Your Weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 5th Nov 2018

Aries – Nine of Cups

Gorgeous Aries,

you’ve got the wish fulfilment card! It’s likely that you’ll have a dear wish granted this week. Something that you hope will manifest and come true is likely to come to fruition, this is likely to bring about positive feelings such as, optimism and being fulfilled with life on an authentic level.

Don’t worry if you’re not feeling these positive feeling yet, try to relax and trust that they’re on their way to you. This of the most uplifting of cards that you can receive in The Tarot, the Nine of Cups follows the Eight of Cups that symbolises walking away from something not serving us towards our dreams and what’s good for us symbolised by the Nine of Cups.

It’s likely that recently you’ve experienced a purge or a feeling of letting go of something, sometimes is hard to believe something good is coming when we’ve been through some crap. The Nine of Cups is showing you that all will be well, there could be plentiful feelings of joy, love, gratitude, happy family life and at work too, you may be realising this week just how much you are valued and loved by the people around you.

If you have been formulating a project recently and experienced some delays, this could be the time that all your plans move forward with enriching momentum, use positive affirmations and visualise ways you can enrich your life to keep your energy high. The Nine of Cups is a positive harbinger, trust yourself to keep dreaming big then take those bold steps to make them come true, you totally rock Aries.

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles

Beautiful Taurus,

boom! There’s likely to be a new and fresh perspective emerging this week in regard to your home, finances, career and status. There could be a promotion offered, an increase in income or you could be acknowledged for your efforts of late. This is a new chapter, there’s lots of future happiness and personal fulfilment on the horizon for you, have you been contemplating a new project recently? What changes have you been considering making with your finances and career?

The Ace of Pentacles is shining a light on your relationship to your body, the earth, your home, career and finances. The appearance of this card is a positive omen that things are changing and improving, you could be thinking about treating your body with more care, founding a business, starting a new job, building a home or decorating it.

However this card manifests for you, it’s likely that you’ll be seeing yourself and your life differently with a fresh and exciting new perspective. This week is a brilliant time to highlight yourself and give your skills and abilities expression, the world needs to see your capabilities and experience your greatness.

Whatever it is that you are focusing on this week, it’s likely that you’ll be dedicating yourself to it wholeheartedly, by using your ingenuity and adaptability, will give you the persistence to use all of your skills and resources productively.

It’s likely that you’ll feel a boost in your self-worth and confidence this week, family, home and friends can be a great source of comfort. The Ace of Pentacles is reminding you that when you believe in yourself and take action towards personal fulfilment, realisations of what you do and the way you do it can bring you further joy and lasting happiness.

Gemini – The World

Gorgeous Gemini,

there’s likely to be a realisation of a goal this week. Perhaps something you’ve been working hard towards is coming to fruition for you, there could be feelings of success and integration.

Keep your focus and determination and you’ll obtain what you’re aiming for, you could feel that you have lots to be triumphant about, you could have brought something to a conclusion successfully, perhaps you will achieve your goal that you have worked incredibly hard for.

The World symbolises wholeness, balance, internal and external harmony and completion. You’ve worked very hard, you’re nearly at the finish line, so keep it up, you are so close, there could be a need for some well-deserved relaxation coming up, it’s as if you’ve become more whole and closer to who you truly are on the deepest level.

The World is asking you to acknowledge your many positive accomplishments. You could experience some flashes of insight this week, take note of any new ideas you have as you are on the cusp of a new beginning.

The World marks a period of tying off loose ends and celebrating the completion of a cycle, embrace all that’s new and exciting this week as your epiphanies and insights are likely to prove valuable for yourself and others. It’d likely that you’ll have an emergence of faith, trusting that you’ll be given exactly what you need when you need it.

Cancer – Nine of Pentacles

Beautiful Cancer,

it’s likely that you’ll be feeling content and happy with yourself for all of your hard work recently. You’re probably feeling the self-satisfaction, material success, wellbeing and contentment that comes from following your passions and achieving your goals. How are you feeling about your personal achievements? Have you gained something of great personal significance?

Perhaps your new-found confidence is giving you a sense of uniqueness and pleasure, it’s likely that you’ll be feeling happy with what you have been able to achieve. You receive an award this week giving your self-esteem a big boost, you have been successful in completing something of great value. Everything should feel like it’s going to plan this week, it’s likely that you’ll be reaping the rewards of your efforts, therefore, giving you plentiful feelings of happiness and security.

The Nine of Pentacles shines a light on an appreciation of self-sufficiency and privacy, you could be feeling a deep satisfaction coming from your own sense of self and not from the validation of others.

This is likely to be an uplifting week where financial worries can ease, and things can go better than you imagine. Take stock of how far you’ve travelled to get here, celebrate your achievements and acknowledge yourself and enjoy this happy and good energy with others. Work hard and you’ll be rewarded, celebrate yourself and share what you have with those you love.

Leo – Nine of Wands

Gorgeous Leo,

you’ve got the determination to succeed this week, you could experience some difficulty with your energy levels, but the Nine of Wands is reminding you that you can do it and that you do have incredible strength in reserve upon which you can draw upon.

You could be feeling a little daunted by particular tasks ahead of you but believe in yourself that you are equipped to deal with anything ahead. There could be a circumstance this week where you experience a little self- doubt, but you could do with reminding yourself that you have amazing strength to conquer whatever is happening.

It seems that you are nearing close to the finishing line of your goal, you may just have to make one more big effort to accomplish it. You could be feeling exhausted or a little overwhelmed but remember that you can get overcome these inhibiting feelings by reminding yourself that this isn’t your first challenge, you are now stronger as result of your past trials and tribulations and you’ve built stellar resilience. You are in a stronger position than you realise, you have the powers of endurance and adaptability to get through this.

Write down and take note of what you’re grateful for, this will help keep your spirit buoyant and imagination free, focus on the positives and get in touch with your imaginative powers, keep your goal in your imagination, visualise it and prepare to act when necessary, conserving your energy will help you endlessly this week, surround yourself with positive people, you have the strength and tenacity to get where you want to be.

Virgo – Page of Swords

Beautiful Virgo,

your state of mind is likely to be quite potent and perhaps focused on independence in some way. The Page of Swords represents a new beginning but it’s like a new chapter in your perception, you could be formulating a new idea or thinking about things in a different or radical way.

It’s likely that you’ll have a great deal of mental and physical energy at your disposal this week so be sure to use it wisely, try not to get caught up in any dramas and remain detached from any conflicts.

Sometimes the Page of Swords is related to gossip, this can manifest as someone being mischievous and being cruel about us or perhaps it’s us throwing our two pennies worth into the mix about someone or a situation. Whichever one it is, the tendency to partake in or be subject to gossip really symbolises the emergence of an original and independent state of mind, usually this can be exercised as petty quarrels, rudeness, mockery and general rascality or mischievousness. It’s not be taken seriously, rather instead it’s about seeing what happens and allowing things to settle by themselves.

The Page of Swords symbolises the emergence of truly independent thinking and new ideas, you’re likely to be feeling ready to look and perceive things differently this week, even if it means you unknowingly ruffle a few feathers. It’s likely that you’ll sense when to back off and give yourself and others space, it’s probable that you’ll understand that some fights and discussions are not worth it, sometimes rest and silence works wonders.

Libra – King of Cups

Gorgeous Libra,

you’re being asked to amp up your self-love this week. Try and put yourself first if you can, this could be a little difficult for you if you’re used taking care of others needs first. Your friendly nature draws people to you this week, it’s likely that others find your kindness, empathy and compassion endearing.

The King of Cups is showing you that you are supported by the universe in ways seen and unseen, sometimes the right people and circumstances show up at the right time to assist us in some way.

This is a good time to nurture yourself and to allow others to nurture you, ask for support if you need it and you could find that people jump at the chance to help. It seems that you love being there for others and you’re likely to be feeling appreciated for all you do, but you could find that it’s you that’s reaching out for guidance or support this week.

You could be seeking support or help, this could manifest as seeking out guidance from a trusted friend, counsellor or gifted healer. The King of Cups signifies a desire to get in touch with your own feelings and inner world, you could have an opportunity to be open and heal past hurts this week.

Sometimes this card is associated with a wounded healer, a kind, empathetic, compassionate person that is often there for others on an emotional level and helps others in a healing capacity. Wounded healers are so effective in healing because they themselves have experienced great pain, have difficulty healing their own heart, and by offering themselves to others they attempt to heal themselves.

It’s likely that you’ll experience that a great healing is beginning to take place and balance can be gained this week by undergoing self-enquiry alone or with a professional. It’s likely that you’ll get through this week feeling like your emotional intelligence and maturity is helping you in many ways to build and maintain positive relationships.

Scorpio – The High Priestess

Beautiful Scorpio,

you’ve got the goddess energy, wild woman power and deep ancient knowing this week. The High Priestess has amazing qualities upon which you can draw upon when you receive this card, she embodies the moon, and with her femininity and inspiration, she illuminates things for us and helps us to traverse and move with the tides of our emotions.

This week you’ll find that you can rely on your intuition, pay close attention to your dreams as they will likely have some potent messages and signs for you. Synchronicities and meaningful coincidences are likely to emerge in your experience, a secret could be revealed, you could discover new ways of doing things that could make your life simpler and help you to feel more empowered and effective.

You could find that you’re drawn to seeking wisdom and inspiration from unlikely sources, you may feel inexplicably pulled towards ancient wisdom, this week is likely to be an enchanting, magical and mystical time.

The High Priestess is asking you to trust your instincts and to use your power wisely. Reflection and introspection could be easy for you as you’re embodying the magical wisdom of The High Priestess, she is asking you to trust your inner guide.

You’re being guided this week to access your hidden power and you’re being asked to embody the divine feminine, meditation and visualisation would be most beneficial for you as it will help you delve into your soul and use your psychic skills.

Sagittarius – Knight of Pentacles

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

it’s likely that you’ll be feeling in touch with your body, home, work and finances this week. You could receive some good news that you’ve been waiting for, the Knight of Pentacles is asking you to pay attention to the simple day to day normal parts of your life, take care of the little things, and the big things will sort themselves out.

One of the gifts of the Knight of Pentacles is he helps you to handle your affairs, taking care of yourself is a grounding exercise helping you to feel secure and stable.

Finances are likely to improve this week, money could come to you from unlikely places and trusting this will help it come more easily to you. You could receive a promotion, win something, gain an inheritance for instance. Whatever happens this week, it’s likely that you’ll be embodying the knight and find it satisfying to crack on with what needs doing.

You could receive some advice that reminds you of your capabilities and proves to you that you have the support of the universe. How do you relax? Would you say you are getting enough rest and sleep?

The Knight of Pentacles is showing you that when you take good care of yourself that other areas of your life improve exponentially. You could benefit from incorporating exercise and eating healthy foods this week, small and positive steps will help you establish the kind of change that you can live with and work into your routine.

Try to spend time in nature this week to ground yourself, this will help you to feel more secure and stable, also try not to overstretch yourself and do too much, being practical and realistic about what you can get done will help you to handle things with grace and keep up the positive momentum.

Capricorn – Queen of Cups

Beautiful Capricorn,

it’s likely that you’ll encounter some intense feelings this week, the Queen of Cups is guiding you to the depths of your soul, your intuition is likely to be intense, and your feelings clear as water and crystal. When we are immersed in life and in our inner world of feelings, we get to access the magical guidance system of our emotions.

It’s likely that you’ll have a mystical quality about you this week, you could find that you’re embodying sensitivity and gentleness, the Queen of Cups is reminding you that you can nurture yourself and others easily, you’re emotional intelligence is drawing people to you that are ready to connect to their inner world of feelings.

You could be feeling ready to express your feelings to someone or to the world in some way, there could also be a realisation that you have fantastic creative and artistic skills that feel like they’re ready to be unleashed. There could be a deep intuitive knowing emerge from within you, an understanding and an appreciation of your maturity and foresight, helping you make decisions that are beneficial to you. You may feel like you’re in touch with the unfathomable depths of your emotional realm this week.

The Queen of Cups is reminding you to check in with your feelings, if it feels good it’s a positive indicator for you, you can use your emotions this week to gauge which direction or course of action to take.

You could experience subtle and powerful communication with your intuition this week, it’s likely that you’ll be able to hold space for others and yourself, empathy, compassion and listening with your heart is the gift of the queen.

Aquarius – The Emperor

Gorgeous Aquarius,

you’ve got the all-powerful Emperor this week! It’s likely that your ability to organise, plan and build something of personal significance will be potent. The Emperor is asking you to believe in yourself, take a standpoint, believe in your power, you’re being encouraged to build something concrete in the world, perhaps establish a code of ethics or values, found a business, or to make a creative idea real.

It’s likely that you have been working hard make something real and get it out into the world, you could be organising something and your efforts are being noticed.

Someone that embodies The Emperor could come into your experience this week, filling you with inspiration and gumption, this person is likely to be good at order, logic, and organization. The qualities of The Emperor are emerging from within you, you’ll likely find it easy to channel your inner King, giving yourself some serious spark and panache in all your dealings, you could feel more extrovert and direct this week.

There may be a need for you to be more disciplined, logical, and organised with your finances, you may have been thinking about this and putting these things into action.

Be mindful of what you’re focusing on this week, remember that what you give your attention to grows. You have a stellar opportunity this week to create a solid structure and sustainable order in your life. Things that require discipline could be easy for you during this week, you’ve got the powerful prowess of The Emperor helping you to get things organised and in order.

Pisces – Eight of Swords

Beautiful Pisces,

you could be feeling a little preoccupied with your mind and perhaps feeling quite trapped by your thoughts and perspectives, there could be a feeling of holding yourself back this week in some way. The Eight of Swords can signify a fear of moving into the future, or being fearful of getting hurt by a new situation, it could be beneficial for you to think about what it is that you’re afraid of, by doing this you’ll see that often the truth and reality of the situation or circumstance is much less frightening than your mind is making it out to be.

The mind is a powerful tool and the Eight of Swords is reminding you to use your mind in a beneficial way, try not to fear the unknown and trust that there are many blessings on their way to you, worrying doesn’t get us anywhere it often just makes us feel worse, yes, new situations can be nerve-racking but by trusting that things will work out for the best will help you to create the best outcomes.

You could find yourself feeling unsure of what to decide, perhaps feeling fearful of breaking free or unhappy and perhaps also afraid to take yourself away from it. You could be feeling hemmed in by circumstances and perhaps feeling trapped by your own indecisiveness, but the Eight of Swords is showing you that you are in a good position to change this and make beneficial choices.

This situation may not be as complex as it seems, to be as honest as possible, this will help you through, try not to be too rigid in your perspectives, it’s when we have the bravery to confront old beliefs or behaviour patterns that keep us stuck and inhibited helps us to move forward and away from stress.

Try to be open and receptive to new ways of thinking and ask for help if you need to, this week you have the opportunity to break free from whatever is inhibiting you, helping you to feel more empowered, ask spirit and the universe for signs and by the end of the week it’s likely that you feel you have all the answers that you need within.

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