Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 30th July 2018

Aries – The Wheel of Fortune 
Wow, a new beginning is expected for you this week as The Wheel of Fortune card speaks of a fresh start, success and luck. Your destiny is calling you, can you feel it? What changes are happening?
Things are likely to feel and look very different this week as The Wheel of Fortune card is reminding you of the continual spinning and changing experience.  Perhaps you can already see and feel the happiness and success that are heading your way.
You have the power to alter the course of your life with the energy of this card, The Wheel of Fortune is telling you that the possibilities are endless if you can take hold of all that yummy positivity that surrounds you right now. You are the architect of your fate dearest Aries, be bold and create the life you desire.  An unseen and benevolent force is guiding you to expand your life, the universe has your back, embrace all these changes with loving arms.
Taurus – The High Priestess 
Super psychic vibes are expected this week dearest Taurus, you have the capabilities to channel the powerful and intuitive faculties of The High Priestess. You are likely to be quite observant this week allowing your intuition to guide you in decision-making.
You may find yourself seeing things from alternative perspectives, something amazing may be about to happen in your life and a secret could also be revealed. There is likely to be magic and mystery, let things unfold and go with the flow, allow your intuition to take centre stage.
You could recognise skills and talents that perhaps have been lay dormant for a while, therefore, increasing your confidence and enabling you to count multiple blessings in your life. Remember that when you use your sixth sense, you open portals of your perceptions and many doorways to your limitless potential.
Gemini – The Empress
Nurturing and nourishment could be the theme this week for you dearest Gemini, The Empress is here to remind you of your sacred connection to your body, your mother and to Mother Earth.
This week is likely to be full of opportunities to nurture yourself and others, you could also find that your creative expression flows inhibited and freely.  You could have a new idea that brings a brand-new day in your life which could result in a new way of living and being.
The energy of The Empress is a beautiful nurturing vibe, it encourages us to nurture our young and to honour our ancestry and our connection to the Earth. If you feel the urge to spend time with family, make time to follow those feelings and you’ll be rewarded. Also spending time surrounded in mother natures embrace would be most beneficial for you during this week.
Cancer – Ace of Wands
Wow, there is likely to be positive momentum and surges of action this week dearest Cancer as The Ace of Wands is asking you to forge a new beginning and be passionate. You could find yourself feeling quite bold this week as this card represents a new lease of life, creative sparks and enthusiasm towards accepting a particular challenge.
You may find yourself being more driven then you have in a long time, you could see yourself setting goals and being determined to achieve them.  Thinking outside the box should come easily for you this week as this card is about ingenuity and new initiatives.
What comes to mind when you think about starting something?  Are you ready for a particular challenge? Are you ready to smash your target and celebrate your victory?  The Ace of Wands is reminding you that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to.  You are forging a new path, you’re getting fired up and ready to accept the opportunities that come your way.
Leo – Knight of Pentacles
Being grounded and rooted in the daily tasks of living are the themes for this week dearest Leo, this could bring you a great deal of stability and joy, as The Knight of Pentacles reminds us that by taking care of the small things leads to the big things falling into place.
You could find that you receive some positive news in regards to your career and finances, for instance, if you are looking for work this week could be fortuitous in bringing you a beneficial opportunity. The Knight of Pentacles is an incredibly grounding and supportive card, he helps us to handle our daily affairs with grace and efficiency.
Some people find the energy of this card slightly boring as The Knight of Pentacles likes to stick to a routine and do careful planning in order to attain his goals.  It is likely you will feel the urge to keep up your routines and stick to your schedule, doing this could provide you with feelings of security and certainty.  You are likely to feel that you are on the right path to achieve your goals this week, The Knight of Pentacles is encouraging you to stay true to you, all will be well, he’s leading you to success.
Virgo – King of Pentacles
Abundance, security and discipline could be the themes for this week dearest Virgo, The King of Pentacles is encouraging you to realise your brilliance and helping you to manifest abundance in your life. You may find that money comes easily to you this week and perhaps other forms of abundance will be offered to you, such as time, energy and resources.
If you are required to undertake a particular task this week you can call upon The King of Pentacles to help you methodically and conscientiously fulfil desires and obtain your goals. You may find that you are hyper-focused on abundance, you are likely to have the ‘Midas touch’ this week, magnetising experiences could be yours.
What would you truly like to manifest dearest Virgo? What does abundance look like to you?  Is living abundantly spending spend precious time with family? Is it having more free time for yourself?  Is it having a larger bank account?  Or perhaps it is having multiple resources to utilise. Whatever abundance looks like to you, this week you are likely to gain clarity on what you truly want in your life in regards to abundance and wealth.
Libra – Temperance
You are being asked by the universe to seek balance this week within yourself and in your relationships dearest Libra, you may be required to be patient and moderate in your approach to certain people and circumstances. Temperance is helping you to see things from alternative perspectives, aiding you to avoid looking at extremes and giving you a great sense of calm in your heart.
You are in an incredibly fortuitous position when you receive this card, you are likely able to gently wait for the right outcome as you listen patiently and wait to see which path to follow. You are likely to undergo a period of examining your priorities and evaluating your decisions to date.
Healing conversations could occur this week perhaps this happens on an internal level, therefore, resulting in a kind of alchemy in your experience. How magical is it to witness a rainbow? You are likely to witness various kinds of rainbows in your life this week moments of harmony and balance are to be expected.
Scorpio – Ten of Wands
Some rest and recuperation could be beneficial for you this week dearest Scorpio, as The Ten of Wands speaks of delegating, pausing and recuperating before entering the fray once more. How are your responsibilities at the moment?  Are you feeling tired perhaps restless and even frustrated?  If you are, this card is urging you to take a break if you can, to lighten your load and refrain from adding more to your busy schedule.
We often get this card when we are at a point of near exhaustion and there are many responsibilities and cares on our mind.  The message of this card is to take time out, as adding more to our to-do list could bring us stress and worry, we need to lighten the load of what we are carrying so that we can see things from a different angle and charge ourselves up for the next stage of the journey.
You are likely to feel that you are nearing the end of completing a particular cycle and hopefully able to free yourself up.  Rest if you can dear one, you deserve this period of relaxation.
Sagittarius – Nine of Pentacles
Immense self-satisfaction and confidence in self-sufficiency are likely to be things that you experience this week dearest Sagittarius. The Nine of Pentacles tells us that we have reached a period of well-deserved success, our hard work is likely to be bringing us happiness.
You could find yourself drawn to the luxuries of life this week as the hard work and determination you have shown in your career and creative pursuits are likely to be bearing fruit, therefore, giving you access to a larger and more prosperous life.
You could benefit from spending more time in nature this week to feel the nurturing and grounding effects of Mother Earth, you may be feeling great about yourself and your achievements, knowing deep down that you can see projects and goals through to their end.  You may be feeling wonderful that you can cultivate self-discipline, patience and confidence in all that you do.
Capricorn – Knight of Wands
Passion, energy and perhaps a new adventure beckons dearest Capricorn, be mindful of impulsiveness!  You’re fired up into action and there could be some lustful encounters. You may be overcome with a new idea and spurred into action to make changes in your life, The Knight of Wands is helping you to be spontaneous and seize new opportunities that come your way.
Your life could change unexpectedly and quite quickly this week as there is likely to be a lot of change and action happening around you. Busy bee could be the symbol for you this week, as you are likely to be full of energy and enthusiasm to see things through and dedicate yourself to tasks and goals.
What is filling you up with passion at the moment dearest Capricorn? What gets your passion is bubbling and your sense of adventure soaring?  These could be some positive questions to ask yourself this week as The Knight is beckoning you to seek broader vistas and to expand your life in a pioneering way.  Be ready to move this week as you are likely to be given opportunities to move act and go forth, go with the flow, be flexible and adaptable for the most happiness and success.
Aquarius – The Lovers
Love love love! This card is calling you to examine the love in your life and also to examine the love you have for yourself dearest Aquarius.  If you are coupled up, this week is likely to bring you opportunities to have balanced conversations, harmonious interactions and perhaps some sizzling passionate times, also The Lovers card reminds us that we can seek wholeness in our relations.
If you are single and looking for love, this week could mark a turning point in the meeting that special somebody or perhaps The Lovers card will help you enter a new cycle of self-love and self-care.  We usually get this card when we are seeking wholeness and balance and a need to create harmony in our life.
You may find that you examine your values and think about the type of person you wish to become, The Lovers reminds us that it is in our most intimate relationships that we can truly see our deepest selves.  It is said that the person we choose to couple up with is a reflection of our desires of who we wish to become.  Make the most of this passionate energy, seek love, choose love, be love.
Pisces – Justice
You could find yourself weighing something up meticulously this week dearest Pisces, perhaps making a fair and objective decision. The Justice card speaks of acting with fairness and decisive action, have you been overly judgemental recently? Would you say that your judgements are fair?  This week you may find yourself re-examining your past judgements and perhaps altering them to be more balanced and fair.
You may feel urges to speak your truth and use your intuition to seek out answers.  Justice asks us to examine whether we have been fair to ourselves and others in our life.  With the energy of this card infusing your week dearest Pisces you’ll be able to weigh things up in a balanced and moderate way, therefore attaining the wisdom of this card.

Justice reminds us of the lessons we have learnt on our journey thus far and encourages us to remain full of integrity and truth for the most balance in our life. Sometimes this card can point to a decision that we need to make and if you are at this point, Justice can help you act in a balanced and decisive way, reminding you that all decisions have an effect and encouraging you to think before you act and decide.

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