Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 17th December 2018

Aries- King of Pentacles

Beautiful Aries,
you’ve got the King of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be focused on material matters. You could find yourself focused on promoting a particular project, enhancing your business, going for that promotion, or perhaps getting your house in order or re-organising your living space.

There could also be a focus on your body this week, perhaps during this season of indulgence, you’re finding yourself being that little bit more mindful as to what you eat and drink. You are likely to be feeling confident, in charge and powerful in regards to money matters and career-related circumstances.

You may be called upon to offer some sound advice to an individual that is inspired by you and the examples you show, alternatively, it might be you that is given some sound advice by somebody that you look up to in some way.

This is the week to organise money and to seek growth in regards to your career, be mindful to focus on family, friends and relaxing as well this week though, as the King of Pentacles is famous for being hyper-focused on career matters and sometimes neglecting other more for filling areas of life.

Taurus- Four of Cups

Gorgeous Taurus,
you’ve got the Four of Cups this week which means you may be feeling a little bit disheartened, frustrated, annoyed or bored about a particular situation. Try not to worry how this will manifest for you are receiving this card to encourage you to pay attention to how you are feeling so that you can transform it and find a remedy.

Although you may be feeling like you’ve got a bee in your bonnet about a particular person or circumstance, rest assured that you are experiencing this to help you to find new ways of feeling and doing things.

The Four of Cups is giving you an opportunity to develop your emotional intelligence, we obtain this form of intelligence by using our feelings and emotions as a barometer and guidance system.

For when we are feeling frustrated, annoyed or experiencing any other negative feeling, it is our feelings showing us that we are out of alignment. The Four of Cups is asking you to feel your way through this week, use your feelings to correct your course and alter what needs to be changed.

Gemini- Eight of Pentacles

Gorgeous Gemini,
you’ve got to Eight of Pentacles this week which means you are likely to be focused on work or a particular project or perhaps a home project.

The Eight of Pentacles is giving you the energy and determination to complete goals, tasks and aims this week. This card is reminding you that your skills and abilities are helping you to succeed in every way, trust that you have what it takes to get things done this week.

You are embodying the energy of this card and may find you can reap the rewards of all of your fantastic efforts, the right people are noticing how hard you work and also the quality of work that you produce.

This card could manifest as you being able to create a magical space at home ready for Christmas time. However, this manifests for you it is likely that you will be able to get everything you need to get done with panache.

Cancer- Ten of Swords

Gorgeous Cancer,
this week you’ve got the Ten of Swords which means something that may have been causing you a great deal of stress recently is likely to be coming to an end. You may find yourself feeling tired and perhaps at a point of mental exhaustion, it is as if you feel and realise that you can’t continue to think and behave in a certain way this week.

Mindfulness and meditation is your best friend this week, for it is when we can take one moment at a time and be in the present moment as much as possible that we find we are able to achieve more than we originally thought.

You could be feeling mentally overwhelmed and therefore keen to seek out alternative and more beneficial ways of thinking and doing things. The Ten of Swords is coming to you to remind you that happiness and peace is an inside job.

Take time to rest when you can this week and prepare for a new beginning that is upon you, you can expect to feel brighter and have more clarity as the week progresses.

Leo- Strength

Beautiful Leo,
you’re likely to be reminded of your amazing strength and courage this week as this card is coming to you to help you develop yourself in resilience and inner fortitude. You might find yourself feeling in your element as the animal associated with this card is the lion.

If you find yourself in a situation where you feel like snapping or roaring, use that energy to fluff up your mane and take good care of yourself. If you manage this, you’ll progress through the week feeling like king/queen of the jungle.

Sometimes this card is associated with having a healthy ego episode or self-image that reflects the inner resilience and strength that this card portrays. For instance, you may be more consumed with by your self-image, more than you have in a while, this week you’ll be taking better care of your body, the food you eat and taking the rest you need.

The Strength card is coming to you to show you that you have the strength and inner fortitude to achieve your goals this week, try not to push yourself too much , as you may reach a point of exhaustion and therefore be more likely to be the snappy lion rather than the regal, powerful and confident lion that you really are.

Virgo- Nine of Swords

Gorgeous Virgo,
you may find yourself feeling a little worrisome this week for the Nine of Swords reflects a state of mind that is focused on what could go wrong rather than what could go right or even what the reality of the situation is.

Whenever this card appears it is a message for you to be mindful of your thinking and to guide your thoughts to a happier and more fulfilling place. If you do find yourself worrying and feeling anxious, try to take some deep mindful breaths and take stock of the reality of the situation in the present moment.

Sometimes the Nine of Swords reflects a state of mind where we are imagining all sorts of negative outcomes rather than being in the present moment, often things aren’t really as bad as we are imagining them to be. Try not to worry for this card is showing you that this state of mind is temporary and doesn’t bear truth or reality.

Bring your mind back to your body this week, take good care of your nutrition and make sure you get plenty of rest, for things are going to get brighter and happier for you, thoughts come and go like clouds in a windy sky, conscious breath is your anchor to give you peace of mind. All will be well this too shall pass.

Libra- Four of Pentacles

Beautiful Libra,
you’ve got the Four of Pentacles this week which means you are likely to be wanting to hold on tightly to money and resources. The message of this card is one of flow, if we hold on too tightly to money, we actually restrict more coming to us, it is by loosening our grasp on things that we associate with our self-worth that we end up attracting more net worth.

Try to relax and work on your self-worth, what you earn and the work you do or even the things you own aren’t as important as you may be thinking they are. You are far more than all of these material things combined, try to identify with that which you may be holding on too tightly to, if you can see this you’re likely to be able to let go this tension of holding on and therefore allow for more to come to you.

You may be wishing that you have more to give to others and yourself this week, remember that people that love you would rather see and feel you happy than you be stressed as a result of overextending yourself.

Take time to fill your spare time with self-loving acts that improve your self-worth, it could be as simple as going for a walk in beautiful nature or having a bubble bath.

Scorpio- Knight of Swords

Gorgeous Scorpio,
you’ve got the Knight of Swords this week so you’re like to be feeling excited about a particular person or event. There may be lots of swapping and changing your mind about someone or something and you may be feeling full of positive anticipation as you get closer to a peak experience.

Your mind is awakening this week to new and dazzling opportunities, be mindful of flying off the handle towards people that may not be thinking on your wavelength, try to be tactful and diplomatic towards loves ones that may be finding it tricky to keep up with you and your plans!

You’ve got it going on this week and you’re likely to be the queen/king of any ball/party/gathering, you’re oozing intellectual power and may be quite the source of inspiration for many.

You’re heading towards a period of organisation and confidence, you’re likely to be sensing that you’re stepping into your power and ready for what that brings. You may experience a lot in a short space of time this week, your mind is ready and capable for whatever happens.

Sagittarius- The Empress

Beautiful Sagittarius,
you’ve got The Empress this week so you’re likely to be feeling grounded, secure, in tune with yourself and in flow with your life and the cosmos.

The Empress comes to us when we are nurturing towards ourselves and others, whether you are fortunate enough to have your mother here psychically or not doesn’t stop us accessing and communicating with our inner mother.

We all have an inner mother, that’s reflected by those inner promptings we experience when we feel urged and encouraged to take good care of ourselves and our body. Expect to have direct communication with this mother aspect this week, you’re likely to be feeling the sacred embrace of your psychical mother or that equally divine internal mother.

You are likely to be feeling that you’re aware of your power and gentleness this week and feeling like you can take care of yourself, others and projects with ease, grace and confidence.

Capricorn- The Devil

Beautiful Capricorn,
you’ve got The Devil this week which means you’re likely to break free from something that’s been holding you back in some way.

You may find yourself feeling like you have power locked away deep inside you that’s ready to be unleashed and harnessed. The Devil is associated with the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden or are perhaps ashamed of, this could be a destructive mindset, addiction, obsession or even fears.

All of these things that humans have to face in periods of our lives hold us back and restrict our power from growing. Take time to bring those parts of yourself that you may be hiding into the light this week, be mindful that we are all perfectly imperfect.

You’ve got some amazing opportunities this week to be free and to face things that you perhaps haven’t felt able to before. The Devil is giving you the message of freedom, reminding you of the power you hold inside, what are you wanting to break free from? You can do it.

Aquarius- The Hermit

Gorgeous Aquarius,
you’re likely to be feeling the benefit of spending time in solitude this week. The Hermit is coming to you to remind you that solitude is often the time when we receive the most insights and revelations.

You could find yourself feeling like you enjoy your own company a great deal this week as you’re able to almost have a two-way conversation with your higher self. The Hermit is associated with the development of intuition and foresight, you may not be used to spending time in solitude and quietude and if so, this week you may face some feelings of loneliness.

The Hermit is reminding you that when you’re alone you’re not really alone for you have your ancestors breathing with you and feeling with you in every heartbeat, use this time to get closer to feeling connected with yourself and the spirit world around you.

You could experience some eery and soothing coincidences that remind you that you have so much support and love from the universe.

Pisces- The Wheel of Fortune

Beautiful Pisces,
you’re likely to experience the turning of the wheel of fate and destiny this week. The Wheel of Fortune comes to us when our luck and path in life is changing, this card reminds us that all outward changes are a direct reflection of inner changes that we have created.

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling that some magic is afoot this week, you could be lucky and win something or you may reunite with someone that you’ve missed in your life.

The only constant in life is change and The Wheel of Fortune is a reminder of this if you can embrace this weeks theme of change you’re likely to experience some amazing feelings and experiences.

You have some fantastic opportunities this week to think, act and do things differently, by seizing chances to demonstrate acceptance of change you’ll be able to access some fortunate circumstances. You’re starting a new chapter, all the inner work you’ve been doing is now beginning to show fruit in your outer life.

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