Your Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 18th March 2019

Your Weekly Tarotscopes with our psychic Sally 18th March 2019

Aries – The Devil 

Beautiful Aries, you’ve got The Devil this week which means you’re likely to be experiencing some intense feelings. You could find yourself wanting to break free from something that you feel restricted or constrained by, this could be your own way of thinking or perhaps a particular behaviour you’ve gotten into a habit of portraying.

You are powerful beyond measure and sometimes feeling all that we are can be scary. The Devil is asking you to love all of your magnificent self this week, you must bring all of yourself into the light to really step into your power. Perhaps an obsession or addiction is on your mind, you could be realising what fears, blocks and inhibitions are holding you back.

The Devil helps us to realise and actualise our true, whole and powerful self. Take time this week to notice where you’re feeling stuck or trapped, The Devil is showing you how you can be free and more powerful. We are all perfectly imperfect and you have multiple opportunities this week to accept and love yourself entirely.

Taurus – Seven of Cups

Gorgeous Taurus, you’ve got the Seven of Cups this week which means you’re likely to have lots of opportunities to experience many visions or future potentials of happiness.

This card is magical and signifies there being many choices offered to you this week. You could find yourself fantasising about your future and perhaps making a decision about how you can further your fulfilment and happiness.

Take time to examine all of the opportunities that make themselves apparent to you this week. The Seven of Cups advises for us to be realistic about the opportunities that lay before us, as some of the choices could be fantasies or illusions, even though you are likely to be full to the brim with excitement about all of the future potentials, make sure you examine your desires carefully to ensure that the choices you make are grounded in reality.

Gemini – Nine of Swords 

Beautiful Gemini, you’ve got the Nine of Swords this week which means you’re likely to be feeling a little nervous and anxious about something. We tend to get this card when we are a little bit worried about something.

The Nine of Swords is a wonderful card because it reminds us of the power of the mind to change our circumstances. You are being guided this week to think mindfully, try not to jump too far ahead into the future as that is likely to bring about feelings of anxiety. Instead, bring your focus and awareness to the present moment.

You could be feeling worried about how something will turn out and the outcome of something, the Nine of Swords is asking you to cease worrying, tell yourself that everything will be fine and all is well. Focus on your current blessings and ram up the self love, you’ve got this beautiful Gemini.

Cancer – Three of Wands

Beautiful Cancer, you’ve got the Three of Wands this week so you’re likely to be bursting and full to the brim with all the exiting new possibilities.  The Three of Wands is giving you some oomph to achieve a great deal this week, your energy levels are likely to be enhanced and this could give you a great sense of optimism.

New opportunities are likely to be offered to you and you may already be sensing that there’s lots of excitement ahead, you’re understanding that there is further to travel in realising your dreams and ambitions.  You’re likely to experience a fresh momentum in your life and you may be feeling motivated to launch yourself into things this week with confidence and positive energy.

Keep your determination and strength high and you’ll persevere with your goals and they’ll come to fruition quicker.  Keep focused, now is the apt time to promote yourself and let your talents shine.  Think about how well you sell yourself, if you are you shy or timid about speaking up about your skills and attributes, this is the time to acknowledge how great you are and to shine.

Leo – Six of Cups

Beautiful Leo, you’ve got the Six of Cups this week so you’re likely to be feeling quite reflective and nostalgic.  Mercury retrograde has us all looking back for treasures.  Reflecting on the past could reveal some hidden gems and you could discover some positive ways to move forward this week.

Remember that you’re moving towards the future, keep the lessons and the gifts from the past, but be sure to look forward with the wisdom you’ve gained this week.  Take time to reflect this week, pause if you need to, you’ll find yourself gathering energy and clarity.

The Six of Cups is asking you to recall precious moments from the past so that you can bring some more of what you loved about the past into your present and future.  Remind yourself just how far you’ve come to get where you are today.  It’s time to take count of all that’s happened, acknowledge how you feel, remember that you can’t read the next chapter of your life if you keep reading the last one.

Virgo – The World

Gorgeous Virgo, you’ve got The World this week so there’s likely to be a lot to be happy about. You are likely to be gaining balance and wholeness. The World reminds us that we have the resources and abilites we need to create happiness and growth in our life.

This week, you are likely to experience success, achievement and realisation of a goal.  You may have been working hard towards something recently and you’re likely to achieve success and obtain your goals this week, just keep your focus and determination.  You could be feeling that you have lots to be happy about, perhaps you have succesfully brought something of personal significance to a conclusion recently.

The World is helping you to embody an image of wholeness and balance.  Internal and external harmony is likely to be felt too, you could be a great source of inspiration for people at the moment.  A completion of a cycle is occurring, and new beginning is promised, you could have cause for celebration, be triumphant and acknowledge all you’ve achieved to get where you are today.

Libra – The Empress

Gorgeous Libra, you’ve got The Empress this week which means you’re likely to able to nourish and nurture the projects you are working on with love.  If you imagine yourself standing in a fertile garden surrounded by growth and beauty, you will feel the powerful feminine and receptive maternal energy that you are embodying.

The Empress is asking you use her energy to guide you through this expansive and powerful phase of growth.  You’re likely to feel content in your body and environment this week, nurturing others will be easy and enjoyable for you.  The appearance of this card suggests an earthlier phase in your life, maybe you will become aware of your inner mother, that sacred inner wisdom that guides us and puts us in touch with our instinctual nature and intuition.

Get in touch with your inner mother this week, nurture yourself, this will help bring things to fruition, it’s; likely that you’ll access and glimpse your own mothering nature.  It’s by nurturing yourself in the here and now, that you remember that with devotion and nurturing gives you and things roots to grow big and tall.

Scorpio – Three of Pentacles

Beautiful Scorpio, you’ve got the Three of Pentacles this week which means you’re likely to see your efforts and hard work recognised.  People in your life and around you will probably be quite vocal about their appreciation of you and your efforts.

Take time to notice all of your achievements, in doing so others will probably notice the quality of what you do as well as the amount of what you do, you could even receive a gift or reward of some kind for all of your efforts.  Keep doing what you’re doing as the Three of Pentacles is telling you that you are on the right path.

You could even have reason to celebrate, you may receive a promotion or an increase in abundance. Try to maintain the positive attitude that you have, keep going, and the rewards will come. Things are improving and looking up for you.  If you have been thinking of furthering your skills and abilities, this could be the week that you get to further your growth and expand your horizons.

Sagittarius – Ten of Wands

Gorgeous Sagittarius, if things have things been hectic for you lately this could be a message for you to take some much-needed time out to rest if you can.  This week you could find that delegating and accepting help will be helpful for you.  If you have taken on too much recently, you could be feeling the effects of trying to juggle too much all at once.

Having goals and aspirations is brilliant but remember that we have to take steps to get there, to try and achieve everything at once and all that you want too quickly could result in exhaustion or even worse burn out.  Please take some time to step back and assess your situation from a different perspective.

You could be a feeling overburdened but you’re likely to be able to lighten the load by letting go of some plans for a while.  Once you relinquish some things, you’ll be able to feel more buoyant and optimistic once more. Share the load, rest when you can, accept what help is offered to you, and remember that a good laugh is one of the best medicines.


Capricorn – Three of Cups

Beautiful Capricorn, you’ve got the Three of Cups this week which means there’s likely to be an outward reflection of love, appreciation and celebration for you to experience.  You could find that there’s something to celebrate and be thankful for, your heart could be overflowing with gratitude and joy.

The Three of Cups reminds us that this is an abundant universe and tells us to trust that your needs and wishes will be taken care of.  You could be in the mood for sharing the love and happiness that you feel and if so, that will definitely attract more loving and happy experiences to you.

Rejoice and soak up the happiness that surrounds you, there’s probably something great to celebrate this week, your heart will likely be overflowing, and you will hopefully feel gratitude for how you’re feeling and for what you’re experiencing.  Keep counting those blessings and continue to trust that you deserve goodness and happiness, that way all these things can more readily and easily come to you.  You’re a magnet for yummy goodness this week.

Aquarius – Two of Pentacles

Beautiful Aquarius, you’ve got the Two of Pentacles this week so you’re likely to be juggling a few things, you may have quite a bit on and perhaps multitasking.  To make sure that your own well-being and contentment is taken care of it would be wise to think about balance this week.

At work or a project, you’re working on, you may benefit from taking a risk, sharing your ideas or giving them a go could go really well for you.  You may need to be flexible this week and adapt to new approaches that you hadn’t considered before as the Two of Pentacles is about being adaptable and flexible.

You may be offered a new opportunity, you could feel like keeping your options open, but it’s likely that you’ll seize the day and go for it.  Try to focus on day to day responsibilities, be open to changing and go with the flow as much as you can, there’s definitely change ahead for you and your likely to be able to juggle your aims for the future with what needs doing.

Pisces – Death

Gorgeous Pisces, you’ve got the Death card this week so you’re likely to be ceasing to do something or letting go of something. There’s nothing fear when seeing this card, this card is about transformation and renewal.

What is transforming and renewing for you? Death is associated with new beginnings and letting go of what no longer serves us. To fully embrace what is beginning for you, you may have to release what is no longer serving you.  It could be a relationship, or it may be a way of doing something. Whatever you’re releasing this week, you are likely to experience change and transformation.

You are beginning a new chapter.  The Death card tells us that although something has likely come to an end, we must continue to embrace the new. Life is cyclical and is subject to change, when you accept this you feel freer to go with the flow and let go of what is no longer serving you.  Rebirth follows and endings. Recognise and honour what is passing whilst at the same time acknowledging and embracing the new opportunities that the future is bringing.

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