Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 26th August 2019

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 26th August 2019Aries – The Emperor

Wonderful and magical Aries, you’ve got The Emperor this week darling so you’re likely to be feeling determined and committed to bringing something into fruition. The Emperor can signify that your ability to organise, plan and build will likely be improved this week.

You are being asked to take a standpoint, to become more powerful in some way, this may manifest itself as the urge to start a business or unleash a creative idea into the world. The Emperor is giving you strength and grit to achieve your goals with tenacity this week, you can use this powerful energy to your advantage by figuring out what your core values are. If you are in business, a good thing to consider this week is what your WHY is.

Why are you doing what you’re doing? Usually underneath our actions lies our beliefs and values, getting in touch with this deep and philosophical part of yourself will give you clarity and guidance this week. The Emperor is gifting insight, confidence and the foresight to establish yourself in a new and more authentic way, what are you bringing into the world this week? We need your rad and real vibes, uncovering your values and ethics will help you to unleash your power in a new way.

Taurus – Page of Pentacles

Gorgeous Taurus,

you may have improved finances, a promotion at work or an advancement in your abundance and finances this week. This is a new beginning and you must take it seriously for something you wish to come into fruition.

The Page of Pentacles signifies a slow but steady manifestation of deeply held idea or vision, this could be the week that you witness some sprouts of growth in your material life. For example, you may be starting a job that holds brilliant potential, or maybe you have an enjoyable hobby that could be turned into a positively lucrative income. You can expect to you have the chance to build up your energy and resources to create something tangible this week.

The message here is to nurture this process, it’s a new beginning, try not to focus on negativity or self-doubt, instead, try to be optimistic and expect the best outcomes to help the Page of Pentacles do its thing. You may experience an urge to drink up information and have a thirst for learning this week, accompanied by an increase in new ideas, you can expect future success.

Excellent prospects are making themselves known to you this week, but there may be a need to adopt some patience if you are to make a success out of the opportunities, as you know already, hard work and being yourself will bring positive results for you.

Gemini – The Fool

Stunning Gemini,

you’re likely to experience some intensely positive newness this week! The Fool is asking you if you are ready to take a leap of faith. There’s likely to be a fresh new outlook and attitude that emerges from within you this week, this is a new chapter. The Fool is a big indicator of change, a new adventure is before you, what are you beginning sweet Gemini? There could be purity in your closest relationships, accompanied by the sharing of open-hearted feelings.

You could be feeling excited about your present and future, ready to leap and start something new. Sometimes The Fool has a deep spiritual meaning, when you work hand in hand with the universe you can trust the path before you and follow the signs, symbols and hunches as if they’re bread crumbs or clues to the next exciting stage of a treasure hunt. Remember that feeling of being a child and the world was full of wonder, excitement and intrigue?

You could be feeling like that again this week as The Fool is urging you to experience new things and treat your life like it’s a big adventure with lots of treasure to discover! You’re most likely going to feel quite buoyant this week, full to the brim with excitement and positive anticipation about what’s ahead for you. This is a magical time for love as loads of fun seems to be on the horizon.

Cancer – King of Wands

Beautiful Cancer,

you’re likely going to feel a resurgence of energy this week, full to the brim with new ideas and passion to succeed. The King of Wands is helping you tap into your wisdom and go after your goals and ambitions with gumption and determination. You are likely to be feeling wise, open, positive and adventurous this week, you may be feeling quite entrepreneurial too!

The King of Wands is asking you to use your abundant skills and energy this week in a positive direction. This is a positive omen, especially if you’ve been feeling a tad out of sorts or low in energy recently, there’s likely to be feelings of gratitude too as others are generally supportive and think well of you this week. The King of Wands is giving you gumption, reminding you of your ambitions, this week you’re most likely going to feel more driven and focused on your goals.

You can achieve your goals this week more easily if you think positively and use your imagination wisely for the best results, picture things going well and they most likely will. You could feel that you want to keep your own counsel this week and keep your dreams, visions and goals under wraps until they’re ready to be unleashed to the world. Fortune favours the bold and brave Cancer, the world needs your input!

Leo – Knight of Pentacles

Gorgeous Leo,

you’ve got the Knight of Pentacles this week so you’re likely feeling eager to start a new chapter in your material life. You could receive a promotion, an advance in income or begin a new role or project. You’re being asked to continue to value yourself and what you do appreciatively. What you do, how you do and the value you add to a team or project is being noticed and valued, this week you’re likely to witness the correlation between valuing yourself and an increase in wealth, status and abundance.

The Knight of Pentacles is giving you a boost to nurture your material life in a new way, this is likely to manifest itself as a new commitment to planning, organising and changing your habits. You can benefit a great deal this week by valuing not only yourself but your home, body and day to day tasks that contribute to your stability. The Knight of Pentacles brings joy to the mundane and ordinary facets of life, things, like doing the washing, cleaning, organising your bills and cooking yourself nutritious meals, can be incredibly rewarding and satisfying when we receive this card. Take time to channel your inner zen vibe, tend to what is happening in the present moment, this is when the seemingly ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Virgo – Two of Wands

Beautiful Virgo, you’ve got the Two of Wands this week so you may find yourself feeling both excited about the week ahead and a tad nervous too. You may be starting something new that brings you in alignment for a future goal of yours, there could be multiple moments of feeling like you’re in the right place. You could also be thinking about a goal or project that you have insight or maybe you are formulating a new idea.

The Two of Wands is telling you that you’re now ready to do something with that energy and enthusiasm, you are undergoing a time of transition this week. It seems that you need to be reminded that you have plenty of potential for success, growth and progress. You could be feeling a bit uncomfortable about change, there could be restlessness to move forward in some way. All is well beautiful Virgo, rest assured that you will overcome obstacles in your path.

The Two of Wands is helping you to put yourself to the test and to realise your amazing potential. You could be offered a new opportunity this week, you could be undergoing a time of re-evaluating and deciding where you would like to go from here. Your circumstances are improving, allow yourself time to think things through, if you’re feeling some anxiety, remind yourself that you do have the courage to move forward, believe in yourself and have faith in the invisible power that’s guiding towards further happiness.

Libra – Three of Pentacles

Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got the Three of Pentacles this week so it’s likely that your efforts and hard work are being recognised this week. The work you do and how do it is being appreciated and valued, you could receive some amazing rewards and boost in income and abundance. People around you will are likely to be quite vocal about their appreciation of you and your efforts.

You are being noticed for the quality of what you do as well as the amount of what you do, you could receive a fabulous gift or reward for all of your efforts. The Three of Pentacles is asking you to keep doing what you’re doing as you are on the right course and going in the right direction. There could be a cause for celebration, take the time to give yourself a mighty pat on the back and acknowledge yourself. Keep up your positive attitude, keep plugging at what you’re doing, and the rewards will surely come.

You’ll likely feel and see that things are improving and looking up for you. If you been thinking of furthering your skills and abilities, this would be a fantastic week to pursue your interests in personal development and growth.

You could be yearning to further your growth and expand your horizons in a big way, this week could prove to be fundamental in finding more avenues and paths for you to do this. Trust your instincts to guide you, you’re being supported in many ways.

Scorpio – The Star

Beautiful Scorpio,

you’ve got The Star this week, so you are most likely feeling hopeful about your wishes coming to fruition this week. The Star reminds us that by having faith deep in your heart that things will improve (even when life is challenging) will open new doors to your potential and dreams. Your most cherished wishes can come true when you believe in the value your heart’s desire, you would have a dream if it wasn’t possible to come true, have faith that things will work out this week and they most likely will.

You’re being asked to have trust and faith in equal measure, do this and you could give birth to an indomitable positive outlook from within. You’re likely to experience feelings of life coming together beautifully this week, The Star tells us when we have hope, that we can be justifiably optimistic in our expectations and trust in life’s bounty to provide us with what we want, need, desire and dream. You’re being asked to continue to open new doors and develop your stunningly amazing innate potential.

You could experience a renewed sense of purpose this week, your energy and belief in yourself could be heightened and increased. Nurture hope and optimism dear Scorpio, unexpected blessings can manifest themselves, helping you to realise your dreams, trust that you have support from the universe.

Sagittarius – The Moon

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

you’ve got The Moon this week so you’re likely to experience an increase in psychic powers and feel your intuition deepening this week. This is a brilliant week to record your dreams, The Moon often gifts us unusual dreams, that are full of messages to guide us toward greater clarity and optimism. If you’ve been feeling quite uncertain about a particular area of your life, accompanied by mixed emotions about a situation or person, don’t worry sweetheart as you’ll soon receive all the messages you need to help you see more clearly and understand why this has been happening.

You could experience feelings that you may have thought you had released or healed, if this happens it could mean that you have some things unprocessed feelings that need nurturing and healing, you may benefit from purging and releasing these through journaling, painting, meditating etc. If you feel the urge to cry, please do, expressing your emotions is a sign of strength, honour your feelings, and be kind and gentle with yourself in the process. Sometimes feelings arise into our awareness so that we can see them and find a remedy for them, you could receive many messages about how to improve your life through the emergence of your psychic powers.

You may benefit from spending some time alone this week to focus more on your inner world. The Moon promises you that this week is one of great self-discovery, let go of negative self-talk and allow the messages to come forth from your inner self. Dreams and insights can be great awakeners and give you great insight into your future.

Capricorn – King of Swords

Beautiful Capricorn,

you’ve got the King of Swords this week, so organisation is likely to be your superpower. Whatever you are sorting out and organising will be enjoyable and easy for you to do. You may have a big urge to create a to-do list, accompanied by a huge urge to tick them all off! You have the capabilities to achieve your desired outcomes, your plans and commitments are coming to the forefront of your awareness.

The King of Swords is helping you to take your responsibilities seriously and honour the yearning to plan and organise yourself effectively. You are likely to have a crystal-clear mental clarity and sound judgement this week, you may be being prepared for a potential leadership role or you may be fine-tuning your already present leadership skills. You will be able to make beneficial decisions, do to this brilliantly, you may have to detach yourself from emotional situations so that you can keep your mind clear and unbiased.

The King of Swords is helping you to create a new perspective, one that helps you to be more objective. You have powers in being rational and diplomatic this week, use your intellect and logic to help you navigate smoothly. You are likely to experience the advantages of being impartial, fair and reasonable, helping you get along with others brilliantly and to be a positive role model.

Aquarius – Wheel of Fortune

Gorgeous Aquarius,

you’ve got the Wheel of Fortune this week so you’re likely to experience changeability, you could already be sensing what it is that’s changing for you. This is likely to be a magical week of experiencing the wheel of change, life is likely to be beginning to look and feel different. There are transformation and awareness of the completion of one cycle and the beginning another during this week, there’s surely one thing that we can count on in life and that’s change.

You can make the most of this week by embracing this season of change, the Wheel of Fortune is reminding you that YOU are the master of YOUR fate. The universe is working with you in a big way this week on a subconscious level to manifest your desires, so be sure to look out for signs, symbols and messages from the universe.

This Wheel of Fortune heralds a fresh start, you are embarking on a new adventure, it is up to you to make this a positive experience by being optimistic and expecting the best. You are getting more in touch with your capacity to make beneficial choices, helping you to feel more empowered, staying where you are could lead to further stagnation. You are being guided this week to nurture your growth as an individual, in doing so you’ll gather positive momentum and continue to embrace change. This Wheel of Fortune is showing you how amazing life can be when you surrender and embrace change and go with the fortuitous flow.

Pisces – The High Priestess

Gorgeous Pisces,

you’ve got The High Priestess this week so you’re likely to feel that your intuition is your best friend. There’s an emergence of sudden realisations, The High Priestess is reminding you that you have an inner well of wisdom that you can draw upon at any time, you could liken this to having your guardian angels telephone number. You may find yourself being quite reflective and introspective, you’re embodying magical wisdom this week, multiple insights want to make themselves known to you.

This is the time to rely upon your intuition, your inner knowledge has all the answers you may be seeking. If you have doubted in the past, you’ll find that your trust in your inner guide increases. The High Priestess is asking you to pay attention to your dreams, they will have some valuable and potent messages for you. This can be an enchanting, magical and mystical time for love and self-love, listen to what your heart desires and let it guide you. You have an inner GPS in your heart, follow its directions and synchronicities are likely to be free-flowing. Messages are likely to come to you from many places and in different guises, look out for the signs and symbols, you can create magic in your life this week by trusting your inner wisdom and being creative.

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