Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 20th May 2019

Aries – The Magician
Beautiful Aries you’ve got The Magician this week so expect some major shifts in your experience! What do you want to manifest?
You’re being nudged by the cosmos to create the life that you truly desire!
You have the potential to create some magic this week, self mastery is likely to come easily to you so get ready to be propelled toward your destiny. Perhaps you’re dabbiling with some inner alchemy that will result in some fabulous new and enriching experiences.
The Magician is symbolic of our inner guide and intuition, he’s coming to you to enhance your life and remind you of your powerful magic! Lovely Aries, you’re most likely to have multiple rendezvous with your inner guide this week, listen and get ready to act upon the guidance you receive.
Taurus – Page of Swords 
Gorgeous Taurus, you’ve got the Page of Swords this week so you’re likely to be experiencing some growth in your life in terms of your state of mind and perception.
Sometimes this card is associated with gossip and being opinionated about ourselves and others. The Page of Swords is a gentle bee beginning and can signify us formulating a new way of viewing things. It could be that perhaps you’re finding out what you truly believe in by getting some things of your chest.
Take some time to notice how your mind is being expanded and your views are changing, this is the gift of this card and this week. New people and circumstances come to us when we are ready and willing to enhance and develop.
Gemini – Queen of Cups 
Beautiful Gemini, you’ve got the Queen of Cups this week so expect some beautifully emotional experiences this week. You’re likely to feel in touch with deep feelings and reach the watery depths of your soul.
You could find that someone enhances your life this week by being open, warm hearted and emotionally intelligent. This person could be someone you already know or somebody new entirely, whichever it is your likely to be the embodiment of the Queen of Cups drawing people and circumstances to you that put you in tune with your hearts desires.
You’re being guided to go within and use your feelings as a GPS, those emotions are pinpointing areas of your life that warrant your attention. It’s likely that you’ll have an increase in your psychic powers this week, little hunches could lead your somewhere magical.
Cancer – The World 
Gorgeous Cancer you’ve got The World this week so expect some major shifts in your life and some celebrations. You could experience a peak experience, perhaps something you’ve been working hard towards will come to fruition.
The World marks the end of a particular chapter and the start of an exciting new beginning too! What’s beginning for you and what’s ending? You could find that something you’ve been trying hard to establish takes roots and a firm foundation is present.
You’re being guided to start a fresh with balance in mind, it’s likely that balance in all areas of your life is easy for you to achieve. You’ve learnt a lot and you’re ready to begin anew with the lessons you’ve learnt under your belt, remember to celebrate yourself and your successes this week, The World wants you to feel on top of the world and good about you and take those opportunities to shine.
Leo – The Fool
Beautiful Leo, you’ve got The Fool this week my love which means you’re likely to be full of beans about things. Expect there to be an immovable urge to start afresh, begin anew and go on a adventure of discovery.
You may be wanting to have more fun, discover more about yourself and life or you may just want to go on holiday! Whatever it is, The Fool is ushering in a new day and dawn!
Take time to follow those good vibes and feelings, if it feels good it’s likely to be a fulfilling choice and experience. You could be ready to drop and release anything that’s not in alignment with your core desires this week, you’re creating new opportunities and circumstances and making room for more enchanting and magic in your life, exciting times!
Virgo – Three of Wands 
Beautiful Virgo, you’ve got the Three of Wands this week so you’re likely to be drawing and attracting some inspiring people and circumstances to you.
It’s likely that a celebration of some sort is going to happen, this could be something that you’ve been working hard towards that manifests or comes to fruition this week. The Three of Wands is symbolic of reward and acknowledgement for our efforts.
Perhaps you’re giving yourself a mighty pack on the back for your efforts of late, it’s likely that others are witnessing how blooming amazing you are and wanting to celebrate with you. Take time to notice all the inspiration coming to you this week, it’s guiding you towards more future happiness and fulfilment.
Libra – Temperance 
Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got Temperance this week so it’s likely that you’re going to experience some profound healing and achieve harmony in some or all of your relationships.
Temperance comes to us when we are in need of some peace and harmonious energy in our heart and relationships. If you’re hoping to have a healing conversation with someone then this card is a good signal that it will happen this week.
Take some time this week to tune into your heart and soul, listen to its sacred wisdom and take heed of its guidance. It’s likely that you’ll travel through this week feeling protected and guided, this card is associated with goddess Iris, she bestows healing and peace.
Scorpio – The Tower 
Beautiful Scorpio, you’ve got The Tower this week so you’re likely to transform your life in a big way this week. You could be already sensing that you’re evolving and transforming in some way.
The Tower comes to us when we need to revamp our life and get honest about what’s working and what isn’t. Perhaps there’s some people or circumstances in your life that require your attention.
Sometimes this card is associated with masks falling away, secrets being revealed and the truth coming out. However this card manifests for you this week, know and trust that honesty with yourself and others is important for a truly fulfilling and happy life.
Sagittarius – Seven of Pentacles 
Beautiful Sagittarius, you’ve got the Seven of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be given a new opportunity for you to consider.
You could be given a promotion, an advancement in your career or a new avenue may present itself. What’s important to consider with this card is that whatever is being offered to you IS divinely inspired, meaning that the universe is giving you this new opportunity because it wants you to be your best self and happy.
Take some time this week to pay attention anything new that comes your way, listen to your intuition and take its advice as you’re on your way to more happiness, fulfilment and perhaps prosperity too.
Capricorn – Page of Wands 
Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got the Page of Wands this week so expect some fun times to be coming your way!
There’s likely to be some amazing ideas and a surge of inspiration bubbling from within, you could find that others in your life are bidding for your attention, time and energy. The Page of Wands is associated with new beginnings and having new and exciting visions for the future.
Take some time to make some more room for fun your life, the universe wants you to have more experiences that are carefree and perhaps even a bit silly. There’s an inner child within all of us and yours is calling to be let out, to run free and have a giggle. Say yes to invites this week and let your hair down.
Aquarius – Eight of Cups 
Gorgeous Aquarius, you’ve got the Eight of Cups this week so you’re likely to be moving towards your dreams and desires in a new and exciting way.
You could find that you’re relinquishing some ties, people or circumstances. Whatever you’re letting go of seems to be needed so that you can move on to bigger and better things, pay attention to what feels outworn or heavy, this could be a sign for you to let it go.
Take some time to tune into your feelings this week sweetheart, you’re being guided to improve your life. The gift of the Eight of Cups is that it shows us that knowing what we don’t want is just as important as knowing what we do want.
Pisces – Nine of Pentacles 
Beautiful Pisces you’ve got the Nine of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be feeling more secure, independent and self-sufficient.
Expect your confidence to increase this week and for your self-belief to reach an all time high. The Nine of Pentacles comes to us to remind us how blooming fantastic we are when we’ve reached a point of self-mastery.
You’ve been through a great deal to get to this point of inner fortitude and resilience, well done beautiful one! Take some time to congratulate yourself and honour how much you rely upon yourself for validation and acceptance, that’s where true confidence is born darling from deep within your heart, soul and mind.

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