Your weekly Tarotscope with our psychic Sally 8th October 2018

Aries – Queen of Cups

Gorgeous Aries

you’re likely to be feeling like you’re in tune with your innermost feelings this week. The Queen of Cups is a mysterious and powerful card to receive, your psychic skills will be on fire and your intuition is likely to be strong.

You could receive guidance from within this week that feels intoxicating and unknowable in some way. This could manifest as an unshakeable inner knowing and a certainty in your feelings. What’s amazing about this card is that when we receive it, we know that we can trust our inner guidance and feelings with fullness and clarity.

This card is sometimes associated with introspection and reflective practice so you may find yourself contemplating your feelings this week and figuring out how you truly about someone or something. Your heart is opening up this week, you’re being guided to go within and delve into the very source of your being.

You could find that others in your life open up to you about their emotions and feelings, as you are embodying the receptivity that the Queen of Cups symbolises, others can see and feel their souls by engaging with you. Grace and alluring beauty are yours to behold this week, allow feelings to come and go like clouds in a windy sky, trust that you’ll be given the clarity and guidance you seek. You’re magic Aries and you make the most of this week by befriending your feelings and keeping your own counsel.

Taurus – Four of Cups

Beautiful Taurus,

you might be feeling a little frustrated about something this week as the Four of Cups is sometimes referred to as the card of divine discontent. How can something be divine and discontent? Why would negative feelings be associated with divinity? If you think of frustrating emotions as an inner guidance system urging you to change your circumstances then perhaps you can see how they can be divine.

You’re likely to be experiencing some feelings of boredom, frustration or annoyance. Remember that when we feel things like this we are out of our natural state of alignment with our source and these feelings are big signs that we want to change our lives.

What is it that you have a bee in your bonnet about? Remember that you are the architect of your fate and you have the divine power to change and alter your life! But as is often said by astrologers and psychics “happiness is an inside job!” So you have to feel good inside to make good things happen on the outside in your experience.

This week it could be beneficial to listen to your feelings and acknowledge them, if you’re feeling grumpy about something or someone, be mindful that it’s your inner guidance urging you to work out what you don’t want so you can figure out and focus on what you do want.

Gemini – Ten of Swords

Gorgeous Gemini,

there’s likely to be some mental clarity and perhaps some emotional reprieve for you. The Ten of Swords speaks of an ending to a mentally taxing situation and from this comes a catharsis and relief. You could experience a physical ending to a particular situation that’s been draining or this could manifest as a psychological ending and a mental awakening of some sort. There’s likely to be a relief though, as mentally you’ll be able to see the light in some way.

The Ten of Swords is a mind and thoughts card, it’s incredibly healing as it marks the ending of a chapter in our awareness and psyche, but the relieving aspect of this card is that it promises and beckons a new beginning too.

Take good care of your inner life this week, speak kindly and gently to yourself and it’ll help you to begin anew with grace and optimism. There could be a situation where you feel things have become stagnant and inhibiting, you may feel that it has to come to an end if you are to continue to grow and evolve, by facing the truth of the situation you’ll be able to let go and embrace the new at the same time.

There’s likely to be a new mindset gained from all this and a brighter future with fewer conflicts within and in your experience. The sun is rising again and all this is making your wiser and more aware of the cycles of life.

Cancer – Judgement

Beautiful Cancer,

you’re likely to be quite reflective and introspective this week as Judgement is calling you to detach yourself from someone or something in order to have more clarity. Sometimes when we take a step back and look at ourselves and our life with objectively it enables us to see things more clearly and unearth patterns to our life that perhaps have been hidden in some way.

Sometimes this card is associated with karma and our past coming back to us, we are in Venus Retrograde at the moment and all of us as being urged and nudged by the cosmos to reflect on love and what it means to us. It could be that your past relationships are up for review this week and maybe an old lover could re-emerge in your psyche and emotions.

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to hook up again with this person, it could just be that they are on your mind as you consider what it was that brought you together and how you appreciated that connection. Moving forward the card Judgement is helping you to see how your past actions affect your future, this card is also associated with reaping what we have sown and also the clarity of thought and action.

Take time to nurture your visions of the past and future this week, you’re being guided to see how the course of life is like a pattern, you could reap the rewards of your past efforts, trust that the good you have sown is coming back to you.

Leo – Four of Swords

Wonderful Leo,

there’s stillness and healing this week sweetheart. You could have experienced some upset recently and perhaps you feel like retreating and going within. The Four of Swords is associated with quietude and solitude after a difficult situation, we need this time to heal and recharge, especially if we are feeling upset.

You’re being asked to lighten your load and carve out time to just BE. When you create space in your life to be in this way, you allow healing to take place. This is a good time this week to enjoy peace and quiet so that you can let any difficult feelings and thoughts to percolate and settle.

Try not to busy yourself too much this week as this could add to existing stress and strain, instead, put yourself into receptive and allowing mode by making time for relaxation and recharging. Meditation and mindfulness would be most beneficial for you this week, you’re being urged to make time for you. You could receive some valuable insight from within this week, helping you to heal and giving you relief. You may be drawn to withdrawing and contemplating, by doing this you’ll build your inner resilience and reserves, helping yourself to feel stronger and gain order in your thoughts and life.

Virgo – The Hanged Man

Beautiful Virgo,

This week you can expect to gain some valuable insights through the process of making a voluntary sacrifice for the greater good. The Hanged Man is associated with letting go of something that’s no longer important to us, it’s likely that recently you experienced a change of fate and your life is probably looking and feeling very different. It’ll work out just fine sweet Virgo, try not to worry about how things will be and try to let go of stress and strain.

The Hanged Man is asking you to do what you can to feel comfortable, life is always subject to change and when we can embrace the seasons of change within us and in our life, we help the cosmos and universe to help us more easily.

You may be feeling like you’re uncomfortable with how things are at the moment, but you’re going through these things so that you can see what’s really important and prioritise in some way. A new and better life is coming to you, you have to trust in that unseen and powerfully benevolent force that has a greater plan for you.

What’s beautiful about this card and this week for you is that you’re likely to get a great sense of what supports you when you feel like you’re having difficulty supporting yourself. You’ve got opportunities this week to have faith and trust that the universe has your back.

Libra – The Empress

Gorgeous Libra,

you’re embodying the sacred mother this week. The Empress is the mother of the Tarot and she comes to us when we are nurturing and kind to ourselves. When we receive this card it’s likely that you’ll be feeling in tune with yourself and the universe, you may find it easier than usual to take care of yourself and nurture your body. You could find great comfort in paying attention to your astrology as The Empress is showing you that when you are in tune with your inner self you are in tune with the earth and the cycles of life.

You could be called upon to start something new or give birth to a new project, you’ll have the nurturing capacity to bring new things into the world this week with beauty and grace. Simple pleasures of daily existence could bring you great comfort and help you to feel rooted in your life. You’re embodying the great mother and everything you do this week will be infused with loving care.

Take time to be with nature this week, Mother Earth is constantly changing and evolving and, in this season, she’s showing you how good it is to change and embrace growth. Take care of your body and listen to your inner rhythms, you’re in the flow and in tune, the messages you receive this week are likely to boost you and give you life.

Scorpio – Three of Pentacles

Beautiful Scorpio,

you’re likely to be feeling wonderful about something at home or work this week, you’ve likely been working hard something and you’re likely beginning to see the fruits of your labours. All of your effort and hard work could be acknowledged and recognised this week. Others in your life will probably be quite vocal about their appreciation of you and your efforts, yeay! It’s likely that people will be noticing the quality and quantity of what you do, you could even receive a gift or reward for all of your efforts.

The Three of Pentacles is asking you to keep doing what you’re doing as you are on the right track, you could feel like you want to do more but this week, but this card marks reaching a point where we stop, acknowledge our self and perhaps celebrate! If you’re not seeing rewards yet in your home and work life, try to have a positive attitude, keep at it, and the rewards will come, you have to trust that good is coming.

When you get the Three of Pentacles is shows that things are improving and looking up for you! Have you been thinking of developing your skills and abilities? You could find yourself looking to further your growth and expand your horizons; this week could be important in finding more avenues and paths for that. Trust your gut instincts to guide you and remember to keep acknowledging your achievements and efforts, no matter how big all small they are, you’re doing great.

Sagittarius – Five of Swords

Gorgeous Sagittarius,

you could benefit from taking care of your needs, relaxing when you can and taking good care of yourself. Be gentle and graceful towards yourself, do at least one kind thing for yourself each day and rev up your self-care routine. There could be a situation that you may have to take a step back from and distance yourself from for a short time. You need to turn your focus toward yourself and even though this may feel strange, especially if you’re not used to putting yourself first.

The Five of Swords is telling you that sometimes we need to fill our own cup before we can fill someone else’s up. There’s lots of positivity this week if you can surrender the temptation to control something that doesn’t want to be controlled, also by facing your limitations you’ll be able to recognise that sometimes we have to back off for a short time to restore our own energy.

It’d be great if you could lighten any loads you might be carried by not taking on any more tasks, don’t give your power to negative situations, instead turn to what you can change and give yourself lots of love. Giving your time and energy to positive situations could help you to realise that you want to change your own perspective in some way, which could lead you to seek spiritual guidance. Looking for guidance through the tarot or astrology may ease any anxiety you may be carrying about the future. Try to focus on making a difference in your own life, leave others to their own business and dramas.

Sometimes we need to acknowledge limits and understand that life has to be lived within the boundaries of our capabilities, by recognising your strengths and weaknesses you’ll be able to have flow and grace this week. Adding extra responsibilities at this time could leave you feeling low or zapped in energy. Use this week’s energy to take a step back, reassess, recoup your energy, look for ways you can relax and unwind, and reminding yourself that will work out eventually.

Capricorn – Four of Wands

Beautiful Capricorn

there’s likely to be cause for celebration for you this week, a big well done for all of your hard work of late! It’s likely that all of your efforts are being recognised by others this week. You could be feeling more secure in yourself as you’re recognising all of your talents and skills, you’ve been working incredibly hard and now it seems like it’s time to celebrate and relax for a while.

Maybe you’ve got a holiday in mind? By planning a well-deserved holiday or break will help you to celebrate your success, letting go of any stresses and strains that you’ve carrying will help you to relax during this time.

You can expect to feel like you’ve completed a task or goal that you’ve been working really towards and completing this will help you to unwind more. You probably know there is further to travel and more that you’d like to achieve but this week it’d be fab for you raise a glass, celebrate how far you’ve travelled and look out from your peak mountaintop with pride.

Embracing this week’s energy of celebration and rest gorgeous Capricorn will help you gain more incentive to continue on your exciting journey. Enjoy and get together with your family and friends and celebrate. The Four of Wands marks a special milestone, reaching a point in life that we’ve been working really hard towards, you are likely to be feeling very proud of yourself, soak up all the admiration and praise, you deserve it.

Aquarius – Three of Wands

Beautiful Aquarius,

you’re likely to be bursting with new possibilities this week, you’ve got extra vavavooom to achieve lots and this could give you a great sense of optimism and joy. New opportunities are likely being offered to you and you may already be feeling that there is further that you’d like to travel in achieving your dreams and ambitions. You are likely to have a fresh and positive momentum and you may be feeling motivated to launch yourself into the projects you’re working on and any task you have at hand. By keeping up the determination and strength you’ll be able to persevere with your goals and projects, you could see your dreams coming to fruition quicker than you’d hoped this week, you have to keep focused and positive if you want a favourable outcome, now is a great time to market and promote yourself, let your talents shine gorgeous Aquarius! How good are you at selling yourself? Are you shy about speaking up about your skills? This is a great week to acknowledge how great you are and allow yourself to shine brightly.

You could be full of juicy creative ideas and perhaps you’re feeling happy and optimistic about the future, remind yourself this week how far you’ve come. You may be feeling that you have further to travel and much more to achieve, but you’re likely to be feeling satisfied with the great foundations that you’ve built so far, there could be more work ahead but your past has shown you that if you focus you can achieve your goals and dreams, you must keep on believing in yourself and go for your dreams.

Pisces – Two of Cups

Gorgeous Pisces,

your symbol is two fish and this card is two cups oozing with water, you’re likely to be feeling in your element and have a fabulous week, yeay! The Two of Cups is bringing you balance and harmony, you can expect your life and all of your relationships to have a mighty boost this week. Feeling appreciated and loved is the big message of this card, enjoy the people in your life this week for the best time, love, family and friend relationships will all be a source of joy for you.

You could be feeling in love with your life and feeling like everything is rosy and beautiful if you’re not feeling that yet, trust that it’s coming. The Two of Cups is about balance and feeling at one with everything and the cosmos. You could be feeling more in tune with yourself than you have in a while, you could be realising that when you are in tune with you the rest of the world follows suit. Self-care and self-love will be easy for you this week and you could be feeling like positivity is part of your DNA, be sure to share your energy with others this week and they’ll love you even more for it. The world needs you and what you can give!

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