Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 23rd April 2019 – Feel The Shift!

Aries – Six of Pentacles

Beautiful Aries, you’re likely to be feeling good about your material life this week as you’ve got the Six of Pentacles. This card usually comes to us after a period of worry and frustrations, either at work, home, our finances or our body.

You can expect this week to be delightful in terms of things going according to plan, that is if you can keep your faith high and determination to succeed high too. The Six of Pentacles is associated with being able to rely upon life and the universe to give us exactly what we need.

You could feel an urge to be generous this week, if so, follow that urge as the Six of Pentacles is about giving and receiving in equal balance. If you’re naturally a giver, be prepared to receive. This is a beautiful week where your faith improves and your self belief grows.

Taurus – The World
Gorgeous Taurus, you’re likely to experience something amazing this week as you’ve got The World. This card is associated with reaching a peak experience and being able to celebrate your achievements.

What have you been working on recently? It’s likely that something of great personal significance will come to fruition this week, this week marks the end of a particular chapter and a new and exciting chapter beckons you forth.

Take time to acknowledge all of your feats and achievements this week, the more you can celebrate how well you’ve done to reach this plateau, the sweeter this week will be for you. You’re likely to be able to balance all areas of your life this week with ease and grace.

Gemini– Eight of Wands
Beautiful Gemini, things are likely to go really well for you this week as you’ve got the Eight of Wands. This card is urging you forward and encouraging you to take the opportunities coming your way with both hands and an open heart this week.

You may have experienced some frustrating set backs recently and you may have been forced to be patient to move forward with your plans. The Eight of Wands is telling you that is all steam ahead now and you’re likely to meet minimal resistance on your path.

You could find that the right contacts magically appear this week, things just fall into place and you’re able to have a clear stretch of fruitful activity ahead. You may be making plans to travel and expand your horizons in some way, your life is getting more exciting, are you ready?

Cancer – King of Wands
Gorgeous Cancer, you’re likely to be making some exciting plans this week to establish yourself in the world professionally. The King of Wands is associated with entrepreneurialism and promoting yourself adequately in a competitive market.

You’re likely to be organised and powerful this week, there could a person that you’re inspired by in a big way that offers you some excellent advice on how to improve your life and achieve your goals. If someone magical like this shows up this week, take notes and be act on their advice if it’s excites and inspires you.

You’re developing this week Cancer, things are about to get more interesting in your career and creative pursuits. Step into your magnificence and believe in your abilities to create impact on the world and lasting happiness and abundance in your life.

Leo – Justice
Beautiful Leo, you’re likely to be wanting to be honour your truth is some way this week and perhaps making an important decision about something.

Justice is coming to you this week to remind you of the power of your mind and to encourage you to be honest with yourself and others. Sometimes this card can mean us being frank and direct to ensure our needs are met.

It’s likely that truth and fairness will be more important to you this week and it’s probable that others will gravitate towards you to seek your advice and counsel about something important. Take time to check in with your inner guidance and intuition this week for optimal results.

Virgo – The Emperor
Gorgeous Virgo, you’re likely to be on fine form this week and putting some of your well thought out plans into action. You could find that you’re offered some sound business advice from someone that you look up to in some way.

Planning, organising and self-discipline are likely to be important for you this week, you could find that you’re able to wiz through this week with power, authority and leadership. You’re likely to be impressing people with your skills and abilities too.

Take some time this week to consider your values and ethics, The Emperor comes to us when we are being encouraged by the cosmos to become more powerful and make a stand to walk the talk and be who we are meant to be. Believe in yourself and your amazing abilities, you’ve got everything you need right now to be a success.

Libra – The Hierophant
Beautiful Libra, you’re likely to be in touch with your spirituality in a new way this week. The Hierophant is coming to you to remind you of your intrinsic connection to spirit and the i universe.

You could experience some magical and strange turns of fate this week, you know those moments when you stop and think wow! How amazing is it that this has happened? It’s destiny, your calling and the things your drawn to that hold the most fascination for you this week.

The Hierophant is asking you to follow the things your intrigued by this week, remember that the universe is always listening to you and wants you to be as happy as can be. If you think of life like a treasure hunt your surely to find some magic this week.

Scorpio – The Wheel Of Fortune
Gorgeous Scorpio, you’re likely to be experiencing some intense and exciting changes this week. The Wheel of Fortune is coming to you at a time when you’re likely hoping and wishing for change in your life.

You could be travelling to a far and distant land this week, if not it’s likely that you’ll be travelling deep within your psyche and emotional realm. Whichever it is, travelling is likely to bring you the much needed changes you’re hoping for.

Life is likely to be feeling and looking very different this week, remember that these changes are coming to improve your life and transform your outlook in a radical way. Enjoy these transformations and changes sweet Scorpio, this is your time to embrace the good and feel worthy of a sweeter life.

Sagittarius – Ten of Cups
Beautiful Sagittarius, you’re likely to have a spring in your step this week as you’ve got the Ten of Cups brightening things up for you. You could experience a celebration this week, have a magical encounter or reach new heights in love.

The Ten of Cups is a beautiful card that could be likened to a wonderful day where everything goes right and our heart soars to an uplifting and happier state. Your relationships are likely to be a great source of joy, happiness, love and harmony.

Friendships, a partner if you have one, colleagues, neighbours, even strangers can be a reason to smile this week. Take time to notice all the beauty that’s in your life, count those lovely blessings and you’re likely to experience more blessings that you can count.

Capricorn – Six of Swords
Gorgeous Capricorn, you’re likely to be able to experience some much needed peace of mind this week. The Six of Swords promises calmness and clarity if you can leave the past in the past and move forward with acceptance.

You may have experienced some difficult times recently and anxiety could have been present for you. The Six of Swords is telling you that the worst is behind you now, you can let things go and move towards a happier and calmer life.

What you’ve been through recently has likely brought you many insights and lessons. Take time to seek out things that help you to understand yourself, for instance, you may be drawn to Tarot and Astrology this week, therefore helping you to gain guidance and clarity to understand and move forward with grace.

Aquarius – Five of Swords
Beautiful Aquarius, you could be feeling a little stuck about how to proceed with something this week, the Five of Swords is asking you to adopt some patience and wait for a more opportune moment.

There could be something that you wish to say this week that you feel that you can’t or that you have to back off from something and perhaps swallow some pride. It’s okay though, the Five of Swords is coming to you to remind you that sometimes it’s best to say nothing until you have more information.

Take time to nurture yourself this week, this is a great time to take care for yourself and wait out making big decisions if you can help it. Things will become clearer as the week progresses and you’ll gain more info as the week progresses.

Pisces – Ace of Wands
Gorgeous Pisces, you’re likely to have a burst of energy this week and tones of new ideas about how you can improve your life.

The Ace of Wands is helping you to make a fresh start in your creativity and your imagination. It’s likely that you’ll be full of optimism and excitable energy as the week progresses. You could figure out new solutions to old problems, and realise you have more available to you than you thought.

This is a fresh start beautiful Pisces, how will you begin this week? What is it that you’d like to refresh and start? Take time to honour the visions you have this, the Ace of Wands is a reminder of the potency of the imagination, what starts in the imagination bares fruit and comes to fruition in waking reality.

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