Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 27th May 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 27th May 2019
Aries – The World

Fabulous Aries, there’s likely to be a success, an achievement won or perhaps the realisation of a goal this week.  On top of the world feelings and experiences are yours for the taking, The World is reminding you that you can achieve success and obtain goals by keeping your focus and determination high.  You could be celebrating something amazing this week as The World marks the end of a momentous chapter and the exciting beginning of a new dazzling chapter. ​
There’s likely to be lots to be triumphant about, you may have successfully brought something to a conclusion, perhaps you could have achieved your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for or near to reaching it.  The World is a portrayal of wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony.  You are embodying majestic vibes this week, you could reach a peak experience in your life, something is coming to fruition and feelings of success and accomplishment are helping you to feel that you’re in the right place at the right time this week.  The World is asking you to have faith that you’ll be given exactly what you need and more, you could have desires to expand your understanding of the world and acquire greater self-knowledge if you are, go for it, darling. You are bringing harmony to your world and to parts of yourself that were perhaps in conflict, feelings of wholeness and completion are yours, you’re continuing to grow and change just like The World. ​
Taurus – The Star​
Gorgeous Taurus, your dreams can come true! The Star is helping you to have faith in a better future this week.  This card reminds us that keeping faith in our heart and mind that things will work out well even when life is challenging.  New doors are opening to show you your amazing potential, your most cherished wishes can come true this week, have faith and remain determined that things will work out for the better.  There’s likely to be a beautiful positive outlook emerging, you may be feeling like things are coming together wonderfully for you.  ​
The Star is asking you to be optimistic in your expectations and trust in life’s bounty, there could be some beautiful news on its way to you that makes everything brighter and lovelier.  Help the universe to help you by continuing to open new doors and developing your amazing potential.  Stay positive beautiful Taurus, your life is opening up and it is your hopefulness that is inspiring you to follow your dreams, keep that wishful heart open so the universe can support you and your dreams.  ​
Gemini – The Empress​
Beautiful Gemini, you’re The Empress week darling and you’re being encouraged to nourish and nurture all the magnificent projects you are working on.  Tend to them with love, grace and patience this week, your creativity has a fecundity and fertility boost this week, anything you use your powerful feminine and receptive maternal vibes on is surely bound to grow avidly. ​
The Empress is symbolic of the mother, not just our physical mother but our internal one too. How we take care of our self and nature our self is highlighted this week. There could be some intense experiences surrounding the interconnectedness of life, an appreciation for Mother Earth and your body is another way this card can manifest. The Empress appearing in your life suggests an earthlier phase in your life, your powerful instinctual nature is guiding you to tend to yourself and your projects with love and care, as you would a beautiful baby. Show yourself and your creativity some devotion and motherly love, you’re in tune with the cosmos and The Earth.​
Cancer – Ten of Cups​
Gorgeous Cancer, there’s likely to be some uplifting experiences and harmonious joyful moments on their way to you this week.  It’s likely that you’ll be feeling happy in your family life and something you’ve been working toward is feeling like is near completion.  You could have been worrying about a romantic or family relationship recently, but it’s likely that you’ll come to realise this week that you really don’t have anything to worry about so you can relax and feel good about things.  ​
It’s likely that you’ll be able to see and feel that you and your loved one are on the same page this week.  The Ten of Cups is bringing joy, happiness and harmony.  You’re likely to be radiating positive energy and showcasing your positive attitude.  If you feel like sharing your good attitude and vibes with the people around you, it is likely that you’ll be appreciated for doing so.  It’s likely that you’ve been learning what joy can come into your life when you value yourself on a deep level.  Enjoy this week of reaching for the stars and appreciating all you have; it’s set to be a joyous time if you continue to treat yourself well.​
Leo – The Chariot​
Beautiful Leo, it’s likely that you’re full of determination and ambition, The Chariot is assisting you in getting things done and showing you that you’ve got what it takes to succeed. If things have been delayed recently, this week you should start to see things move forward and you’re likely feeling ready to give something your best shot.  Try to remember that you need to use your intellect and your heart in unison to be truly successful, try not to let small issues get blown out of proportion this week, The Chariot is asking you to put your energy into finding resolutions rather than adding to any drama or conflict.  ​
Bearing in mind that it’s always better to respond rather than react if you’re facing some form of competition you may be experiencing this as a result of your own ambitions being tested.  Try not to be too forceful this week, The Chariot is helping you in balancing your own aggressive and competitive drives, sometimes we need a little bit of conflict and struggle to push us forward to do more, become more resilient and develop a stronger more authentic personality.   Expect an increase in your confidence and self-worth, you may feel urges to show some self-assertion and be bold, you have the strength and awareness to handle any difficulties and the determination to overcome any obstacles, own it, work it and slay darling!
Virgo – Eight of Cups​
Gorgeous Virgo, you’re likely to be letting go of something and walking away from an emotional situation that could have been quite stressful for you recently. You could be feeling a little sad, but it’s likely that on some level you realise that you have done all you can for the moment, and you may not have any hope for the situation.  The Eight of Cups reminds us that the end of one situation brings the beginning of another, an emotional situation could have outlived its purpose and you may have no choice but to let it go for now.
The Eight of Cups is an important and valuable part of our journey, it’s interesting to note that the next stage and card is the wish fulfilment card so you’re closer than you think to obtain your wishes and dreams, hold on you’re almost there darling! You may need some time to heal and recuperate, it’s important to take good care of yourself this and pay attention to how you’re feeling.  You’re starting a fresh chapter; it appears that you have been ceasing to grow in some way and ultimately this could be why you are walking away.  There’s likely to be a period of adjustment to go through this week and you’ll discover that all these changes are beneficial for you as you’re heading towards much fulfilment.​
Libra – Queen of Wands​
Beautiful Libra, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling like there’s no place like home this week and you could be keeping the hearth of your home warm and tending to your projects and visions for the future.  You’re likely to be feeling in a place of contentment and more than happy to tend to home and family matters, resulting in you feeling more secure this week.  The Queen of Wands can encourage us to be generous with our nearest and dearest, perhaps you’ll decide to treat your loved ones to a home cooked meal, for instance, a lovingly prepared dinner to nurture and sustain the people you love is just one way this week could bring you joy.  ​
The Queen of Wands encourages us to be powerful and confident, you’re being reminded to notice how you take care of many things with grace and skill. There’s likely to be a lot of people around you that are seeing you as a great source of inspiration.  Have you noticed that you manage to juggle multiple responsibilities and yet you still find the time to follow your own passions and hobbies?  That’s pretty awesome Libra and so are you sweetheart.  This week holds the potential to feel amazing, openhearted and warm conversations, basking in the love and admiration of family and friends will help you to feel the strength and power emerging from within you.  ​
Scorpio – Ten of Pentacles​
Gorgeous Scorpio, it’s likely that you’ll feel that all your material wishes are being met this week, things at work and home could be going exceedingly well for you. There could be feelings of deliriousness and happiness with home and family life.  You could have a great deal to be thankful for and it’s likely that you’re understanding that if you keep counting your blessings you will attract more blessings into your life.  ​
The Ten of Pentacles is asking you to make the best of this time and to share what you have, remember that you receive plentifully what you give out.  Give freely from the bottom of your heart, things that bring joy to your heart like time, energy, kindness, love and material things should come easily for you. All of your hard work and efforts recently are paying off and are evident for others to see.  Life is on the upswing and is likely to be improving, even if you can’t see any signs of this yet,  enjoy these good feelings and share them in whatever way you can with those you love.
Sagittarius – The Lovers​
Beautiful Sagittarius, it’s likely that partnerships will be on your mind this week, you could be feeling loved up, have love on your mind or perhaps business partnerships are a focus for you.  The Lovers could also mean that you’re focused on loving yourself the best way you can and that you’re singing from the same song sheet as your loved ones.  There’s likely to be harmony in relationships as you seem to be choosing to love rather than fear this week, it’s set to be a magical time for you.
The Lovers helps us to be in accord with others, values align, angelic blessings and protection come flooding in this week, reminding us that our choices in relationships mirror back to us the kind of person we wish to be.  You could be in awe of your lover or potential partner this week, perhaps yearning to be more like them, who you are attracted in love or business can give you a great deal of insight.  Relationships are a gift this week and so are you, The Lovers is asking you to choose wisely, listen to your heart and your instincts.​
Capricorn – Strength​
Gorgeous Capricorn, it’s likely that you’re learning about the power of mind over matter this week.  Strength is reminding you that what you focus on can be manifested and created more easily, so be sure to pay attention to what you want rather than what you don’t want in your life.  You’re most likely able to harness your thoughts and use them for the highest good as Strength is helping you to be brave and courageous and guide your mind in a beneficial way.​
Strength is here to help you conquer your fears and control your impulses, also reminding you to be gentle towards yourself and adopt patience.  Outward things are likely to be less important to you and your inner world is likely to hold your focus and attention.  You have more options available to you than you think, you can be resourceful and draw inspiration and guidance from within this week.  It’s likely that you’ll experience a boost in confidence as a result of being responsible, self-reliant, strong and courageous.  ​
Aquarius – Three of Cups​
Beautiful Aquarius, it’s likely that there’s something to celebrate this week, your heart could feel like it’s overflowing with joy and gratitude for what you’re experiencing in your life.  You’ve been through a lot to reach this stage, the Three of Cups is asking you to keep on counting those blessings.​  The Three of Cups reminds us of the formula to receive more blessings, which is, express gratitude count the blessings and you’ll have more to count and be grateful for!
​It’s likely that you’re in the mood for sharing the love you feel this week and that’s going to attract more loving experiences to you.  Rejoice, celebrate and soak up the happiness and love that surrounds you, you may be ready to make a commitment to your future or someone special and this committing and deepening of love is likely to bring you great fulfilment and help clarify your intentions.  Trust that you deserve goodness and happiness, follow good vibes and trust your heart.​
Pisces – The Sun​
Wonderful Pisces, there’s warming vibes this week, The Sun beckons a new season for you of joy, optimism, energy and confidence.  This card usually comes to us after a period of uncertainty and change, it might be hard for you to trust the message of this card if you’ve been feeling a little out of kilts with all the changes.  ​

It’s likely that you’ve been through a period of darkness and uncertainty recently, it might have been tough for you, but now things are becoming much clearer you can bring much-needed order to your life.  You’re likely to have a renewed sense of optimism this week with the presence of The Sun, it’s reminding you that you have the potential to fill yourself up with the warming energy of The Sun helping you to pursue your ambitions and goals whilst radiating warmth and well-being.

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