Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 3rd June 2018

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 3rd June 2018

Aries – Ten of Pentacles

Gorgeous Aries,

you’ve got the Ten of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be feeling secure and contented in your body and home this week. You may experience an increase in abundance which may encourage you take up some challenges to manifest more of your creative ideas. You could meet someone this week that acts as a catalyst for your own self-confidence, you may be inspired by this person and their ambition.

You may find yourself thinking about your own ambitions this week and perhaps have a yearning for more recognition and material security. The King of Pentacles is guiding you to step into your awesome power, to take more of an active leadership role in manifesting and creating your material desires. It’s likely that you’ll feel pride for having worked hard for all you have, accompanied by a fresh desire to expand your reach, seek new heights in success and material growth.

Taurus – Queen of Pentacles

Beautiful Taurus,

you’ve got the Queen of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be considering your feminine strength and sensuality. There’s so much power and confidence to be gained this week, it’s up to you how much you decide to honour this and give to yourself.

The Queen of Pentacles is a reminder of the primordial power of the body itself, our body is our first true home and how we treat it sets the tone for the rest of our life. It’s likely that you’ll have multiple opportunities to express yourself and your material values in a confident and secure way. Preserving your money, saving and spending it on things that provide comfort and pleasure is one of the ways this card can manifest its self.

You may find that you’re drawn to taking good care of yourself, enriching your body with self sustaining food and spending time with people that evoke this energy. You’re likely to be feeling generous and wanting to indulge yourself and others with what you have.

Gemini – Three of Pentacles

Beautiful Gemini,

you’ve got the Three of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to be feeling good about your career and home. There could be a project that you’ve been working on that sees some positive results this week, you may be celebrating a success and feeling proud of your hard work and achievements.

It’s likely that you’ll be looking ahead, getting excited about future projects and ambitions and feeling more comfortable about the next metaphorical dragon that’s you’d like to slay next.

It’s your season and therefore you’re probably experiencing many joys and celebrations, the Three of Pentacles is asking you to acknowledge how much you’ve achieved and celebrate yourself. Although you have further you’d like to travel and much more you’d like to achieve, you’ve got the support from the universe to build some strong foundations upon which you can continue to grow and evolve.

Cancer – King of Cups

Gorgeous Cancer,

you’ve got the King of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling a shift in your emotional life. Sometimes this card can represent a profound healing occurring, you could experience multiple healing experiences this week.

The King of Cups comes to us when we are embodying emotional intelligence and ready to embark on a new journey through our feelings and emotions. You could feel some urges to talk to someone and share your feelings and open your heart about something, if so, you can expect to feel a shift and transformation for the better.

Alternatively, you could be magnetising others to you, they are likely to be drawn to your kind and empathetic nature and feel guided to open up to you about their feelings and you could play a fundamental part in their healing journey. Either way sweet Cancer, it seems likely that your feelings and emotions will transform and heal in some way, helping you to help yourself and others.

Leo – Seven of Pentacles

Beautiful Leo,

you’ve got the Seven of Pentacles this week so you may find yourself being offered a new opportunity. This new opportunity hold the potential to bring you wonderful future happiness and fulfilment. Pay close attention to anyone and anything that is appears new and different this week, for this offer of an alternative path is likely to be divinely inspired. Sometimes it feels safer to stick with what we know and stay put, doing what we are used to. But staying where we are can often bring about stagnation.

When we have the chance to do and try something new it often to gifted to us by the cosmos so that we can continue to grow, evolve and develop. The Seven of Pentacles comes to us to highlight where we may have become stagnant and often brings new and exciting experiences to uplift and expand our view about ourselves and our life.

You’ve got some fabulous opportunities to go in new directions this week gorgeous Leo. Sometimes people appear different and offer new ways of doing things, you could be offered a new job or opportunity to train in a new field, what ever comes this week, remember what’s being offered is from the divine to help you become even happier and more fulfilled.

Virgo – Ace of Swords

Gorgeous Virgo,

you’ve got the Ace of Swords this week which means you’re likely to be experiencing a new perspective on your life emerging. The Ace of Swords often beckons a new mindset, a change of mind, an exciting and powerful new perception on yourself and life.

How has your internal dialogue been going recently? Have you been acknowledging how your mindset effects your life? If you’ve been berating yourself and giving yourself a hard time mentally you may have noticed your energy levels dropping and pessimism increasing. If you’ve been kind to yourself and telling yourself nice things internally then you may have noticed your energy levels increasing and your optimism improving.

The Ace of Swords is a powerful new beginning where the mind shifts and transforms, you’re being ask d to embrace your new mindset this week and harness the power of your mind to create positive and lasting change in your life.

Libra – Six of Pentacles

Beautiful Libra,

you’ve got the Six of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to feel the goodness of humanity in some way. Sometimes this card can signify that we are the recipient of someone’s generosity and that we can rely upon life’s bounty to be taken care of and given exactly what we need.

Alternatively, you may be the one that is being generous and helping another either financially or in a supportive way. This is a positive card and therefore you can expect there to be multiple experiences this week that will be about balance and giving and receiving.

The Six of Pentacles is asking you to be open and receptive this week, get ready to receive what you have asked for. If you find yourself having more than you need and feel the urge to give and be generous, follow that guidance and share what you have. This is a beautiful week of uplifting experience and precious moments of gratitude, enjoy and embrace it.

Scorpio – The Empress

Gorgeous Scorpio,

you’ve got The Empress this week so you’re likely to be feeling in flow with the universe and in touch with the sacredness of your body. The body is our true home and when we treat it with the utmost care and respect, life and our experience tend to be enriching and a reflection of how we treat ourselves.

How well are you taking care of your body? Do you treat yourself with love, care, compassion and kindness? If so, you’re likely to experience some amazing things this week that help you to feel connected to yourself, to source, and The Earth. If you feel that you could improve your self nurturing and self love, this is the week you can experience a huge positive shift in treating yourself better.

The Empress is the mother figure, not just our psychical mother but the inner mother, often manifesting as that internal dialogue and shown in the way we treat and take care of ourselves. Use this week to embody the kind and loving mother, take good care of your needs and witness the positive ripples effects of you embodying the sacred nurturing mother.

Sagittarius – The Emperor

Beautiful Sagittarius,

you’ve got The Emperor this week so you’re likely to be feeling your lifestyle becoming more organised and evoking some self-discipline, perhaps you are taking up a leadership role too. The Emperor comes to us when we are ready to step into our power, stand up for what we believe in and live by our ethics.

Symbolically, The Emperor is the father and masculine principle in action, this card can signify laying foundations and making something concrete and real in the world. What have you been working on recently? If you have been hoping to materialise and bring something into fruition, this could be the week you see some sprouts of growth and witness your desires actualising and becoming real. You’ve got some serious added power this week, The Emperor is assisting you in becoming more powerful, increasing your confidence and self-belief.

Capricorn – Nine of Pentacles

Beautiful Capricorn,

you’ve got the Nine of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be feeling confident and self-sufficient. This card is a fantastic card to receive as it symbolises inner fortitude and resilience, it’s likely that this week you’ll feel the positive effects of what you’ve overcome in the past. This is the card of interdependence and independence, where you are not reliant upon anyone else’s validation or approval to feel good.

This is where true confidence is born and grown, it’s likely that this week you’ll be seeing just how strong, capable and confident you truly are. It’s likely that others will be inspired by your amazing capabilities and skills to be self-sufficient. The Nine of Pentacles is asking you to acknowledge your achievements and value of what you do, in doing this, you are likely to get a strong sense of your unique abilities, therefore making this week a fantastic one filled with deep satisfaction and pleasure.

Aquarius – The High Priestess

Gorgeous Aquarius,

you’ve got The High Priestess this week so you’re likely to feel deeply in touch with your soul and intuition. You may experience some intense premonitions and hunches that your intuition wants you to know, this is an excellent week to document your dreams and figure out their symbolic meaning.

Secrets could be revealed this week, perhaps information will come to light for you to help you to understand a person or situation more clearly. The High Priestess is helping you to get in touch with the power of your subconscious, it is said that this is where all great art is born, in the vast unconscious and subconscious. The language of this vastness is symbolism so be ready to receive many symbols and signs coming into your experience this week to guide you in further future happiness.

For instance, if you keep seeing a white rabbit popping up in your experience, look up the symbolism of the white rabbit and find out what your subconscious and soul is communicating to you. This is a magical week with lots to discover, there’s likely to be lots of insight and wisdom gained.

Pisces – Strength

Beautiful Pisces,

you’ve got Strength this week so you’re likely to be feeling the positive effects of having courage and tenacity. You may have some experiences this week that give you the opportunity to show your self-discipline and passion.

Sometimes this card is associated with handling our rage and aggression in a powerful and confident way, we all have animalistic aspects to our nature and this card is symbolically known as the man that defeats the lion with his bare hands and wears his skin as a cloak of invincibility. Our animal drives and our passions are part of our primal nature, it’s likely that this week you will have some opportunities to channel any aggression in a creative and harmless way.

Strength is here to show you how strong and courageous you are, you are being reminded that you have all the resources you need. There’s likely to be an emergence of a solid identity this week, an inner permanence and confidence as result of recognising all you’ve been through and what you’ve achieve thus far, well done you.

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