Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 30th October 2018

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 30th October 2018

Aries – Six of Pentacles

Beautiful Aries,

it’s likely that’ll you’ll be feeling pretty good this week as the Six of Pentacles marks a period of feeling content and fulfilled on an emotional and material level. You could find that you’re feeling mighty generous with your time, energy and resources, there could be plentiful feelings of generosity, goodwill and gratitude to experience.

Hopefully, you’ll have some good news to celebrate too as this card can sometimes mean we have worked hard at something and now we get to reap the rewards of what we’ve sown and grown. You can expect to feel that you can regain your faith in human kindness and recoup any losses you may have incurred, you are likely to be feeling positive about the material and practical dimension of your life.

This week is a wonderful time when you can extend yourself to others and be mightily magnanimous, be charitable and generous in your actions, as well as benefiting from the kindness and generosity of other people. It’s likely that others in your life will want to shower you with compliments and acknowledge you in a grand way, you could have feelings of well-being and security and a beautiful sense that all of your material endeavours will ultimately be successful, this week is an apt time to be charitable and generous and well as enjoying the kindness and generosity coming your way, you deserve it, soak it up and embrace all the goodness.

Taurus – King of Wands

Gorgeous Taurus,

you’re likely to have an exciting week this week as the King of Wands is a dazzling card and marks a period of movement and expansion. There could be an entrepreneurial person that assists you this week and helps you to make your dreams a reality, they could offer you some fantastic advice that spurs you onto great things or even better.

It could be you that’s channelling your inner entrepreneur and setting your dreams alight and making them real. Either way, it’s likely that you’ll be full to brim with inspiration, ideas and passion. Take time to map out your dreams, visions and hopes this week as the King of Wands is helping you to assert yourself and with his help, you could progress further than you imagine.

You could find yourself feeling quite the adventurer and wanting to be passionate about your life and ambitions, all these feelings are coming to you at a time when the universe is asking you to stand in your power and calling you to be all you can be. This is the time to believe in yourself wholeheartedly, don’t be tempted to get stuck in self-doubt and uncertainty, delving into negative thinking will hold you back. Remain positive, optimistic and imaginative this week, keep a look out for doors and opportunities as they will be opening and given to you.

Gemini – Two of Pentacles

Beautiful Gemini,

you’re likely to be feeling like a juggler and balancing multiple things at once this week. The Two of Pentacles is a positive card as it marks a period of when we use our resources and skills effectively to ensure we keep multiple plates spinning and attracting more abundance to us. It could be wise to not take on any more responsibilities if you can help it this week as it seems that you already have quite a bit on your plate. It’s likely that you’ll surprise yourself this week with what you can achieve and get done, as this card is giving you an awareness into what you already have at your disposal and what skills you already have mastered.

You may feel like there’s more you’d like and perhaps you’d like to develop your skills and abilities in some way, try to relax about the future and keep doing what you’re doing because you’re doing great! If you continue to work at keeping your balance with home and work, you’ll soon find you’re feeling in the swing of things and future potentials will make themselves apparent. Sometimes this card can point at feeling at odds with something, perhaps you’re feeling a little torn between home and work, or maybe your current skills and future personal development, or current resources and finances. You may benefit from reorganising things so that you’re not paying attention to so many things at once. Whichever areas you feel you’re trying to strike balance in this week, remind yourself how amazingly capable you are and take it easy on yourself, you really are doing well.

Cancer – King of Pentacles

Gorgeous Cancer,

you’re likely to have an increase in finances and abundance this week as you’ve got the Midas touch. The King of Pentacles is telling you to believe in yourself and your ability to be financially stable, so often we confuse our energy with the things we tell ourselves and believe about our-self. You could receive some sound and practical advice this week from a financially secure and firmly established person, sometimes this card represents someone coming into our life that embodies the energy of the king, therefore helping us to achieve our highest potential.

The best outcome would be that you yourself are ready to embody the King of Pentacles this week, perhaps you’re fed up of making ends meet when you know you can attract plenty of money if you get out of your own way and have the confidence to move forward. It’s likely that you’ll be feeling capable in your abilities and skills this week and that you’ll have the energy and tenacity to achieve and smash your goals. If you can remember that your body is a crucial part of you achieving your dreams of being financially abundant you’ll have an incredibly prosperous week, feed yourself nutritious food, hydrate, spend time with people who you love, get plenty of rest and your to-do list will be more than achievable, you’ll end the week feeling like you’re king of the world.

Leo – Five of Swords

Beautiful Leo,

it’s likely that you’ll be given some opportunities to asses your current state of affairs and more importantly your state of mind. The Five of Swords marks a period of taking a step back to reassess and redefine something, perhaps you’ve taken on a little more than you can chew or inflated something beyond reality.

This card symbolises those moments in life where we feel that we need to take a step back from something so that we can see things from an alternative perspective and angle. This is likely to be a week where your ability to be patient will stand you in good stead for further future developments, you could be feeling that you want or need to preserve your energy whilst you await a more opportune moment to proceed.

Boundaries seem to be on your mind and careful consideration before action could be on your mind too, this card is about awaiting more fecund times to act and speak, the Five of Swords is about accepting some limitations and waiting in patience for a better moment to speak up or move in some way. There could be a feeling of swallowing some pride or another uncomfortable feeling so that you don’t disrupt or confuse a situation, if you experience this, remind yourself that all feelings and experiences are impermanent and are constantly changing and that things will certainly improve.

The more you can take care of your mental health this week the better you’re likely to feel, try to make time for journaling, meditation, mindfulness, calm and nurturing environments, these processes and experiences will help you to be humble and accept your current circumstances knowing that they’ll soon change for the better, all will be well.

Virgo – Six of Cups

Gorgeous Virgo,

It’s likely that you’ll be feeling some nostalgia this week as the Six of Cups speaks of reflecting on the good times of the past so that we can create more of them for the future. Although the past is history sometimes, there are some nuggets of treasure in our history that we have overlooked or perhaps not understood in some way.

This week you could find yourself thinking about the good times of the past and realise that you want more of those in your present and future, the Six of Cups is quite a magical card in the sense that it allows you to crystallize and make your dreams real by getting into that vibe of when you felt better.

Sometimes people feel that their best days have happened already and others feel that their best are yet to come, whichever way you’re feeling this week, it’s likely that you’ll experience the magic of feeling those old feelings and recalling those memories, in doing so will help you attract more of what you want in your life and perhaps process your emotions in a new way. You could find yourself getting to the end of this week feeling like you’ve uncovered a pattern and understand that you can create more of the dreams you hold dear. It’s likely that you’ll be more prepared towards the end of the week to map out what you truly want and really get in touch with what you truly love and feel.

Libra – The Hierophant

Beautiful Libra, It’s likely that this week will be rather magical for you as The Hierophant is awakening you to the wonders of you and your life. You could find that you have some eerie coincidences and/or strange but meaningful turns of fate, there’s the helping hand of God/universe/higher self this week showing you that you always have company assisting you on your journey.

The Hierophant is sometimes associated with those moments in life when we ask big questions about the meaning of life and our purpose in it, you could be wondering what your vocation or calling is this week, do you feel you’re doing what you are made for or meant to do here on this magical and majestic planet Earth?

You could start the week feeling a little bit grouchy or restless with your current path, but the more you can ask questions and await guidance the better you’ll feel and the clearer your future destiny will be. It’s likely that you’ll be more in touch with your spirituality this week and you could find that your social media feed has some gems in it to help you develop your spiritual side, pay attention to any repetitive signs and symbols as that is likely to be a message you really need to hear. Also, be sure to follow anything that intrigues you this week as it’s probable that it’ll lead you down a rabbit hole of future happiness and magic.

Scorpio – The Devil

Gorgeous Scorpio,

We are in your season and woo it’s an alluring, mysterious and deep time. This week it’s likely that you’ll be faced with some intense feelings and you may feel like indulging in some naughtiness or want to be a little wilder than usual. The Devil speaks of revealing parts of ourselves that we keep hidden and also facing our shadow side, there’s nothing to fear about this card it’s completely natural for us all to have parts of ourselves that are hidden and perhaps undeveloped.

You could have some realisations this week that you’d like to change a destructive habit or obsession, have you been considering giving up something that you know isn’t very healthy for you?

This week is the perfect time to face your truths and release yourself from the bondage of your fears, have you been feeling nervous or fearful of being who you truly are? The Devil is helping you this week break free from any constraints that could be holding you back from growing and developing. You could feel a positive release of emotion this week, by accepting your weaknesses and strengths, embodying humility and standing in your truth and power and realising that no-one including you is perfect and that we are all made up of light and dark, perfectly imperfect. This is a great week to embrace the parts of you that you’re shy about or ashamed of and give all of yourself love and acceptance, The Devil is helping you to be free.

Sagittarius – Queen of Swords

Beautiful Sagittarius,

you could be feeling quite the intellect this week as the Queen of Swords is helping you to work those left-brain skills of organising, planning and discipline. This is quite an ambivalent card as it symbolises the masculine element of air and the mind sitting alongside the feminine and queenship of the queen. You could find that you’re feeling a little uncomfortable in your feelings and emotions this week and feel like you’d rather focus on your mind, reason and intellect. The Queen of Swords can be likened to an ideal of perfectionism towards oneself and others, have you been hard on yourself and others recently?

Try to use this week’s energy to get things done and be organised as the queen will be helping you to do this, but also try to go a little easier on yourself and others this week, as your cutting truths could come across as cold and aloof. It’s likely that you’ve received this card because you’ve been going through some crap and you need reminding of how strong and capable you are.

Sometimes we get this card when we’ve learnt to suppress our emotions as a result of feeling that life has been hard on us and feeling like we need to be superhuman in some way. Remember to let people into your feelings this week, you don’t have to keep others at arm’s length, be mindful of any underlying fear of hurt that could be a defensive mechanism but also could be rejecting more positive experiences coming to you.

Capricorn – Four of Wands

Gorgeous Capricorn,

you’re likely to experience a peak in achievement this week as the Four of Wands speaks of reaching a milestone and perhaps celebrating too. You could find yourself feeling like you have the perfect circle of people around you that are rallying for your success and perhaps helping you to achieve your aspirations and goals. It may also be that you’re feeling like you have a reservoir of inner resources upon which you can draw upon to achieve your goals and ambitions, it’s likely that whether it’s physical people, outer resources or inner ones, that you’ll be feeling good about yourself and your capabilities.

There could be a cause for celebration for you this week, it’s likely that your efforts are being recognised by others, giving you a boost of self-esteem and confidence. You could be feeling more secure as you are recognising your talents and skills this week, it’s a great time to celebrate and relax for a while, perhaps planning a well-deserved holiday or break will help you to celebrate your success and let go of any stresses and strains that you may be carrying.

You can expect to feel satisfied that you’ve completed something that you’ve been working on, it’s likely that its completion will help you to unwind and relax more. You may feel like there’s more you want to achieve, the Four of Wands is encouraging you to celebrate how far you’ve travelled and to acknowledge your achievements, embrace this week’s harvest of rest, celebration and future planning.

Aquarius – Knight of Cups

Beautiful Aquarius,

it’s likely that you’ll experience some magical and uplifting feelings this week as the Knight of Cups is giving your romantic life a boost. There may be some soul searching on a creative level as your emerging romantic life is likely to be infusing your life beautifully. Even if your currently single and not looking for love, the Knight of Cups can manifest itself as a developing romanticism, a deepening of your emotional realm and development of self-love.

You could be experiencing a transition of some kind this week, have you been delving into the watery depths of your emotions and imagination recently? You may be feeling prepared for some spiritual exploration this week, as it’s likely that your emotional life will be a beautiful source of contentment for you.

The symbolism of the Knight of Cups is sometimes of a knight in shining armour riding a white horse, he’s like a beautiful gentle reminder, telling you that what you give to yourself, the universe and life will respond in kind. You can expect romance and expansion of the heart this week, make sure that you keep your heart open to life’s magical possibilities. You could be offered something amazing, whether that be an opportunity or an experience, the Knight of Cups promises for it to feel that it’s exalting and uplifting you to idealistic and magical place in your emotions.

Pisces – Ten of Pentacles

Gorgeous Pisces,

it’s likely that you’ll be feeling lovely about home, family, work and abundance this week as the Ten of Pentacles marks a period of recognising how much we’ve built and created thus far. You may have an experience of feeling generous with your time, energy, resources and money this week as it’s likely that you’re feeling content with the material aspects of your life. Sometimes this card can manifest as a realisation that our journey through life is a transient one and the things we create are what live on after we leave this mortal coil, whether that be children, a work of art, our writings, they are things that are almost like markers of our time here on earth.

Having realisations like this can bring about a newfound appreciation for our life and the people in it, sometimes we may feel an urge to tell our family how much they mean to us or express our self in a new way creatively to mark our voyage through life.

You could be feeling that you have a great deal to be thankful for and it’s likely that you’re reaping the rewards from all of your relationships this week, you see the harvest for your efforts. Home and family life are likely to feel secure and fulfilling this week, you may feel that now you have your roots firmly underneath you that you feel more able to further your future passions in terms of your work, finances and career.

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