Your Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 18th June 2018

Aries – Eight of Wands
Smooth sailing this week Aries!  You might have been experiencing some delays and setbacks recently, perhaps even some limitations and blocks preventing you from racing towards your chosen goal or destination.  Don’t worry though sweet Aries, the Eight of Wands is giving you big gushes of wind in your sails and propelling you on your journey towards success and achievement.  If you’re not feeling this yet, trust that it’s coming to you.

The Eight of Wands is telling you to keep those sacred dreams and visions alive in your being and mind’s eye, you must keep focused on what you want to see manifest.  You may find that this week goes brilliantly for you if you can keep up the positive momentum that you’re creating, you could hear from crucial contacts this week that help you to actualise your ambitions in some way.  This may come through people that you don’t expect, so look out and listen to everything that comes your way this week, someone you may have overlooked could have fantastic ideas that are in alignment with your aspirations and you’re likely to work brilliantly together.

This week looks to be one of going with the flow and trusting the pace of your life, you could see that the setbacks you’ve been experiencing of late, have been part of the process of your dreams and hopes coming true and materialising, perhaps the time wasn’t optimal for your creations then, but now things look more favourable for you to unleash your authentic ideas and go for it.

Taurus – Four of Swords
Rest and recuperation could do wonders for your mental and emotional health this week Taurus.  How have things been going?  You may have been through some emotionally draining and mentally taxing experiences recently if you have the Four of Swords is telling you that the worst is behind you and you can experience great healing this week.

You may feel that you want some quiet time to reflect and rest this week, we all need this from time to time.  Perhaps some time away from the busyness of the world will help you to turn down the noise of the external, enabling you to turn up your sacred internal sounds and hear your intuition.  Meditation would be marvellous for you this week, quietening your mind through relaxation in any form would be most beneficial.

Solitude and stillness could give you profound insights into your situation, this solitude could be voluntary but perhaps this is forced in some way through circumstance.  If you’re used to being around other souls a lot, you may find the Four of Swords energy unusual and want to hurry to surround yourself with comforting or familiar faces.  It’s healing to be with others that have our back and support us, but this week you may feel a pull towards self-soothing and quiet time to reflect and rest.

Gemini – Six of Cups
Sweet nostalgia and reminiscence could be emerging for you this week, you may have a recollection of fond memories that you’d long forgotten.  The Six of Cups is such a sweet energy, it’s telling you that you have so many happy experiences that you can recall infusing your emotional life with hope, optimism and buoyancy.  Have you been feeling stuck in some way recently? Perhaps something from the past has been painful and difficult to heal.

The Six of Cups is giving you the healing you need to understand your emotional journey, you may come to realise that some difficult experiences you’ve been through are bittersweet in some way.  This card has a beautiful healing quality about it and the gift it’s giving you is an ability to reflect on things without feeling overwhelmed.   You could be feeling quite sentimental and want to express your love and compassion, this is a heart-expanding week where you can breathe in deeply the healing vibes of the universe and trust that everything has been worthwhile.

You may feel an urge to dust off the old photo albums and delve into your ancestry, in this process you could find yourself recalling the stories you were told as a child and discover some hidden treasure into your soul purpose.  This week holds a lot of hope of crystallising and forming your future dreams, gather the treasures of your past, take some time to heal if you need to and move forward towards your quest, there’s a whole lotta love in you and recalling all the fondness and loveliness of your past, you can fill yourself up and be recharged for your epic adventure called life!

Cancer – The Fool

The Fool is the beginning of the tarot journey and it’s a potent messenger, this week is supercharged with newness and it’s wild, are you ready Cancer?  You may have had some insights last week and perhaps some major aha moments, you may have been quite hard on yourself about what you want to improve and you’re likely to have set some realistic routines and goals.

This is a new chapter and you’re stepping into unknown territory, The Fool isn’t frightened of change, it embraces it!  You’re likely to be excited about the future and trusting that what it holds is fantastic for you.  You may have some maverick ideas this week that contribute to the whole in some way, you may even impress your boss or an influential person with your genius ideas and you could charm your way to success this week.

What’s new and fresh for you?  The Fool is giving you the energy and perspective to see your life differently this week, you may feel that your life is like a daring adventure and you could be rewarded for your boldness.  It’s The Fool that initiates great change and kicks everything off with a big bang, this week hold the potential to expand your life in a great way.  Look for the new, embrace alternative ways of operating, be brave, trust, let your gut guide you and have fun is what The Fool is telling you.

Leo – Death

Let go of the old and embrace the new that’s coming for you this week dear Leo!  The card Death shines a light on what’s not working and worn out, this could be a perspective or mindset, a behaviour or habit, perhaps a relationship.  You’re likely to see what’s not working and understand what needs to change.

You may find that this week you gain genuine insight into the inner workings of your life, you’ll be able to clearly see what’s up for alteration and rejuvenation.  People unfamiliar to the tarot tend to have a lot of negative connotations and ideas about the Death card, fearing the worst they assume the worst and it’s not true!  The Death card is telling you that, you and your life are undergoing a great transformation, the sun is rising in your psyche, shining brightly into the recesses of your soul, showing you what’s staying and going.

This week looks to be quite pivotal in your journey, if you can surrender and relinquish what needs to be let go of, you’ll be able to fully embrace what’s coming with wide arms and an open heart.  Something is perhaps coming to an end and with this, a new beginning is promised, you’re likely to gain a lot from this week on an inner level if you can be realistic and truthful about what you truly want and feel.

Virgo – Knight of Pentacles
There’s likely to be lots to keep you a busy bee this week dear Virgo, you may find that you seek enjoyment from simple day to day pleasures.  The Knight of Pentacles tells us that we have to tend to our lives with gentleness and care for things to come to fruition, you may have grand ideas and plans for the future, but you know Rome wasn’t built in a day!

How are your career and home life going?  This week looks to be a grounded and secure time, you could find great joy in tending to your life and just getting on with what needs to be done.  The things that you may usually find boring, like housework, organising and ticking off a to-do list, are likely to bring you lovely fulfilment this week.

Someone in your life could be a great source of inspiration for you and you may decide to take a leaf out of their book and apply their genius in your own life.  Alternatively, you could be the source of inspiration for others.  The Knight of Pentacles is showing you that when you care for the roots of your life and tend to the things that provide comfort and stability, you’re able to create strong foundations for your future aspirations and goals.  You’re channelling your inner Buddha this week and joyfully happy to be in the present moment, therefore creating peace and stability in your life.

Libra – Page of Cups
There’s a beautiful and sweet energy to this week dearest Libra, things might have been a bit topsy-turvy in your life recently and you may have been recovering from an emotionally draining or upsetting experience.  The Page of Cups is a delicate new beginning in your heart and emotional realm, this card is like the beginning of spring, where flowers and fauna begin to grow.  Your emotional life should start to feel better and brighter this week if you can nurture yourself well.

Self-love, self-care are hot words on the internet, it’s more like a movement as there are millions of people across the globe tending to themselves and their needs to increase happiness and well-being. There are many self-care rituals you can incorporate into your life easily this week as you have the Page of Cups guiding you and infusing your heart and soul with beauty.

Have you looked at all the beauty in you and your life recently?  The Page of Cups is shining a light on all the wonder and beauty in you and your life, it’s doing this so that you can appreciate yourself on a new level, therefore attracting new and enriching experiences to you.  Take time to increase your self-love this week and you’ll gain so much fulfilment and happiness that you could become quite hooked on self-care and perhaps an ambassador helping others to do the same.  You can expect healing and transformational experiences this week, choose you first, fill your own cup and look forward to more joy unfolding in your life.

Scorpio – Eight of Pentacles
You’re likely to be hard at work this week, you’re oozing dedication and commitment Scorpio.  You’ve been working hard, improving yourself, generating wealth by focusing on what needs to be done.  Have you acknowledged how far you’ve come?  This week you could find yourself hyper-focused on work or a project, you’re likely to be feeling satisfied that you’re putting your talents and skills to work and good use.

There could be some niggling urges to look for more inspiration for work or at home, you’re likely to dedicate yourself to doing your work to the best of your ability knowing that you’re improving your life and future prospects.  This week is a great time to acknowledge what you do and appreciate yourself on a new level when you feel good about what you do the world responds in kind.

You may discover that you have a hobby that you could turn into a profession or you may be considering studying or developing yourself in some way.  Whatever you focus on this week will be infused with finesse and commitment, you’re likely to be feeling good about what you do and excited about your future potential.

Sagittarius – The Star

The future is bright when you have hope and faith dearest Sagittarius.  This week you may find that you have a renewed sense of optimism and faith in life, you could feel very different about a particular person or situation.  You may have been through a period of uncertainty and things may have been unclear, things look to be changing this week and you’re likely to see things more clearly and this is likely to give you hope.

Is there something you’re hoping and wishing for?  The Star is telling you that with optimism and faith, your dreams can come true, there’s a powerful and unseen force at work all the time, which sometimes we get a hidden glimpse of.  This benevolent energy is at play in your life this week, and you should be able to start to feel that the universe has your back in some way.

Hopes, wishes and dreams can materialise when we work with the energy of The Star, with childlike innocence and trust we can open up portals of magic that can pour blessings into our life.  Be childlike this week, look up, pray, wish, dream, create, trust and wait for magical blessings to surround you when you wish upon a star the universe can deliver your order.

Capricorn – Three of Pentacles
Celebration and achievement dear Capricorn, you’re impressing others and yourself with your fantastic efforts.  The Three of Pentacles tells us that we are right where we are meant to be and we are on track to further success, through meeting challenges and overcoming obstacles you’re able to increase your confidence and improve your prospects.

Have you been acknowledged at work or home recently?  You’re likely to experience some well-deserved recognition this week and perhaps even be the centre of attention for all your hard work or effort.  Have you taken stock recently on how well you’re doing?  You may feel the urge to recognise your hard work and perhaps treat yourself to something beautiful to remind yourself of this achievement, well you deserve it!

This week is a pivotal time in your journey, you may reward yourself or you may be the recipient of an award for your achievement.  This recognition will lift you up to a place of influence and confidence, you’re likely to be feeling great about what you’re doing and feeling like you’re on track.  You may feel that you have further to travel and more to achieve, by celebrating every success along the way you can charge yourself up to reach further heights and continue your development, therefore, increasing your happiness.

Aquarius – The Empress
Nurturing and receptive energy is guiding you towards more happiness dearest Aquarius.  The Empress tells us that happiness is an inside job and the boss of the job is Mamma, we all have an inner mother, and this is what The Empress represents.  The mother inside us prompts us to take care of ourselves well, how well are you taking care of you?

This week looks to be a fecund time to create, nurture and tend to things.  Are you in the flow of your life?  If you’ve been feeling out of sorts recently, The Empress can help you create new routines and rituals to improve your life.  You may find yourself drawn to improving your diet this week, caring for yourself in new ways and nurturing you in healthy and self-loving ways.  You could be more expressive than usual and feel the urge to share your love and feelings towards people and things you care about.

Let your heart guide you this week and tune into your body’s wisdom, The Empress is guiding you towards improving your environment and showing you how to love yourself unconditionally.  You could feel like your queen of the castle and in charge of your own life, you may be drawn to looking into your astrology and the energies of the planets.  This week looks to be a gentle and soothing one, full of love, flow and receptivity.

Pisces – Ten of Cups
Harmony and happy relationships dear Pisces, just like fishes swimming in the water, you’re likely to flow through this week feeling like you’re in your element.  The Ten of Cups is a harmonious card, it tells us that this is a time of great emotional fulfilment, relationships with our family bring us joy and our partner and friends are a great source of love, joy and stability.  Perhaps there may also be something that we are celebrating!

How are things going for you in your relationships? This week you are likely to be feeling great about your connections, your family, friends and partner.  The energy of the Ten of Cups is beautiful, it’s harmony comes from meeting challenges and overcoming them with resilience and renewed spirit.  This card is often shown with a rainbow and a happy family dancing and celebrating, symbolising enjoyment and harmony.

The Ten of Cups tells us that it is by accepting that the rain and sunshine are aspects of life that we get the rainbow, you’ve been through a lot and you’re likely to be feeling stronger, wiser and more grateful for your happiness.  By counting your blessings and expressing your love, you attract further love and happiness to you.  Enjoy, rejoice and feel the harmony that comes from within you and that surrounds you.


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