.
You have the energy of the king of wands oozing out of you this week if you been feeling restless frustrated and eager to see something change this could be the week that you initiate great positive change in your life and the lives of others. Be bold trust yourself you are visionary this week believe in those visions we need you the world made you go Taurus!
Gemini – Ten of Pentacles
This week looks to be one of firm foundations and success at home and work. You may feel this week that you have successfully overcome setbacks and challenges, this is giving you a sense of accomplishment and perhaps more financial solid feelings.
You may find yourself having an intense focus on family and home we usually get this card at a time when we feel like we have everything that we need feelings of security solid foundations and a good Homelife give us a great sense of satisfaction.
You could feel this week that you want to be generous towards your family in some way and perhaps be feeling blessed with material abundance and free from money troubles. May also be feeling financially secure and therefore able to share what you have with your nearest and dearest.

It seems that this week you have an opportunity to feel permanence and a commitment to a positive future it’s as if everything you have done to date has brought you to this point the message of the 10 of pentacles to enjoy this period of establishment.
Cancer – The Wheel of Fortune

Wow, changes are afoot! You are likely to already be feeling the intense changes that reflected in the meaning of this card, The Wheel of Fortune tells us that the wheel keeps turning and life will continually change. sometimes change is hard for us to stomach especially if the change is unexpected, but usually changes in this way are for our benefit.
You are likely to feel that things are looking and feeling very different The Wheel of Fortune reminds us that change is the only constant in life if we can accept that life is subject to change we are more able to go with the flow and embrace changes with a positive attitude.
We have all been experiencing the effects of the eclipse recently and we are likely to continue to feel these effects for some time you may experience good luck this week as The Wheel of Fortune marks a turning point in your destiny. Dear Cancer, if you can embrace this turning of the wheel this week, you can see it as the beginning of a brand-new exciting chapter in your journey, your fortune is changing everything you have sown in the past is about to be reaped.
Leo – The World
You are likely to see something come to completion this week dearest Leo, you may have been struggling recently to balance certain areas of your life. You can expect to obtain balance in all areas of your life this week as you have The World on your side.
The World card tells us that as one cycle comes to an end another one begins, with this ending you are likely to permit to your sense of loss and honour what is passing out of your life this could be a relationship, a mindset, behaviour or attitude for instance. There is freshness with this card there is vitality for you to grasp and use for future endeavours.
Hopefully, there are lots of new exciting possibilities for you to see this week usually when this card appears balance is obtained and life feels whole and complete. It could be that part of yourself that was in conflict find harmony this week and therefore you are able to attain your goals with more vitality and panache. There could be something to celebrate too as The World heralds a celebration and completion of a cycle, expect excitement and optimism about the future.
Virgo – King of Cups
You may find yourself being a friendly ear for people in your life this week as The King of Cups is a healer, usually, when this card appears we have the capabilities to be friendly, empathetic and compassionate not only to others but most importantly towards ourselves.
You may have an emotional situation this week that you feel you have the capabilities to heal and find solutions for, as you are channelling your inner counsellor and are able to find impartial and helpful remedies. It might be you that is seeking a friendly ear and may enlist the help of a healer, counsellor, priest or friend of some sort to help you process your emotions. The King of Cups can mean it is somebody in our life that helps us or it can be that we are embodying The King of Cups energy.
You have the strength to use your emotions wisely this week when this card appears, you may be feeling an urge to be generous with your time and energy towards people that you have in your experience.  The king of Cups gives us calmness when everybody else is struggling with their emotions, as we are still in cancer season there is likely to be quite a lot of emotion in peoples lives at the moment. The King of cups is helping you be a master of kindness and compassion this week, you have an incredible gift of being able to share your emotions to help others and yourself.
Libra – The Sun
Positivity, optimism, vitality and vision are yours this week The Sun is shining a light on everything you want to see given a boost. There are warmth and kindness to be expected, relationships can take a positive swing and all relations can be enhanced this week with this energy.
You are The Sun dear Libra, you have the vitality the others find inspiring and endearing you may find yourself full of excitement about a new idea, quest, journey or a vision of some sort.  Pay attention to the visions that you have about your future this week as they are guiding you towards boarder vistas
You may find that your confidence is boosted this week also you may feel that life is getting sweeter and lovelier. You are likely to feel that life is on the upswing, The Sun is giving you strength and telling you that as long as you have a positive and radiant attitude happiness will follow you where ever you go.
You may find yourself valuing simplicity this week as you are likely to be able to go with the flow and feel like you can say yes to your life. When The Sun appears in a reading it signifies that the person has recently come out of a period of darkness and uncertainty and that life is beginning to feel better, trust that your life is becoming brighter as The Sun is beckoning a new day and chapter.
Scorpio – Eight of Wands
Hooray, there is finally movement and positive momentum after a period of delay, struggle and frustration dearest Scorpio. Life may have been frustrating and quite annoying recently as you may have been facing struggles, setbacks and some challenges.
The Eight of Wands comes to us when we have overcome obstacles faced challenges and refused to give up, well done for continuing with a particular task, goal or project as this week you are likely to see the results of your dedicated effort and determination.
You may be travelling this week and your plans are likely to speed ahead and things may change suddenly. You are likely to be quite busy this week and focused on a particular task, you may find yourself bursting with ideas and excitement, it’s as if you have dealt with anxiety during your setbacks and now you are ready to fly forward towards your goals and dreams. The Eight of Wands is telling you to go for it if an opportunity arises this week for you to be active to travel and to have momentum this is likely to have a positive outcome for you.
Sagittarius – Three of Cups
Such beautiful energy for you this week Sagittarius, The Three of Cups is about harmonious relationships, enjoyment with friends, family and loved ones and perhaps even celebration woohoo!
You may find yourself feeling more emotional than usual this week fear not though as the emotion is likely to be positive upbeat and optimistic, go with the flow, follow your heart and trust that goodness and kindness are on its way to you!  You have likely been through some tough times recently and The Three of Cups is showering you with kindness love and affection.
You could be more sociable than usual this week and find that you can experience beautiful emotions that are associated with being part of a community that supports and nurtures your growth. If you experience any problems this week, you are likely to see that a conclusion will be reached and you are likely to have the support network that you need to feel good. You may be enjoying good food and good company and feeling that life is sweet.
Capricorn – Knight of Cups
Something is likely to come into your life this week that makes life more wonderful and more loving, The Knight of Cups is about romance and it has a mystical quality about it, this may be a physical person that comes into your life and perhaps speak sweeps you off your feet, or this card may symbolise qualities that are emerging from within you.
You may find yourself filled with grand ideas, passions and dreams, listen to their wisdom this week as they are guiding you towards greater future happiness. You are likely to feel like you are master of your emotions and able to interpret the messages from your unconscious, you are also likely to be more attractive to others as you are oozing romanticism.
Usually, when this card appears we have done some inner work of self-love and self-care we have learnt the lessons of treating ourselves with kindness and compassion, therefore, attracting positive and uplifting experiences towards us. You could also find that you feel like you’re in love with your life, have a new found appreciation for yourself and the direction in which your life is heading. Any decisions that you face this week, you are likely to draw upon your inner reserves to help guide you.  Your friendliness, love and warmth will be appreciated by everyone this week helping you to have positive and uplifting experiences.
Aquarius – Eight of Cups
You may be feeling quite tired and perhaps even exhausted this week dearest Aquarius as an emotional situation might be coming to ahead. The Eight of Cups tells us that all is not lost but that in the meantime, you may have to walk away from something as putting any more energy into the situation may be futile.
Circumstances may force you to withdraw from social activities this week as you may feel a longing for solitude so that you can process emotions and consider the next step in your path. This is the card of transition and changes you may already be experiencing the changes that upon you.
It might be wise to ask yourself this week what would give you deeper joy and satisfaction, you may be seeking deeper meaning and perhaps want to pursue your personal truth. This week is likely to be a reflective one as you are on a journey of discovery sometimes it is dissatisfaction in our emotional and material life that forces us to be more honest about what is that we truly want and what we truly feel. There might be a period this week of feeling that you’re walking away from something that you have built but the cups still remain standing and The Eight of Cups is telling you there is deeper satisfaction in your future.
Pisces – King of Pentacles
Well, Pisces you are a money and abundance magnet this week. King of Pentacles is giving you the discipline power control and security to achieve success and material satisfaction this week. You are likely to be thinking about work, abundance and perhaps improving your social status there could be a career advancement or promotion on its way to you.
You are likely to feel a high sense of self-worth this week as you are accumulating more wealth, there is a special relationship between self-worth and net worth and The King of Pentacles is reminding you of your power in these areas. You might find yourself managing your day-to-day affairs with diligence and attention to detail, you are likely to be feeling the effects of working hard and the sense of self-satisfaction that this commitment gives.
Anything that you plan and organise this week is likely to be successful as you have The King of Pentacles by your side, it will be wise for you to remember the importance of balance this week though. As you may be tempted to focus entirely on generating more wealth or improving your security in some way, you could unknowingly undervalue other areas of your life such as family time, sensuality and personal enjoyment. Enjoy this week of success and financial abundance but remember true happiness lies in the balance, make sure you make time for friends, family and simple enjoyment after all this is what true abundance really is.


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