Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 2nd July 2018

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 2nd July 2018

Aries – The Lovers

You could find your self completely focused on love this week sweet Aries, this could manifest itself as self-love/self-care or putting some quality time and energy into a special relationship.
How is your love life?  If you’ve been feeling some concerns with a loved one and your relationship, you may see this week holds the potential to give you simple solutions and remedies to get along and grow in new ways.  By being honest with yourself about how you feel and what you truly want to be happy, you’ll find it easier than you have in a while to express your needs and desires.
What’s your relationship to yourself like at the moment?  How is your self-care/self-love going?  You are likely to come up with a plan this week to give yourself what you need and desire, you could have many realisations about how your love life has been.  You are probably going to understand on a deep level this week that others treat you in the same way you treat yourself and do something to change this.  The Lovers tells us that we have the power to attract and create a loving union, with mutual trust and harmony at its core.  This week you could benefit from bearing in your mind and heart that you deserve the very best from love.  Try to make some time to assess what you truly want and you may then be able to make some positive life-changing decisions.

Taurus – Two of Pentacles

You’re likely to be striving for balance this week dearest Taurus, you could be juggling multiple projects and commitments.  There may be various things that need your time and energy this week and you’re likely to manage things quite well and with a certain light-footedness!
As you’re bull of the zodiac this light-footedness may sit a little uncomfortable with you, you’re probably used to having all four legs on the ground and enjoy the feeling of being stable and secure.
The Two of Pentacles tells us that life is uncertain and we can live in prosperity and abundance when we can create balance and harmony in all areas of our lives.
How is home and work life at the moment?  Are you feeling slightly torn between the two?   You are likely to be able to improve things this week by prioritising and by being honest with yourself about where you wish to invest your energy and time.  You’ll feel more stable this week if you can tend to your day to day needs and by making sure the basic things are covered.  You’re likely to have quite big and broad plans for the future (which is fantastic) but try to focus on the here and now as much as possible this week and this will propel you toward your goals far quicker.  You could benefit from being flexible and adaptable this week too, go with the flow as much as you can for optimal results.

Gemini – The Devil

Ooo this week looks to be juicy and perhaps revolutionary for you darling Gemini.  The Devil card is about facing unknown territory and being brave enough to admit our inhibitions, blocks and fears.  You could find that you are embracing parts of yourself this week that you may have been keeping hidden.  It could be little quirks that you rarely exhibit and express, or perhaps an attitude and behaviour that you are embarrassed to admit.
What’s wonderful about The Devil card, is its gift to offer wholeness.  The Devil encourages us to bring all of ourselves into the light of awareness if we keep parts of ourselves hidden and under wraps, we unknowingly reduce our power and potency.  This week dare to unleash and uncover all parts of yourself, as the saying goes love yourself “quirks and all” it’s time to love all of you even the bits that may make you feel a little uncomfortable to admit.
You could be called to make a stand in some way and assert your power and dominion over your life.
There are lots of opportunities for growth and expansion this week, and perhaps situations where you have a chance to face your fears and overcome them.  You are likely to be feeling more confident and powerful as the week progresses, there may be challenges and you could feel unsure about the outcome, but remind yourself that obstacles and challenges are there to encourage you to grow and change yourself and your life in new and positive ways.   Embrace all of yourself this week, the light and the dark, you can do anything you set your mind to, the power and confidence are yours this week, feel the fear and do it anyway!

Cancer – The World

You’re likely going to be able to have some big comforting deep breaths this week knowing that something you’ve been working incredibly hard on is nearing completion or has been completed.   The World card comes to us at just the right time, when things have been out of sorts and unbalanced The World card comes to us at a peak time when we’ve finally got harmony and balance is some or all areas of our life.
What have you been working hard at recently?  You’re likely to feel like celebrating something of personal significance this week and want to share your good feelings with your nearest and dearest.  We usually get The World card after a period of striving and perhaps even struggle, you can now hopefully look forward to the future knowing that you can handle a great deal.
You’ve likely learnt a great deal recently, perhaps about time management, how to prioritise and manage multiple commitments.  You are most likely ready to integrate what you’ve learnt so that you don’t repeat past mistakes, it’s as if you wouldn’t be at this place of high acclaim without all the lows and the highs.  There may be reasons to celebrate, perhaps what you’ve been working at has been about gaining an award of some kind, either way, this week looks to be one of wholeness and completion.  You may be making plans to travel and expand your life in a significant way.  The World reminds us that as one thing ends and a cycle is completed so too does something new begin and a fresh cycle starts, The World keeps turning and The World is your oyster.

Leo – Three of Cups

Boom and bloom to the heart sweet Leo, happy to tell you this week looks to be a joyous one and your wild heart is likely to be roaring with optimism and happiness.   The Three of Cups is one of the most joyous cards we can get in the tarot and it’s usually welcomed by anyone that receives it.
How are your relationships currently?  Have you been yearning for some sweetness and nectar in your friendship, family and romantic relationships?  The Three of Cups is giving you a boost of confidence and joy, you could find that all of your connections are tinged with a divine spark this week and all communications go smoothly and are effortlessly good for you.
There may even be cause for celebration, you may have something going on this week that makes you want to sing and rejoice.  You could find that people are more willing to help you this week and if you have any creative projects you’d like to start this time looks incredibly favourable for you to launch anything new.  The Three of Cups wants you to enjoy all of your relationships this week and make time for things that make your heart sing and dance.  If you’re worried about time and managing commitments, The Three of Cups is telling you that you will find harmonious balance this week when you take good care of your emotional and physical needs.

Virgo – Queen of Wands

This week looks to be quite regal and powerful for you, a time when you can have clear foresight into the future and know that you’re on the right path.  The Queen of Wands is a powerhouse of vision and creativity, she sits on her throne with confidence in herself and her abilities.
You are likely to be embodying the symbol of The Queen of Wands this week and find that others in your life will find you magnetic and alluring.   You may have quite a few social invites this week or people just generally wanting to spend time with you, you’re like the fire that folk want to warm their tootsies on.  You’re likely full of enthusiasm and others are finding this endearing and intensely attractive, you’ll be sexier this week without even really trying.  You are lighting people up and they’re finding you inspiring, you’re literally heating the souls of others up and getting them excited when you’re around, go you!
You are likely to find that you have focus and determination this week to complete things and get tasks done.  The Queen of Wands is telling you that you are incredibly independent and strong, anything you want to achieve you can.  She’s also reminding you that all physical manifestation starts with a fiery vision in the imagination, you have that fiery imaginative power behind you this week.  Use your power wisely, your words are like spells so be mindful of what you want to create in your life.  Whatever you want and desire keep in mind, visualise it and feel that it’s already happened, you’re a manifestation powerhouse.

Libra – King of Pentacles

You are likely to be hyper-focused on work and money this week, there may be a particular project that you’re working on that holds great importance for you.  You have the Midas touch this week and will find that you can attract money and abundance to you quite easily.
How is work going?  Are you feeling an urge to strengthen and improve your status in some way?  Perhaps you’re looking to increase your income this week and improve your lot.  The King of Pentacles offers you the chance to do just that, this powerful regal energy is giving you the boost to further your chances of success this week and give you strong foundations.
Be mindful that this hyper-focus could let to imbalance if you don’t take care of other important areas of your life.  The lesson of King Midas is one of being careful what you wish for.  Midas wanted wealth and abundance so desperately that he wished that everything he touched was turned to gold and when his wish was granted he felt anything but happy.  His beloved turned to gold, the food he tried to eat turned to gold, so although he has mountains of gold he was hungry and lonely.  Know sweet Libra that abundance is yours this week, but be sure to enjoy spending time with loved ones and pay attention to what areas of your life you’re grateful for.

Scorpio – Queen of Swords

Wow, you’ve got some serious power this week and determination to be organised and efficient.  The Queen of Swords is an independent lady that keeps her own counsel and strives for an ideal of perfection.
You may find yourself overthinking some things this week, by being focused on perceptions and thoughts you could be seen as an aloof figure by people in your environment.  We usually get this card when we’ve been through some crap and we’ve come through it stronger and wiser.  It’s as if experience has made you keep an emotional distance and have strong boundaries in personal relationships.
It’s fine if you don’t feel comfortable to share your emotions with others, but the Queen of Swords is telling you to feel your emotions in your own domain if that’s what you have to do.  Sometimes when we ignore our feelings and focus on the intellect and logic, our feelings tend to emerge in our experience, almost begging us to feel them and process their wisdom.   You could feel like telling some people how it is this week if you do feel that urge try to integrate and process your feelings beforehand for calmer and more cooperative communication.
Sagittarius – Page of Wands
New beginnings dearest Sagittarius!  You’re likely to be quite the free spirit this week and starting afresh in a particular area of your life.  The Page of Wands is full of enthusiasm and is on a quest of discovery.
What are you beginning?  What’s getting you all excited?  You are likely to feel an emergence of a maverick attitude and perhaps feel like wanting to go your own way.  You may be feeling more confident than you have in a while, perhaps quite chatty about your dreams and plans too!  I love the energy of this card, it’s similar to an excited puppy or child.
The Page of Wands is asking you to trust the visions and dreams you’re filled with, give things a go, try them out!  Express yourself, dream boldly and live with a wild and carefree attitude, you could be on the verge of a great personal discovery!  You must keep your optimism high and attitude positive if you’re wanting to make the best of what the Page of Wands has to offer you.  You’re starting a new journey that holds great potential, trust the messages from your subconscious and imagination, they’re leading you to fabulously exciting places.
Capricorn – Knight of Cups
Developing romanticism and a flurry of love this week sweet Capricorn, The Knight of Cups is giving your emotional life some beauty this week.  This card can symbolise new romance coming into our life, a new chapter in an existing relationship and an emergence of self-love/self-care sweetness.
There is likely to be an arrival of something or someone lovely this week, this experience or person will be of benefit to you and may feel alluring and enchanting.  The Knight of Cups brings exhilaration and uplifting feelings to us, you could find that you are in love with life itself this week!
This card usually comes to us when we have been practising self-love and are ready for our life to reflect the inner love and appreciation that we have.
Be open to exploring new things this week, let your heart lead the way.
Aquarius – The Magician
Magical manifestation dearest Aquarius! You have incredible power and focus this week, you are likely to find logic, reason and order a walk in the park. The Magician is master of the elements and suits of the tarot, you may find mastery in all areas of your life this week.
You can create success in your life by utilising the skills, abilities and resources you have at your disposal.  You may be filled with inspiration to accomplish your goals this week and with The Magician on your side, you can be your very own Harry Potter!
You’re likely to come up with new solutions to old problems this week and find meditation a great source of help as you can call upon the elements to help you.  The Magician is helping you to manifest your wishes and desires when he appears you can obtain balance in all areas of your life.  Keep focused on what you want to achieve and keep up your can-do attitude for the greatest success and magic.
Pisces – The Star
Wish upon a star sweet Pisces, this week is likely to be filled with hope, optimism and faith.  When you can keep your faith high and remain hopeful you further your chances of wishes coming true.
What are you wishing for?  What are you hoping for?  The Star is telling you that you can receive your highest wishes when you are hopeful and have faith that they will come true.  We usually get The Star when there’s something that we’re hoping for, and this week it looks like you could have your wish granted.
The caveat to this is that you must be hopeful and optimistic, your wish can come true when you access that part of yourself that has faith in something bigger than yourself.  The Star reminds us that there is a powerful unseen force at work in our life all of the time, we must trust that this benevolent force wants the very best for us.  If you can do that and surrender to it you help the universe and this powerful energy do its job of helping us.  Keep the faith this week dearest Pisces, things will get better, trust your intuition and let your faith lead the way towards your dreams and wishes.


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