Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 5th September 2019

Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 5th September 2019


Aries – King of Swords

Gorgeous Aries,

you’re likely to be feeling in your element this week and striving for perfection all of your dealings. You may be organising and sorting through the fine details of something, the King of Swords is helping you to bring excellence to your everyday life this week. Take time to carve out time to plan and organise your future, the King of Swords is guiding you to step into your power and unleash your authority in a respectful and honourable way.

This week you can expect to be seen and treated as a powerful leader, you may already be in a position of power or you could be in the preliminary stage of stepping into a leadership role. You’re being noticed and respected in a new way this week, expect your mind and thinking to be crystal clear. You can draw upon the wisdom of the King of Swords, he’s guiding you to step into your power and to believe in yourself in a new way.​

Taurus – Ace of Pentacles ​

Beautiful Taurus,

you can expect there to be many material blessings this week. The Ace of Pentacles is ushering in a new chapter in your material life, you could be starting a new job, planning to redecorate your home or perhaps starting a new health regime. The Ace of Pentacles is helping you to feel more powerful about what you do in the world, this is an incredibly grounding energy, one that can help you to feel more secure and stable. Finances and abundance can improve this week, you could also feel a boost of energy in your vitality and well-being.

Use this week’s energy to channel your gifts, skills and abilities in a new way. The Ace of Pentacles is bringing about a new chapter in your material well-being, you have multiple opportunities to actualise and realise your dreams and goals this week. Do what you can to ground yourself this week and feel secure. You’re being asked to make yourself more receptive and allow all the blessings coming your way to enrich your life in new and abundant ways.​

Gemini – Ten of Wands​

Gorgeous Gemini,

you may be feeling like you’d like to make some more time to chill this week. Your imagination could be feeling restricted and heavy if so, see this a positive sign to take a break. If you have the opportunity to delegate please do so, in doing so you’ll likely feel lighter, less stressed and more imaginative, free to flow and continue to come up with amazing creative ideas. Sometimes the Ten of Wands can signify completion of a particular goal and feelings of wanting to let go to be able to start something new.

You may notice that your mind and imagination want to be free to explore new avenues to channel your creativity this week. You’re being asked to carve out time to relax, you may consider asking for help or accepting it so that you can have more time to clear your mind and create more time for play. Albert Einstein discovered that he came up with his best ideas and solutions when he was relaxing and playing. So beautiful Gemini, take this week to channel your inner genius and create more time to relax, play and rest. ​

Cancer – Three of Wands​

Beautiful Cancer,

it’s likely that you’ll be celebrating your achievements this week. The Three of Wands is bringing you accolades and acknowledgement through the eyes and hearts of others, this is coming to you because you’ve been doing fantastically recently to overcome personal obstacles and triumphing towards your dreams and goals.

Well done Cancer, you’re a sweet and sensitive soul and you’ve been doing amazingly to continue to believe in yourself and making a positive impact in the world. You’re likely going to be busy this week as others celebrate you and therefore desire to spend more time with you.

Continue to bring your self-love and self-care to the top of your todo list, by you prioritising yourself you beam and send out such a positive message to others and the universe, therefore setting a gorgeous blueprint to show how you expect and wish to be treated. This is likely to be a week of positive feelings of plentiful energy, you’ll probably be realising that by grounding yourself and taking good care of you that you invite your dreams and destiny to come to fruition more readily. ​

Leo – The Hierophant ​

Gorgeous Leo,

you’re likely going to feel the attraction to developing your spiritual life this week. You are in such a powerful point in your life where your inner wisdom and knowledge you’ve acquired is yearning to come forward and be part of your life in a new way. The Hierophant comes to us when we are getting ready to discover more about our vocation and calling in the world. You could be asking yourself some important questions this week about what you truly believe and desire.

You could liken this card and energy to having your guardian angel on the telephone. Expect there to be many insights and information to come to you this week through your intuition, pay attention to signs, symbols and messages. You’re being guided to develop your spiritually and to understand and trust that you are never alone, there is a powerful benevolent force that is guiding you and helping you be happier and more in alignment with your gorgeous soul.

We all have soul purposes and destiny to fulfil, this week you can expect to feel as if you’re peering and peeking behind the curtains of reality and existence. You’re likely to discover some amazing and fascinating things about yourself and life, The Hierophant is helping and guiding you to be all that you are and to discover the magic waiting for you. ​

​Virgo – The High Priestess ​

Beautiful Virgo,

you’re likely to experience the emergence of a new chapter in your life this week. The High Priestess signifies our inner wisdom guiding us towards more happiness, peace and grace. You’ll likely get many opportunities to explore your inner world this week, you’re being asked to delve into your psyche and unveil your psychic powers. You could experience many unusual coincidences this week, you know those strange unfolding of events that you may have sensed would happen or those hunches you feel in your gut they turn out to be true. You may find yourself drawn to esoteric subjects such a Tarot or other form spiritual wisdom, allow yourself to be drawn and guided towards things this week.

The High Priestess is helping you to uncover hidden knowledge and heightening your intuitive awareness, you may experience some uncanny dreams this week that guide you in your waking life. You’re likely to be able to see your life and the patterns at play through the eyes of your wise old soul, our souls are much older than our bodies. You’re likely feeling your connection and communication with your soul this week, this type of communion can only bring more wisdom and magic into your life, allow yourself to discover what lies within this week.​

​Libra – The World​

Gorgeous Libra,

you could be feeling on top of the world this week. The World is showing you that the magic you have within you brings magic in your outer world, you’re likely to be shown how to revel in your magnificence and enjoy yourself in new ways.​ You may have a peak experience this week and you could feel like opening the champagne. You’re likely to be celebrating something this week with your dearest loved ones.

The World signifies something that we’ve been working towards coming to fruition, you’re being asked to celebrate yourself and your achievements this week. It doesn’t matter how big or small they are sweetheart, please take time to recognise and acknowledge how amazingly fantastic you are. This week you can expect to draw to a close and end a particular chapter, whilst simultaneously beckoning in a new and exciting chapter.​

Scorpio – Eight of Pentacles ​

Beautiful Scorpio,

you’re likely to be super focused on work, money and improving your status and life this week. The Eight of Pentacles is helping you to establish a new structure and routine, whilst giving you a boost in confidence aiding you to be in more positive flow at work. You could have felt a little scattered recently and perhaps focusing on how and where to focus your energy and skills. This week you can focus and get on with things and have confidence and energy to knuckle down, succeed and put yourself first.

The Eight of Pentacles is helping you to feel good about what you do for a living. You may experience a new attitude this week, accompanied by a newfound commitment that will infuse your work and days with beautiful and uplifting energy. You may find yourself considering how you can develop yourself in a new way, for instance, you may be thinking about returning to study so that you can improve your success and happiness.

The Eight of Pentacles is guiding you to put yourself into your work, you’ve got amazing opportunities this week to get to excel and perhaps impress not only yourself but others. The quality of what you do is being noticed, believe in yourself, celebrate your capabilities and skills, this week is your week to shine. ​

Sagittarius – The Wheel of Fortune​

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

life could be beginning to feel and look incredibly different for you this week. The Wheel of Fortune is a positive omen and sign, usually signifying twists of good luck and prosperity. You can expect to witness the wonderful and magical effects of manifesting your dreams this week, you’re probably already beginning to feel things changing and evolving for you. The Wheel of Fortune is helping you to embrace change and create the life of your dreams.

You could be feeling the urge to discover more about yourself and perhaps yearning to find out the meaning of life in some way. You have some brilliant opportunities to embrace change and create some magic in your life.

For instance, you may receive a gift, win something or create or do something different that has lasting positive effects. The Wheel of Fortune is showing you that by working with the universe and cosmos to create your life, you can experience the magic, create amazing opportunities and have brilliant positive changes to look forward to this week.​

Capricorn – Knight of Cups​

Beautiful Capricorn,

it’s likely that you’ll have some amazingly uplifting and exalting experiences this week. Your love life and emotional life is getting a boost. The Knight of Cups signifies good luck, good news and good people coming into your life. This could be a charming person that appears, filling your life and heart with love, possibility and happiness. Expect your heart and soul to be transported to a happier and more fulfilling state this week.

It seems that you are beginning to develop your own emotional life and welcoming romanticism into your life. Usually, romance comes to​ us when we have been doing the great work of loving our self well. Well done, the Knight of Cups is giving you multiple opportunities to increase your self-love and encouraging you to continue to embrace all the wonderful love that’s coming your way.

This is likely to be a beautiful week, full of potential to shift your emotional state to one that feels bountiful and full of positive anticipation. Expect there to be more blessings to count this week and to feel good about yourself and the people in it. ​

Aquarius – The Hermit ​

Gorgeous Aquarius, y

ou may find yourself enjoying your own company in new ways this week. The Hermit is coming to you to show you that you could benefit from taking some time for quietness and contemplation. You may find that rest will recharge in you in a powerfully positive way, you may already be feeling that you would like to retreat from the busyness of the outside world and carve out time to be introspective and still.

The Hermit is asking you to take some time to tune into your soul’s guidance, you’re being ushered and guided to go within to seek answers inside yourself. If you’ve become accustomed to seeking comfort and direction outside of yourself and from others, you may find this energy unusual or strange.

Rest assured that you can gain so much this week by creating time for solitude, you may be drawn to withdraw from extroverted activities so that your inert wisdom and patience can materialise. The Hermit is showing you how stillness and serenity can emerge when you apply patience and introverted energy into your life. Remember that by accepting what you can’t change and changing what you can, some magical revelations can emerge and inner fortitude can be yours. ​

​Pisces – The Magician​

Beautiful Pisces,

you’re likely to feel incredibly powerful and majestic this week. The Magician comes to us when we are beginning to show self-mastery, you have the reins and dominion over your life, knowing that you are the architect of your life can help usher in magic into our life and the unfolding of your destiny. Asking yourself what you would love to manifest in your experience this week will help your inner guide communicate with you, therefore helping you to seek out the information, people, places and experiences that resonate with your body, heart, mind and soul.

Sometimes we can experience some good luck and a boost in abundance when The Magician comes into our life. This is usually a reward for allowing our skills and creative abilities to be showcased. You have many untapped potentials gorgeous Pisces, The Magician is helping you to trust your intuition, whole being and guiding you to unveil those amazing hidden talents!

This is a magical place for a week to step into your power and confidence in a new way, you can experience congruence, helping you to go forth, move and make magic. Show us what you’ve got magical Pisces, you’re one of the most imaginative and creative signs in the zodiac

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