Your Weekly Tarotscope With Our Psychic Sally 8th April 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscope With Our Psychic Sally 8th April 2019


Aries – King of Pentacles

Gorgeous Aries, we are in the midst of your season and you’re likely to be feeling super powerful and charged up this week. You’ve got the King of Pentacles which means you’re probably thinking a lot about money, status and security.

Take time this week to seek a balance between home and work life, for the King of Pentacles often points to a tendency of focusing primarily on work and finances.

It would be true to say that you have the Midas touch this week and abundance is surely attracted to you and your energy lesson of King Midas is to pay as much attention and love towards family, friends and the body.

You could benefit from sharing your abundance with the people you hold dear this week, for true abundance is way more than having money, it is having healthy relationships and a healthy body and mind.

Taurus – Two of Cups

Beautiful Taurus you’ve got the Two of Cups this week which means you’re probably focused on love and relationships. Both of these areas of your life are likely to go swimmingly well for you. If you are currently in a relationship the Two of Cups speaks of a union and a connection that goes beyond the physical realm, it is likely that you and your partner will reach new heights this week and join forces in some way with a new outlook and plan for the future.

If you are currently single and looking for love the Two of Cups can signify somebody coming into your life that you resonate with on a deep soul level. If you are happy being single and not really fussed about finding a partner at the moment, the Two of Cups can signify business partnerships and friendships going beautifully well for you.

Give yourself a mighty pat on the back, Beautiful Taurus. The Two of Cups has come to you because you are giving yourself an adequate amount of self-love. Therefore you are resonating with people and circumstances that bring harmony, drawing them to you, and lifting you to a higher and happier place. I hope you enjoy this weeks energy of cooperation and partnership.

Gemini – Three of Wands

Gorgeous Gemini, you have got the Three of Wands this week which means you’re likely to be celebrating something that you have been working hard to bring into the world. This card can signify the first initial stages of an idea becoming concrete, what have you been working on recently? It’s likely that something you’ve brought to life and birthed into the world will bring some accolades and rewards your way.

Well done for all of your efforts you have been giving towards your projects, it is likely that you will experience a boost in confidence this week and surges of new creative and innovative ideas. Make time this week to take stock of how far you have travelled to reach this point of acclaim, for the Three of Wands is asking you to celebrate all of your achievements. No matter how small or big those achievements are, the lesson of this card and this week is to remember to celebrate yourself and the work you do! Get ready for more ideas and inspiration to come flooding into your experience and imagination, bask in your glory this week beautiful Gemini, you seriously rock.

Cancer – The High Priestess

Beautiful Cancer, you’ve got The High Priestess this week which means you are likely to be in tune with the powerful psychic vibes associated with this card. You may have some uncanny and synchronistic dreams that point and lead you to further inspiration and guidance. It would be wise to keep your own council this week for you don’t need the advice of others, all the wisdom and guidance you need is within you.

The High Priestess is asking you to step into your almighty power. You may find the others are drawn to your magnetic and gentle guidance this week, people are likely to come to you for advice and for clarity. Remember you have the power of the universe inside you this week not only to guide you but to help others to traverse the course of their life.

If you don’t keep a dream journal this week would be a great time to record your dreams upon waking for it is likely that the subconscious will give you some magical insights and symbols in your dreams record them upon waking and then research the symbolism. You’re being guided to enhance your power and knowledge in someway, follow you intuition and listen to your inner guidance above all else for the most magic.

Leo – The Hermit

Beautiful Leo, you’ve got The Hermit this week so it’s likely that you’ll be enjoying your own company in new ways this week. The Hermit comes to us when we could benefit from having some rest and relaxation, you may already be feeling like you would like to retreat and have some time alone in some way. Take some time to tune into your soul and the guidance being offered from within this week.

Seek answers inside yourself rather than seek comfort and direction outside or from others. You could find that you’re drawn to being introspective and introverted this week, The Hermit is asking you to take some time to enjoy solitude, to withdraw from extroverted activities so that the wisdom of patience can come to fruition. You may find that wisdom and serenity emerge from within you this week, inner fortitude is yours if you can accept what you can’t change and change what you can. Expect there to be some magical revelations from within this week, it’s likely that you’ll gain some valuable insight that has the potential to illuminate you from within.

Virgo – Four of Wands

Gorgeous Virgo, you’ve got the Four of Wands this week so you’re likely to be feeling on top form as your hard work and effort is being noticed. You could be celebrating and perhaps taking some time to plan a holiday, there’s likely to be a situation this week that reminds you of your strengths and skills.

Take compliments with gratitude this week, sometimes the Four of Wands is associated with being resourceful and adaptable, you could find yourself realising that you’re in a better position that you originally thought you were. You may have a group of supportive people around you, it’s likely that they want to help or work alongside you this week, it seems you’re radiating that can do attitude and it’s attracting some great people and circumstances to you.

There’s likely to be some rewards for you, take new opportunities up with both hands and an open heart and mind, you’re doing fabulously. Remember you have inner and outer resources upon which you can draw, you’ve got everyone and everything you need for the next stage of your adventure, I hope you’re excited.

Libra – Judgement

Beautiful Libra, you’re likely to be quite reflective and introspective this week as Judgement is calling you to detach yourself from someone or something in order to have more clarity. Sometimes when we take a step back and look at ourselves and our life with objectively it enables us to see things more clearly and unearth patterns to our life that perhaps have been hidden in some way.

Sometimes this card is associated with karma and our past coming back to us in some way. It could be that your past relationships are up for review this week and maybe an old lover could re-emerge in your psyche and emotions. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to hook up again with this person, it could just be that they are on your mind as you consider what it was that brought you together and how you appreciated that connection.

The card Judgement is helping you to see how your past actions affect your future, this card is also associated with reaping what we have sown and also clarity of thought and action. Take time to nurture your visions of the past and future this week, you’re being guided to see how the course of life is like a pattern, you could reap the rewards of your past efforts, trust that the good you have sown is coming back to you.

Scorpio – Four of Swords

Gorgeous Scorpio, you seek stillness this week or you could find that this week is a little quieter than usual. The Four of Swords reflects a time when we given some opportunities to rest, recuperate and reflect. We sometimes receive this card after a period of stress, worry, frustration and anxiety. This week looks to be a time where you can relax, take some deeps breaths and get your magical mojo back.

This card is associated with mindfulness and meditation, so you could benefit from taking some time to recharge those batteries and allow any past stresses to melt away and let new insights and feelings percolate. Try not to busy yourself unnecessarily, as you’re likely to be quite busy in the coming weeks, use this time of reprieve and rejuvenation to hone in and enjoy the present moment and stillness. Peacefulness and calmness is yours this week.

Sagittarius – The Wheel of Fortune

Beautiful Sagittarius, you’ve got The Wheel of Fortune this week so your life could be beginning to feel and look very different for you. The Wheel of Fortune is a good and positive omen, it’s associated with good luck and prosperity. You can expect to feel the wonderful and magical effects of manifestation this week, you’re likely to be already feeling that things are changing and evolving for you.

The Wheel of Fortune is guiding you to embrace change and create the life you love and desire! What will you create this week? You may feel some urges to discover more about yourself and the meaning of life. You have some amazing opportunities this week beautiful Sagittarius to peek behind the curtain and get in touch with the source of creation!

Magical conscious awareness is the gift of this card, you could reveal some previously hidden patterns in your life. The Wheel of Fortune is reminding you that you’re working hand in hand with the universe and cosmos to create your life, remember you have amazing opportunities and some positive changes to look forward to!

Capricorn – The Sun

Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got The Sun this week so you’re likely to experience the rays of sunshine in your life. We usually get this card after a time of darkness, change and uncertainty, this week you’re likely to be getting clear about your life and affirming the people you want to spend your precious and lovely time with.

The Sun is bringing clarity to your mind, it’s likely that you’ll have an increase in foresight and have greater clarity about your current circumstances and where you are heading. It’s likely that you have done some inner work and processed some hidden emotions that perhaps have been long-standing in your life.

This week you can start to feel more optimistic and vibrant, when you allow The Sun to come into your life, you witness its illumination and you’re able to bask in the goodness of life, The Sun is asking you to shine and to enjoy your life as much as you can this week.

Aquarius – The Devil

Beautiful Aquarius, you’ve got The Devil this week which means you’re likely to be able break free from something that’s been holding you back in some way. You may find yourself feeling like you have power locked away deep inside you that’s ready to be unleashed and harnessed.

The Devil is associated with the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden or are perhaps ashamed of, this could be a destructive mindset, addiction, obsession or even fears. All of these things that humans have to face in periods of our lives hold us back and restrict our power from growing. Take time to bring those parts of yourself that you may be hiding into the light this week, be mindful that we are all perfectly imperfect. You’ve got some amazing opportunities this week to be free and to face things that you perhaps haven’t felt able to before.

Remember you can do anything, feel the fear and do it anyway would be a great book for you to read. When we have the courage to break free from what holds us back we experience liberation and a release of positive and powerful energy.

Pisces – The Fool

Gorgeous Pisces, you’ve got The Fool this week so a beautiful new beginning is promised Yeah! The Fool signifies that you are standing on a cusp of a new adventure, can you feel the excitement and new potential bubbling and brewing?!

The Fool is the beginning of the Tarot journey, this week holds so much power and possibilities! This card is one of Michele’s favourite cards and it’s likely that you’ll feel the bubbling energy of this magical week beautiful Pisces. What is feeling new for you? What are you beginning?

The Fool is reminding you to be brave and bold, you may be feeling excited and full of positive anticipation about something amazing. Alongside those delicious feelings you could be feeling a little nervousness too, try not to fear, The Fool is guiding to you toward a brighter and broader life, allow yourself to be drawn to what feels exciting this week, use your burgeoning intuition as your guide.


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