Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 31st December 2018

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 31st December 2018

Aries – Four of Cups

Beautiful Aries, You’ve got the Four of Cups this week, so you likely want to retreat a little so you can hear your inner voice more clearly. You could find that you’re a bit emotional and sentimental, that’s pretty normal for this time of the year, but it seems you have some added sentimentality to feel and process.

This card is associated with developing our emotional intelligence, it’s by allowing our feelings to percolate, sifting through our feelings, perhaps things we’re bored or frustrated with that’s gives us more clarity and insight. It’s likely that you’ll be doing some emotional healing this week, by feeling your feelings, acknowledging them and allowing them to be honoured and experienced, you’ll be able to heal some deep seated feelings our wounds.

Take time to treat yourself to comfort this week, be gentle with yourself and give yourself the space to feel whatever it is your feeling. Have lots of cuddles if you can, even cuddling a pet or cushion can have a healing effect and sends positive energy to your heart and nervous system.

This is the week to listen to what you want and need, even if it’s to eat the cake, wear your favourite things, partake in anything that helps you to feel good. Your heart knows what it doesn’t and does need, trust your sacred hearts guidance and listen to its gentle reassurance and love.

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles

Gorgeous Taurus, You’ve got the Ace of Pentacles this week which means you’ve got a powerful new beginning occurring. This card represents a surge of positive energy either at home, work or with your body.

You may be feeling like you want a head start on the New Years resolutions and perhaps feeling ready to establish some new routines and commitments to yourself. You could be starting a new job or project that’s filling you with positive anticipation about the future, you are likely to be feeling ready to embrace all the new opportunities that are coming your way. You may experience an increase in your abundance, be given a gift or an opportunity to grow and develop.

This is a positive card that promises a brighter future at home and work, on a more subtle level, this card could manifest as a new appreciation for your body. You may feel like treating yourself with the utmost care and consideration which will in-turn increase your abundance and well-being.

You’ve got a beautiful week to look forward to and an amazing future to create, you’re likely to be feeling ready and determined to create some amazing opportunities and experiences.

Gemini – King of Wands

Beautiful Gemini, You’ve got the King of Wands this week which means you’re likely to be dazzling others with your fantastic ideas and skills. You may find yourself feeling quite the entrepreneur this week and wanting to establish something real and concrete in the world that firstly originated in your imagination.

The King of Wands is a powerful figure that comes to us when we are ready to market ourselves and sell what we do to the world. This could manifest as someone you find incredibly inspiring coming into your experience to help you to see a way to move forward with your ideas and ambitions.

Alternatively, this could manifest as you yourself being the source of inspiration for others and feeling ready to create some valuable and unique ideas and things. Take some time to map out your current journey thus far, by doing this you’ll be able able to see objectively how far you’ve travelled and just how much you’ve already achieved.

The King of Wands wants you to believe in your power to manifest your ideas in the world, by taking stock how how much you already do you’ll be able to feel more prepared to keep reaching and obtaining higher and more exalting achievements. You’ve got the inspiration and power to achieve all your dreams, it’s up to you to choose which ones you want to see manifest.

Cancer – Eight of Pentacles

Gorgeous Cancer, You’ve got the Eight of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be hyper-focused on work, money and improving your lot. You could find that you’re able to establish structure, routine and be in positive flow at work.

You’ve been a little scattered recently and naturally as a Cancerian you’ve been thinking of others before yourself. This week though, you can rest assured that the people that love you just want you to knuckle down, succeed and put yourself first.

You’re likely to be feeling good about what you do for a living and this attitude and new found commitment will infuse your work with beautiful and uplifting energy. You could be considering how to develop yourself in some way, perhaps returning to study so that you can better yourself and further your chances of future success.

The Eight of Pentacles is showing you what you can expect if you put your amazing energy into yourself and your work, you’ve got some wonderful opportunities this week to get the work done, excel, and perhaps impress your boss/employer with the quality of work you produce. Believe in yourself Cancer, everyone else can see your capabilities and skills, this week it’s your turn to see what others see in you and knuckle down so that you feel better about yourself and everything.

Leo – Ten of Swords

Beautiful Leo, You’ve got the Ten of Swords this week which means something you’ve had on your mind that’s likely been causing you some stress and anxiety is coming to an end. With all endings, a new beginning is promised, and that’s what you can look forward to this week.

The Ten of Swords is symbolic of a mentally taxing situation that’s finishing, we tend to get this card when we’ve been doing the inner work required to overcome our fears and inhibitions. Well done for all of your efforts recently, perhaps you’re feeling the benefits of practicing mindfulness and this is one of the ways you’re managing to over come negative thinking patterns.

You’re likely to feel pretty tired at the beginning of the week, rest as much as you can to build up your inner resilience and inner peace, you’re likely to gain strength and momentum as the week progresses.

This is a new beginning for you where you can look forward to knowing yourself on a deeper level and gaining some inner tools upon which you can draw and use for your benefit. You’ve been through some tough times and you’ve learnt a lot, know it’s about using what you’ve learnt to move forward.

Virgo – The Sun

Gorgeous Virgo, You’ve got The Sun this week which means you’re likely to be full of optimism, positive energy and vitality. If you’re not feeling that yet, try to trust that it’s coming. You’ve probably been experiencing a great deal of uncertainty and flux recently, and that may have left you feeling a bit tired and perhaps feeling low on positivity and faith.

The Sun is coming to you to light you up and bring you back to place of feeling good about yourself and your life. You may experience some surges of energy this week that feels like it’s propelling you towards future goals and ambitions.

You’re likely to gain a great deal of foresight this week, for the first time in a while, and you’re likely to be able to clearly see into your future and confidently make plans for your path ahead. You are likely to see and feel that you are a huge source of inspiration for others in your life and even when times have been tough for you, others have still found your ways of dealing with this incredibly inspiring.

You may find yourself falling in love with music again this week, this card is sometimes associated with that feeling we experience when we love and adore the music we are listening to and its way of transporting us to an uplifting place. This week there’s likely to be some uplifting experiences that fill you with joy, The Sun is coming back and you’re likely to feel its warmth on an inner and outer level.

Libra – King of Pentacles

Beautiful Libra, You’ve got the King of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be focused on money and work. There could be a new job offer, a promotion, a windfall or perhaps a new business venture coming to you. However this card manifests for you, you’re likely to be feeling über powerful about your skills, abilities and social status in the world.

The King of Pentacles is a regal figure that’s associated with having ‘the Midas touch’ you’re a money and abundance magnet this week and there could be some amazing advice coming your way to help you advance and develop in this area, this advice is likely to come from someone that you admire and is already themselves firmly established and successful in some way.

This card could manifest itself as you taking the helm of your work and finances and improving your lot. You’re more likely to improve these areas of your life if you take advice given to you this week and if you can strike a harmonious balance at work and home. For you this week, it seems you need both of these areas to be in harmony to feel completely abundant.

Scorpio – Seven of Wands

Gorgeous Scorpio, You’ve got the Seven of Wands this week which means you could face some challenges. Fear not though precious one, as this card is a huge reminder that you can handle what’s happening and it’s likely that you’ll be shown the resilience you have.

There could be some stiff competition, someone that appears to be copying you or doing what you do in some way. If you experience this, the Seven of Wands is telling you that this is happening so that you can improve your game, develop and grow yourself and what you’re doing.

Sometimes we need stiff competition to help us to shift and progress, by improving yourself you’ll feel stronger, more capable and effective. You’ve got what it takes to succeed and you’re likely to be reminded of how much you care about what you’re doing.

It’s likely you’ll have some realisations this week of your brilliance, what you can do to improve things and that you’re willing to fight if need be for what you’re passionate about. Take to time to acknowledge challenges as calls to improve this week, know that you can develop and trust that you must be doing something right to be experiencing these things.

Sagittarius – Temperance

Beautiful Sagittarius, You’ve got the Temperance card this week which means you’re likely to be feeling naturally harmonious and empathetic. You could find yourself feeling some urges to have a healing conversation with someone, this may be a loved one, friend or lover.

By sharing your feelings you’ll remove any stagnation that’s present in your heart. If you continue to keep your feelings to yourself you could block some healthy communication and prolong any suffering you are feeling.

By opening up, you’ll be able to experience the harmony Temperance give us when we share our negative and positive feelings. You are likely to feel calmer, happier and more content as you feel your emotions and express them in a healthy and productive way.

This is a beautiful card that is associated with rainbows and Iris the goddess of the rainbow, one of nature’s greatest spectacles, the rainbow reminds us that it’s rain and sunshine that provides such startling beauty. Embrace the rain and sunshine in your life with equal measure and appreciation this week, harmony, balance, joy, freedom are yours when you can open up and allow your feelings to flow.

Capricorn – Page of Wands

Gorgeous Capricorn, You’ve got the Page of Wands this week which means that fun is likely to be on its way to you. You may find yourself being asked to attend some fun and playful activities this week, or perhaps you’ll be the one cracking open the bubbly and board games, for it is likely that you will want to have fun and play more than you have felt to do so in a while.

There could be a peak experience where you feel full of excitement and happiness, and you may also feel like trying new things and behaving a bit silly.

This is a new beginning, the Page of Wands tells us that we have some amazing ideas and this stage in our journey is just as important as the next one. Ideas and inspiration that comes to you this week needs to be taken seriously, even if you feel that they are silly and perhaps fear they won’t succeed.

Honour the visions and ideas you have this week as they are harbingers of incredible joy that’s likely to be coming to you. By trying out new things, even in the power of the imagination, holds the potential for future growth to happen more readily.


Beautiful Aquarius, You’ve got the Knight of Cups this week, which means you are likely to have some uplifting and exalting experiences in your emotional and love life.

This could manifest itself as a charming person coming into your life that transports your heart and soul to a happier and more fulfilling state, alternatively, this card could manifest itself as you beginning to developing your own innate romanticism. How are you feeling about your love life? How is your self-care routine?

This week you are being given multiple opportunities to boost your self love and being encouraged to embrace the wonderful love that’s coming your way. The Knight of Cups is a beautiful card that gives us the potential to shift our emotional state to one that feels bountiful and joyful about ourselves and our life. This card could manifest itself as you being full of positive anticipation about your life, a particular project or person.

However this comes to fruition for you, this week you can expect to feel good about yourself your life and the people in it. Keep counting those wonderful blessings that are currently in your life and look out for the beautiful ones that are on their way to you, life is likely to feel and look sweeter for you.

Pisces – The World

Gorgeous Pisces, You’ve got The World this week, which means you are likely to experience at least one peak experience perhaps even a few. The World asks us to acknowledge how far we’ve come as we are likely reaching a culmination of something we have been working hard towards achieving. What is it that you are hoping will happen this week?

This card is sometimes associated with harmony after some strive and struggle, perhaps you are hoping that family members will get along over the festive period and this could be how the card will manifest for you.

Alternatively, The World could manifest itself as you reaching a state of harmony peace and celebration within yourself. It is likely that you will experience multiple amazing experiences this week as The World is showing you that a particular chapter is coming to an end, something is coming to completion and this should fill you with positive anticipation for the new chapter which is beckoning you forward and asking you to cease with both hands.

Take time this week to acknowledge how amazing you are and how much potential for future happiness there really is, The World Is asking you to celebrate yourself and your achievements so that you can keep striving and reaching for the stars to fulfil your fantastic potential.

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